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Trish Ollanketo — San Antonio, Texas


Trish whored around for 10 months with her married co-worker. On business trips, during the work day at hotels, and when there was no bedroom she would blow him in the company car. Yes, she swallows! She got jealous when she realized she was nothing to him but a midlife crisis shiny red sports car! When he was done with her, she called and told his wife. Get a vibrator Trish and leave the married men alone! Wife’s of her current co-workers beware! She is an office slut, who will whore around with your man too!!! There is a special hell for women who cheat with another woman’s husband, especially one with kids at home. Karma is a bitch……

Harley Gonzales — Burnet, Texas


This is Harley Gonzales. She became a problem in my life in January 2014. The same month me and my boyfriend found out that we were expecting our second child. I ran into her and my boyfriend at the park in town and confronted them both. She told me she didn’t know he had a girlfriend and walked off. My boyfriend and I stuggled to work things out but things started looking up for us. One day I went through his phone and seen that he had been talking to this girl the whole time. I called her up and was like ok I told you he had a girlfriend so why are you still talking to him and she just said oh he said he’s not with you. I told her to come to our house and she could see that we are together and have a family. So after that we struggle some more.. I was trying to keep the family together and I loved this guy more then anything in this world. I ended up having my baby early and had him July 2014. Things had gotten really hard after that. My boyfriend was always gone leaving me home with the kids saying he was going out with his friends. Turns out she had his baby August 2015 and wouldnt get a dna test or put him on the birth certificate but wants him to do everything for them both and I just recently found out about the baby and im expecting again. Every time I would confront her she would just say I’m lying no matter what proof I would give her and to this day. He tells me he wants nothing to do with he and says he’s not with her and will even tell me this in front of her and she still says that’s her boyfriend. I don’t understand how people can be like this. They are both horrible people!

Heather Paige Kubsch — Tyler, Texas

Heather and Husband

When Ms. Heather should have been at home caring for her husband who was just diagnosed with cancer and then surgery soon after instead Ms. Homewrecker decided to start and continue an affair with a happily married man who has 3 young children at home (one of which hasn’t even started Kindergarten yet.) Karma is a bitch, Babydoll! Hope your husband can handle the horrible news when he finds out, because eventually in time everything comes out in the wash. HAPPY ANTIQUING EVERYONE!

Xuimara Geraldine Garcia and Jorge Luis Delgado — Brownsville, Texas


While we were married. He also denied one of youngest daughter. Which she was 2 at the time. He also had a 9 yrs daughter with me too. She claims to have a girl and boy from him and she has broken my windows to my car and she also has sent my daughters pictures of them two together making out together and hugging. We were married for nine yrs. and Then he left me and my daughters.She stocks me and my daughters she follows us around and calls my and hangs up on who ever answers the phone She has him and she wont leave us alone. But my thing is why f*ck with my kids. She has him leave us alone!!!!!!

Jasmine Mendoza — Edinburg, Texas


My husband and I have been married for 7 years and have 2 beautiful boys. We had separated for 2 months but we still talked and were good parents to our kids. When we decided to get back together, he told me he had met this slut at a bar and that she came on to him telling him that he was hot and so on. Of course him knowing that she was such a slut, they exchanged numbers. As time went on, he came back to me and he confessed to me all about her. Of course it hurt me but I tried it once again for our boys. This slut Jasmine, kept calling and or texting him even after he told her to stop! One night she called about 5 times until I answered his phone and she hung up. My husband’s friends have told me that she is always at clubs and bars trying to hook up with men while she has 5 children at home, and that she is known for that! She is a homewrecker!! My husband and I are working things out and she insists!!! She sent him these particular photos when shes at the clubs. He also said that the night he met her, she was wearing a small top showing off all her stretch marks on her stomach!! His words were that her stomach looked like a cat scratched her stomach up! Shes a slut that needs to be put in her own dog cage!

Trish Ollanketo — San Antonio, Texas


Trish had an affair with a married man for 10 months. She slept with my husband at business meetings, and during the work day in hotel rooms. When she couldn’t get a room, she would blow him in the company car….She didn’t leave anything behind to make a mess, if you know what I mean. She actually thought she was what he wanted. The whole time he was sleeping with his wife at home. He has 4 kids and she knew it. She was so insecure that he finally dumped her. She loved him. He was just having a midlife crisis and she was his shiny red sports car. Sooooo she called his wife and told her all about it. The fallout was awful! The kids all found out, the family suffered immensely! Get a vibrator!!! Leave married men alone!!! Yes, it takes two… did you really think he wanted anything but to boost his ego with you? You should have connected the dots a long time ago!!! Get some self respect and quit being a married man’s whore. She didn’t want her kids to find out…. If they only knew what their mom was away doing! No wonder two husbands left her. Well, there is a happy ending. Our family has never been happier, our marriage has never been better. Trish really should set a better example for Ashleigh and Austin. Hopefully the other married men she works with won’t get trapped in her slutty web. Obviously you can’t get your own man, this is your miserable lonely problem. Leave everyone else’s husband alone!!!

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