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Brittani S Schubauer Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

While my husband had always had issues that make me question my trust for him, I never thought he’d pull the stunts this psycho lady put in his head. February of 2015 he started acting weird. Going to the bar (he doesn’t drink), staying out until 3-4am while I stayed at home with our 5 month old baby (that we planned) and 5 year old daughter. Things were getting weird and he started asking me things that related to us splitting. We Read More

Brooke Ashley Saunders aka Brooklyn Dillard Saunders Minneapolis, Minnesota

I found out this woman was sleeping with my man in August of 2014 after getting a gut feeling to check my man’s voicemail. Sure enough she was all over his voicemail, calling him baby and asking him to call her to “check in” as well as thanking him for a “great experience” a few days prior to me finding all this out. When I confronted my man about it he admitted to it right away. Saying it hadn’t been going on very long and that it Read More

LaRose Jones Lovett Jacksonville, Florida

This is a story of how I became a victim of my supportive husband of 30 years having a dirty fling with a dirty old w**** name Larose Lovett who is a retired teacher with the local school district in Jacksonville, Florida. He met this old female with a vagina in March 2012 on a TV chat line. This w**** placed an ad stating: She was looking for a married man to have some adult fun with her. .At that time she was 59 years old, and he was Read More

shesahomewrecker shesahomewrecker