Tondra Parsley Crisel — Ceres, California


It seems to have all started when I was young and I met this girl while i was dating her friend. I found out months after her friend and I had broken up that she had kissed him before he moved out of town while we were still dating. She said it never happened or she doesn’t remember. He claims she was really high and probably doesn’t remember it. What ever its not really relevant i was a teen and they were idiots.

Fast forward to 7 years down the road. Yes 7 years ( I am now 22 so that tells how young i was when i first met this homewrecker.

I just moved into a new home with my love and our beautiful new baby boy. I didn’t have any friends in the area and well my SO and I were fighting often. New baby, new place, new bills, just lots of new stress. Well on July first we were at our house and a neighbor from down the road brought baby boy clothes to me knowing i had a new baby. It was a very kind jester a little later him and his wife show up because he wanted his wife to meet me and my SO so that maybe we could all just be friends. I already knew the wife. The past was the past right it didn’t matter what happened in high school. She was married, with a little one of their own. There was no way she was the same as 7 years ago, right?
Wrong!!!! Boy was I wrong.

Bruce W. Bridenbeker — Joshua Tree, California

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A few weeks ago, my ex husband Bruce and I were once again, on the phone regarding some business we still have together, and he AGAIN told me that I was “the best possible match for him as a woman.” and that my replacement, Lolly Mamerta Rivera of Pasadena: (the homewrecker) “will not stay Mrs. Bruce for long.” After several intense, emotional moments over the phone, the subject of Thailand came up, and we both agreed to go there together soon. I knew of course, that he was again lying to me. What Bruce wanted was reaffirmation of my continuing admiration for him. He probably wanted me to gush forth praises and declarations of love or some such sh*t, which of course, I did NOT give.

Ashley Basset — Capitola, California


My sleezeball boyfriend cheated on me with this nasty skank, who was also his best friends girlfriend of 7 yrs and the mother of His child. She booted hers out on the street, litterally to move mine in. He was there about a week, until i found out, who the bitch was. I ran into her man drunk and destroyed. My heart broke for him. I message my boyfriend and said”we need to talk, i wont be a bitch” he came to see me and was mine again. She was crushed. She deserved that and i did it on purpose. Then she got all psycho, so we blocked her from our facebook, google, etc….then shed either use other people phones and message from their accounts or create new accounts to stalk us from. Then started telling everyone that im the whore. …didnt matter, everyone knows im not so she just looked more stupid.

Edwin La Coste — Murrieta, California


EDWIN is the biggest manipulator, liar and cheater I have ever come to know. He managed to juggle four women for over one year until he finally got caught. That is when the real lying began for him. In July 2014 he began dating my best friend. She is absolutely gorgeous and he was way way way out of her league (the funny part) but she hung in there because he had a fun personality. A few months later while he was now involved with his soon to be fiancé, he began messaging me and one of our other friends asking us to sneak in his room and “attack him.” Wait for it…for the entire time that he was dating his current fiancé he was engaging in his sick narcissistic behavior with the three of us. He would show up,at our house unannounced and ask to come over weekly. In June (a year late) he invites the three of us to a bar to see his buddy play in a band. Only two of us were able to go and meet him. Upon arrival, he introduced them to his employee who he had also invited. He works for a company that produces automatic fire sprinklers and travels a lot … Which is how he was able to use his company credit card that evening..of course he couldn’t personally pay for his secret rendezvous. Right? So as the evening progressed, my one friend (the gorgeous one) is having a bit much to drink but things are somewhat under control. All the while, he has his hands down the other woman’s pants and making out with the other. Towards the end of the evening he said that the company paid for a gorgeous suite at the Marriott. once at the Marriott, sober one goes downstairs while the cheater gets his way with gorgeous. After a few hours they leave. Over the next several,days he continues his texting and calling talking about the next rendezvous. No one still has any idea about the fiancé or his secret texts with each friend. A week later we get a call from a mutual friend that our Edwin is engaged and a photo of the engagement photo on the knot. What a shock. Of course we call him out on it and he knows he’s caught.

Jasmine/Angela Ulloa — Orange County, California


My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 5 years. About a year ago, he switched his phone onto my family plan (with my father). When talking to my dad about our phone bill, I looked thru our charges and saw that his phone number was texting another number ALL the time. I called him out on it and he said it was “one of the guys from work” and I let it go. Fast forward a few months and I began to get suspicious of some of his actions, and ended up setting up a fake number and contacting this mysterious person myself. The person responded with her name and told me her boyfriend’s name (which was my boyfriends) and I ended up telling her everything. She said she was upset and wasn’t gonna see him anymore, and he supposedly was heartbroken that I had found out and apologized profusely. Said he would stop and we would be able to work things out. A week later, he was still talking to her and tried to tell me it was”just taking some time”. Through all of this, I have helped him raise his son whose own mother is absent and a drug addict, and have been a huge staple in his life. I helped my boyfriend with his custody case to win full custody of this little boy. All while he was playing with some little girl! We’ve gone back and forth about working things out and trying to stay together, but he is a fool. But then again, I guess so am I. We were intimate this morning, and now he’s out tonight with her. She is gonna ruin everything and especially his sons life if she keeps this up.

Bridgette Ruston — Salinas, California

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My husband of 27 years had an affair with a woman he met on Craigslist. He placed the ad and she answered. She is a married woman and knew he was married as well. I guess that’s what she wanted. They met and she started “working” with him and they became intimate. She worked with him for 6 months and he didn’t pay her or buy her anything. She just loved that a man actually cared for her (so she thought) as her husband gave her no attention. She got attention from my husband who was close to 500 lbs at the time. She is a sick woman, and also I think must me a little mentally off. We have three children, she has none. She wouldn’t let my husband to to her home, but she came into my family home and was intimate with him in my daughters bedroom. That shows what a whore she is. No class. I am letting her husband know as soon as I move out, as they live right around the corner, and I don’t feel safe.

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