Rachel Anne Myers-Martin — Phoenix, Arizona


Thought I meet a sweet woman online. She started going throught a rough patch so we moved in together. Then she started getting midnight messages people want videos and putting post up on sites like Craigslist so she could hook up with people while I was at work to make the money to pay the bills be careful she’s good at her game she’s about 34 right now.

Sharla Koons — Chandler, Arizona


My husband and I were going through things, this nasty slore that answers phones at his work starts pursuing him. She KNEW he was married, we have children. She starts texting him 24/7 and invites herself over and starts having sex with him. he felt horrible and the sex was bad so he ended it. She throws a fit like a child, (as she is only 26) and then reports to company HR. This chubby troll leaves her own kid at home to go sleep with my husband and tries to get him to buy her things and tells him to stop spending time with his kids and me and to be with her. He ended things and after the company requested she have no contact and walk a different way, she walks by him daily, stomping her nasty hefer horse clomp feet trying to get attention. She is so gross I cant believe how many men she has slept with. she is a bunny boiler crazy chick that gets all serious so fast trying to get her own man. She needs to focus on shutting her legs and raising her son. Leave married men alone!!! troll

Jessica Cancino — Yuma, Arizona


I would like to share my story regarding this skunk homewrecker. Her name is Jessica Cancino, she works at YRMC in Yuma as a phlebotomist in Plaza Lab. This cheap hoe knowing my husband was married with kids did not give a dam and still would f*&# around with my husband. When I confronted her over the phone she swore to God it was not her the one screwing my husband, she told me we could meet in person to clear this hole thing and at the end she backed up because she knew what she had done. Yeah, like I was going to believe her, he had pictures of her that she sent him, same skunky face from her facebook pictures so how can she tell me it was not her and she tried to blame another co-worker. If you want to look for her and talk smack on her facebook she goes by Jezhika Cancino, obviously, she blocked me, which I don’t care. I hope she pays for what she did, she destroyed my marriage, my family and I Just gotta say “what goes around comes around.” If you happen to know her, watch out, she is out to getting married man. She tried coming to my house as a friend of my husband, I am so glad I never let her come into my house and close to my kids. I really wish she pays with pain the pain she caused me.

Jenna Butler — Phoenix, Arizona


This piece of trash thinks its ok to pursue a married man. She tried to convince my husband to leave me for her and we JUST had a baby. No morals. Sad… sorry bitch but you have it commin to you.

Tanya Dominguez — Phoenix, Arizona


Tanya Dominguez, an employee at sprouts farmers market in Phoenix, Arizona slept with my best friend at the time we were together for three months. This little tramp ended up getting me fired from the halfway house where I lived, thrown out and all to start sleeping with strange men, most married. I loved this woman, treated her well, cooked and cleaned for her and the betrayal was uncalled for. She made love to these men, can I say there names? In front of her own children and in our apartment. I was crushed, and this trash just said “My Bad.” I was humiliated and hurt. I then found out she has been doing this her whole life almost. I am a man who needs love and wants to be loved. Tanya Dominguez is an untruthful woman, cheat and a worthless mother who hurts men and sleeps with married men. I, Frank F Lockman, Jr do attest to all these things.

Alicia Anderson-Thomas — Chinle, Arizona

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 8 years and have 4 children together. I found out in July 2014 that he was seeing someone else. I found txt messages, call and nude pics of her in his phone. I confronted him about her and he said he would stop. I believed him and he changed his phone carrier to another. Found out again that he was calling and texting her. So I called her and told her to leave him alone and she said he would but it never stopped. So a 3 months ago I found out there was another and told her again to leave him alone and that she wasn’t the only one. She then started telling me everything about them. They apparently met when she was working at burger King in chinle arizona, she said they used to date back in high school. She had agreed to eat out with him at the thunderbird restaurant. He told her he wasn’t with anybody so she agreed to get back with him. She found out about me 2 weeks later but still continued to see him. She is married and has a husband, Ulysses thomas.

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