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Ashley Chop Dexter, Missouri

My husband cheated with this homewrecker who was also a drug user and a prostitute. We split up and got back together and things were fine, then she started calling and having his friends call him so she could talk to him. Then in December 2011 he said he was going to his best friend’s house and never came back. I went to work the next day and found out where he really was. I called her and begged her to be a woman and leave my husband alone… her response?? “But I love him” SERIOUSLY???

She has gotten him hooked on drugs, and he overdosed and almost died, I go to the hospital and she has the gall to talk bad to me. Ladies this homewrecker has no conscience she doesn’t care about you, your children, or herself for that matter.





42 Responses to “Ashley Chop Dexter, Missouri”

  1. K says:

    Hey you know what they say…you haven’t lived until you’ve snorted cocaine off a hookers ass lol

    But seriously though if she’s turned him into a drug addict you’ve already lost him. At this point she’s now doing you a favor. You don’t want to be with a drug addicted jackass, its just not worth it and neither is he.

  2. Lilly says:

    Holy mother! She lives up the road from me…. She’ll get hers. Don’t worry! 😉

  3. Kim says:

    I’m sorry for your pain. I know it’s eaier said then done. But it’s time to cut your losses. He’s not worth your life. You don’t know where or who she’s been with and he’s now sleeping with her. Some times even when you love someone with all that you are your better off with them. Then to have them in your life and have them continue hurting you.

  4. WhoresRU says:

    Even most 6th graders know to say no to drugs. Clearly your husband has less brain capacity than a sixth grader. Damn if I would have even visited his dumb ass in the hospital; but I damn sure would have laid that b**** out right there and let her share a hospital room with your cheater, spineless, druggie husband. You know you deserve better or you wouldn’t be here. Im hoping you’ve kicked his ass to the curb.

  5. jamie says:

    Hun calling her and begging her to leave your man alone is not going to make your husband a faithful man. If she stopped seeing him he will find someone else. She is a f****** peace of s*** for seeing a married man tho. She will get hers one way or another. Karma a b****. I would just move on and find a better man. Live ur life and let them have each other. He will f*** around on her too and you can just sit back and laugh. Hugs

  6. jackie says:

    This is a crazy story but your husband got himself hooked on drugs..he making some bad life style choices being with this crackhead b**** that’s for sure. Are you going to work it out or is it over between you too?

    • stephanie hall says:

      Most definately OVER!! Since leaving him, I have moved on to an AMAZING man and while it took me a while I realized that all he did was bring me down. :)

  7. Tara K says:

    Sorry hun. But you can only do so much. I would have had her thrown out of the hospital. That’s for damm sure. No offense but it probably the drugs that keeps him going back to her. She thinks that’s love then she has some serious issues! Best of luck to you. And maybe one day he will get his s*** together and bea real man!

  8. C Me Now says:

    wife, I am so sorry. You are a better woman then me because I would of beat the f*** out of her in the ER. Eventually , there gonna run out of money and he may come crawling back with 100 im sorrys and every excuse he can think of. Your gonna do what you want but some friendly advice would be if you take him back start getting support like AA or NA. The smarter thing would be to tell him to back to whatever rock he has crawled out from under. And start fresh and CLEAN. As for her, don’t worry.. she’ll O.D. soon enough.The very best of luck to ya.

  9. Kat says:

    Okay this is going to sound harsh, but its not meant to be hurtful. You need to think. Im not sure if you guys have kids or not but if you do leave and don’t look back. My Dad was an addict and he made life hell on us all everyday. Your husband continued to cheat and he’s not going to stop until he wants to change and that’s only IF and when he wants to. Brush herself off put on your big girl pants and move on. Live the life you deserve not the one you settle for.

  10. Cheater Keeper says:

    Doubt it Tara K but maybe

  11. Jessica Lynn says:

    its kinda hilarious how ducker is like a bad word on this site !

  12. Heather says:

    Hmmmmmm! The similarities are unbelievable! Sounds just like my home wrecker, only my husband didn’t get involved with the drugs, and he didn’t leave me for her.

    I’m so sorry that you are having to deal with this type of w****! I know exactly how it feels. But if it was the same for me, I would have given up and moved on, especially being that he is now addicted to drugs.

    My son’s father was an addict, and a steady cheater, and I stayed with him for 8 years until I finally got the courage to leave him. Then I met my husband about a year afterwards, we have been together now for 18 years, and 3 years ago HE cheated on me with a drug addict prostitute!

    Shameful f***** hookers they are! I’m praying for strength for you. Please be strong enough to move on from this and find yourself a good man. You don’t need to be involved with a man who is an addict on top of trying to heal from his betrayal…

  13. C. Morgan says:

    I don’t know you but I am sorry what you have been through because of him and that dirty s***. Seems to me he is willing to make himself hooked on drugs and go to the ends of hell with her. Do not worry as long as Ashley Chop Off got named and shamed here, you have people on this site on your side and will continue to say homewrecking is never okay. You deserve better and if Ashley Chop Off sees this she should be ashamed and she deserves it.

  14. I hope someone links these bitches sometimes.

  15. CJ says:

    She’s on heroin or pills she don’t look much like a crackhead heroin yes!

  16. Amanda says:

    Lol I worked with this girls mom a few years ago.

  17. I hate the Duckers/Husbandfuckers says:

    Teresa Ducker/ fat porkster..Go brush your teeth. Thats why your mans cheating on your old hag ass and your still with him! Pot calling the kettle black much..

  18. I hate the Duckers/Husbandfuckers says:

    Teresa Ducker look for your own fuq up face on thedirty dot com..You’ve been submitted..HA!

  19. Cheater Keeper says:

    You should use your real name and stop being a chicken s*** ,cyber- bully .

    • Cheater Keeper says:

      I doubt he is cheating on me put if anyone has any thing else to say Please be Real and don’t use Fake Ass names. I will not ever stay with a cheater again . Once a cheater always a cheater.
      To the woman that got cheated on it will get better and the pain will ease. Best of luck to you in all that you do .

      • duck the duckers for they are husband fuckers says:

        I’d say you are a “cyber bully” then. Lol Posting as the wife and husband on here from Tara Ducker’s exposure. Constantly proud for sleeping with a taken man. Oh and didn’t you harass the wife physically too? Yeah I saw that video of Tara’s fat ass marching out of the grocery store with her two children beside her after harassing the wife with her kid. Too bad the photobucket links were obviously reported by you jokes and taken down. And if this is Teresa this time, you are staying with a cheater… Last I heard Larry was knocking boots with that blonde down the street. Better stop trolling this site because you’re all hurt over your sister’s name she made for herself and check your man yourself.

        • Cheater Keeper says:

          I don’t know her – never even saw her face
          I don’t pretend to be anybody else .
          I will never stay with a cheater again so if you can prove anything that you’re saying please feel free to do so .
          Im sure that you didn’t see everything .
          I am far from a cyberbully

    • C Me Now says:

      cheater Keaper isnt exactly on your birth certificate. No one knows if your Tara or Teresa or Terrence Howard ( kidding) as for ” Cyber Bullying” , however much internet education you try to get.. it doesn’t apply here. So, take your B.S. somewhere else.

  20. Erin McTurnan says:

    Ugh……and of course.i live in Dexter. :/ time to move!!!

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  22. Well done ! Drinking water might have been more useful, but hey …

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