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Nathalie Landrus — Fresno, California

This w**** has ruined 2 families! Not only is she married, but she cheated with a married man. She used her children to go on play dates with her lover and his children. She told her husband that her lover was gay and not to worry about her constant texting and emails from him. They would go out on dates while their spouses waited at home with the children. This affair went on for over 13 months before it was exposed. They went to hotels, while she told her husband she had to babysit. She’s nothing but a home wreaking leech. She doesn’t even work and this is the payment she gives her husband. While he’s at work. Her lover would come over for sex or they would meet up and sex in her car. She even chased after him while her lover & wife tried to work in things. She drove 3 hours to see him and used her kids again as an claiming they want to see their grandparents. She is nothing but a life sucking narcissist and has used her husband. She tells pathetic lies about how he mistreats her and the kids only to gain sympathy from them. People need to be aware of this sad excuse of a mother and wife.

Erin Hamel (Daruwala) — Ontario, Canada

I was nearing the end of a very sick and stressful pregnancy with our third child in June 2014. Erin is a civil engineer from Chelsey, Ontario and was working on the same job site as my husband in Pointe Du Bois, Manitoba for a massive construction company called Kiewit. At the time it started she was still married to a man named Jon Daruwala. They separated while my husband and her got close. I moved back to our home province to be with family while he stayed to work and have an affair. He continued to lie about it. I called her in November and asked her to please back off so we could sort our life out. He came home for a while over Christmas and said he would end it and work on us. He went back to work and low and behold they can’t leave each other alone. Erin Hamel is a homewrecker!

Leslie E. Gaskill — Fort Worth, Texas

I debated long and hard about this it’s been a year today but due to certain actions I decided why am I the only one who can’t go back to my life? My husband I met in February 2009 and after a long courtship and engagement we were married in 2011. It was long because I wanted to be sure this was right.

This home wrecker not only knew my husband was married but she is married herself in a 30 year marriage with young ones at home. She also tried being my friend, friending me on Facebook, loving up to me every time we came to the music venue where she waited tables.

My husband works full time but is also is in the local music scene and in 2014 he was playing a couple of places regularly each Wednesday and Sunday and frequently running sound for our best man at a third place when his friend was playing drums. This w***** worked at the place he ran sound at. Since I was busy working full time and going to school full time and inundated with tons of school work trying to make our future better I couldn’t go out always. Come to find out she was going to his other two gigs twice a week every week for 6 months – texting during the week and screwing every Wednesday and Sunday it seems bringing him booze inviting him out to other events all the while if I’m not at work, I’m at school or doing homework which took up almost every day of the week not knowing anything.

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Christa A. Wooten — Zanesville, Ohio

My estranged husband and I have been separated since July, 2012, we got together in 2008 and married in December of 2012. For a year and a half he told me his uncle in Ohio was sick and needed his help so he was making trips out there to see him once in a while until he got injured at work. Once that happened he started spending more and more time in zanesville. The real story is he was seeing her and married me anyway. When I found his second cell phone in his trunk and found all their messages and pictures I confronted both of them. Him to his face and her via text. She didn’t care that he was married to me, she knew about us however, he told her we were “just friends”. No matter his responsibility in the situation she is just as ville. Christa Wooton is the stuff of nightmares and she helped him break my heart and isn’t one bit remorseful.

Mary Ann Champer — Chula Vista, California

This disgusting piece of trash is as low as they come. She seduced my husband at work knowing full well that he had a wife and 2 sons. She had seen them come in to work and go out for lunch. It didn’t matter to her. She was a 25 year old single mom living in her parents house and then in her sons grandma’s house because her brother kept going to juvenile hall and psychiatric hospitals. She saw a good man as an opportunity. She scandalously went after him. He was going through a tough time. He was promoted and lived 1.5 hours from the workplace. He was stressed about his job, many other things, and her attention got the better of him. She was willing to pay for everything and lived minutes from their work. She would do anything anywhere. She chronicled the affair as well as every other happening in her pathetic lose life on public Internet sites such as Twitter Tumblr FB Instagram and SHE took screen shots of their text messages and pictures of anything she did or got from him. Desperate for validation and potential vindication. She hacked into his work account went into his email and copied down ALL his contacts. She found his wife’s private FB page via her private secondary email. She stalked her for two years. Then when he called her to end it in late October 2013, guess what she did? Sent the cruelest most insulting messages to his wife’s email and FB AND ALL of their family and friends. Then she lied that he was coercing her into sex in order to get him fired. Nobody liked her but they had to follow protocol due to the text messages and pictures she’d been saving up! Few months later she was fired for being late drunk high and not showing up. She made minimum wage. She didn’t care. Now she works at AMC theatre down the street from her old job still going nowhere in life living with her sons grandma broadcasting her repulsive life online. Though much was deleted before the court hearing on March 4th 2015 where the Judge threw the book at her and issued a court order for threats stalking and credible threats of violence. We are going to move for the SECOND TIME now.

