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Ashley Nicole Elser Elkins, Arkansas

My husband and I have been married 10years. We were having a blah patch but nothing I thought that was too monumental. On Feb 18th, I received a call from my daughter’s friend’s mom. My daughter’s friend saw my husband and some woman hanging all over each other kissing and holding hands. Mind you my daughter’s friend is an adult. They were shocked as well as I, but my gut told me it was true. That whole “how could they not know” was slapped upside my head & pieces started falling together. I searched the phone records and found out who she was. My husband had met her working on her car a year prior. Then she started working in the hometown grocery store, mind you we have 2,000 people in town. He said they were just friends but he wouldn’t stop talking to her. Then I told him to get the f**k out, I would not tolerate this and if he didn’t have the balls to choose me & his family over some twit, I would make the decision for him. He called her right then and told her not to contact him again. This all happened within a 2 week period.

Since then she befriended my renter, who didn’t know about any of this, to come on MY property behind my house, which she is no longer allowed or she WILL be prosecuted; she has left pictures of herself on MY vehicle at my husband’s work and she makes frequent trips to my husband’s work as he works for a large retail store. This I was going to let go, a silly little girl who didn’t know when no meant no. Here comes the sticky part. Our daughter needed a job and due to circumstances the only job she could get was the one in the local grocery store. She worked in a completely different department & we thought it would be OK. BUT this stupid c*** started spreading stories about sleeping with my daughter’s dad and of course it got back to her.  My daughter is a minor on top of that.

I have also met several people in the last few months who know her real well and she pretty much dates married men only. She brags at work about the married men she sleeps with and dates. Not only does she want the men but she wants the women too. It is really sad as she has 3 young children, who are pretty much raised by the grandparents and it has been seen and told how poorly she treats these kids. She needs to be exposed for who she is and taught that this is not acceptable behavior.





18 Responses to “Ashley Nicole Elser Elkins, Arkansas”

  1. me says:

    Ugly, nerdy s***. I hope your marriage works out. Has your husband stopped being a jerk?

  2. Mary Elser Holsapple Collier says:


    • Mally says:

      Ummm tell your kid not to be a w**** and keep her legs closed. If you think that behavior is acceptable then no wonder why she thinks its okay to sleep with married men. If you think that because a man is not having his “needs met at home” that gives him an excuse to step outside of a MARRIAGE then you must have hit your head. I hope your grandkids don’t grow up with the same shitty ass morals as you and your daughter. Poor babies.

    • me says:

      Do you really think it is okay to date a married man? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Let me give you some knowledge. The husband was a jerk for STEPPING OUT on his WIFE, not for dumping your daughter. When he dumped your daughter, that was a step in the right direction. Of course you want to protect your daughter, but you should tell her to date single men or she might find herself being exposed on this site again. She would probably be a good mother if she didn’t date married men. She needs to set a good example for her child(ren). I personally have never dated a married man and I would never do such an immoral thing, lest my children grow up and live by a twisted moral compass. Did/do you also date married me? We all need to take responsibility for our own behavior. We have to live with the consequences. Most of society believes that cheaters/homewreckers are vile. The consequences of your daughter’s vile behavior is being exposed on this website. You probably did her more damage by confirming that, she did in fact, date a married man.

    • ladyluck says:

      Good mom?!? Is that coming from ur nasty ass mouth?!? Ur a N%#@?! Loving b**** and ratchet just like her…. She is a horrible mom… Dragging those babies all over Elkins cursing them, Calling them names, Dirty, lets them run wild in town… Ya OK…

    • Jay-Jay says:

      Oh wow seems that her mommys upset. Maybe you should have been a better example for your w**** daughter!! And do you really think your capital letters scare Anyone? Your daughter should have kept her legs closed and stayed away from this woman’s family but like typical whores she has no morals or act right. Your a joke defending your pathetic ass whorable daughter! No doubt she learned this from you :)

    • Lisa D. says:

      Yo kid iz a ho!

  3. True Mule says:

    Wow! sounds like grandma is the same class act as her w**** daughter. To actually condone this behavior is just disgusting!

  4. knowzitall says:

    I know this w**** personally…. She is a homewrecker…. And “MoM” u should hear the s*** she has said on u!!! She get’s drunk and drives with her kids in the car… I have people to back me up on that, Got the cops called on her at the local grocery store for cursing out her kids and calling them Mf’ers…. Proof there as well, Has a one room storage building she lives in and its all open and sneaks men in there at night and sleeps with them with her kids beside her asleep, Know that too and have proof, So don’t say she is a good mom…. U as a mother was a damn w**** just like her… Ask her! She tells everyone u let her get molested and abused her!!!! I know soooooo much… People should think twice who they screw over;)

  5. ladyluck says:

    Who is this clown Mary Elser?!? She needs to sit back and shut up before she gets exposed for the w**** she is…. Ghetto and ratchet… Look on her FB page! Pictures are worth a thousand words!!!! Ashley Elser for a fact gave 2 people crabs!!! Nasty ho!!!! It is time for her to go back to the ho she came out of…. lol yes I meant Ho!

    • What the hell says:

      lady luck apparently you have a problem with me and my daughter. I’m not a f****** clown I respect people but whenever they run over my kids that’s when I put my foot down. if you have kids you would understand why this pisses me off. my daughter might not be perfect. but who are you to say anything are you perfect? your daughter might be doing this what would you say would you stand behind her and let people call her names like this. in my grandkids are not running all over Elkins in for the slowest site right here.

  6. British Lad says:

    A man will step out if the wife does not give her partner sex. Ration sex, refuse to give he@d or whatever, expect something to happen You can expect your partner to be fair game to another woman who will do what he craves for. You may not like this unpleasant truth, but happens . Some people are the authors of their own despair.

    • Jay-Jay says:

      Wow! You must be a man, even if that were the case leave the f****** person!!! Don’t cheat on them and play were there feelings, tell them its not working!! Cheating is never okay no matter what’s going on. Your an idiot

      • Brooke says:

        I fail to see why I’m an “idiot”. Sex IS a big deal with men. If a wife will not fulfill a husband’s need, someone else will. It is not an easy matter to simply “leave” an unfulfilling mariage. One must consider the effect of divorce on children. As well, the financial impact must be considered. Infidelity is a multifacited problem. Yes, there are plenty of bad husbands, but women are not all without their issues. Some women have emotional/psycological issues, personality disorders or sexual hangups that make life difficult for their husbands.

  7. toni says:

    Plain janes with no personality or brains will do just as this one did. Sex Is a big deal with men but the wife is not the problem Brooke , The problem is a weak shallow , not overly bright male who will have sex with animals and children and stupid women that believe as you and they are usually shallow, empty headed, needy for anything and are foolish to believe that because a man will talk sexually to them, it means they are sexy and wanted.

  8. What the hell says:

    this site ain’t nothing but bullshit troublemakers. impressed stupid b****** ain’t got nothin else better to do then put other people down. whatever my daughter did. if anybody thinks my daughter is a w**** they need to look in the mirror and see what a w**** is. my daughters not perfect but you’re not either. anybody has a problem with what I say you can leave your name address and we can settle it.

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