Bobbi Jo Westergard Utah

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This was the real estate agent that was showing my husband of three years property. I trusted him and when he was leaving at odd times to go look at property I never questioned him, he works hard and his schedule is not normal. She knew he was married and decided to carry on with him. He started changing towards me and I began to get suspicious and questioned him he said he was just tired and working hard. I had no reason to doubt him. I left town to go to my grandmothers funeral and when I got home he was very angry at me, we got in an argument and he told me to get the hell out and I was like what is going on and he said nothing and left it at that. I left and moved into a friends vacant house and it wasn’t until then that I learned of this woman and how they been carrying on for months behind my back.

The thing that hurts the most is she knew he was married and he obviously knew he was married. When I confronted him about it he was so angry at me and then finally came clean on the relationship, he called it off with her (supposedly) until the divorce and said he might go back to her. I asked did either of you once consider the screw over you were giving to your daughter, your son and to me? because don’t think for a second some one of her character will ever get near my children. He just sat there and now she is stalking me, my profiles my friends and work colleagues. I have contacted the Real Estate Board to file a complaint against her and I pretty much let everyone know what the two of them did to my family.

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