Carol Flores Clarksville, Tennessee

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This lovely whore got her claws into my soon to ex-husband and has brainwashed him. It’s gone to the point where she runs the game. They have been together only 2 months and he already moved out. She has her own husband who is currently in the military and is in Korea. She told him that her husband abandoned her and that he was an abusive bastard that never loved her blah, blah, blah….but is still legally married. Her husband pays rent from the BAH they receive and the utilities. They still have mutual funds but she told my husband that he left her and her 3 kids to fend for themselves. It’s funny because we have mutual friends and all have said her husband is a decent, nice, educated and loving person but she said to my husband different and he believed every word.

I have known my husband for more than 10 years. He has known her just 2 months and her trusts her words over anyone. My husband and I have been having problems and she found a weak idiot that would fall for her. She knew he was married but that has never stopped her before. This isn’t her first rodeo -in fact she has tried to hook up with 2 married men that are friend of ours. She is very well known in clubs and places men frequently hang. Her husband has no clue what is going on. He doesn’t even know my husband lives with her till recently. She loves to play the victim. But in reality she will suck them dry out of everything just so she can be comfortable. She can have him for all I care. Because like I told him KARMA is a bitch and this will come to her. He is so blind that he doesn’t see what’s really going on. I just wish them the best. pshhh yea right. Haha!



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