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Ann Burton (Ferguson) — Titusville, Florida

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This is Ann Burton (Ferguson). She lives in Titusville FL, and origionally comes from Mims, FL. This woman is the face of pure, unadulterated EVIL. And not just because she’s ugly. She truly is evil down to the core. I was pregnant and she stole away my unborn baby’s father, then proceeded to threaten me my entire pregnancy. Threats included things like cutting my baby out of me, beating me up, and so on. She also took my Mother’s Day, he spent it with her because of her brainwashing ways, she is no kind of a mother, because what kind of mother threatens to cut an unborn baby out of someone and kill it? She knew Mother’s day belonged to me since I’m the mother of his child, and she knew I was sitting by the door for 3 straight days crying over him not even calling to wish me a happy mothers day and waiting on flowers that never came. She knew it upset me into a 3rd preterm labor event.

Olivia Ferguson — Ocala, Florida


This whore’s name is Olivia Ferguson and she lives in Ocala, FL. She tried to seduce my husband on FB by sending him naked photos. She got his # and preceded to text and call him after he told her he did not want her. He actually had to change his number┬ábecause she was set on trying to take him away from his family.

Tiffany Zack — Clermont, Florida

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I was with my sons father for 6 and 1/2 years. We lived in orlando and then moved to south FL only to move back to central fl. He had a job working nights at the time. On Valentines day of that year (2009) My bf said he had to work that night, so I understood. Then in March was my birthday.. Again he had to work. Right before our sons 3rd birthday that April he told me he was going midnight fishing with some buddies from work. All this time that had went by I was starting to knotice one certian girl commenting and liking every one of his facebook posts. SO me being me I checked out her page. I saw she had her phone number on public so i rememberd the last 4 digits…..

Kimberly Hughes — Greenville, Florida

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Well I moved to Greenville in 2010 shortly after my son was born with my son’s father. A lot of drama with his parents and his ex wife happened not long after i got there, about 6 months or so. Well on May 29, 2011 my son’s grandmother on his fathers side decided she wants to fight me so long story short, she ended up kicking me and my son out and I had to move back to Panama City by myself with my son. well shortly after that i started getting these calls from an unknown number. Keep in mind me and baby daddy was still “together” he just still lived 300 miles away in Greenville. I could never figure out who was calling me so late at night. Anyway come to find out my son’s father was cheating on me and his new girl friend wanted to play on my phone.

Melissa Ledbetter Kendell — Tampa, Florida

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Her name is Melissa Ledbetter Kendell from Tampa, Florida. Her best friend (who also sleeps with married men) used to work with my husband. We had just had our 3rd baby and he was having a hard time with life. She was/is in the process of a divorce. So they met at a going away party for the friend that worked with my husband. She becomes his facebook friend and sends him messages. Then they start talking on the phone. Then she invites him to her house for lunch. Where they have sex. She knew he was married-they talked about me and our marriage.

Renea Blakewood — Orange Park, Florida

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Renea Blakewood decided to move in on my husband of 20 years – even as she and I were training for my first 5k – great neighbor and alleged friend, right?. The cat got out of the bag (no pun intended) sadly when my 13 year old daughter found her crotch pics and sexual texts and emails on my husbands phone and computer. Renea had helped herself to my husband for about a year before I found out. My kids were and still are devestated, although they amaze me with their strength and growth through all this sadess and neighborhood humiliation.

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