Mimi Medina — Gilbert, Arizona


Mimi Medina is a heartless homewrecker. I was with my boyfriend Louis Rodriguez for about a year. We were madly in love, discussing marriage and children. Mimi was dating my best friend Gabriel. Mimi claims she was so in love with him. I knew something was not right with her but since she was my best friend’s girl I figure let me give her a chance. The four of us went everywhere together. We would hit the clubs in New York, go to dinners and go to movies together. Everything was perfect. I had went to the doctor for a routine check up and they discovered I had cervical cancer. I told my boyfriend. He cried and promise to be by my side and never leave. I went to a cancer hospital in PA to get treatment. I stood there and not once did my boyfriend Louis visit me. My best friend and Mimi Medina did.

Britney Renee Smith — Prescott Valley, Arizona


My husband and I have been together for five years married two and like all marriages we ran through some difficult times and what would you know it would take a homewrecking whore to tempt my husband and make matters even worse. Although we did not allow no man or whore to separate what God has joined together, I feel whores like her need to be exposed to warn other married women of this low class b*tch! I knew something was wrong when my husband would take hours to come home. The truth always surfaces! I get a nasty pic of a trashy female posing in a dirty bathroom (if she is not clean with her home I can only imagine how dirty her stinky cooch is) to mine and my husbands phone! When I confronted my husband he confessed and claims he made the hugest mistake of his life.

Angel Alvarez — Phoenix, Arizona

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Hi I am a gay man who lives in Phoenix Arizona and was in a relationship with a man for three years from Thanksgiving 2012 until October 2nd 2015. We met while working at a local fast food place and quickly became best friends. But we had our ups and downs and he has a history of cheating. About a year ago I found out he was cheating on me with a man named Angel Alvarez. I noticed also he began to get heavily into spice which I disagreed with. Im into marijuana and have my medical marijuana card but I never would ever try that hardcore stuff. He would act completely different and paranoid and we would get into fights and he would beat on me. Then he came back and said he was sorry and would change and I believed him.

Mary Ann Minks — Phoenix, Arizona


I know this cow looks old, but she’s actually in her early 20’s. My husband said he was involved with someone less than half his age before he met me, he quickly dumped her because all they had between them was sex, he said she was dumb and trashy.  He said Mary told him she was on birth control, but kept demanding more unprotected sex. I know he is just as stupid, probably more stupid than her because he’s 45 years old and has about 8 kids by at least 5 different women (when I met him I only knew about 3 children, one of the babymommas is me). Mary Minks already had one son with no involvement from the father.

Lisa A. Federline — Phoenix, Arizona


This is Lisa A. Federline. She is a 31 year old geospatial analyst and works for the government. My father is her boss. She started having an affair with a married man (my father) and purposely got pregnant. My parents would have celebrated their 35th anniversary in September 2015.  On August 14, 2015 my father snuck out of the house when everyone was sleeping and called my mom to tell her that he wasn’t coming back home and the he had fallen in love with another woman. He wanted to start a new life. He disappeared for 2 months. We didn’t know where he was living.

Rachel Anne Myers-Martin — Phoenix, Arizona


Thought I meet a sweet woman online. She started going throught a rough patch so we moved in together. Then she started getting midnight messages people want videos and putting post up on sites like Craigslist so she could hook up with people while I was at work to make the money to pay the bills be careful she’s good at her game she’s about 34 right now.

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