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Bobbi Jo Westergard Utah

This was the real estate agent that was showing my husband of three years property. I trusted him and when he was leaving at odd times to go look at property I never questioned him, he works hard and his schedule is not normal. She knew he was married and decided to carry on with him. He started changing towards me and I began to get suspicious and questioned him he said he was just tired and working hard. I had no reason to doubt him. I left town to go to my grandmothers funeral and when I got home he was very angry at me, we got in an argument and he told me to get the hell out and I was like what is going on and he said nothing and left it at that. I left and moved into a friends vacant house and it wasn’t until then that I learned of this woman and how they been carrying on for months behind my back.

The thing that hurts the most is she knew he was married and he obviously knew he was married. When I confronted him about it he was so angry at me and then finally came clean on the relationship, he called it off with her (supposedly) until the divorce and said he might go back to her. I asked did either of you once consider the screw over you were giving to your daughter, your son and to me? because don’t think for a second some one of her character will ever get near my children. He just sat there and now she is stalking me, my profiles my friends and work colleagues. I have contacted the Real Estate Board to file a complaint against her and I pretty much let everyone know what the two of them did to my family.

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80 Responses to “Bobbi Jo Westergard Utah”

  1. IceQueen says:

    Smart move on your part to file a com9laint with the real estate board, I would also contact the company she works for. On another note, what a tiny little head she has on such a burly body.

  2. wait for it says:

    She has an incredibly small head for that incredibly huge body. You need to gather all evidence you have of her harassment and head on over to your local courthouse to get a restraining order that protects you and your children. Your soon-to-be ex is really screwing himself over with this homewrecker. He is going to be extremely miserable with this skank.

  3. betrayed wife says:

    I am so sorry about what happened to you. What this woman did was wrong, but your husband was married and the greater blames lays with him. I’ve been there and know what you’re going through. It’s not an easy thing to get over, but just realize that what goes around truly does come around. When it hits, it hits very very hard. Hugs

  4. Jess says:

    Your ex sounds like a douche. That slut won’t be having that fugly smile on her face for too long. Stay strong OP.!

  5. Michelle Young says:

    I can’t believe some women and what they are thinking about when they are ruining a family. Hope she is proud of herself.

  6. Endora says:

    Bravo to you for outing the whore to her work! More women NEED to do this!

  7. dee says:

    She is a giant!

  8. aednat10 says:

    Another real estate agent, they seem to think to having a real estate licence is the right have affairs and break up marriages, what is wrong with these women is it that single men can see them for what they really are? Old whores on the loose. Thank your blessings your are rid of your x cheating husband, get a top lawyer and get everything, let the whore look after him the bastard.

  9. Heidi says:

    It’s a damn shame you can’t send the husbands out any more to do the most mundane of tasks. Go to work, go to the grocery store, go to the bank, go to the doctors office, got to the post office, go look for properties with a real estate agent. Hell, you basically can’t trust them to walk out the fucking door without worrying they’re gonna fuck around. You even have some that just sit back and wait for the wife to bring her friends around so they can fuck them too. What’s a woman to do? Stay the fuck away from men I guess. That way you know for a fact you won’t get hurt. As long as there are married men in the world you’re gonna have sluts out here ready and willing to sleep with them and they don’t give a shit about the wife OR the children (neither the slut or the married man whore). I don’t even know why men bother to marry in the first place. IT’S ALL A JOKE. They truly don’t like being tied to one woman for the rest of their lives. In their own words they, “love variety” and being with one partner for life doesn’t offer that. It hurts, but we as women have to accept that as a fact. They are just dogs and will be till the day they die. Oh, you’ll say “there are good men out there”. Oh yeah? Show me one. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

    We’ve been living in la la land for too long ladies. There’s no prince Charming, no castle, no happily ever after. We’ve been sold a load of bullshit and these sorry men know it. They’d stick their dicks in a warm bowl of soup if they had to. Fuck all whores everywhere. Truly do wish we could drop them all off on whore island and let them have at it. Hopefully all the STD’s would rot off all their dicks and pussies.

