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Juanita Wise — Camp Verde, Arizona

Shortly after Juanita Wise moved in a few doors down, it was clear she was after first my second oldest son (17 at the time), then my husband. I pointed it out several times, which he ‘jokingly’ made fun of. Then, him and his friends all started spending a LOT of time at her place, saying he was able to smoke inside over there. They all knew I couldn’t hang out up there, because the smoke affected my Asthma/allergies. A couple of friends that hung out over there, said they’d cleaned it up, so I could hang out with em……. but it didn’t take the smoke out of the furniture/carpet/curtains, etc. I straight out asked him one day…

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Heidi Mari Barcelo — Tucson, AZ

Heidi Mari Barcelo pretended to be a friend — a single mom that was always needing help from my hubby. I guess I was blind to the fact what she really needed was another set of balls on her wall. You know the type smile to your face while rubbing her ass in hubbies crotch. I thought things were getting strange when a lot of our bills were overdue, then I found out why my man was paying her utilities and rent guess — she is the best penis sucker in AZ.

Marisol Pita — Phoenix, Arizona

This is an old used up loose girl Marisol Pita who is so desperate she will sleep with any man who gives her attention. Marisol Pita knew me and my spouse and would go out with a group of friends with us. She even came to my son’s birthday party and I welcomed her and served her and her kids. While all along she had her eyes on my EX. Once there were problems between us she didn’t waste anytime and opened her legs to my EX. I hate him just as much and they are both ugly people who aren’t even on my level. No fighting over him. But in the end let me tell you Marisol Pita got a good beating that she well deserved!

Mary Johnson — Yuba City, AZ

This woman Mary Johnson. She sleeps around with married men and loves to break up relationships. I have been married to my husband for 9 years and we have 5 kids. I find texts and heard phone conversations. Mary Johnson dresses like she’s homeless all the time. She has no self-respect and doesn’t care who’s way she has to get into to take someone’s husband or boyfriend.

Mary Johnson always wears way too much make up and goes around to all different bars looking for married men to sleep around with. I called her and told her to stop calling my husband and she wouldn’t stop. Mary Johnson just takes takes takes. With no regards for anybody’s feelings and all her children have different fathers. She takes no responsibility for her actions and doesn’t care who she hurts in the process. Is also known for getting paid for sleeping around with married men just to break a relationship. She’s gotten paid for sex.

Bonnie — Payson, Arizona

I have a guy I’m involved with and have been with him for a year and 2 months now. In the beginning everything was all peachy. After about nine months he started beating me.  Finally I got fed up and went and told my parents. A friend of mine called the cops and I didn’t want this, I ended up going to jail for a week and a half.

After it was all said and done I went to rehab for smoking weed and couldn’t contact him. When I got out we started talking again come to find out he has a girl named Bonnie living in his house so I broke it off. We’ve been off and on ever since. Bonnie is still living in his house sleeping in my bed, but everytime I turn around he’s telling me he loves me and misses me and can’t wait to marry me. I still love him, but I’m very lost.

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