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Tarah Bible — Fort Worth, Texas


So, if im just being honest I knew my husband was up to something he didn’t want me to know about, hell I’ve been married to this man for almost 15 yrs. We renewed our wedding vows on our 10 yr anniversary and I can honestly say we haven’t ever been as happy as we where during the 9, 10, 11th yrs of our marriage, those 3 yrs where by far the most amazing, happiest time of my life. Then suddenly things started changing, not too much at first, but enough that I said something on numerous occasions about the distance growing between us, it’d get better each time for a week or two then it reverted right back usual another step apart. I began to notice all kinds of little things that by themselves don’t mean anything but all together mean a whole hell of a lot. Never leaving his phone just laying around, coming home later and later from work, not trying to have sex with me,(that’s never been an issue ok) not answering my calls or responding to my txt for a clp of hrs here or there, all your classic infidelity signs. I got to the point that I just out right asked him, he denied it of corse but I knew better. I know him well enough to know he was lieing thru his teeth sad I also new my gut intuition has never led me that wrong before, I just knew. At first I cried to him begging him to just be honest, anything we could get past with honesty. He made me start to believe that I was loosing my mind that he’d never do such a thing I needed to stop all this. To the point that I almost walked out on him for good. But no I didn’t because I couldn’t walk out on him for something I couldn’t prove right, I mean we’ve got kids I can’t leave their dad for something I’m not 100% certain about, but I was so sure….I stayed me & my desperate for my man to love me stayed, and while I may have been desperate to have the man I remarried in Vegas back, I still put on my PI hat. I’d grown tired of asking, I mean where had that gotten me but miserable, so I started with the usual stuff. We have iPhones I knew he wouldn’t think I’d go tracking his location I’ve just not ever been a person to do that kind of stuff. But I located him at a clp of weird addresses.

Kimberly O’Daniel — Euless, Texas


Kimberly O’Daniel who resides in Euless Texas loves to put fictitious postings on websites of this nature, She sits home all day, plotting ways to ruin other peoples lives because she is a pathetic, bat shit crazy, drunken liar. While other people live constructive and productive lives, she spends her time bashing people to make herself feel relevant. In doing so, she spreads malicious rumors, personal attacks and harasses people not only online, but also in person. She is known to stalk any person that does not agree with her views… This is usually done in a drug induced and drunken stupor. She commits these acts without regarding any factious, personal responsibility or consequences. She has been reported to the police for harassment and criminal mischief. These acts have been caught on video by numerous Euless Texas Residents as well as other photographic evidence. Because she is a woman, the Police have failed to act to protect the innocents she attacks. If you see this woman, know that she is very unstable and dangerous. This behavior resulted in her marriage ending ensuring a very lonely, miserable existence.

Lacy Colegrove — Greenville, Texas


This loser was in a relationship with my significant other over 12 years ago, that’s how long we’ve been together , and no I was not the cause of their relationship ending. Well, we’ve had to deal with her every few years. And now again just this past week- im done! Definitely not a keeper , obviously she hasn’t won his heart!

Heather Elinski — Little Elm, Texas


She was talking to my husband even though I let her know we were married and I was pregnant with our second kid and now she is dating him publicly while I am still pregnant and raising our 4 year old daughter.

Marissa Merrick — Vernon, Texas


So I was in a relationship for almost 5 yrs and was engaged and had a child with my fiancé. This whore continuously tried to make my child and fiancé her own. My fiancé left me and my child, who’s 2nd birthday was in less than a month, to be with this troll looking bitch. After the break-up she forbid my ex to talk to me even about our child. She wanted him to take me to court for full custody so she could be mommy to my child. She would go through his phone and read every text message I would send and at times text me acting like it was him. She attempts to recruite others to hate me and talk bad about me, we work in the same place. She doesn’t bathe regularly or do something with those extremely hairy moles on her lip and nose. She lies about everything to try and get her way with anyone. She even broke her own family up by cheating on her baby’s daddy.

Bradley “Brad” Close — Marble Falls, Texas


Please beware of this man as he is a habitual cheater. He was dating my friend plus 2 other women simultaneously all for over a year & a half. All of them thought they were in an exclusive relationship with him & he was cheating on them all. He is a single Dad of a little girl & brought all these women into his child’s life, what a way to show his daughter what a man should be & how a woman should be treated. He is extremely charming & persuasive & will make a woman believe they are the only one but is nothing more than a liar & a cheat who uses women for his own selfish needs.

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