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Aimee Trimble Elyria ,Ohio

This woman is the definition of a homewrecker! Her name is Aimee , she pretends to be your friend when really her only want is to screw your husband . Aimee and I met a few years ago and really hit it off she was such a nice person we go to the mall, drink and do pretty much everything together.  When she got custody of her daughter our kids played together. I never would have thought she’d do this to me.

Well any way my husband started acting strange towards the end of May hiding his phone at night stealing money and not being at work going to a bar at night when he said he was! I questioned him and he said of course “Your crazy babe it’s all in your head “! So I backed off well about a week later I come home from work and whose car is in my driveway? My best friend Aimee! I go inside my house my baby was in her crib crying with a dirty diaper that had exploded and my oldest was glued to sponge bob on TV in the living room!!!  Where was my husband?? I thought in the shower because I heard water running, so I open my bed room door to see my best friend Aimee with her jeans on and in a bra she got this stunned look on her face. I said what are you doing in my bedroom while my husband is in the shower in your bra?  She was like I was borrowing a shirt of yours for an interview I was getting ready to put my shirt back on Josh said it was fine (enter my stupid husband Josh) this is so not what it looks like babe! So I told her to leave so me and my husband can talk.

Once again I was stupidly talked into believing him and she also called me and apologized and assured me that she would never do anything to hurt me or our FRIENDSHIP! That was that I put it behind me but my hubs still was acting strange still lying hiding his phone at night going to the bar etc. (the same old shady behavior) So one night after he came home from the bar (he was really drunk) he came home went to the shower and went to sleep said not a word to me totally brushed me off like I was invisible! I set out to find his phone! I needed to find out what was going on and boy did I find that phone (it was in the trunk of his car where you keep the spare) what was in it sickened me! Naked pics of Aimee, A short video of my husband Josh and Aimee and another girl having sex! Text messages from my BEST FRIEND AIMEE asking my husband if he liked eating her p**** and how she loved swimming in MY POOL NAKED!(there were a few of those pics too) I was livid! I smashed the phone woke the baby up and took my car to my mom’s (where I am staying currently).

The next morning he obviously went to go get his phone and saw that it was broke beyond repair! He eventually tracked my daughter and I down the next day and came to my mom’s house to “talk” and he said he was sorry and it meant nothing to him! I asked him how long was it going on? He said for a little over a year( she had a baby not too long ago ) I was like Josh is her baby yours he said it could be his. I was sick ! I told him to get the f**k out of my sight! And that he could forget about ever being with me again I WILL HAVE MY DIVORCE! Later that day I got the call from AIMEE THE w**** she said she was sorry and she wanted my forgiveness that he came on to her and all this other bs. I told her that we were done and that she really could just kiss my ass! A week after this all went on I found out she was still at my house f****** my husband BRAGGING ABOUT IT! I just wanted to warn everyone in Ohio about her she’s fake and treats her oldest daughter like s*** and lies a lot!






12 Responses to “Aimee Trimble Elyria ,Ohio”

  1. Kerry says:

    Wow, I know exactly what you are going through. I’m also in elyria, ohio an I exposed two of my husband’s whores (which one was my bestfriend to). Their are so many whores in elyria it’s crazy. But if I was you I would never have smashed that phone, I would have kept it an ruined her life lol. Just keep your head up cause trust me they will get what they deserve just sit back an watch.

  2. Sadie says:

    What’s sad is that she has screwed over so many people..many were warned about her but she puts on a good act of playing the victim and can get people to feel sorry for her for a while. She will use anyone and then toss them aside and move on to the next one. I’ve known her many years and fear for her oldest daughter’s safety and mental well being. She doesn’t know who the father of that one is either! Watch for this one Elyria!! She’s very manipulative!

  3. i would have went in where he was sleeping and fucked his ass up and found her and fucked her natsy ass up!

  4. cathy dupler says:

    Your better off without both of them. Your husband is really stupid, doesn’t he know, if she can do it with him, she’ll do it on him? next time you’ll be more choosy and know you can do better, and will do better :)

  5. Sadie says:

    I would get checked for disease if I were you. She’s been known to spread them without caring who she infects.

  6. ashlee says:

    I’m getting ready to move their with my bf definitely will not be letting her into my life at all

  7. Jess says:

    Wow! I’ve known her for over 10 years. For the longest time I thought her sisters were mistaken about her being a lying, manipulative w****. I guess if family warns you to stay away you should! So sorry to hear she’s like that. And if she’s really unfit as a parent I hope someone contacts CPS to help those innocent children!

  8. Steven says:

    Ha this site is amazing! Her ex-husband showed this to me. I fee bad for her ex friend but that is what you can expect from her. I was at my dudes birthday party and she was there grinding her cottage cheese ass on a bunch of guys and getting groped by some other guy while her boyfriend(or one of them)was passed out drunk. She has had a lot of hoe moments and there will be more to come. Her Facebook even has crabs. Hide your sick when she enters the room.

  9. crystal says:

    f*** this w**** she seriously is a bar s*** only person I know that has the widest vagina ever…. Im surprised no one mentioned coke as she just ” had sex for some last week .. seriously not only did she f*** my boyfriend too but tried to get money off him looks like theres a certain theme going on here f*** you aimee hope your kids get tooken away and your herpes infested uterus falls out

  10. shari says:

    thankfully her children have been taken away from her once again! hopefully that system keeps them safe this time! shes a piece of s*** that will NEVER EVER EVER grow up and be responsible!

  11. Phil says:

    If he left you for that f’en ugly hog, what they hell do you look like?

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