    • Mr. Jingles says:

      Oh shut the fuck up, will you Heidi, you man-hating harpy. It’s blatantly obvious that man got sick of your shit at some point, and told you to pack your shit and git. And I can see why. You’re a hate-filled, rage-consumed gutter twat who apparently got what was coming to her and now as a result, we see this male-hating poisonous snake that you are appear in every thread. Look, we get it: you’re quite happy to spend the rest of your fucked up existence with nothing but that broom handle in your closet to keep you satisfied; just watch out for splinters down there, and you’ll be fine. I totally get it. Trust me, though: you keeping yapping the shit that you do about dogs this and dogs that—–meanwhile, it’s YOU who needs a fuckin’ muzzle…..,BADLY.

      Give it a rest, you hate-driven wench.


      • J.S says:

        Hey Mr. Jingles why don’t you go fuck off somewhere! I am sure Heidi was done prettt dirty to feel like she does and the way you talk, fit right ininto the category of assholes! So STFU!

    • Mr. Jingles says:

      Hey Heidi…..speaking of dicks and pussies rotting off–have you gotten a refund on YOURS due to lack of use? Or interest?

      • J.S says:

        No but I am sure you have from non use unless you consider beating off all the time considered in use bc with that shitty ass attitude and mouth on you I am sure getting laid is pretty rare for you! Loser!

        • Mr. Jingles says:

          Sorry to disappoint you……but when I go at it (so to speak)……the Earth moves….and the angels weep……while worlds collide.

          Or so I’ve been told.

          Again and again.

          Time after time.

    • SharonR says:

      Heidi, I agree with you. And Mr. Jingles, I love men. I’m 51 years young, never been married, no children (my choice, I chose a different path in life). I’m not angry by any means, but I do agree with her when she states “men want a variety of women”. I’m not saying all, but most of them do. I have many male friends who are single. And they’re single because they want to be. As a few of them told me, “too many good looking women out there giving up the goods”. Now the homewreckers on here, most of them nasty and disgusting. I guess maybe it’s the nastier the woman is, the sleazier the sex is. And alot of men dig that shit. The proof is in all of the stories on here. Thank God I’m a free spirit. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

      • Mr. Jingles says:


        I appreciate your eloquent response, but you do yourself a disservice: you cannot agree the resident psychopath known as Heidi…..but then in the same breath say you love men. Read her post again. That whack job makes VERY clear that she thinks ALL men are sub-human scum. ALL. How can you agree with ANYTHING that that Prozac-ridden creature has to say? If I came on here and generalized ALL women the way she does with men, I guarantee you that I don’t think very many folks would be agreeing with me on anything.

        See my point?

        Same goes for this JS twerp.

    • Enjoying. this says:

      Heidi we ain’t all bad most are but those of us raised right respect our wives. the husband in this case don’t respect no one not his mother nor his daughter.

  10. Karen says:

    File a civil suit against her since you now had to move and get him for child support and alimony. Then get the protective orders to stay away from your children. They are both guilty for not thinking of the children what would he do if his daughters husband cheated on her or if his son cheated on his wife. What kind of mother is she?

  11. BWAAAHAAAA says:

    How on earth do you sleep with your real estate agent? How does that start? Wow this kitchen has nice counters, but I’m not sure they are sturdy enough. Think we should eff on them just to be sure? When you are buying a home it pays to be prudent

    • Autumn says:

      BWAAAHAAAA says:
      How on earth do you sleep with your real estate agent? How does that start?

      I had the same problem my x husband was a real estate agent, we had children,grand children at the time he was 57 been married a long time. He sold a house to this couple they had four kids, one day he come to our house with this woman and her kids in tow to look over our house ( it was a nice large home worth eight hundred thousand at the time) I had no idea they were involved she was twenty years younger then he was and had a husband. I picked up his mobil phone bill was very high for the month (this is going back a few years now) said to him about the phone, paid it filed it away with the accounts, still had no idea as we had been married a long time. One night he arrived home well after 8pm we had dinner then his phone rang he said I have to go and meet Russell at the pub, I said why not wait until tomorrow or get him to come here, no he rushed off and then all the bells started ringing in my head, after he drove off I got in my car and followed him and bingo he was meeting her, I came home got that phone bill out and all the numbers were to her house. Well I left him spend three years in the courts until I got everything. Today he is a old man his young filly left him after there was no big house and money. So look out of those real estate people they sell more than houses.

