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Kelsey Krohn — Austin, Texas

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This is strictly a vent for me, I never felt like I got to express my hurt from what came from to people being so selfish. I know it takes two to tango but, there’s always one or in this case (2) my unborn child and myself, that have to deal with the pain and repercussions of idiocy and whatever mental issues people have. As most women know, we all have that 6th sense when it comes to infidelity. My spidey senses were tingling, or “I could see dead people”. Or reminents of what I thought was a “dead relationship”. Apparently I was mistaken, this 200 pound cow came back to bite me in the butt. Which may I state I hope she enjoyed that bite because my butt is so much nicer than hers will ever be. Eat up honey!! I digress, which I probably will a lot in this post; so enjoy. Anyways this woman, whom is older than myself, which by her actions you would think she was maybe late teens early 20s. She’s 26 maybe 28-30 based on looks, honestly I’m not really sure. This woman-child being the estranged “psycho-ex” as she was called many times, despite my efforts to have him not call her that because I hate when men call other women psycho.

Whitney Bain — Longview, Texas

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Whitney Rinehart-Bain is addicted to Vicodin and Xanax. She is the chick that has been passed around by all the guys. She pretended to be my friend but behind my back she was getting it on with my boyfriend. She also helped my boyfriend hide from the law after he violated his parole and was a fugitive. She neglects her children because she would rather go get high. This woman literally has no conscience.

Kelsey Krohn — Austin, Texas


This is 100% a vent, but I had to somehow release these emotions of pure disgust and humor. For me and for the justice of my unborn daughter. So obviously this woman, well I should say girl. Whom being 26 should know how to behave as an adult…but clearly lacks the intelligence to behave in such a manner, is the EX of the father of my child. I blame her lack of maturity on being given everything by her parents. Come on, you’re valmost 30 and you still don’t pay your own bills. I’m literally laughing at your pathetic nature. I am years younger than you and the father of my child is hahaha wow, so much younger than you. Which also explains why you don’t care about other people’s children because you are yourself still one.

Jessica Griffith — Keller, Texas

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Found out about Jessica Griffith (or Magan or Madison…can’t keep up with her ever changing last name) last February via opened Facebook message on shared computer.. and husband said she was just a new girl he worked with and not to worry. It just said something like “hey how are,” just something small…I then came up to Washington state with our two kids to see my family and I get a message 2 weeks later on our 6th wedding anniversary saying he doesn’t want to be with me anymore and he doesn’t love me and that I can stay up in Washington because I’m not welcomed back at the house. I call him back the next dayand he says he’s moving in his roommates…I ask who it is and he said “oh her names Jessica…she’s staying in the ther room” …I knew exactly who he was talking about. She the proceeds to take over the house that still has all of mine and my two kids stuff in it with her stuff and her two kids things. I’ve heard that she was also still married when she started seeing my soon to be ex…and before that marriage she also cheated on her 1st husband with her second husband. They all work at the BNSF together including my exes brothers, his dad…and…her 2nd ex husband and her mom. Sounds like a great place to work if you never want to be faithful in any sort of relationship. Sounds like a keeper.

Margie Gonzales/Helbock — San Antonio, Texas


This woman is a straight up home wrecker and a skank. She works with my friends boyfriend/baby daddy and he introduced her to his girlfriend – my friend. So a couple of months into them working together this woman tried messaging him on fb saying that she missed him, only she didn’t know that he gave his girlfriend access to his fb account along time ago. A couple weeks later my friend and her boyfriend got into an argument and little to say he ended up moving out, going out to dinner with this woman that he works with that was messaging him and is now staying with her. Now come on you dumb skank why would you message him when you knew he was in a relationship. Some women just don’t care who they hurt even if it means hurting children in the process.

Ava Richardson Champagne — Beaumont, Texas


This lying ass skeeze was in a relationship with my husband a few years ago. While they were together she gave him some bullshit ass lie about getting “raped” by a black guy and then later on being “raped” by a Hispanic guy. She got pregnant both times and kept those babies. She then reportedly got pregnant 2 other times supposedly by my husband. She got so doped out and drunk both times she KILLED both unborn children. Now that she’s found out my husband and I are having a couple of problems shes trying to split us apart. My husband has a weakness for her and keeps slipping away to go see her. She doesn’t care we have 2 small little girls together. She doesn’t care she’s tearing a family apart for her own selfish wants. I hope to god her bf finds out just how nasty and trashy she is. She needs to be stopped!!!!

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