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Brittany Farrow Parkersburg, West Virginia

This all started in March 2013 when this “girl” tried coming between my family and I. I had no idea of anything my marriage was fantastic and our love life was great and we were planning another baby. I came home one morning from midnight shift to find a phone bill lying on my counter with the name Brittany farrow and a phone number. I confronted my husband and he tried lying his way out of it saying he didn’t know who it was or how it got there. Finally after my long bitching session he admitted that it was a girl I went to school with Brittany Benson (her maiden name and who I hated by the way) I threw a s*** fit and asked him what the hell he was thinking and he said she only called him one time and asked a few questions about what she should do with her soon to be ex-husband threatening her. Yes guys she was still married with a child! And he also claimed she stopped in at his work just 2 times.

Well he left for work and I caught up on the phone bill! He had been talking to her for 3 weeks and texting and the conversations were 54 minutes here and there! I blew up on him and I called the b**** and she claimed she was at work and would call me right back and hung up. Boy was I on fire! After having a few words with my husband and he said he never cheated on me with her and that he would t do that to me. This girl after my husband telling her that he wanted nothing to do with her had the balls to show up at his mother’s house and apologize to his mom for making the workplace unhappy, I however was the one who opened the door and boy by the look on her face you would’ve thought she was looking at a ghost.

Long story short I told her she needed to never call or text my husband again and that she was a home wrecking c*** and I dismissed her. However she clearly didn’t get the picture this girl was in love with my husband and I had blocked 10 different numbers from his phone that she had used to contact him! She even went to the depths of making a fake Facebook page and writing my husband a letter, after the letter my husband assured me that if he knew that that b**** was that crazy he would’ve never even talked to her, he said he was only trying to be nice to her. I said any woman who agrees to talk to you behind your wife’s back doesn’t have good intentions! I said I know what kind of girl she was in school and she was engaged 8 different times her senior year, she’s a w**** and even his sister told him how she was and that she even hated her in school!

Luckily his family was beyond supportive with me and backed me up 100%. Since I have blocked so many numbers and her Facebook and twitter she hasn’t tried contacting him and my husband and mines relationship has been wonderful. We are now on our 3rd baby and I couldn’t be happier. But this girl needs to be known for a homewrecker.  What girl would come between a family?!? Only a home wrecker! I attached her photos and her profile of her facebook that she had up! She is completely a crazy homewrecker!





5 Responses to “Brittany Farrow Parkersburg, West Virginia”

  1. me says:

    I’m glad everything worked out for you. Have you ever asked your husband what he was thinking jeopardizing his family for her? Does he realize he could have lost you because he thought it would be ok to talk to her? I hope you made yourself clear that his behavior was unacceptable and it can never happen again. The slutty b**** was miserable because her marriage was supposedly ending so she thought she would make you miserable too. The worst kind of homewrecker. Good luck and much happiness.

  2. Brittany Farrow says:

    he came after me f*** all of you. we all make poor decisions when a man says hes unhappy and that he has really strong feelings for you and there may have been a chance for the two of you to be together. he invited me to his house wanting me to meet his two children…..his intentions were worse than mine. i didnt want to go there. i thought it was messed up. and i sure as hell did not want the children involved, confusing them. this is insanity. FYI she was cheating on her husband throughout the entire relationship. people never get the other side of the story and why her husband reached out to me with his suspicions of her and what she was doing. half of this f****** post is NOT true. I never got engaged until i was 18 to my now ex husband. i was never a w**** in high school. never even dated in high school. shes describing herself hanging with all the d*** in the parking lot of our high school. this hurts. i am a person too. you all should think twice before you judge someone and yes people do make mistakes.and i did call that b**** back and talk to her. and when we did come face to face, she was the one with the deer caught in headlights look on her face. and i was woman enough to apologize to her on several occassions. this is disgusting exploitation. and really truly hurts. not one of you know what ive been thru. oh wait. did she not mention how before there relationship even started and he worked for the parkersburg police department when they were “talking” hed meet up with me almost every night and talk to me. so i knew him waaay before and he had feelings, so he says for me, just another person who was looking for a vulnerable person to lay……everybody falls for dumb s*** sometimes.

    • Ethan Morrison says:

      Yes they do don’t they. Get ahold of me dork I wanna cuss you out some more. Just kidding…

    • Jade says:

      oh so he lied!!! omg you’re kidding me!! Guys lie to gullible low self esteem girls who only feel worth something with a d*** in them?! You’ve got to be kidding me!! Thank you for sharing Brittany, you’re so awesome!! lol

      How about you put your big girl panties on and deal you fell for a married man. How f***** stupid are you!!

      ps I’m sorry this hurt you so bad, and to think this has got to hurt way more then whatever the wife went through!!

  3. Heather Kuhns says:

    You do realize that even if he came after you like your saying, you still admitted to sleeping with a married man and that automatically makes you a homewrecker either way, knowing he was married. So even if this story posted isn’t true, your still a homewrecker for what you did.

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