      • Cass says:

        I love your comment Autumn I wish my sister in law would get mad and even. I hope she sues the skank for everything lol. The skank actually had the nerve to respond and try to justify her actions.

      • Enjoying. this says:

        Way to go. Autumn wish this wife would hit him where it hurts

  12. Leanne Holcomb says:

    What possess people to do things and expect a happy outcome for all. That woman is the mother of a teenage daughter who had her picture altered in the high school yearbook for being inappropriate and she speaks out yet is having an affair with a married man I think she is a vile human being with a severe lack of morals. As for him he is even worse he has children of his own. Both their families must be so proud of them. What of the children how do they understand that dads new girlfriend is a skank whore and dad put her ahead of them.

  13. Been there says:

    if she is a mother wonder how the kids father feels she has an affair with a married man. If she a Real Estate professional wonder who her clients feel that she is having an affair perhaps on their property. Wonder how the the husband feels that his daughter and son will find out about his honesty to them. Why do these skanks not think of the familes they are destroying, I guess thats why they are called skanks. I am glad you exposed her and hopefully her boss will let her go. What of the husband how does he face his children, and to kick them out of the home is really showing his integrity.

  14. A says:

    Why would you let him kick you out??? I would have made him move out.

  15. Alana says:

    She is a skank cow hope she loses her license and hope he loses the respect of his children. He might go back to her what a pig. Flaunt the whore around his wife and children he should be ashamed of himself. Kicking his children out of there home for a skank cow.

  16. AmusedSpectator says:

    I thought women were supposed to have curves.

  17. Mary says:

    What I don’t get is why women like this think they are so special. He will do the same to her. But for now wonder how she looks herself in the mirror knowing she crushed the children. I hope he doesn’t flaunt her around rubbing it in. All I can say is for shame Bobbi Jo Skankegard

  18. Whore Hater says:

    Is that a he/she bodybuilder in womens’ clothing? EEwww…

  19. Whore Hater says:

    Real good role model for her daughter…yeah, right.

  20. Michelle says:

    She looks dirty and posing for a picture what nasty skank.

  21. This story could not be further from the truth. Their divorce is not final YET, the little girl does not belong to him and maybe you can get her to explain that, the little boy was stillborn. To add to that, she never lived in his house. She is the crazy ex!

    • wait for it says:

      Was she sleeping with this married man or not? That’s what I thought.

    • the wife says:

      Hold your horses needs to learn the facts. We lived together as man and wife because we are married. You know nothing of my son or daughter and suggest you not broadcast about them since you have no clue. Bottom line I was told Bobbi Jo was a one time thing mistake well skank whores usually are. She slept with my husband without concern of anyone. Taking a married man into your home with your own kids is disgusting. Yet your high school daughter boyfriend lives with you too. Great parenting.

    • Hurlene says:

