Allison Busbee — Birmingham, Alabama

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Ok so I have been married to my husband now for two years, been together 6 years. He admitted to talking to this girl while we were dating and apologized and I thought that was it. I had no idea what all was going on, she was trying to be my friend and telling me tht I should leave him bc he didn’t love me and so on. After I found out that they had been talking, I confronted her and all hell broke loose! She started riding by our home, stalking me, calling and texting us both nonstop. He told her time and again that he loves me to stay away from us and that only fueled her. We live in a small town and she started rumors that I had aids and was a bad mother. The girl ran me off of the road with my kids in the car, threatened me, an started saying that all four of her kids were my husbands. She is married as well. I showed her husband all of the text messages to myself and to my husband, but clearly he’s an idiot. Yes, my husband (boyfriend at the time) was in the wrong just by talking to her but he came clean before we got married and what can I say? I love him!

Lizzie Landon — Semmes, Alabama

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It all started last year when this crazy female decided she wanted what she couldn’t have my boyfriend and I had been together for 3 years and she decided he was her next victim. She started messaging him on fb and sending nudes of her fat self. She told my boyfriend that he could do better then decided to meet and sleep with him!!did I mention she’s 25 years old and her and her children still live at home with her mother. She has no job can’t drive and looks for men with girlfriends or married men this is not the first time she has done this!! She doesn’t date single men at all.. My boyfriend got caught and I feel everyone deserves a second chance.

Amber Nichoal Guillory — Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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This is a serial homewrecker. Her name is Amber Nichoal Guillory. She friended my husband on Facebook and tgey began talking. She knew about me and didnt care. Within a week she came from Alabama to Louisiana to visit family and carry out her affair. She is also married. I had a tracker on my husbands phone and found out and texted her to let her know he was still with me and she lied to my face and continued to text him and try to see him.

Penney Smith — Cullman, Alabama

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This is Penney Smith. Penelope. Penney Meadows Smith on facebook. Hails from the great City of Cullman, AL. Specifically Good Hope. 40 some odd year old career waitress. She started texting him and FB back in Feb. I caught them texting and let it go, even though she thought she could lie (we are just friends) and intimidate me. Obviously she doesn’t know me. My mistake though. However I did keep all the evidence. In September, she popped back up with a new number since he blocked the other number and blocked her on FB. Then she’s showing up at his work and constant phone calls and texts. Oh she loves him and blah blah.

Nikki Harper — Birmingham, Alabama


And We have been together for 5 years. We have two small children, a 3yo son and a newborn daughter. Our daughter was 3mo premature and was sent to the NICU for 79 days. Baby was still in the NICU when this happened. We meet the homewrecker through a friend my husband worked with. Homwrecker had just moved in with her boyfriendI. Well, I was dropping my husband off at work and going to the hospital then picking him up. She knew me and our family situation and still went after him. We were going through a rough time and she saw it as an opportunity….

Erin Girby — Frisco City, Alabama


Me and my husband had been together for two years we had just gotta married in nov 2013 and we was very happy. I let my husband go to mobile to see his brother on dec the 5th and they went out to a bar where this girl was a bartender well needless to say she got my husbands phone number that night and started texting him adding him on facebook and tagging him in posts on facebook. She text him one morning after she got off of work from the bar telling my husband hey baby im off work heading home good night and dream bout me while my husband was in the bed with me his wife. He is still with her til this day we are still married and he has her living with him and he has asked her to marry him. Since he has been with her he has turned his back on our son not only did her messing with my husband she caused kids to lose there father/stepfather and kids to lose a stepmother. she seems to think that since hes with her or got with her that he upgraded from being with his wife when i left him because i fought with him and asked him to tell her to leave him alone that hes married and has kids but no she had done got her hooks in him and he turned his back on our marriage when i left him on dec 15th not long after i left him he had her moving in and had my stepkids around her in which i love my stepkids to the moon and back. but going back to before i left i asked him the morning i found the text on his phone if he was cheating on me and he woundnt answer me and then that night he came in from work with a lock on his phone so i counldnt get on it. but after i left he was still texting me asking for pictures of me we even got together and slept together and i even told this whore that he was with me cause she called him while he was with me that night and i told her what all they had talked bout on the phone but shes to stupid to believe it.

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