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April J. Westbrook NJ/DC/CA

This “lady” got involved with a married man, who has 3 children. Contined a secret Emotional Affair for at least 5 months before the wife “caught on”. Now I know the husband is really the one to blame, and trust me he has been outed to all that know him, but this chick is still unscared. After the wife got wind, she confronted the husband, who said it was a big mistake, and he was so sorry. We all know he was telling HW something totally different.

But then the HW tries to facebook friend the wife, and the wife decideds she has to say her share now. So she lets the HW have it by email, VM, FB message….however she can. The wife tells her that her husband and her are in MC, that they are going thru something that can be worked out, and that the still make love daily. She asked the HW to back off!!!

What did she get then, a letter in the mail threatening their life styles, jobs, etc with exposure of the affair. And continued to try and make contact with the wife for months, just to let her know she was still in the picture.

Needless to say H & W are living apart now, mainly due to the HW interference and all the tension that she brought to the relationship. The husband is totally a cheater and he knows he did wrong but HW needs to be held responsible for her part in breaking up this marriage and family. And not giving a shit that this wife asked her woman to woman to end it so that they could work it out.

She is a 38 yr old Flight Attendant for a Major Airline and now lives in CA but makes to long trip back and forth to torture the wife by still sleeping with her husband.

I say to you, April Westbrook, this guy is a CakeEater!!! He has been sleeping with his wife straight through , and even to this day is trying to hook up with her. He has lied to you from the day you met, so I guess in a way you deserve EVERYTHING you are getting, and to hear when you realize you have been played!!!!




13 Responses to “April J. Westbrook NJ/DC/CA”

  1. Sarah says:

    These women have no respect for themselves or any other women! he is married leave him alone and go find someone who is single. Why is this such a difficult concept for women to get? Pretty sure a slut like this has joined the mile high club several times.

  2. T-storm says:

    Similar thing happened to me. I told the skeezeball to back of several times, but it just made her want the attention more (She liked it and felt really special that a married guy would go after her) I guess she didn’t know about the girl code not to carry on with someone else’s man or husband, no class or principles! I just smile with satisfaction to know that she got dumped in just a few months when the new car smell and excitement wore off. I ask myself, would I carry on with a man I knew was married and whose wife (still living together, no divorce papers, trying to work it out, etc.) wanted you gone to save their marriage?? OF COURSE NOT, BECAUSE I HAVE MORALS AND THERE ARE A BAZILLION OTHER DUDES OUT THERE!! They were only “talking” for a few months, I had 14 years, a son, a house, etc, with him, and all she had was a few drinks and texts with him. SOME BITCHES ARE JUST TOO DUMB TO KNOW RIGHT FROM WRONG AND/OR TOO SLEAZY TO CARE. I hope your HW gets what she deserves.

  3. No Friend of Heidi says:

    I totally don’t get why some women just can’t back off when they find out a guy is taken. Yea, the guys are 50% to blame but some of these evil bitches can’t take no for an answer. For some of them it’s like they need to win. Otherwise they’re just whores who like the drama, apparently. Makes me sick!!

  4. BW says:

    these home wreckers have major issues. maybe “daddy” issues or something because they all are psycho once the hubby goes back to his wife! but it doesn’t surprise me because you must be crazy to try to have a relationship with a married man !

  5. LW says:

    Update: The OW is still around, still not seeing what is clearly fact. Exchanging nasty pics with the husband, while he is still lusting away after his wife. Contacted her by email a number of times over the last 6 months and just refuses to believe anything the wife has to say. I guess she will get what she deserves in the long run.

  6. Ewr fa says:

    Lol I know this girl she is FA for a major airline I work with her. She was ewr based for a long time flying international. She has a twin sister. What a whore.

  7. pam says:

    You are all unfair. People cant help who they fall in love with.

  8. Dave says:

    wow Someone who actually knows this chick?!? sometimes I wonder if they are really sluts or just have no idea the guy is a great liar. He could be doing his wife in the morning and doing her in the evening….gross.

  9. DL says:

    Yes, but they can help who they sleep with, knowing all this how can any woman live with herself? And how could she trust this guy? People have free will, and this wife is better off without this guy, and OW will just end up getting cheated on and hurt by him as well. Bottom line, marriage means 2 people not 3

  10. Samantha (the Wife) says:

    I just want to say something. My name is Samantha and I am the wife. I did not post this on the site but take responsibility as it was posted by someone who cares for me. I have written to the admin of the site a few times over the last month requesting that due to what I know now and the person I have become throughout the last 2 years, that they remove the information regarding the OW in my marriage. I have yet to receive a response from them one way or another.
    April and my husband Scott were involved but are no longer. Alot of what was posted happened but she was not entirely at fault as she was lied to from the very beginning and I really feel for her, as she wasted 2 years of her life on a lie. She ended things with my husband earlier this year and I really hope that she finds happiness in her future.

  11. Glad she ended with your Husband! She gave him back to you. Congrats!

  12. Samantha says:

    She didn’t give him to anyone, she moved on in search of happiness, that she was not going to find with my husband. He and I are not back together, and that has nothing to do with her, and everything to do with him and the man he has become. Until he changes his way of thinking and his priorities in life, we will continue to live apart, and I am ok with that. The way I have grown during this time was a blessing, I do really wish April well with her life, and I forgive her.

  13. sassygal1 says:

    I know this woman personally (very well) and there are key things that this “poster” (which I believe could be the wife) has left out and parts of the story that have been completely fabricated and turned around. I’ve seen the endless desperate messages from the wife and HER ATTEMPTS to befriend her on FB (with fake profiles and other childish bullshit). No one is a saint here and the blame goes around but this victim crap and those of us that know the REAL truth just make you look weak and pathetic. Not to mention the wife claims she’s moved on and wishes the best but her recent attempts to contact AW prove otherwise. When are women going to learn that even though a woman has no right to sleep with someone else’s husband it’s that POS that made a vow to you and the one you should be angry with or let down by?? Put blame where blame is due and that’s with the person that betrayed you. Just FYI as the “home wreckers” legal counsel I’d advise you “poor, pitiful wife” to stop whole you’re behind because there’s a lot more to this story/situation and you damn well know it.

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