Jennifer Aguilar and David Termenal — Hollywood, California


David Termenal and Jennifer Aguilar, ex lovers. David Termenal, he used me for company. He used my for sex and comfort while still reaching out to his ex and visiting hookup website. He waste his time answering questionnaires and making fake profiles to hook up with random people online, even from craigslist. Proof? He got hacked. all the pictures and e-mails and mysterious uber ride receipts. He is a dog. His ex dont want him now I dont want him. He uses woman and men if he knows they are beneficial to him in some way. He moved to LA for school, does not go to school, 27 years old, working as a produce BOY, cant pay his rent, complete burn out. He thinks he’s hollywood and I agree because hes as fake as them come, David Termenal.,, some of his favorite sites to name a few.

Maggie DeAnda — Los Angeles, California


Before my husband and I got married we pretty much discussed and planned out our lives. 2 years into the marriage we planned on having children. As we all know things don’t always go according to plan. I noticed a change in him, the way he was treating me was different very distant he didn’t want kids anymore. I just figured he was scared and figured if it happened it was in Gods hands. He started going out more figured I’d let him get that out of his system. We hardly had sex anymore then out of no where we just stopped. One day I hear him in the washroom whispering and my suspicions grew that day. As any wife I started looking through his phone and saw her messages stating that she wanted to leave her fiance that she loved my husband and he was replying back to her how good of a father he would be to her children! It was like a knife in my back! When I confronted him! He denied the entire affair! He claimed he just felt sorry for her and that she just needed someone to built up her confidence and that they were just friends. When I confronted her by phone she told me everything!!! My husband told her he didn’t want anything to do with her! We tried working out our marriage. But it was too late, I was filled with too much anger! and knew I couldn’t forgive him. Even after he told me that his intentions were never be with a whore that would cheat on her man!.. This dirty dog Maggie DeAnda has been engaged for the passed 7 years with children!! This unhappy whore who probably isn’t marriage material and that is why she’s been engaged for so long destroyed my dreams,hopes of a family. Her fiance probably has no clue what a whore of a fiance he has! But I’m sure if he hasn’t married her after having children with her..He probably knows you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife!.

Sonia Orozco — San Diego, California


I got married to Jose Perez June 14 2008, so its been 6 yrs now and we were together on and off for 5 yrs before that because like every relationship we had our ups and downs. so its been about 11 yrs total that we’ve been in eachothers lives, now im no saint but I tryed my best to male this man happy but he always seemed to find any excuse to kick me out and avoid me for a while. He always told me that it was because of my bad attitude. When really he just wanted to dick around. So in the middle of February once again we fought and he kicked me out (now prior to this he was acting strange and always finding reasons to stay at work late or work on weekends and he was always to tired to spend time with me) 10 days had passed since he kicked me out of our house and within those days I tryed to get him to let me come home but he kept insisting that he could no longer stand my bad attitude. Things just didn’t add up to me because before all this we were fimenow all of a sudden so I decided to look at his Facebook page and I took a look at his friends list and when I saw Sonia orozcos picture immediately I felt some sort of way so I sent her a friend request. The next morning while I was at work she sends me a message and asked me if I knew her from somewhere. I told her we may have a friend in common I asked her if she knew Jose Perez she said yes I asked how she says he’s my boyfriend. I told her who I was she said he told her that he’s been separated for sometime now. When i asked her how long has she been seeing him she tells me for 1 week. I told her it had been 10 days since we last seen eachother then. I asked her a few more queations and she gets attitude and tells me well u need to talk to him and ask him whatever u want to know im done talking to u. As expected he doesn’t answer my calls or give me any explanations. About a month goes by and I finally get some answers. He tells me he met her online and that he’s not to sure how it happened but they ended up as a couple. She works at sears in chula vista mall, has 2 or 4 kids not to sure. They are still together to this day. And she knows that him and I are still married.

Lily Gonzalez — Palmdale, California


My husband and I were having problems and seperated for about a month. Lily is my husbands cousins wifes cousin who had made it clear in the past she had a thing for him. So when I was barely out the door her cousin introduced them. Well i was being a bitch to my husband and was acting like I hated him so he hooked up with her one time. Well that isnt all. We got back together that may and she continued texting him telling him he shiuld leave me and our four kids to be with her. He was hearing lies from her and her cousin that I was fooling around so she talked him into going to her house and he slept with her again. After that he tried tostop talking to her because he knew it was wrong and loved me and wanted to move past the stupid things we both have done. This bitch kept sending him pics even though he wouldnt respond and would get mad at him for staying home with me and his kids. I became pregnant in sept and everyone found out by nov but the stupid bitch still tried to get him to leave. How can a woman whi has kids of her own try so hard to break up a family? She never apologized when I nicely confronted her and still to this day swears she didnt know we were back together then but I was plastered all over his fb. Ladies watch out for her.

Janet Michelle Matthes Cook — Sacramento, California

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 1.25.02 PM

Janet Cook worked at Allied /Nationwide Insurance in Sacramento CA. My husband named Chris Poage got a job transfer to Sacramento to be a Materials Damage Consultant. Janet would always ask my husband for rides to work and rides home from work according to him. Janet was always coming on to my husband Chris Poage according to him. Chris told me that he would never have an affair with her because she is a “fat fucking bitch” and that “everyone hates her” at work. I believed him. Chris told me that Janet always yells at people and that she is a “ugly fat ass bitch”. In 2008, my 17 year old daughter caught Chris texting Janet when we were on vacation in Newport Beach. We finally caught him and he finally admitted that they were having an affair. Chris stated that Janet would stay the weekends at our house, she would access our house when he went on company business trips, he spent our family money on her taking her out wining and dining and flowers, jewelry, you name it! Chris would tell me we had “no money”, and that we “were broke” but he was spending thousands on that fat nasty diseased whore! Oh yes after having sex with Janet Cook, my husband got genital herpes!!! YUCK!!!!! I wouldn’t touch him, and he told me it was psoriasis. I work in the medical field and I KNOW it was NOT psoriasis. It is my personal opinion that Janet Cook is a dirty, nasty and disgusting whore. She is obese, gross and doesn’t care about destroying families, brings harm to little children, destroys childrens lives, and is a thief. I kept wondering why things were disappearing out of my house. I would ask my husband Chris where is this? and where is that? Chris would reply “it it here somewhere”. THEN he admits Janet had access to our house and she was stealing from us!!! I have had a lot of expensive personal items stolen from me and she would come in our house and screw my husband in our marital bed! BEWARE PEOPLE OF SALEM OREGON!! She has posted on facebook that she wants to meet a “rich man”. Janet Cook will do anything to get one, including destroying your family, destroying your children, she tries to set the wife up, she did all this to me!!

Shelby Lee Mccklintock — Petaluma, California


I been with my man for 7 years and one day we heard banging on the back door then it opened and slammed i ran out to see who it was and my fiance ran in the garage and i k ept hearing crying so i ran in the garage and see her. He was trying to sneak her out the garage but i got there first and she kept rumming her mouth telling me they been together for three months and her stuff was in my room and then she left . Well since then she has got pregnant and is clming its his and hes gonna be by her side wether i like it or not and she keeps leaving pictures at the front door and texting amd calling and tellng me hes hers and a bunch of sruff

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