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Brandalyn Bullard — Jacksonville, Florida


My boyfriend isn’t completely blameless in this situation but she is 100 percent to blame. He has tried many times to cut her out of his life but she always worms her way back in. She knows exactly what to say to get him to reply back. My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and she is so delusional that she thinks he will leave me for her. She has never been more than a fuck buddy to anyone. What makes her think that she is going to take my place. He has chosen me over her over and over again. But this bitch just won’t go away. She has sex and blows all these random guys, takes pictures/videos and sends them to my boyfriend with the play by play. Just to stay in his life. Like I said he isn’t totally blameless in this. Oh and the best part, she is happy being a “side chick”. She think it’s the best thing ever. Like she is so happy that he lies to me and talks to her is secret. What kind of fucked up do you have to be to be happy that you are a side chick. This is a warning to all you other ladies out there, if you think your guy is cheating, if he has a profile on Adult Friend Finder and you live in the Jacksonville area, she has probably had sex or blown him. Like I said she likes being a side chick so she will only talk to guys who are married/engaged/dating someone else. Single guys aren’t even on her radar. I mean look at her. She isn’t even hot. She looks like shit and the ONLY thing she has going for her are her huge boobs. Which looks disgusting and make me want to vomit. Her personality sucks so she has to use the only thing she has, her disgusting boobs.

Dina T. Navarro — Orlando, Florida


Young skank starts a new job and within the first week or so meets his co-worker’s sick wife at the job and still decides to fuck him. As if not selfish enough lives with her boyfriend whom is her daughter’s father. Yet she still decides to bring along her daughter to all her sex encounters at my house. As well fucking and sucking him raw in his car and our home (which we co habitat with his aunt and grandmother) with her little girl present. She allows herself to be a cum dump, on her face/body/inside her. Mind you she is still living with her man and fucking him while telling my man that they sleep in the same bed but not doing anything. Yup ok. My man had been really sick for a while self medicating for his ADHD and Bipolar. So much he was mixing and over dosing on bars and anti-psychotic meds plus smoking weed and drinking. Needless to say his judgment was completely out the door. I thought that he was doing better and had stopped the pills and drinking which he had but her dumb ass was getting him back into it. Not only was this not good enough for her but she then allowed for her daughter to start calling him daddy. Moment that broke the camels back they go to the beach while I’m away (as well aunt and grandmother were away as well) and he posts pics on FB saying that she was his girl looking all good at the beach gets back to our home and he’s taking pictures of her cooking for her daughter but he states she’s cooking for him.

Kathy M. Martini — Clearwater, Florida


She has been a family friend for some time. But recently came to light that she had been screwing my husband at our practice after working hours, or he would make house calls when her mother was out. She screwed my marriage up, and deserves what she will get in Karma.

Leah Skinner — Orlando, Florida


I was in a committed relationship with my ex for almost 7 years and have 3 kids together. We were going through a rough patch where we were both feeling disconnected, stressed, and exhausted from daily life. Leah worked for him until he relocated to be the GM of a different store in the chain. One day she is coincidently having lunch at his new store and through conversation comes to find out he will be downtown that night for a basketball game with the other GMs of the chain and they decide they should meet up after. All while I’m at home taking care of our 3 young children. Of course they drink, everyone else leaves and the only two left at the bar are these two fools and they end up hooking up. I’m unclear to what extent hook up means or any significant details because both of them are cowards and liars and won’t tell me everything. This turns into significant texting through my birthday, our anneversary, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day for the next 6 months which I was completely oblivious to until I one night I strangely felt an urge to look through his phone (which I had never done before) after we had gotten in an argument because he had once again gotten drunk while I was at work and he was watching the kids. I find text messages from earlier in the night saying “babe I miss you so much, I would wife you up, i think you’re it, I’d take care of you, annual face sitting appointment please ” … You get the point. These mentioned all from her with him going along with it. He denied it at first even after I said I saw his phone, she tells me she’s sorry if I feel hurt from the “RUMORS”. Rumors?!? No bitch. I saw with my own eyes your skank ass text messages. I did approach her very level headed, no name calling, non threatning, etc, and gave her a chance to come clean and not only was she a coward about it, but she actually called me immature, told me to grow up, and asked me to stop the drama. Let me reiterate that. The home wrecking whore, who knew he was in a relationship and had 3 kids with me, told me, that I was immature and had to grow up and stop the drama… On what planet does this bitch live that she doesn’t see her part in any of this?? Claiming she has nothing to do with me and him. Now I am not naive. Both parties are to blame. He is just as much at fault if not more. He got the brunt of it. She got several text messages of me telling her I hope you carry the guilt of tearing apart a family for the rest of your life… I hope when you get married and have kids of your own that your man cheats on you with some whore who you know and then pretends like she had nothing to do with it when she rips apart your family… I hope you are so embarrassed and shameful about what happened that you don’t even want to show your face around any of our mutual friends. She is a worthless piece of trash and deserves nothing short of karma. Both losers do. Hope he remembers her when he receives his first child support payment.

Nubia Galenao — West Palm Beach, Florida


My husband left me & our infant over 6 months ago for this piece of Garbage, It seems he’s gone back to his ex wife although he denies that as being the reason he left. I was SO committed to this man & our relationship (a 2nd marriage for both of us). believed him each time he told me he was “here forever” & how there was nothing better. Imagine my devastation over it coming to an end. It’s 6 months and I am not well. I have done everything I could to try to get my husband to rejoin me in counseling, attend a marriage retreat (he took his ex wife on a family vacation that week instead), listen to me profess how much value I held & how there was nothing I wouldn’t do to save us. He’s filed for divorce. Said he had no other choice. Claims to have gone through his own emotional disbelief & heartache since he too never thought he’d ever be gone.

Ana Maria Trejo Rivas Cordon — Lake Worth, Florida


Ana Maria Trejo Rivas Cordon of Lake Worth, FL will send anonymous texts and emails to your spouse and children accusing you of doing things you have not done. Ana will send you texts accusing your spouse of things they have not done. Ana’s sole purpose is to destroy what you and your spouse love.

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