Vanessa Catherine Renstrom California

I have been with my husband for 14 years. We have had a great relationship and friendship until 2013 which was a very hard year. Everything was so rocky since I had been working away from home 4 days each week. As a gesture of kindness, I allowed my husband to hang out with some new photographer

Shanen Mcintyre Poway, California

My husband and I had been living separate so he could sober up without worrying about us (the family) We have 3 children. He has struggled with addiction for a decade and it’s caused many problems. I choose to be patient and supportive. We still had a good sexual relationship throughout..his sobriety was going

Fei Wang San Gabriel, California

I found out about an old booty call texting my (live-in) boyfriend. I contacted her and she acted innocent and upset she didn’t know what was going on. She swore she didn’t know he had a girlfriend. After she had been contacting him about meeting up with him on lunch to hook up. Here we are again today the girl can’t

Carolina Ruiz San Diego, California

My husband started going to this bar after work since he worked nights he was a hard working family man very loving and loyal. He asked me persimmon to go after work to chill with some friends and get a drink so since I trusted him and felt like he deserves some boy time, I agreed. But slowly and surely he

Lynn Molina San Diego, California

So this bitch Lynn Molina worked with my hubby, and my hubby left the company. She always flirted with him. I guess she needed work done around her house and my hubby wasn’t working.

Dominique Yolanda Gebhard California

This homewrecker, Dominique Gebhard, first started coming around since she was my friends’ sister. I used to hire her on a weekly basis to clean my house since I spent long hours away from home working.

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