      What I find so humorous is that this “Hold your horses” seems to know more about the marriage than the 2 that are in the marriage. I know both the husband and the wife in this situation, in fact the husband has my name on his Derby car with both his daughter and son. The wife’s story is pretty correct with the exceptions of the husband telling the wife, that the mistress has never been to the house, that it was only once and he knew it was a mistake. Lol as all mistresses are mistakes when they get caught. Tsk on the husband the neighbors talk. So if he told the mistress that the wife never lived with him I find it funny that the mistress would believe this, but she isn’t very smart now is she if she carries on with a married man in front of her own kids. BTW this is the woman who gained national attention because her daughter’s tattooed breast was altered in the high school year book. I am sure the wife has let all the neighbors know of the husband’s transgressions, I know I would. All the mistress would have to do is ask but she already knows the truth, they lived as a happy family under one roof, a roof the mistress destroyed. Yes the husband is to blame too, but the mistress knew he was married all she had to do was say go take care of your shit, and look me up. Supposedly this is the owner of her own Real Estate Company you would think she would have some tact, and ethics guess not.
      I knew the wife was going to put the mistress on this site, (her good lawyer friend told me). I told the husband that the wife was well within her rights to do so and since the mistress was yes stalking her. Funny thing is some social networks let you know when you have a profile visitor, lol. Guess the mistress didn’t know this and now every time the wife logs in she gets to see the mistresses face as a reminder. I also told the husband the wife just might sue the mistress in a civil case. You can’t do that unless you lived as man and wife under the same roof and again the mistress destroyed that roof. The home the children knew and the life they knew were destroyed by this woman.
      The wife left the marriage home because it belonged to the husband long before her. So yes he kicked her out, but it was his house. In his defense he still sees to the wife’s and children’s every comfort. Don’t get me wrong he is a good man, but a man none the less. The wife’s family and friends, knew of the husbands wandering eyes (yes this happened before) and they really gave him a bad time. So he turned to the real estate agent, lol she was obviously an easy target, or she preyed on him, he said it was an accident and he knew it was wrong, but his dick accidently fell in, lol.
      Again in his defense he loves his wife very much has said it many times and has gone to great lengths to be her husband, and show her how much he loves her and his family, the wife loves him with a passion I never seen before in a marriage, they were very good and loving together. I do believe she is his one and only, but he is a man that can’t keep it in his pants, he has cheated on every relationship he has ever had, the mistress will be no different, hope she don’t feel to special lol. I give the wife respect for not allowing herself to be treated in such a way and after seeing the mistress I sit and wonder why, because the wife is beautiful inside and out, and she loves her husband even after everything.

    • Crystal says:

      Hold your horses looks like you should have a convo with the wife seems the husband you fucked isn’t really telling you the truth golly is everyone else shocked at that. I just got to say you are a pathetic whore trying to justify your actions with a MARRIED FAMILY MAN.

    • Been there says:

      Your a special kind of stupid Hold your horses if you are actually justifying the actions of a skank. This person slept with a married man who has children. And to make light of those children shows the real special stupid you are. My condolences to your children for having such nasty filth for a mother. You should be ashamed of your self.

    • Cass says:

      Lmfao a very special kind of stupid indeed. I am the sister in-law to this wonderful couple. They very much lived together as any normal married couples do, he was very good to her and her to him. They lived together as husband and wives do, and are still married I know she filed for divorce on the grounds of the husband having an extra marital affair with Bobbi Jo Westergard right in them papers for all to see. As for my niece and nephew you are nothing to speak of them as you know the story because you are a pig and not fit to be in the same city as them. Assure you my dear you have been snowed over by a classic liar. He does nothing but lie and when confronted turns it around to make it like your crazy. You calling my sister in-law crazy is very bad since you don’t even know her or the truth. You know fabricated bullshit from the husband. Do you ever think your going to meet the family lol they all know who and what you are. Your nothing but a home wrecker that destroyed innocent children. But from the sounds of your mothering skills you have no clue. I wish I am there the day you accidentally bump into eachother.

    • Bill says:

      I never thought they would come to this. I am a brother in-law. I always knew he was a liar but never would I have thought he would hurt his wife in this way. I have to say I am getting good enjoyment out of every thing but not at the expense of my sister in law. She loved him more than life itself and even he said it scared him. The daughter nor the son are any of your business and you should be ashamed of yourself for even mentioning them. No doubt you are with the husband now so tell him Bill says hi.

    • Bandit says:

      Wow he always liked the transvestite type still can’t leave the skanks alone either how many women has he lied to now. I know both the husband and the wife and appalled at this hold your horses character that is really talking out its ass. You need the truth and it’s not coming from the husband. Do not ever mention the children again either. I like to see your lame ass reply now your nothing but a pathetic excuse for a human.