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Amanda Dawn Holowell Farris — Batesville, Arkansas

I am sorry, this is long. I never thought I would be “that woman.” The woman who finds out that her husband is cheating on her. After all, he had been cheated on by the girl before me, and swore up and down that he would never do the same to me. I had worked for years to ensure his trust in me, that I would never do the same to him, and I trusted that he would not do that to me. For 17.5 years, I was secure in that knowledge, through military deployments, a domestic abuse episode that resulted in him being ordered to go to anger management and I was ordered to participate in a battered women’s group, 3 kids, going to college, 3 years that we lived in basically a shack with no insulation and holes in the floor, years in which we would not have had a Christmas for our kids if it weren’t for the local churches, 4 years in which he didn’t work at all, while I worked 2 jobs, eleven moves (four of which I did the the packing and moving myself with 3 cross country moves). After 17.5 years, we had finally both gotten good secure jobs. As far as I knew, our relationship was good, we were both happy. It wasn’t all peaches and roses, but no marriage ever is. In October 2014 we closed on and moved into our new house and were starting to settle in. I was thrilled for the security of knowing our kids had a home that they could finally invite friends over to and be able to hang out, that we had a little bit of land that we could put in a garden, plant some fruit trees and have deer and other wildlife come visit. All that changed so quickly.

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Kira Tatiana Nestorovski — Ontario, Canada

We were already having problems.. Due to his excessive drinking, emotional abuse etc. The one day I had a gut feeling to go check his messages. So I did and found this w**** sending her tits to my then boyfriend. I was hurt can’t believe he added his ex then to find this. Let alone he never once apologized to me for getting the pictures, discarded my feelings. We’ve split since and due to many other reasons as well. We were together for almost 4 years, had a child who is a beautiful baby girl. He hasn’t even asked to see her since we split up, it’s ok I am all she needs. Oh by the way to the w**** when I find your boyfriend I am going to be messaging him your ‘lovely’ pictures. Tell them they were sent to my ex boyfriend as I do not care any more . His ass is out the door and his s*** is gone by the end of this month.

Sabrina Selassie — Baltimore, Maryland

All started when she moved to Baltimore Maryland. Her name is Sabrina Selassie. She started working with my husband in August. And within a week this woman started calling his phone every 15-30 minutes. I asked him of course why would she call so much. And lied like she was trying to move u in the company and needed help. Well one day Sabrina reaches me on Facebook. Asks me how I know him ( my husband). I replied we are married and a baby on the way will be a good way to know him but I reversed on how she knew him. She wanted PROOF we was married and had a baby?? Why should I prove myself to a side b****? And she said females lie. But then said its only sex!!! Sex is free and I’ll give sex to every and anyone I please. It’s not hard to get. Of course I’m thinking what a damn w****. Did her knowing he’s married stop her? Nope! She kept messing with him. Told him to choose between me and her. At this point… She can have him!!! Thanksgiving came and I gave birth to my baby. Well the whole time she was calling and texting him. Throwing fits he was there!!! Wrote me and wished death upon us. Stalked my home. I had to shut down my phone account and social media. Scared this crazy person would harm my child and me. Marriage meant nothing to her. Marriage is a word that thrills her to ruin someone’s family. Now she moved and claims this innocent life. But beware she loves to ruin lives.

Stephanie Burritt — Essex, Vermont

So this was March of 2014 when Stephanie started working with my now ex husband. He and I recently seperated because of other issues and she knew this. All I wanted from him was to figure out what he wanted. She flirted and sent pictures to him on his phone. When I questioned him he denied the whole thing for hours. She didn’t have his number he didn’t have hers denial. I walked into where they worked and told her to back up off my husband. I didn’t think that was good enough so I made him go in and bring her out. I questioned both of them and she admitted she had his number, I beat the hell out him and walked away screaming at him he lost his family over some w****. I tried for months to get him to walk away from her. I’m not sure why he couldn’t just walk away from her when I asked him too. This went on for months, in August after waiting for him to her out of the picture and she wasn’t I filed for a divorce. In September one day before our 11th anniversary we went to court. She brought him there, of all people he had her bring him to court. They started officially seeing each other and living together shortly after that. He had my kids at her place for months before my daughter all the age of 6 broke down one day and said she felt bad for not telling me the truth he was living with Stephanie. I broke for my kids they were being made to lie to me. I confronted him and he didn’t deny it. I couldn’t believe he would make the kids lie to me. In the end of October he made me question my safety I know he said it in anger but still made me question so I got a restraining order.

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Felicia Selby — Grand Junction, Colorado

My boyfriend had gone to jail and ended up at Alternative Sentencing Unit. Which was nice because I got to see him in person rather than just a computer screen and I got to bring both of our children to see him too. Anyways, when he got out things seemed to be going fine. Then, I caught him messaging a girl and when I asked who it was he tried deleting the messages like I didn’t just see them. A few days later we decided to work things out but only on one condition. I got to go through his phone. Well there she was. He tried telling me til he was blue in the face that he met her in work release (asu) and that they haven’t seen each other since and that they were just friends. I was being a smart ass and was saying how she’s probably in there for selling herself and he finally got mad and told me that she WORKS THERE! She works at ASU and is hooking up with inmates! Disgusting woman! He was “just venting” to her about me. But I’m not stupid I read ALL of the messages. They had gone and got ice cream and in one of his messages to her he said “what would you have done it I kissed you.”

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