Andrea Hamm — Payson, Arizona

Andrea worked with an organization for children my husband was volunteering for. They had a platonic relationship that turned into a full blown affair. Just found out about it October of 2014. 2 years. 2 years this woman had an affair with MY husband. I found his fake Facebook account that he used to contact her. We live in a small town, I don’t even know how they did it. We have been married for 16 years. He has apologized and apologized, I know the affair has ended, but I don’t know if I will ever be able to trust him or even get back to being happy. I am heartbroken.

Claudia Casta├▒eda — Queen Creek, Arizona

We met this woman through her husband…. HE became friends with my husband. She started showing up yo my house unannounced when she would see me leave for work. She lives 4 houses down from us. When I finally met her I saw right through her I can see her intentions. In August of last year 2014 she found out I was expecting a new baby at that time my car was broken down so I had to walk my daughter to the bus stop. She tried to run me over with her car. I was able to get out of the way. She has had women send me messages through one of the social media’s. Stating that this woman sending me this messages knew of someone who had fucked my husband.

Crystal Reeves — Phoenix, Arizona

Starting from the very beginning, my husband and I have had several instances of the boundaries in our marriage being pushed with other women. I won’t go into that, I’ll just focus on this homewrecking pile of trash for now. Starting maybe a year ago, my husband received a new agent to train, he trains tons of agents. I trusted my husband, so there was never an inclination that training other females would ever be an issue. See, my husband is a “Godly man”, always striving to walk the path of the lord. Yeah, right. Anyways, my husband received Crystal as a new trainee, they would spend the majority of the work week together, sometimes up to 7 hours a day. My husband is very attractive, physically, not mentally. Crystal, on the other hand, is not. In either department. She’s also almost old enough to be his mother. Oh, and she’s got a husband of her own and two kids.

Victoria Bentancourt — Rio Rico, Arizona

What is about to be said in these next set of words goes to those who might be thinking of cheating on their spouses. Don’t do it!!! I threw away a marriage of 9 years for some whore I knew in high school. I had a thing for her for a long time, but she never gave me the time of day. After being with my wife for 8 years she blessed me with 3 wonderful children. From September to December of 2013 I had an affair with Vici, this woman from my past had contacted me and she knew from the very beginning of our conversations that I was married. I had told her about my wife, and this didn’t stop either of us from communicating. The last I had seen or heard from her was in 2005 before I had met my wife, I had a one night stand with her and that was it. I had no intention of seeing her again. Fast forward to 2013, out of the blue she contacts me. My feelings, stupidity, and selfishness led me to the turmoil I had caused my wife.

Kim Brewer — Phoenix, Arizona

So this Kim Brewer chick was dating my husband’s cousin and well my husband and his cousin went to prison not at the same time but close too. Well she became pregnant with the cousin baby …and I threw her shower was there for her kicked it every day the whole nine yards anyways a year goes bye and my husband gets out ….me and her still friends kick it every day like a bff …well time goes on and she gets a new hook up friend with benefits and she all about him but never do I get to met him a year goes bye …one day my hubby leaves his phone home and I go thru it only to find them talking …I love u and I thought u were leaving her ..only she knew he was a cheater already Cuz of stuff that happened before prison but we worked pass that i thought…anyways I flipped out her sitting on my couch while I’m reading this she leaves calls him and tells him I went thru his work phone and seen texts the only thing that stop her from a ass whooping my kids were there…

Miranda Lumer — Scottsdale, Arizona

Miranda Lumer cheated on her long term boyfriend with a man she met at her new “legal” office in Scottsdale, Arizona. For an entire summer she had an affair with this co-worker behind her boyfriend’s back. The man she was cheating with was also in a long term relationship with his girlfriend. Miranda Lumer was contacted by his girlfriend and was asked to leave her boyfriend and family alone. She refused, and instead mocked her through text messages and continued pursuing this man even after he himself tried to break it off. ┬áMiranda Lumer has absolutely no class and is disgustingly pathetic.

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