    • Enjoying. this says:

      Hold your horses you couldn’t be further from the truth and you know it. its so laughable how you are bringing up children you haven’t a clue about. Especially where your source of info is coming from because he is an ex. Shane is a lot of things but he wouldn’t talk about such things with you.

  22. the wife says:

    Yes she was sleeping with my husband. Knew he was married and had children.

  23. the wife says:

    Yes she knew he was married with children and yes carried on with my husband. He admitted it she needs to now. And yes I filed for divorce on grounds he had an extra marital affair with Bobbi Jo Westergard right in my papers. She is nothing but a skank whore.

    • Bandit says:

      Smile baby girl it’s out now and you are free of his lies, you have your children and you are an amazing woman and mother. Don’t look back

    • Enjoying. this says:

      This post is not from the wife she would of eloquently said fuck you and you would be telling her thank you.

  24. Ladies and gentlemen. Transvestite type, wow what a compliment Jo-Ann. I’m sure your the scorned women. Poor you Jo-Ann Necochea. How many lies have you told about your “Children/child”? You manipulate every one you come in contact with. Did you not marry a married man and have to have your marriage annulled? Well sweets, seems to me what comes around goes around… Karma got ya!

    • Hurlene says:

      I been talking to the husband all morning Bobbo Jo or Hold your horses and again you have no clue of his wife and suggest you quit talking out your ass. You crossed the line with a married man and you were called out on it. The husband says don’t worry he will shut you up with a muzzle.

    • wait for it says:

      Hold your horses, I am almost sure that all your info. is coming from the cheating husband. Come close, a little closer. I’m going to share a secret with you: cheaters are liars. They lie to their wives to get away with getting in the pants of easy sluts. They lie to the easy sluts to get in their pants. This betrayed wife is the victim, not mini-head. The bottom line is that this skank knew the man was married. I find it laughable that the homewrecker thought she was special when, in fact, she is as common as, well, a cheap slut. You know what the homewrecker was, she was readily available. I looked up the wife’s page. She is very pretty. She looks like she has class. So thank you for letting us know how to find the wife so that we can see for ourselves what the victim of the homewrecker and the husband looks like. Your friend, on the other hand, let’s her daughter get a tattoo on her chest and actually has the nerve to complain when it is covered up. I understand why others complained but to complain because of a tattoo is just sad. I’m sure it is hugely uncomfortable for your friend to be exposed on this website, however, you must remember that her actions led to this. If she could sleep with another woman’s husband, then she has to know that in our modern world, being exposed for the world to see may be the consequence. I have a young daughter. I can promise with my life that she will never lower herself to the level of a homewrecker and think that a married man is a viable partner. Only selfish people cheat. Only selfish people are capable of being homewreckers.

    • Hurlene says:

      Very well put Wait for it. The wife is a very educated class act and beautiful. The husband said she is the best mother a man could ask for, for his children. That she is so incredible you will never meet another woman like her. He loves his wife and knows he messed up bad. So to hear this hold your horses fabricated shit or half truth is not good. I told him it posted and it’s bad he said he would shut her up. They don’t get that they ruined many lives in the affair and no matter how hard she tries to shift blame she slept with another woman’s husband.

    • Misty says:

      I am pretty shocked at this Hold your horses, you are trying to justify behavior by attacking the very victim you hurt. You may not have set out to do it but you did, you knew the man was married and you decided to carry on with him no matter the sob story he gave you, you should of known men can be sweet talkers and will to get into the very pants of a cheap easy slut, which is what you are. You don’t get it, you are the one in the wrong not the wife, she is getting her vindication by announcing you to the world as a homewrecker one who wrecked her home and that of her children. You even talking of her children shows how tacky you really are. You posting her name really shows how desperate you are for some sort of who knows what, but bottom line you are the wrong and yet you are trying to make your wrong right and no matter how many times you try you are wrong. I feel for the wife and her children, the life they knew has been destroyed by 2 very selfish people.

