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Rochelle L. Haynes — Destin, Florida


So this nurse in the air force (Haynes, Rochelle L. Ltd Col USAF AFMC 96 SGOS/SGC went after my husband. She totally knew he was married and it didn’t stop her. She even offers suggest to help him sneak around without getting caught. They went to Hawaii May 2015 for an entire week, and she has been getting him to buy her expensive presents. Now the bitch is planning to move to Mississippi and work at Keesler Air Force base. I found out when she had him house hunting for her. Her address is 4151 Commons Dr. W APT 5224 Destin FL 3254`-6416.

Cheryl Pifer Andrews — Naples, Florida


This 60 year old whore had a year long affair with my 40 year old husband. She married her 80 year old millionaire boyfriend of 6 years right in the middle of her affair with my husband. Didn’t miss a chance to sleep around, married or not. She knew me. She knew my daughter, and even sat down to have dinner with all of us. She knew my husband was dealing with alcoholism and she took advantage of him. He is more to blame than she is, for sure, he is the one that broke his vows to me, but it takes 2 and he couldn’t have done it without her. She is such a miserable human being, she only married her husband for his money. She hates him and constantly sleeps around on him. She tries to pretend she’s a classy Naples socialite, when really she’s just a trashy whore that let’s men pee in her mouth as it turns her on; disgusting! She changed her name from Charlie to Cheryl because Charlie wasn’t classy enough for Naples, but apparently being a home wrecking whore is just fine with her! Keep an eye out for this bitch, she has no morals or values, just a ton of plastic surgery that will scare young children if she doesn’t have make up on (EEK!) This affair has destroyed my family and she deserves everything that comes with living her life as a home wrecking whore

Jessica Mendoza — Melbourne, Florida


Having an affair with my husband for some time now. Sending inappropriate texts, soliciting sex, sexting, etc. time to expose this low life! She works at Boniface Hiers Kia, currently in Melbourne, Florida 32935 as a sales associate that’s how they met and have been going on for the past two weeks, now. Please give her hell for me.

Mandy Durmaz — Tallahassee, Florida


Mandy Durmaz knew all about his family back at home especially his new born son. She knew that he had a ring picked out and enjoyed taking about their relationship. That didn’t stop this slut from coning into his hotel room and crawling into his bed. She has no morals and is a home wrecker. She also cheated on her long time boyfriend for a thrill is what she called it. It was exciting to her. She is nothing but a slut and doesn’t care about anyone but her std filled vagina.

Cheryl Pifer Andrews — Naples, Florida


This whore has been sleeping with my husband for over a year and just got married herself 6 months ago! She’s a 60 year old grandmother, married to an 80 year old millionaire and fucking my 40 year old husband! All of them are alcoholics and coke heads who think they’re better than everyone else. She knew me and my daughter. She knew he was married and didn’t give a shit that she was breaking up a 14 year marriage and breaking the heart my little girl who now won’t even speak to her father. This whore tries to keep up appearances all over the social scene in Naples with all her husbands rich friends, meanwhile she’s just a white trash home wrecking whore that will end up with nothing when her husband finds out she’s been sleeping her way through Naples for years! She even changed her name from Charlie to Cheryl because it wasn’t classy enough for her in Naples. Fake ass whore has had so much plastic surgery that her face looks like Freddy Krueger when she doesn’t have her usual pound of clown make up on. How are you going to pay for your botox when your sugar daddy leaves your ass with nothing when he finds out what you really are, a home wrecking whore! What kind of woman lets a man pee in her mouth? A disgusting piece of trash that likes it! Rot in Hell, Cheryl Pifer Andrews! Karma’s a BITCH

Natalie Carraway — Tampa, Florida


I caught this whore f*cking my husband in MY bed while I was at work with a hidden nanny cam.

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