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Julie Dollarhide — Colorado Springs, Colorado


This girl has been calling & sexting my husband non stop, even after I repeatedly asked her to stop, I even told her I would get a restraining order she’s seized to stop. Apparently they used to work together and he slept with her one time but quickly ended the affair. She then became obssesed with him. Worst part about the whole thing, she has a baby a boyfriend of her own! Women like this apparently want to have their cake and eat it too. But nope, you’re not getting my husband sweetheart, please go away for good miss Julie!

Melody Dias — Hanford, California


She has her own husband but insist on wanting mine. Barking up the wrong damn tree bitch! She won’t leave her husband because of his money, but will go spread her nasty ass Fat legs for other women’s husbands I told you I would call u out n let the world know what a homewrecker cunt u really are. And I promise to make sure your husband sees this post. How’s that “church ” life going for ya? Fake ass whore!

Denise Michelle Salazar — Downey, California


This homewrecker cruises and works on the AMTRAK California train looking for married men. If you’re looking to score an STD from a 38 year old six-titted heffer, visit the Vista Del Rosa neighborhood in Downey, California! 562-928-0*61

Linda Young — Alamosa, Colorado


BEWARE!!!! Alamosa and San Luis Valley women. This 72 year old hag loves to break up marriages. She and my husband were having sex back when he was 30 and she was 60. There affair started up again 2 years ago when I busted them the first time. I forgave him and he promised to end it. However, I just busted him with her again!!! Needless to say I kicked his ass out and am filing for divorce!! He can have his Grandma!!!!

Cindy Valencia Martinez — Hobbs, New Mexico


A very unhappy woman that feels like she has to sleep with every man she meets who I’ve heard likes to be choked and her hair pulled but even that can’t keep her men around long so she chooses to take multiple partners,so sad.

Angie McLean Collier — Columbus, Kansas


MEET ANGIE MCLEAN COLLIER. She is a 41 year old woman who choses to sleep with married men. When I confronted her about it she swore she knew nothing and that she was sorry etc etc. Next week I see them in her vehicle together. She calls to let me know all the gruesome details of their affair such as codes to know when I get home and they can no longer speak…to the days and times they sneak off together. I stumbled across texts in his phone where she was begging him to still “be with her” and that she would lie no matter what and be ok with him still being with me…just as long as she could have them too. I WAS pregnant and she knew it. I had a miscarriage, surely from stress, and now I chose to leave him. But still…the world deserves to know about this thirsty, desperate excuse for a woman.

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