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Sarabeth Hughes — Van Alstyne, Texas


I would like to expose my wife. Her name is Sarabeth Hughes out of Van Alstyne Texas. First off we were together for 4 years and married for 18 months, last March I found out she was talking to several different guys about running away and cheating on me. I suspected something so I went through her phone and there were inappropriate conversation she was having with other guys pictures. When I confronted her about it and she attacked me which is only a hundred pounds so she can’t do a lot of damage.

Heather Walton Bolter — Kermit, Texas


This fat, ugly cow pursued my husband relentlessly knowing he was married. He told her he didn’t want anything from her, but she caught him falling down drunk and supposedly took him to sleep it off safely. Instead, she kept fondling him while he was passing out and telling her no. She mounted him, no condom.The next day he told her he felt dirty and ashamed.

10 years together, 4 kids and he never cheated on me even when working out of town. He’s been hit on by stunning women and walked away. This is one disgusting, predatory bitch. She even posted on FB all about how sweet and wonderful he was. She tried to get him to leave me. She tried to come to my home. She refused to tell me she didn’t put a condom on him, then tried to tell me I’m jealous of her. There is zero jealousy here. Righteous indignation, pain and rage – but no jealousy.

Tiffany Santine — Fort Hood, Texas

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My fiancé has been friends with Jordan Alliss since kindergarten they have always been close. Well he got with a girl named tiffany in high school, her and Jordan had a son together named able before me and my fiancé started dating we were friends at the time. Eric (my fiancé) was friends and around them both the whole pregnancy and everyone knows over time life starts happen and you stop seeing your friends so much. Jordan and tiffany broke up and went there separate ways. After a couple years of not seeing tiffany – Eric and I still saw Jordan and went fishing and to the movies and lake almost every couple days during the summer. well Jordan and tiffany’s 2 year old son got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer he was in the hospital on iv’s getting chemo and surgery and I had been hanging out with her thought we were friends and that she was a sweet person – well I was wrong. While I was working I told my fiancé to go hang out with her so she’s not sitting alone in the hospital she had already been there a few weeks and was always left alone because people had to work – and then me my fiancé and tiffany started to hang out a lot.

Leigh Glass — San Angelo, Texas

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My husband and I had grown apart although we still loved each other. He and I had been married for 16 years at this point. I have a business I own and a granddaughter and 15 year old son I am raising, so my husband felt neglected. I admit that he was to some extent. He began training Leigh at his work as he is the best trainer and she had been having problems understanding the job. I was actually very excited that he would be training her correctly. Leigh picked up on the fact that my husband was lonely and started flirting with him while at work. Of course he flirted back. Flirting at work became texting each other at all hours of the day. She approached the subject of sex and tried to perform oral sex on him but ” it” didn’t work. This affair went on for 6 weeks and she actually thought she loved him. He dumped her to get me back in his life and now she stalks us. At one point he told her that our son was devastated by this and she told him that our son would ” get over it” .

Monica Reese — Conroe, Texas


This piece of trailer trash skank whore tried very hard to break up a 15 yr marriage. While my husband and I were having some issues, mainly due to my being so I’ll from a stomach tumor, she decided that would be the perfect time to strike. She befriended him & made it look like (to him anyway) that she was helping. I warned him that she was not trying to help & asked that he quit speaking to get, to which he agreed. The very next day I find out that not only did he not stop but he called her repeatedly throughout the day. That night he got home, got a call from “a customer” and had to leave. He got home about 4am. The next day while he was at work, I packed his things for him & had them waiting.

Marivel Mendoza Gonzalez — Waco/McAllen, Texas

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This female right here is hoe of hoest… Her names Marivel goes by Mary… has no respect or morals.  Tried breaking up my marriage… Anyway when she saw he left her alone she got so mad messaging me on Facebook (unique mariposa/unforgetable mariposa) btw she knew i had just had our daughter… She clearly didn’t xare. Long story short she got scared packed and left to Waco to get in a relationship with a rolando.

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