    • Misty says:

      I looked at her facebook page and all I see is a very pretty woman and her husband announcing their marriage and the friends all congratulating them. They looked happy and who knows why marriages fail or have problems, but you were the home wrecker in this one. Look how you announced Karma, wow you are a piece of work.

    • Bandit says:

      I like to know where Hold your horses is getting this info. Shane would never talk bad about his wife or down and especially to you. I like how you buffered his name. You again don’t have the right info and just look stupid trying to cover your own ass. YOU screwed the married man and he did rat you out to his wife. He came clean with her and you attack her you are so fucked up. Be honest with yourself and be honest with the wife. But quit making yourself look stupid.

    • gina says:

      I meant to dislike your comment Hold your horses I think you are a cheap skank trying to cover your own transgressions. Trying to make the wife out to be the bad one you hurt innocent children.

    • A friend says:

      He is with the skank whore as I type this, I was duped by him to. The current skank is getting her info from a scorned ex of the wife’s lol she stalked the wife until she could find someone to talk bad about her. Because Shane won’t talk bad about his wife never has and never will he is afraid of the love she has for him. he only treats women badly and he ain’t shit in bed I mean he is bad lol I know.

      I find this all so funny because sadly the wife loves him, but his own family and friends talk shit on him and how he treats people bad until he wants something and just like the skank she is known for fucking anything that has a dick she was a grandma at age 35. Her kids are all little skanks already.

      I do feel sorry for the little girl she is not his biological daughter but she is his and he claims her as his. The baby was not still born so for the skank to bring it up is incredibly abusive to the kids. I never met the wife and never wanted to she is a mean bitch. I don’t have much to say other than she is a stupid one for being with him for so long.

      When I heard of the divorce I just cracked up and died laughing hearing because he had the affair that don’t surprise me he has never been faithful he cheated on the skank with the wife lol it’s all sad but I laugh because I was once manipulated by him. To the current skank you shouldn’t be so obvious in your information only a few people know the truth and you twisted it to fit your need, dumb dumb. But you really should talk to the wife she will shred you apart and you will thank her for it lol I challenge you to talk to her don’t let Shane tell you different he will take care of it shit because he won’t. He thinks he has this control over the wife lol and over you and you will sit back and let him handle it and it will not get handled and you will look stupid and you do. I really can’t wait for the wife’s response. But I hear she is doing good just sad and hurt. But I don’t feel sorry for her she married his dumbass. Shane you will never change.

    • Enjoying. this says:

      So on this post you are trying to say its ok to screw a married man cause of karma nice lol but you have your facts twisted. and look the idiot. And to say the wife is manipulating. and lies about her kids. is a desperate attempt on your part to justify that you screwed a married man you knew and you took him into your home with your own kids. then you turn bitter when he puts you on hold for the wife and you make shit up to contact him lol they filed for divorce be happy you home wrecked a home and broke the heart of a little girl who thought her dad was a hero. Congratulations you won a lousy lay. lol

    • A Friend says:

      So quiet now you had shit to say before Hold your horses. You learning the truth hurts don’t it. We all been there with Shane he is nothing but a liar telling you not even 1/16 truth. You talk to the wife yet or you afraid to hear what we all been saying. You are nothing but a home wrecker bet that little girl spits on you for ruining her life.

  25. Cass says:

    Hold your horses you are a vile disgusting snake you have no clue about my sister in law and I seriously doubt my brother in law would talk about her to you in such a way and when he sees that you are he will shut you up with the muzzle. He don’t know how to trash talk her he never has and never will, you forgetting he loves her and loves the person she is and has gone to great lengths to keep people like you away from her and his family, he may have screwed you but you will never be anything. My sister in law is so far above you above us all because she has class something you lack. Your Karma will get you for talking the way you are, she never had a marriage annulled over a married you dumb ass. Get your facts straight before you continue to make yourself out to be a bigger idiot than you really are. When she logs on to see this you are so done. You posting her name does nothing but show people how beautiful she is and that she loves her husband, let them go to her page you have no clue about her and you never will. All she is guilty of is loving a man who clearly went slumbing and she happens to respect herself more and loves her children that she is the one divorcing him over you. You ruined their family because you knew he was married, he will get his because of who and what he did.

