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Jasmine Yanez El Paso, Texas

So I decided that I was going to post my experience too. My husband was my best friend. He was my everything, and that was my first mistake.

I was his princess and he treated me with much respect in the beginning. We never argued and he never raised his voice to me. I felt so protected and loved then things changed. He started avoiding me, he started talking down to me and disrespecting me. Then he was blasted on blast915, there Read More

Karrie Kotzebue Snell San Antonio, Texas

Oh this is the worse thing that could ever happen to anyone. This tramp, not a woman never cared even after she was told. I personally believe she has no soul or conscious.

Ok how do I begin…I got up one morning June 9th 2014. My husband told me he was going to the lake with work buddies. I said oh how neat. Hope yall have fun be careful. I went to work. I had texted him throughout the day….not usual for us at all. He didn’t text back but “he was at the lake”. I get home about Read More

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