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Shaun Hicks — Evansville, Indiana


Ok, just because Shaun Hicks can’t get a man to marry her doesn’t mean she should whore around with everyone else’s! Disgusting slob that “manages” run down apartments in Evansville, Addison Place, might expect her to be a bit more professional. I will continue to live in my large brick home, driving my luxury vehicle while she continues to live in the ghetto! Lol she can have him if she wants, but he just used her to try to get back at me. He felt better being with someone “below his league” she did get her big muffin top belly full at Gerst haus though, and took money/food out of my children’s hands- and that I will not stand for!! You always reap what you sow…

Vithyasri Rajandran — Shah Alam, Malaysia


Basically, my marriage had been having issues since June 2013 and maybe even before that. My husband, was the sort who had no qualms about lying and keeping things from me, usually sighting the reason that I would not understand him. Who would understand their partner disappearing for nights? Messaging other girls whom he said was his staff at 2am in the morning talking about going to a hotel and receiving calls from his ‘staff’ in the wee hours of the morning, hiring girls who were half dressed to work in his pathetic car broking company? Things became so bad to a point where I was going mad, and then it started getting worse, he wouldn’t come home for 2-3 days in a row. Wouldn’t be bothered about our 2 year old baby. It came to Xmas Eve last year, when he hit me early in the morning following an argument in regards to our mortgage and then left the house. That same night, I received the news that he was spotted in a local nightclub where he and I used to frequent, making out and dirty dancing with another girl. At that point, I hadn’t quite figured out that bitch was actually my ‘friend’. Sarah Diya Das, is widely known in Singapore for her whorey nature. She has been known to be ‘rolled’ around by 2-3 guys a night in public places like parks, she has been known to go after men only for material and money. And she has been known to sleep around and pester men to bring her to clubs and give her drinks and then have sex with them. She also goes with women at times. Despite her dirty character, I still remained friends with her as I didn’t believe in judging and I never thought she would be the one my husband left me for. When things started escalating very badly between my husband and me, Sarah, my other friend and I were actually in a what’s app group chat where Sarah was consoling me and actually giving me ideas on how to work things out with my husband.

Heather Cowan — Burlington Junction, Missouri


Homewrecker right here. Sleeping with a married man right now and admits to it and this isnt the only marriage/family she has destroyed.

Shelly Mitchell — Bay City, Michigan


I have been with my boyfriend and children’s father for fifteen years! In beginning this woman tried to ruin our relationship by sleeping with my man!! I forgave him and for the last few years things have been going great! Until this last month when this homewrecker came back into our lives! She’s married her husband’s cheating on her her husband left her for another woman!! So I guess the whore came back for my man! I want the whole world to know how this woman ruined my life!

Christina Oldnettle — Fort Walton Beach, Florida


This disgusting whore decided it would be good idea to sleep with my husband after I confronted both her and him. I knew my husband was up to know good but I doubt he would at least find someone his own age! This girl is only 18 and sleeps with older men in the hopes of getting their money. My (ex) husband is a well known doctor in the area of Fort Walton Beach and she knew this and went in for the kill as soon as he complimented her. She’s a vile money leach who will sleep with anyone who throws a few dollars at her flat ass. Married, with a family or not. She does not care by any means. She fakes pregnancies in the hopes of keeping those rich men also. How pathetic can one girl get? Than she talks about how depressed she is on social media to gain sympathy. Maybe if you stopped opening your legs to random men for a few bucks you wouldn’t be so sad you vile bitch! Be aware Fort Walton Beach goers! Don’t be fooled by her lovely appearance shes a money hungry slut who will slander your name as soon as you stop shoving dollar bills down her throat.

Jolene Creely — Regina, Saskatchewan


5 years of love. 2 kids. We hit a serious rough patch in December.. He quit his job to work on us. We were supposed to take counselling… Instead he took up with our babysitter. This girl offered up her services and we loved her.. Hired her over family, because she was so good to our kids. Called my daughter her best friend.. He always picked her up and drove her home. She came to our house with her hair curled and lipstick on… To babysit?? He told me that she would always ask him what was wrong with him, and she would tell him her problems… Fell into her trap and opened his trap. I can hate him too, he’s paid for the affair… But her, its like no remorse at all.. She tried to make him jealous of another family man. “Ive had a crush on him all my life and we are messaging”. This other family man has a newborn with a friend.. He told me after they had sex, she had a smirk on her face and they didnt even say anything to each other. This is heartbreaking shit. I’ve known her since she was like 14.. I always wondered why she didnt have much friends, but i guess she SCREWS EVERYONE over. I dont know.. Another friend was warned about her and she’ll use babysitting as a “reel”… And im thinking why the fuck didnt anyone warn me? Shes done this like 5 times with taken men! A real whore with no shame. Ugh what makes matters worse, is she sent her gangster family to my house. How can i ever fucking feel safe there again.

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