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Melissa Sotomayor — Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I want to expose Melissa Sotomayor for playing a role of the perfect mother and WIFE lol. She currently works at Coca-Cola and I found out that she was seducing my husband with very explicit pictures of herself to him. I found out about this after conversations I had with my husband that he would bring up at dinner. He would mentioned her name to much and of course been a woman I started to get curious about her. So I started showing up at my husband’s job in my friends car and started to spy on them. I saw them kissing for the first time I couldn’t believe what I was seen in front of my own eyes. I been married to what I thought was the man of my dreams till she came along. I was so mad all this different emotions ran through my mind but I tried to control my anger so that I can see more. I spotted them coming out of a hotel room a few weeks after seen them kiss. It was through work hours. Of course right away I knew they were not their for no business meeting since they were all up on each other when they were walking out.

I wanted to tell her something then but  I wanted to see how far she would take this. I started looking her up on Facebook and other social media sites and surprisingly I found out that she was once a victim of been cheated on by her husband in which she still married to. With enough evidence I then confronted my husband and after denying the affair at first knowing he was about to lose his only child in which we had many complications getting pregnant he decided to come clean and told me her story. He said she was hurt so much when she was cheated on that she decided to get back her husband for it, unfortunately she chose my husband and sad to say he fell for it. This affair has been going on for quiet some time now.

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Margee Ryder — Miami, Florida

This Senior Citizen should just retire and collect Social Security. But No, the old hag is too busy chasing younger married men, at work and at her club. She’s looking for a way out of her dead end life. She’s married to a nice guy by all accounts, poor guy.

Bet he’d love to turn back the clock. I bet he wishes he never even knew her. She’s done nothing but shame and embarrass him. She’s been after a younger, married partner at work. The guy has a family. This b**** wants to take him and his money for herself and kick the wife and kids to the curb. She’s put her job, and maybe even his a risk. That’s what an idiot she is. Stupid, stupid, stupid. What does she think is going to happen when their affair is discovered? Disgrace. She’s nothing more than available and a cumdumpster. Old and ugly. Mean and cruel. And, of course, stupid. She’s not even smart enough to take her affair out of town. She fucks in a downtown Miami hotel where anyone can put two and two together. Loud, crass, and stupid. She thinks she’s fooling everyone, but she’s only fooling herself. Her friends are deserting her. They are ashamed to even know her. It’s not long before this affair gets out. Dummy told too many people. It will be so much fun to see her out on her ass. In the gutter which is right where she came from. Cheaters come from cheaters. Her whole family is a screwed up mess.

Jennilee Robinson Pino — Lutz, Florida

I was 9 months pregnant with our second child while my husband was having a sexual affair at work with a new nurse. They had unprotected sex while at work and he’d even come home and have sex with me afterwards! I believe the affair started in February of 2014 and they got caught in October 2014. I caught a text message from her to him basically saying that she was late for her period! I was present for the phone call he made to her trying to call things off, he told her “I need to focus on my family right now” and her response to him was “don’t you think you should’ve done that 9 months ago?”! The affair kept going on as I saw phone calls between them all the way up to December 2014. In January 2015 my husband and I attended marriage bootcamp and things finally seemed to be going well but in February 2015 she began pursuing him again.

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Melissa Cozza — Miami, Florida

I am writing this on behalf of my best friend. Her husband threw her out with only the clothing on her back, took her cats to the pound, then moved this woman in. According to text messages that my friend repeatedly gets from her ( the new “girlfriend”) the affair had been going on for years while he was on business trips. This woman moved across the country to break up a 15 year relationship and now continues to harass the mans wife, who is forced to live with her parents because he left her jobless and homeless.

Danielle Clermont — Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I have been in a long term very serious relationship with my boyfriend. He wants to get married and raise a family but I am busy running a business while he is a real estate broker for a larger sized firm here in Fort Lauderdale. One of his duties involve the recruitment of new real estate agents…enter Danielle Clermont. Clermont works for a realtor association and it is her responsibly to get managers like my BF to send the new agents to her so she gets credit. She targeted my BF and started hanging out with him and his office friends after hours picking up the tab on many occasions. Well I was able to hack into his computer at home only to discover that these two have been having an affair since October 2012 in which she puts out the more agents she sends to her. She sends sexually explicit photos and suggestive emails detailing their different rendezvous over the past couple of years. My BF has become detached from me as he and she pursue each other all over this recruitment business. Recently I confronted him and he told me that he would cut it off and focus on us but I don’t really trust him as long as she’s still putting herself out there. In asking around about Danielle Clermont I found she lives in either North Miami Beach or Aventura by herself and she cannot handle any legit relationship with a man…she would rather steal someone’s BF. This has hurt me deeply and I hope that some day she feels the same hurt and embarrassment I do among my BF friends and co-workers.

