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Jennifer Dewey Texas

I am going to be short and to the point here. This person (I refuse to call her a lady) has upset at least 2 marriages that I know of, one being mine. While I know affairs are 50/50 responsibility between a spouse and the mistress, I feel it is fair to expose this person just in the way my husband has been exposed to his Read More

Taylor Fox Killeen, Texas

My name is Carrisa. Back in 2010 I met a guy named Stephen who I thought was “the one”. He presented himself to be a nice, sweet, loving, and fun guy who was a complete gentleman. Immediatley within a year we fell in love. We got engaged and within a few months I was pregnant with my first child. Our relationship started off rocky I must say as there were lies and decit early on by both him and myself. We were both still young Read More

Elizabeth Perez (Lima ) aka “Candy” Texas

I have been happily married to my high school sweetheart for 11 years. He’s a respected firefighter and EMS worker in our community.

On Mon. May 11th (the worst day of my life) my husband came home from work and confessed to going to two strip clubs (Moulin Rouge Cabaret (Houston) and The Lounge (Houston) during the months of Jan-March. He said he went there once a week with some buddies from work. I felt my blood boil and my hands began to form a fist. I was ready to knock his ass out!!! He then started crying and asked me to hear him out….. Read More

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