Olivia Ferguson — Ocala, Florida


This whore’s name is Olivia Ferguson and she lives in Ocala, FL. She tried to seduce my husband on FB by sending him naked photos. She got his # and preceded to text and call him after he told her he did not want her. He actually had to change his number┬ábecause she was set on trying to take him away from his family.

Tiffany Zack — Clermont, Florida

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I was with my sons father for 6 and 1/2 years. We lived in orlando and then moved to south FL only to move back to central fl. He had a job working nights at the time. On Valentines day of that year (2009) My bf said he had to work that night, so I understood. Then in March was my birthday.. Again he had to work. Right before our sons 3rd birthday that April he told me he was going midnight fishing with some buddies from work. All this time that had went by I was starting to knotice one certian girl commenting and liking every one of his facebook posts. SO me being me I checked out her page. I saw she had her phone number on public so i rememberd the last 4 digits…..

Kimberly Hughes — Greenville, Florida

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Well I moved to Greenville in 2010 shortly after my son was born with my son’s father. A lot of drama with his parents and his ex wife happened not long after i got there, about 6 months or so. Well on May 29, 2011 my son’s grandmother on his fathers side decided she wants to fight me so long story short, she ended up kicking me and my son out and I had to move back to Panama City by myself with my son. well shortly after that i started getting these calls from an unknown number. Keep in mind me and baby daddy was still “together” he just still lived 300 miles away in Greenville. I could never figure out who was calling me so late at night. Anyway come to find out my son’s father was cheating on me and his new girl friend wanted to play on my phone.

Megan Chasteen — MacCleny, Florida


This is Megan Chasteen. She meet my husband of 13 years at work at the prison. The first time he meet her she tried talking to him and he basically told her to fuck off, about a week or so later she sent him a message on social media saying that she “wanted him”. He ignored her for a little while but she was persistent on getting his attention. They had an affair for about a month. He would meet with her on the days they had off and go to hotels together. I asked him on several occasions if he was cheating and he would tell me NO but I had a gut feeling that he was. After me and my husband had a fight I told him I was leaving b/c he didn’t seem to want me anymore.

Jade Anderson — Sanford, Florida

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This Hoe works at the Sanford airport at the Allegiant Airlines ticket counter, were my husband use to work and its where they met. She knew about him being married she knew he had a daughter and that my husband and I was expecting but the bitch got way too comfortable talking and flirting with my husband knowing it was wrong? But why would that stop this Slut from opening her legs for everything that walks around Sanford Florida with a pulse! Can’t defend her own self, all this home trained whore does is run to the police whenever confronted about her sleeping around the entire airport. The bitch had the nerve to end up pregnant with what “Possibly” can be my husband’s child and still goes on about life like what she did was normal.

Kaitlin Noel Harp — Milton, Florida

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This nasty waste of flesh is Kaitlin Noel Harp. She is the biggest home wrecking whore. Her and my boyfriend were hooking up nearly the whole time we were together, 3 years. She was also cheating on her boyfriend during this. When he was asked why he cheated with THAT by a friend his answer was “shes hot and had big tits.” Uh no shes fat and her face looks like she ran into a wall with her jacked up teeth… sad thing is that she had braces. Now she is pregnant, and is accusing him and a few other guys of being the father. This cum dumpster sleeps around with any and everybody, there is no telling who the dads is… hell the baby might have a combination of different DNAs.

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