Alicia Calhoun Vista/Oceanside, California

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Alicia Calhoun is in my opinion a person who lacks integrity. She pursued my husband five years ago knowing that he was married with children. She did not stop. In fact, she harassed me trying to hurt and taunt me about it. I told her many times to leave myself and my family alone, but she would not stop. Instead she continued to send my husband naked pictures of herself and write horrific X-Rated things. Things that my son accidentally saw because Alicia has been so open with myself and my children seeing. It is in my opinion that she did this on purpose to emotionally hurt me and my family. Granted my husband did fall into her trap and have an affair with this woman, but that does not give her the right to bother me or my children. If she wants my husband she can have him, but in no way shape or form, is she to bother me or my children again, because she is in love with my husband and has serious issues in my opinion.

Despite my husbands actions, she pursued him and would not stop. I read all of her texts and emails. I know exactly what she said and did. There were times that my husband told her in emails that they had to stop but she kept at it. In fact, at one point I was even pregnant and she wrote to my husband because she got angry and upset with my husband about that. She has hurt me and my children enough.

What my husband did was horrible to me and to my children. If she wants him, she can have him. In fact, they deserve each other. Through out all this, I can’t understand why someone would knowingly pursue a married man with young children and then taunt the wife. What my husband did was bad, but what she did…Well it makes me sick to my stomach. It is in my opinion she is a disgusting person to do this to someone  she doesn’t even know and also to my kids.



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