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Heather Nicole — Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

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So my man and i have been together 4 years and we own our own company, we went on vacation to get away from stress, work etc… Facebook has been an issue for us in our relationship, Facebook should not come before your family. So as we started our vacation i made a request of no Facebook during this time, 1st day he is in the shower and his phone goes off, so i asked him he wanted me to see who it was he Said yes, i looked and if this chic (“being nice”) didn’t send him a picture of her bent over showing her crouch and said happy hump day, so besotted i said anything she also sent him previously a sound clip of her playing with her self, i wonder what she would do if her daughter knew or her job.

Starrlyn Ascencio Bennett — Centreville, Virginia

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This white trash is nothing but a nasty whore! She has 4 small children and is married. She spends her time on social media all day, seeking attention from men and women…… She claims she’s a lesbian NOT. She was my neighbor, I trusted with my two children while my husband who worked grave yard would rest. One day I called to check to see how my children were doing and I got no response. I got worried so I left home early, she was not home either. I got more worried and ran home to tell husband and I find my kids and her kids watching television really scared next I hear screaming and moaning “oh yes daddy just like that” I walk in and she’s riding his dick while her breasts are getting sucked on my bed! I grabbed her from hair and told her to get off she quickly put on a rob kind of thing and ran out! I told him to get out my house and to give me my car keys since I pay it not him. He also left and forgot his phone, I opened the message that said Starr to find out she’s been seducing my soon to be ex husband with nasty pictures of her fat ass naked!

Shasta Grimes — Orlando, Florida

shasta grimes

I found thousands of back and forth texts and social media messages between Shasta Grimes and my husband. I feel like moving to the farthest continent and disappearing. I’m devastated, shattered, shocked, stunned, dazed, dumbfounded, traumatized, crushed, overwhelmed, overcome, distressed, demolished, and incapacitated. She apparently is married and has a ton of kids and a bunch of websites and blogs. She is clearly all about herself. I wish she would of directed her attention to her kids or her own husband instead of my husband.

Shoshana Hahn and David Warren — Rochester, Minnesota


David Warren started cheating on me with Shoshana Hahn while I was away trying to sell my late grandmother’s home. His friend Andy Pretasky and his girlfriend Rachelle are shacked up so they introduced her to Rachelle’s sister Shoshana. While away I begged Dave not to cheat and break up his family and home as he knows it now. I also sent her a message to please have some decency but they continued. They even took my daughter out to eat and movie with them and had her sleep over there with them while lying to my other children. David, Shoshana, Andy, and Rachelle are telling everyone horrible things about me to make themselves look o.k. and poking fun at me in public. They are around town and even meet up at my kid’s events. They have only known each other a few weeks but show no concern for the 4 kids involved. She is married as well and her and Dave have both decided to file papers on their spouses together. Here is her picture with her husband (this one is not mine). She lives in Rochester but comes up on the weekends to La Crosse, WI. Stay clear ladies she clearly has no morals.

Tamika Banks — San Jose, California


Known for cheating on her own husbands (she’s been married multiple times)…she’ll definitely sleep with yours. She slept with mine for 3 years and was/is willing to wait for him to leave his family so they could be together! I read hundreds of emails how she referred to my husband and HER husband, yet she was married and pregnant by her husband. She is willing to go above and beyond to make my husband hers. Once their affair was exposed, she refused to go away. She keeps calling, texting, emailing….ALL OF THE ABOVE. She recently divorced her husband, so she has been relentless. When she gets mad at my husband, she’ll send me pictures of them together. Says she’s hurt – yet he’s married! My husband and I decided to make things work, seek counseling etc and she refuses to accept that. When my husband ignores her, she loses her mind (literally) and her attention seeking methods are out of control. She uses her children as pawns since my husband grew attached to them, she posts pictures of them together on social media…made a picture of them together as her profile picture. All I’m saying is if your husband works with her, watch out! That’s how it started with mine and all it takes is for her to befriend your man…

Susan — Miami, Florida


The woman, I’ll call her TwatWagon, connected with my husband on FB and about 6 months ago, Things started getting “serious.” Fall of 2015, my husband decided he wanted to take a manniversary all alone. Only he wasn’t alone. TwatWagon flew all the way to my town where my husband picked her up and whisked her away and for the next five days where he screwed her brains out. Apparently, she “went home all wobbly legged” according to him. Now, I don’t know what my husband told her about me, but she knew he was married. Apparently, he was under the impression they were in love with each other, because his long-term plan was to divorce me, and move out there to be with her. It would have taken about a year, but they were “pretty serious.” Well, this week, my husband confirmed that TwatWagon is not that serious and is very liberal with her vagina. She went on a “girl’s cruise” with this dude. So, I am now not only dealing with my husband cheating on me with TwatWagon, but now I have to deal with his broken heart because TwatWagon cheated on him. Oh, and, did I mention she is married? She is almost divorced, but married is married.

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