Shelly McNespey — Vincent, Alabama


I know it takes two to cheat. My husband has answered for his mistake. This started back in August in Oneonta AL. He had been drinking and since i didnt want him drunk around the kids he stayed gone for two days. He called and said he was sorry to come get him. I was not able to until late that night after i got off work. When i got to the hotel he would only crack the door. I found this person in the bed with my husband in nothing but a black tank top and cheetah print panties. Shes 41! 13 years older than my husband. I told him never to contact me or our children again. I would not deal with a cheater. I asked around town ab her. Turns out she will get with anyone bc she doesnt work and wants guys to take care of her. When i was yelling at him, she said she knew he was married with kids but he was hers now. After this i find out im pregnant. Some luck huh? I dont tell him. But a mutual friend does. He shows up at our house. The kids see him and theyre so happy. I have recently lost my job bc i have a tumor and my pregnancy is high risk is the only reason he is back. We are still in seperate bedrooms. Recently she tried to email him saying me and you always. Bc the guy shes with recently doesnt want her anymore. He doesnt answer and rarely gets on his fb. He makes me so i can post pics of our kids. I dont think ill ever forgive him. But after youve been together for years and you have kids its always worth fighting for.

Brandy Nicole Neal Clark — Dothan, Alabama


This woman has lied and deceived. She played the woe is me card and kept crying to him about her husband and her parents. She divorced her husband but kept on to him about needing this needing that. She would give him “sexually” what he wanted. I’m not saying he is right or perfect. She knew he was married, going on 40 years, but she didn’t care as long as she got what she wanted out of him. She has already started to ruin his and families life because she hasn’t gotten all she wanted. She is vindictive, evil, wrong, liar, plays with your mind, and a not so great at her art. So if anyone sees this woman, stay clear unless you want trouble. Thank you for reading and keep us “All” in your prayers.

Melissa Hogeland Williams — Albertville, Alabama


For months on end this little bitch would make little comments or send me texts leading me to believe my old man was sleeping with her, which led to he and I having arguments, until finally one night I left him and went to my mom’s. I came back home a few hours later because some guy came up to my car window as I was leaving my mom’s, saying my old man told him to give me something (a punch in the face!) I’m sure this cunt put this guy up to it, but anyway, when I got back home my old man was gone, and he stayed gone all night. So, I totally smashed his windshield and tore up the house real good because I knew he was with this whore. Of course, he was so pissed when he got home that he refused to let me come back home, and that’s when this little whore moved right on in. While she was with him, she fucked his nephew, and several of his friends. I even have a video that she sent to his cousin of her masturbating in a motel her and my old man were staying in while my old man was at work. She was fucking out of both britches legs while my old man was at work and all she wanted was a place to live and someone to take care of her dope whoring ass, and she treated my stepkids like shit and stole from them, and she kept my stepkids and me from communicating. Of course, my old man soon realized this gold digging control freak was a jealous, conniving, nagging bitch, and I got him back for good. So, Mel, if you get a chance to read this, fuck you whore…we all know the grass ain’t greener on the other side you cum guzzling cheap cunt. That’s why your sorry, homewrecking ass went to jail and I got to come back home. Karma is a wonderful bitch if you ask me.

Heather Nicole Reynolds (Anderson) — Harvest, Alabama


At a very low point in my life, I f*cked up and had an affair with this woman. I accept full responsibility of my actions and how they hurt my beautiful wife; I think it is only fair that she carry her blame as well. She knew about my wife and the four children we have at home from the beginning. She constantly hugged all over me and kissed me- she even let me drive her Chevy Tahoe one day so I could go see my wife, love on her and the kids and fix our vehicle. I broke it off multiple times, but a puppy always comes back when you tug on it’s leash and she did- every time; even after she knew we were in marriage counseling. I knew I could string her along for as long as I wanted to, and she’d be there. She bought me a phone so I could talk to her without my wife knowing- until I told her I had the phone. I told her then that it was over, even posting a public video saying so- she still wondered back like a lost pup. I am not the first married co-worker she has tried to get into a relationship with. She prides herself on being a homewrecker She actually thought I was going to leave my wife and marry her. No thank you. My wife helped me through the most difficult time in my life, despite my actions. I guess in some ways I should thank her for reminding me of what I had temporarily forgotten – how amazing, wonderful and big-hearted my wife is. I am thankful that she has given me a second chance and I plan to spend that rest of my life loving her like she deserves.

Kaylee Headley — Montgomery, Alabama


I have a kid with this whore she takes time from me with my little girl because she says she wants to spend time with her only to find out soon as she got my little girl she dropped her off at a baby setter and is in the back with some random guy she meets on Facebook shits crazy.

Johnna Renee Davenport Linthicum — Eclectic, Alabama


Johnna is a cold hearted snake in the grass. This psycho pursued a relationship with her superior in the Air Force knowing good well he was married with a child not to mention she was also married to a man name Cody with two boys of own. This woman went into the military to pursue this relationship with blantant disregard for her own marriage and to the other family involved . She eventually ended up pregnant by Harrison Linthicum who is now in jail due to drug charges and fraternization. Johnna escaped the fraternization charge because she got out the Air Force then married Harrison while pulling the wool over her ex husband’s eyes. Johnna did not care because she got pregnant by Harrison before she even divorced her ex. Let’s give Johnna the biggest He Haw award for being cold hearted sneaky snake.

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