Amber Kent Saint Albans, West Virginia

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My husband and I had been married for four years at the time when this all began. We had our problems but not like this. We had 2 children and after the 2nd child I had several miscarriages. My husband does construction and was gone a lot. I got pregnant with our 3rd child because we had both said we wanted a little girl. So on our Anniversary Feb 2008 we conceived our third child. Little did I know the next month sometime in March he met this homewrecker. On my 4th month of being pregnant he was gone all the time way more than normal. I asked him what was going on he said he wasn’t into it anymore…meaning he wasn’t into wanting the baby or our family. I packed up and moved myself and our two soon to be 3 children. After our third was born he came to the hospital in tears on how much he missed me and the kids and how he’d made a huge mistake.

About 3 months after she was born and we were all once back together, he stayed out all night came home drunk the next morning and passed out. I then grabbed his cell phone and found her number. I called her to find out why she kept calling and texting my husband she told me to ask him. He got on the phone and said for her to leave him alone. I guess it pissed her off because the next day she called me at work and told me everything. How they had met at a bar a month after I found out I was pregnant and he told her he was separated. She later learned he was still married and we were still together and living together. She also knew I was pregnant but kept printing off divorce papers from her computer trying to get him to file for divorce. She also told me she was a religious person who went to church and took her kids to church and she wasn’t like the typical bar whore. I told her it didn’t matter if she was in a bar or a church a whore is a whore.

She knowingly chased after a married man with two children and a third one on the way. Not once was she apologetic or remorseful for all the hurt she caused my family. I was told by her best friend that she has caused a many number of marriages to have problems including her best friends. She would drive by our house constantly, even go to my kids ball games on days I couldn’t be there and make a point to sit behind my dad and stepmom or other family members of mine. When I found out all this I was so angry I called her up and threatened her she then went to the county police station and filed a harassment charge on me.

Since then she has remarried and my husband and I have decided to work it out. We are better than we’ve ever been. I have forgiven him but I still have so much anger towards her. And since she is notorious for causing so many problems in several marriages, I feel it’s my duty to expose her for who she is.



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