Brittany Renee Allen Harrison, Arkansas

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My husband and I were not married yet but boyfriend and girlfriend when this event took place. I met my husband and was with him in a long distance relationship for upwards of two years. I would visit him for a week or so every few months things were amazing he was my best friend and the only person in my life I’ve ever trusted. I found out I was expecting a child and was very excited and from what he said he was too. I was planning to move to be with him and start a family. My life was amazing and going forward in a great direction. That is until his mother who hated me called my then boyfriend and asked him to come visit her she was “dying soon” like usual and he called and told me he was going to spend the weekend there. I gave him his space and didn’t call all weekend but during the weekend I got a butt dial from his best friend and then hung up on which I thought was odd. Suddenly I started to get an unexplained bad feeling and didn’t know why I brushed it off.

He returned home that Sunday and was acting weird. He got home and went to work. I called and left a mean voicemail on his phone and thought if he listened to it he may not call back so I called his phone again and got into his voicemail. Before I could get to my message I hear one from a guy saying “I’m going to kill you mother f**ker for having sex with Brittany.” My heart sunk, I was devastated and I decided to push the number to get call info and got this guy’s number. I hung up and called him and he told me that her and my boyfriend had sex at the party that weekend! I heard her say so and I couldn’t take it so I hung up. She called me back threatening to kick my ass! Silly her I was 800 miles away. I decided to get on his Facebook page and message this girls friend when I seen a post that she was at the same party I said “I love my girlfriend please don’t tell her what happened” she replied back” if you loved your girlfriend why’d you f**k Brittany?” That was my question too.

By the time he got off work I had gotten ahold of so many people and found out this wasn’t the first girl and wasn’t the first time. My life crumbled and I ended up having a miscarriage 2 days later. My life fell apart and Him and Her both are just as bad. He never did admit to it and he never will. I stayed with him stupidly. Since this, even though I have full access to his money, phone and anything with a password, slowly my love for him dies. I try to be a good wife but in the back of my mind I’m always waiting for it to happen again.

They both were in relationships, they both didn’t care who they hurt and I’m exposing her because she has emotionally scarred me. I forgive her now but I won’t ever forgive him and even though this was years ago, the pain of the trauma this put me through has now made me realize I can’t stay with this man. I hope if you ever read this you know that you destroyed a life I cherished, that not a day goes by that I’m not still hurt and that I pray to God every day that you are forgiven for this because I wouldn’t wish the pain I’ve felt for years on even you. I hope you can live with it because it has torn a wedge in my life that may never be fixed.



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