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Amber Brower White Cloud, Michigan

CLICK FOR HUSBAND WHO WAS EXPOSED ON HAHW  On November 14, my husband of 2 1/2 years went hunting for opening weekend. This is a weekend trip that he stays overnight for. Sometime on the weekend, when I assumed that he was in bed because he had to

get up early the next morning to go hunting, he went to a bar. My husband is not a drinker, so I was unaware of him going to a bar. I had no idea anything was happening. He came home and we went on as normal. 2 weeks later he went hunting again for another overnighter. He cheated that weekend as well with the same person he cheated on me with during opening weekend.

December 6, 2013…I get home from work to find my husband napping on the couch. He is in a weird mood so I ask him what’s wrong. He says that he just doesn’t want to do it anymore, that he is fed up with the way things are. I cried and then I took my son and I left to go stay at my parents house. Later on that evening I found out that he was talking to another female…AMBER…who was talking to him like she was dating him. So I went back to my house around 1AM and took his cell phone and his car, leaving him with no contact and no vehicle. On my way home, I was looking through his contact list…everyone in his contact list had 1 phone number, except for one person, his older brother, which had 2 phone numbers. Well, his older brother does not have the means to have even one cell phone sometimes, let alone two, so I dialed the number and it went to Amber’s voicemail. Then she called the number back, I answered, told her who I was and asked her how she met my husband. She told me she met him in a bar on her birthday a few weeks prior. I asked her if she had sex with my husband and she said yes. When I asked her if she knew that he was married, she said she didn’t know at first until after they had slept together. She told me that he told her that he was single for a year and was not married. Only after they hooked up did he admit that he was married. He told me that when she found out about it, she was pissed off cause he lied to her. However, when he went up there a second time in 2 weeks and stayed overnight, he called her up again and she hooked up with him again. Now call me crazy, but in my opinion, she is a home wrecker. She may not have known the first time she slept with him, but she damn well knew the second time she slept with him that he was married. To top it all off, he had unprotected sex with her the 2nd time and then 2 days later he had sex with me. Talk about adding insult to injury. She went to the bar on her birthday looking for “birthday sex”, that is what she told me. She found it with my husband.

When I asked my husband why he cheated, he said it was because he wanted out. You know what? You don’t have to cheat if you want out. Just tell me, it would have been a lot easier to take then being cheated on. She’s a ratchet ass crack head looking w**** who went to the bar looking for someone to f***. If that’s not a w**** then I don’t know what one is. I hope she is happy because even if we were having problems in our marriage, she did not have to pick up the phone when he called her up again and wanted to hook up. She could’ve just ignored the call and had some self respect. She obviously has no self respect or a high opinion of herself if the only guy she could get was a married one. SHE’S A NASTY ASS w**** who looks like she has more miles on her then a 747! He is just as bad, I never would’ve done anything like that to anyone. He cheated himself out of true loyalty by cheating on a person that gave him nothing but love, honor, and respect. He threw away a diamond, only to pick up a rock! If that’s not bad enough, my 10 year old son looked at him as his father and even had a legal name change done so he could feel like we were a family. My son asked him recently if he could see him on weekends and my husband told him no…flat out just like that without even giving it a thought.

I was sad about everything for a while, and I even slit my wrist because of how hurt I was. I was only thinking of myself at the time and not anything or anyone else. It has been almost a month and I am still hurt, but now I am more pissed off then I have ever been in my life. He was married before me, and his ex-wife treated him horribly. I treat him like a GOD and he treats me like s*** and cheats on me. How can you do that to someone? I had asked him in the past if he was ok, or if we could seek counseling and he either said that he was ok or that he didn’t want to go to counseling. He also blames my 10 year old son for the majority of our problems. However, that is a cop out, and he is just looking to place blame instead of take responsibility for what he has done. He should be ashamed of himself for blaming it on a child. You should never run away from your problems, you should face them head on. The fact that he didn’t makes him a coward. I don’t care if anyone comes across this that he is related to, the truth needed to be told and I am not sorry for ever loving him. I will be hurt and sad for a long time. Emotional scars take a long time to heal. My son is very upset as well that the only person he ever knew as his father, wants nothing more to do with him and he has to walk around with a name that, in the future, will mean nothing to him as he has no blood ties to that name. I hope the two of them are very happy!





18 Responses to “Amber Brower White Cloud, Michigan”

  1. keeping it real says:

    Your husband is obviously not man enough to be faithful. Your husband may have seemed like a good father figure but he just fooled you. He is a little boy with immature thought processes. I know it hurts like hell but focus on your son who is hurting a lot as well. He has had two men walk out on him. That means that you have to play the part of both parents. Find strength for your child because if you don’t, your child will be permanently harmed from all this mess. Never take your life for any man. You would have left your son all alone and that would have been worse than what this man-b**** did to him. Yeah, this old hag looks like a ratchet piece of s***. She should have kept her rotten vagina out of your marriage but don’t worry about her now that you have exposed her. Focus on the well-being of your son because that is where your time and your thoughts should be. When you divorce your husband, don’t be easy on him. Make sure you get all the support you deserve. Good luck.

  2. Betty says:

    So I take it they are still together? I’m sorry about your son, just reassure him that this is not his fault. Where is his real father? I would change his name to your maiden name, this boy us yours, just to let him know that you love him that much. As for your pos ex, you deserve better. You just have to prove it to yourself.

  3. Amber says:

    That is not a man. What he did to you was cowardly and horrible but what he’s done to your son is heartless and just plain f****** pathetic. Don’t let that man back in EVER, not only for yourself but for your child. You be the best mother AND father you can be to that little boy!! I know your hurting, I personally know your pain but you hold your head high and find something out there better for yourself. Live your life, treat yourself like a queen and put all that energy you had put into him into yourself and your child. It will take a while but you’ll be okay and your a thousand times better off without that p.o.s in your life. Good luck and God bless <3

  4. Shannon G says:

    I hope he ends up on hesahomewrecker

  5. realdeal says:

    Thank you for showing other women on
    how its done honey!

  6. can't believe the stupidity of some people....... says:

    So did your x adopt your son then? Or just legally change his name?

  7. Jay-Dee says:

    Expose his dumbass on hesahomewrecker! Also, that pathetic excuse of a human isn’t a “man” but an immature LITTLE BOY who deserves to be with that chick who looks old enough to be your mom.

  8. jamie says:

    Good lord I live in that town. I hope things are going better

    • The Wife! says:

      Yes Jamie, much better for me….not to sure about him…although I know they are still together, lets see how long she puts up with his s***!

      • imnotquiteright says:

        im so glad to hear that. I just read your exposure on your ex and yes him and her are big POS. hugs and much love coming your way.

  9. Renee says:

    I went to College with someone who knew her in high school….she told me that she was a nasty w**** then too!

  10. […] in a bar at all. I did learn that he did not have anything to drink. Once he got to the bar, he met Amber Brower from White Cloud, MI (also exposed on She took him back to her place and they slept […]

  11. Victoria says:

    Shes so ugly like damn gross

  12. ettica says:

    if he adopted your son you can legally take him for child support I

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