  26. Really says:

    This Hold your horses has got to be the stupidest person around. Bet the source of her info is the husband and look what he did to his own children. You sound bitter and why you slept with a married man he told his wife and she exposed your home wrecking ass. You really believe the stuff you are saying lol I looked up the wifes page she is pretty seen the husband to. Your a bitter jealous person contaminated with envy.

  27. Enjoying this says:

    No responses from Hold your horses? Lol Maybe she got the clue.

  28. Observing says:

    I saw the wife today, she smiled her smile and as usual made me feel like I was the only person in the world. She is not ok and her heart is so heavy with pain. She loved her husband more than life and she was so dedicated to him. Truth be told she is not the person who responded with “the wife” she hasn’t been on to see anything. She is just trying to get through the days, she knows it will get better but today the betrayal is still fresh. I told her of all the comments and she said to say thank you to all and for the support and advice. I ask that we all send positive thoughts her way she needs them. You can reach her via Facebook.

  29. Bored says:

    I too had a husband that cheated on me and on occasion I sift through the homewreckers. I hate when kids are involved. This person is a pathetic excuse for a woman. She bitched on national TV but that night was probably with a married man. Great role model. Then she tries to justify her actions by no doubt slanderous words about the wife. She don’t get it she slept with a married man. No matter how much she tries she is a low life gutter whore. She should lose her license and I hope the wife sues. The more we take action the more stupid whores might rethink the decisions of hurting innocent lives.

  30. A Friend says:

    You know what’s sad is when a man chooses a skank whore over his children. Over the wife maybe but not his children. This husband or Shane does that continously and he don’t get it. He will blame others for his actions and lie to covee lies. The skank whore is the same way. they are nothing but selfish people who dont care who they hurt.

    They are together today flaunting and rubbing it in. I was once this same way thinking I won. Lol I won alright. He led a double life for 2 years. We had no clue about each other thats how good of a liar he is.

    Shane your family must be so proud of the husband and father you become. As for the skank whore I sure her family will learn soon enough.

  31. Can you say STALKER! For God’s sake leave them alone! What do you do set outside their homes and follow them around? GET A LIFE! Are you mentally disturbed, really?

  32. A Friend says:

    Lol you using God in a sentence that’s funny. No one has to follow you pigs your skank whore stench follows you. I been waiting for the wife to come on shred you but nothing yet so from what I hear the cuffs will be your bracelets and a civil suit for home wrecking is on the horizon. That is going to be good let Shane try to control the wife now lol he sure controlling. your stupid ass cause you believe the lies. Are stripes your color

  33. I think “A Friend Says” has a very sick obsession and maybe needs a new hobby besides STALKING which is illegal and prosecuted in the state of Utah. I hate to bust your bubble but there are no published cases of adulterous affairs prosecuted in Utah unless there are children in common which is not the case here because all the children are by previous relationships of hers, so get over the adultery civil suit carp that will only get you laughed at in Utah.
    I’m quite confused as to who you are a friend of. You sound as though you are a friend of the wife but say you “never met the wife and never wanted to because she is a mean bitch” and you ” don’t feel sorry for her”. Then you say that the husband “ain’t shit in bed I mean he is bad lol I know.” So sounds like you were screwing the husband yourself. So is that your real problem… you lost?
    When you get caught STALKING, you will be prosecuted!

    • A friend says:

      Shane knows who I am and the fact you looked it up is funny all I know is they said she was going to pursue civil against you. Sorry to disappoint you but I only come on here to see if the wife has logged in. I think you talking about the kids is what set her over but it’s funny you researching it cause you know your in the wrong cause you the home wrecker. As for him in bed it ain’t great sometimes pathetic lol FYI Shane is the adulterer your just the skank who’re homewrecker who fucked the married man. No slander no harassment no stalking all the truth. As for the stupid wife she is a mean bitch that’s why you afraid of her, lol but I let Shane fill my head with his lies to and I believed him and well all it got me was wasted years and money.