Samara Stewart — Sarasota, Florida

I discovered my wife of 14 years has been having 3 affairs behind my back for over the past year. I found out by reading the text messages on her phone. I also found xrated pics and videos of herself she had been sending to Lance Rawson. After kicking her out I gave her another chance. Dday was December 4 2014. She claimed she would stop all contact with Lance. I discovered when we came home from a xmas trip to Chicago she had been texting and sexting him daily. I gave her one last chance and she blew that too. She doesn’t give a s*** that she tore apart our daughter’s life. She just turned 5. She doesn’t care who she hurts and is only concerned with herself. I have since started the custody battle for our daughter. Samara is also on 320mg of methadone a day which leaves her unable to care for our daughter. She ran back to mommy and daddy’s home. She’s not even fighting for her own daughter. I called Lance Rawson several times to tell him to leave my wife alone because he was destroying our family yet he continued. The custody case is now headed to court.

Shawna Eraca — Cape Coral, Florida

I left for vacation to visit my family, and usually while I am gone my husband calls and txts all the time. This time I barely got any messages, and only 2 video calls but they were more for the kids than for me. After our trip was over we drove home and my husband was still acting distant. I figured maybe he was stressed at work and tried to let him rest.

Come to find while I was catching up on the bills that he had been calling and texting Shawna while I was away. These calls would last 30 – 60+ minutes and were made between 10pm & 1am in the morning. They both claim is was innocent but any calls between a married man and a woman than is NOT his wife at this time of night is anything but innocent. He even had the balls to call and txt her after I came home – again always late at night. They both still maintain that its “innocent” and that its “not like that” but seriously he’s married and he’s talking to a woman thats not his wife at these hours… and SHE KNOWS HE’S MARRIED…

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Amanda Drinazi — Jacksonville, Florida

This girl would not let my boyfriend go. She has been sending him nude pictures and videos from the start. He has deleted them and asked her to stop numerous times. She even logged into his Skype account and had a one way conversation with herself to make it seem like he was having a cyber affair with her. He “unfriended” her from Facebook but she would use his online pictures to tell everybody on her Instagram that they are still together. Even after my boyfriend and I moved in together she would constantly harass him with emails and videos.

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Meika Heaton — Jacksonville, Florida

So this chick is a little homewrecker from the word go. I seen a text message on my husband’s phone back in November of 2014 saying “your daughter stole the shirt you bought me” and “I found the perfect song you you and me it’s tim mcgraw’s my best friend” I confronted her and she said she was married and she don’t know what I was talking about. So I let it go, then I kept hearing stories that they were engaged, and gonna move in together and he was gonna leave me. ( we are still together to this day) then she wants to run her mouth saying she is pregnant but the truth is she is just fat. She is still married and she has a boyfriend in prison, she works a dead end job (she is a manager at a convenient store) she has called my son a bastars child. She has 2 kids of her own and I thinks she wants my husband to be their daddy.

Wyndi Braden — Palm Bay, Florida

My husband used to be married to this homewrecker. They split up in Nov 2008. He moved out to his own apartment near where they had a trailer. He stayed there until Jan 2009 in case they would work it out. Not even 2 weeks after he moved out of their trailer, she moved in another man to the trailer they once shared. Near the end of Jan, my husband moved back to his hometown over 8 hours away from her seeing that they were done. I met him the end of May 2009. The very week we met, she sent him divorce papers. They have no children, were seperated living hours apart 6 mos & she was filing for divorce so yes we started dating. Few month later we moved out of Florida to Tennessee. We had a baby in Sept 2011. We married in Feb 2012. During this time frame, she made multiple attempts to contact/reach out to him via e-mail, Facebook, keeping ties with his family etc. He told her to leave him alone & not to contact him anymore & evry attempt after were ignored by my husband. He even made a new Facebook account blocking her from very beginning. One month after having our daughter, my mother died..on my daughters 1st birthday my father commited suicide. In late 2012 (3mos after my father died) I was diagnosed with cancer having no health insurance & no $ for treatment or to afford insurance. We were living paycheck-paycheck some weeks barely making it…

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