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Tiffany Smolinka — Cape Carol, Florida


This dirty lying conniving whore ruin my marriage and my family she is such dirty cunt .she met me husband on dating website and convinced him to be with her she’s up his ass all the time and never leave him alone .she done nothing but ruin my family and made me look bad to my husband he tried to put her hands on me and I beat her up and everyone thinks it’s funny and tells me what a skank she is.what she don’t know is my husband using her but she’ll find that out one day he’s always love me and always well and we will always come first to him and she’s just a piece of shit to him.

Kathryn Wagner — Jacksonville, Florida

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This low life is a homewrecker. I was married to my husband for 10 years, we had a good life. Honestly, I thought things were too perfect. Back in 2011, I took a week vacation from work, while out in my garden, my neighbor asked how are the children. Now, my husband and I didn’t have childre, so I asked what was she talking about. She said a woman and her kids come over all the time during the day while I’m at work. So of course I questioned him and he lied. I acted like I was returning to work and parked up the street at a friends house. Early in the am, I see this woman and her kids going to my house.

Katie Merril — Jacksonville, Florida

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Me and my husband were having problems and I dont have any family in this state so I took the kids and left the state to my nearest family which unfourtantly was 1000 miles away. I gave my husband every opportunity to come talk it out before I left, I dont think he really thought id leave. I left for three months. He was fully aware were I was, when I was coming back and the status of the kids. We talked about how things would be different when I got back and we really needed to work on our marriage. Well I came back excatly when I said I would. Three weeks went by and everything was great. He was acting weird but I figured hes going to need time to stop being upset with me for up and leaving with kids. Well one night after a family outing he asks me if im happy as we are driving back home.

Krista Marshall — Clearwater, Florida

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This whore is about as low as they come. My husband and I were together for 10 years before I filed for divorce. The sad thing is the way that I found out. My Dr. wanted me to take an STD test because it was suspected that I may have HERPES. When I confronted my husband he decided to tell me the truth. He lied a few times saying that he had no idea how I could, even blaming me for cheating. Well, he finally told me that he had sex with a nasty whore in the back of his truck of all places!!!! She always hounded him telling him to leave me and our 3 children. She told him that he deserved better. When he said no and that he was happy at home she decided to make the offer to be his “Side piece” for the time because she was bored while HER fiance worked all day! She came on to him and it ended with them out in his truck having sex behind a building!

Latoya Franchestia Thompson — Tampa, Florida


My wife started working at a restaurant with this Thot Pocket. She knew her and I were together. One day she slipped her number into my girlfriends pocket after days of them flirting back and forth. They spent numerous nights together while of course I was home alone with our son distraught. One night they got so drunk that when I called my fiance this loose screw thought it would be funny to say they were coming to get me so I could join the fun. When the affair started I noticed the changes in my wife immediately. I packed my things and left my wife which is when she started trying to do anything to get me back including admitting to the affair. When I took it upon myself to contact this woman she tried to play innocent. She lied and said she thought we were broken up. I’ve exposed my wife too because she deserved it also.

Daniela Bracciale — Clewiston, Florida

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This whore is Daniela Bracciale she’s 23 and from Clewiston Florida. This dumb bitch right here has been told multiple times about talking to my husband, i first found out about her thirsty ass in june of 2015 and told her myself that he was married and she needed to keep her nasty ass to herself. then she proceeds to not only have sex with him in a nasty drug motel but continues to talk to him, send pics of her nasty fat ass and man face…literally all i see in her texts is her begging him to come fuck her…..”im so wet papi please come f*ck me.” And this bitch is a social worker? lol

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