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Ashlynn Pedroza (Ibarra) — Dallas, Texas

I’ve been married to my husband Matt for a year as of January 17, 2015 just had our beautiful baby girl this past December 2014, we had have problems and fight but I never you that it would come to this in November when I was still pregnant I got a hold of his phone and saw that he was stalking his ex on Facebook me and him used to be friends in high school when he was dating her and when they broke up he was devastated she loved her kid and treated her right… But she left him to do what was best for her kids cuz she was pregnant with another baby from her ex.a few days ago I had started an argument because I felt alone and I asked him what she had that I didn’t because it seems kind of obvious that he still had feelings for her…he looked me in the eyes and told me that he loves me and only me and that she meant nothing. I just found out this past Monday that he was cheating. he had been acting weird for a few days he would sit in the living room all day while me and the baby we’re in the room when I would go check on him he would get mad.

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Shannon Taylor — Lake Jackson, Texas

My best friend is the victim of this story. Her husband lost his job but because she has been with the company she works with for a long time, her district manager gave her husband a job at another location. While he was working there he began having an affair with a 22 year old co worker. It came to the attention of some of the other managers and her husband left the company telling her that it was because he had been promised more money and a better position.

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Yolanda Mendoza — Oak Cliff, Texas

Part two of this horrible story. . . . so as my husbands phone was released to me when he went to jail. I got it unlocked. I found her. Yolanda Mendoza. A girl my husband claimed was nasty and unclean and with his homeboy”big boy” and she had 3 kids and was only 22, he said they were just friends. He never talked to her. He even deleted her.. Or so I thought. So October 1,2011 I moved in with my boyfriend “Santos” he said he owned a truck a house made me meet his mom. Had her lie for him. Said he hasn’t ever brought a girl home or let any girlfriend meet his mom. Around November I seen this girl in his inbox being very inappropriate and desperate. By this time i was pregnant with our first child. She got weird and posted on his Facebook page “was so nice to see you S.A.Santos” I was like wtf when was this he claimed he never saw her. Now all was good for a while. We got married October 2012. He changed. He started hitting me…

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Diana Webb — San Antonio, Texas

This is Diana Webb she is a homewrecker. About a day before my sons birthday I found out my husband was texting someone at different hours of the night. He always told me it was a customer since he always did landscaping.  On the day of my sons party I questioned him about a text message that was sent to him saying “How can you love someone they are not with?” He said a customer of his was asking for advice. In the back of my mind I knew it was something more than what he explained to me but I left it at that…  A couple of days before mothers day I went to his phone and there was a number he was always calling and texting. I decided to call that number from my cell phone and a male answered.. I asked the guy how he knew my husband and he said “My girlfriend Diana was dating him but they never did anything.” Then he hung up… In the back of my mind I knew it was B.S. and I confronted my husband. He said that she wanted to date him but he didn’t want anything from her… I gave him the benefit of the doubt and went to bed…
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Ashley Lee — Dallas, Texas

Ashley Nichole Lee is her name she was born 04/14/1994 in case someone is looking for her on google in the near future. This woman earns her a nice space perfectly on this site, as she is 100% a home wrecking skeezer!

I reached out to her after I noticed her infomation on a resume that was within my husbands computer, she indicated at that time that she did not know my husband! this was March 10th. (She basically lied for him) and still lies for him

Weeks went on, my husband swore to me up and down she was not no body, just someone he tried to help out. “Clearly Lies” on both parties involved part…

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Ashton O’Neill — Irving, Texas

My husband befriended a coworker, and since I’ve had previous problems trusting people in our home surprised we have children I never allowed anyone near us. But after awhile of him saying his male coworker has a long time pregnant girlfriend (I was also pregnant with our 3rd child) I decided to meet her. We all became friends hung out all the time our children even went to the same daycare. Went as far as our kids going to the same daycare, I even babysat for free while she worked. Months went by and I considered her a good friend confided in her all the time. One night my husband and his brother get into a argument and his brother yelled out “why don’t you tell your wife how good of a husband you’ve been” later on that night I asked my husband what He meant.

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Crystal Ware aka Crystal Leann Keisler — Lufkin, Texas

On March 17, 2015, my bday, my husband had a post on his FB, to one of his photos where a girl states she likes his photo and it was one of her favorites of him. I questioned my husband to find out how he knew her and he denied knowing her.

April 6, 2015 my husband posted a pic of the homewrecker on his page at 1:30am so I asked him again who this ugly, drug addict looking b**** was and again he denied it. She contacted me and told me that my husband told her I’m an escort!! Wow the length my husband will go to make her feel sorry for him. What he didn’t tell her is that I’ve put up with his cheating, lies, stealing my, betrayal, his bike accident and through 4 years of BS just to get him to change. My husband became a trucker a year ago.

So I started digging and long behold what I found out about this beauty, she is a meth addict, had an abortion for another man and she is on federal parole for cooking Meth. SO, at this point my husband believes he found someone better, what a prize!!

She contacted me on FB asking me when I talked to my husband and I responded everyday. She got mad and sent me a dumb email portraying to be a nurse and to know all about me. I was shocked to find all the lies my husband is telling her about me…

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Cassie Bohannan — San Antonio, Texas

This is Cassie Bohannan! She is a no good cheating w****. For the past 2 1/2 yrs she and my boyfriend have been having an affair. After I found out he cut all ties with her. She still stalks him, shows up at our house, harasses me at work. It is never ending. She has left notes for him telling him how much she misses him, that she wants him to be a father to her kids. She will not give up!!! She works at banfield vet on I-35 At the forum. She is was also stealing from work and giving meds to him for his dog, and shampoo, flea meds and toys. Please stop by and tell her what an ugly piece of s*** she is.

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Kaylee Barron — Galveston, Texas

Everything was fine, but I kept noticing Kaylee Barron posting on my husband’s Facebook page. She had no respect for me as it was clear from his posts and mine that he was married. My husband and I started having problems, and she kept pushing up on him. The sad part is that she’s married with 4 kids by who knows how many baby daddies! She lives in the projects without a pot to piss in, and she promised him all kinds of things. She thought he was her ticket out of the projects bc he has a job. She kept pushing and pushing and pushing and he went dumpster diving and fooled with the w**** for a couple of weeks.

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Stephanie Dodson — Angleton, Texas

After 7 years of marriage my husband apparently started feeling neglected because between taking care of our two kids, and his 3 children when they were around, I just became exhausted and I decided to go out. I invited him many times to go out with me but he refused. It all happened while I had gone out with my best friend. He had refused to go out with me but yet he went out to $&@” a white trashy trailer park hoe. So Stephanie Dodson, this trashy loose home wrecker, works with my husband and was curious as to how a white vagina would feel like. At first I knew nothing about her. He apparently only knew her for a few weeks before I became aware of their “friendship”. One day I was trying to fix his daughters phone line to see what kind of plan she had. My husband and her phone were together and I had access to the account as a account user. I retrieved some records off his phone line because I saw a number repeatedly and found it strange to be calling and texting a number during the day if he was supposed to be at work and not allowed a cell phone in a high security workplace. He also had calls and texts in the middle of the night while I was asleep. A pro had put a bug on his phone and he had been getting messages for 3 years. By the time I went to open a msg on his phone it, had been deleted. After I had seen it on the bug screen.
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