      • Enjoying this says:

        You two need to shut the fuck up. it ain’t about you. Its about a marriage and home destroyed by a woman having sex knowingly with a married man. This act hurt a wife and daughter broke up the only home and dad this child has ever known and your thoughtless comments about the wife to try and justifying your actions were so twisted then to add the innocent children to again justify your poor decisions. All disgusting acts of who you are and if the husband allows you to treat his wife and daughter this way he is a poor excuse for a man.

    • Enjoying this says:

      Looks like skankwhore wars are happening.

      • betrayed and won says:

        2 Whores fighting over the married man. I don’t know which takes the cake but that is some white trash funny shit. So what becomes of the wife and kids? Hope she takes them all to the cleaners

  34. Raina says:

    Wow what a thread it looks like the husband in this case had 2 skanks and the 1 felt left out from her 15 min of fame. Your both disgusting whores Hold your horses is the Homewrecker talking of God and Karma I would watch that lightning and A friend is the skank who was forgotten and wants her glory now. Your both bad people that are selfish in your actions and if you have children I hope they never learn what you are but looks like this hold your horses took the married man in her home with her children there that is a new level of disgust and low of parenting. You realize all the things you taught your kids with that action no matter the ages. You need to rethink your parenting especially since you made national news about it they might like know you were having an affair with a married man during that ordeal those are very questionable morals. You have no care for anything or anyone especially the children in this case. So what the child isn’t his does the child love him any less does she even know he isn’t her dad? Before you exploit innocent people and children for your benefit you might want to remember God and Karma.

  35. A Friend says:

    I wasn’t looking for fame I was hoping to find the smug ass wife a mess and seen part of myself in the new skank feeling confident that I was the winner in what is now a bad game. Shane made me feel good to but look what happened to me. I hope the bitch wife feels like I did. She once wished pain on me look now lol I get to sit back and watch her love for Shane destroy her.

  36. A Friend says:

    What’s so funny is Bobbi Jo Skankgard thinks she matters lol no one matters to Shane. he will make you feel special as long as you give him what he wants. we are all pathetic and stupid when it comes to him. Raina is right with the exception of my fame

  37. It is what it is… Stalking, phone calls, threats are taken seriously. I know it’s hard to swallow sometimes but what happens just happens. Right now Shane and Bobbi Jo are enjoying each other’s company. The stalking and the drama is feeding your sick obsession so knock yourself out. Sticks and Stones, sweetie, Sticks and Stones!

  38. A Friend says:

    Lol phone calls your making shit up again pull the records you lie like he does. No stalking of you thats what you do lol from reading a previous post. You maybe enjoying his company now but it dont last but you tell yourself it will. Lol how is Shane’s daughter handling all this? Or do you even care.

  39. Raina says:

    God and Karma you dirty skank whores. You make fools of yourself fighting on the wifes post. You both are poor excuses even for skanks. God and Karma for hurting the innocent children.

    • Bandit says:

      No truer words spoken God and Karma I liked watch the lighting. comment to.

      I was threatened should I run to the police telling them my actions are hurting my business. you should have backup when blaming someone not the other way around that you are the stalker. Then act the helpless victim people don’t take that lightly you are a homewrecker you fucked a married man and you profited from it. . Yes she can and will sue you. False claims to the police make you look the fool especially when you admitted to the affair with Shane that was a smart move on your part.

      Tell Shane to come out he threatened me and runs and hides what a big tough man.

  40. Anne says:

    I think every one should call the skank whore (removed) its a public listed #. Or call the BBB on how you conduct business. Bet the school would find your new website hilarious. Maybe even CPS on how you took a married man to your home with the kids there and your teenage daughter has a adult man living with her in your home. This A friend just needs to shut the ef up the husband obviously jilted you and your thriving on his new skank whore.

    • A Friend says:

      I was more than jilted he kept us totally apart for years my kids were hurt. I was devastated so I find it funny. now how he has repeated. himself yet again.

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