Roel Villacarlos — Hayward, California

I am Aarti Kumar’s ex-fiance of 7 years, until she broke off our engagement to enter a sexual relationship with her direct supervisor, Roel Villacarlos from Alameda County Public Works in Hayward, CA.

To quickly summarize:
On Sunday May 3rd, I celebrated Aarti Kumar’s 28th Birthday.

On Monday May 4th, Roel Villcarlos, Aarti’s direct supervisor, took her drinking for 5 hours from 4:50pm to 9:45pm at Elephant Bar and Tomodachi sushi in Hayward, CA. [Screenshots attached of my conversations with Aarti that night to confirm this]

Afterwards, when Aarti got back home to our house I found flirty texts from Roel to Aarti at 11pm saying;

“Sorry I blew out your candles, I was really excited.”

“I really enjoy your company :).”

“I can’t wait to celebrate your birthday like this all month.”

Mary Ann Camarillo — Los Angeles, California

This is my husband and that is his mistress. I married him during the time that he was in illegal status here in U.S. I didn’t doubt that because our family knew each other and we knew each other since we were children. I love him still that after 4 yrs since he left me I am still waiting..thinking that he is just trying to improve himself so he can support ourselves as husband and wife. I let him go thinking that he just need time for himself. But one month after he left me, he was living with this woman. He doesn’t know that I know this. My husband has not filed for divorce yet, it’s has been 4 yrs. since he left.I have not done the same because I am still hoping that he will come back.

Nelly Montiel — Modesto, California

This is the home wrecker that was with my husband. we have been married for 11 years about 2 years ago I met her and we talked but there was something off with her I couldn’t figure out what. now I know, she’s just a thirsty whore that wanted my husband. I found out in April that they were together. I spoke to him and we cleared our differences and I tried to appeal to her as an adult and she straight out tells me she’s a good person and that she knows what she has. seriously he’s married he has 5 children with me he’s not going anywhere even if I request a divorce from him he’s still not going to leave. he’s said it a million times he’s never going to leave me. ok so it was over and our relationship started getting good like really good we really started to enjoy just being together again like when we were dating 11 years ago. we were able to bring back the spark. I come to find out this bitch has found her way back again. I read all the messages where he tells her go find your way find a man that can be with you and love you 100% but she insists on sticking around. I saw all of this it’s not something he told me I read the messages while he was running an errand. he kept trying to push her away and she keeps crawling back this is the worst type of home wreaker. I swear if she didn’t live 6 hours away the story would be much different but I have my kids to think about. I called her and she refuses to answer her phone so I wrote her this nice message with hopes that she will read it. sorry if it’s a little vulgar but I was on a horrible rant:

Jimmy – Sacramento, California

Jimmy has been pruisuing my wife at work when she is vulnerable and hasn’t stopped, he’s been texting and saying things completely inappropriate and will ultimately hurt my children the most! Beware of this Home Wrecker!

Melissa Hernandez (Missy) — Los Angeles, California

Here I am. 7 months pregnant by my long distance boyfriend David. I didn’t think much when she didn’t come to visit much. He just got a new job and I’m working extra hours so that I can be comfortable to take extra time off during my leave. One day while suffering the internet. I come across his ex-mistress. Or so I thought was his ex. Well, her profile picture was of her and my fiance. Not just the profile picture, but also her cover photo. Now, I know I am in the wrong here as well, He cheated once and I took him back thinking this time was going to be different. I am sadden to say that a pregnancy and a ring mean nothing to this man, A pregnancy and a ring mean NOTHING to this woman! She knew he was with me…

Marlene Perez — Whittier, California

Nut sister had been married for just 1 year 7 months and come to find out her┬áhusband had been cheating on her all along with some hood rat named Marlene Perez — who had been acting like if my sister was the one that took him away… She plays victim and he has his nerve of how he is acting. This girl had to find away to kero him in her life so she is selling drugs just to give him money for his lawyer so basically she is selling herself. . She continues to message my sister just to make known what she is doing and doesn’t care that this will ruin his teenafe daughter that is close to my sister. This girl had been top mt sisters house drives by ask the time.

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