Jerrica Douglas Peacock — Crestview, Florida

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The tale of deception
Once upon a time their was a man and a woman.They fell in love and had a baby boy.Over the years,communication got lost and misinterpreted as a loss of love many times.They would overcome and stuck together.The years past with several ups and downs.One day,a neighbor girl was smitten by this fella,esp with his love for fishing and camping which she had in common with him.
She was convinced this was her soul mate.As the couple had their ups and downs,the neighbor anticipated him leaving his wife to her open arms.As the time passed,she grew more and more upset and confessed all of this to her friend;who in turn was thinking of
this girl as a comparism to fatal attraction or a lifetime movie.She told the wife this bitch was crazy.She felt bad for her and allowed her to live in an extra room prior to knowing all of this.As the weeks passed,on one occasion,the woman’s husband drove up in their blue van.They spent some time together on the couch as the wife was reportedly on a cruise.The girl had him listen to a song by Kerli.

Melisa Luicano — Lehigh Acres, Florida


My husband and I have been together almost 7 years. And cleary we’ve had our ups and down. We do shared 2 children which i dont believe in stepkids so they belong to both of us. Andyways lets forward to Oct 2014 where my husband started acting very strange. He started excersing and not wanting to be close to me no longer. Started fofht fighting more than usual. And i knew something was up but ignore it till i got full proof. Fast foward again he began taking long walks and i begain to ck his phone a number always called but private never did she leave a message and he keep talking about how he work alot at a certain place HF a air conditioning place. One day she called and the whore left a message where are you ? Needless to say i turned violent he felt my knuckles all over his face. Which i didn’t feel bad. After all 6years with this man who loved my children and promised me forever. To throw ut all away with a person who knew i existed but didnt care as long as she was happy. She her else was married and was tired of her life. I never got the guts to say a word to her never did i want to . I couldn’t understand as a women who could destroy a family. Who could take advantage of a family who was drowing and just needed help not a homewrecker. I cant blame her for it all he was to blame as well. And trust me as much as i wanted to forgive and forget i couldn’t. She claims to be the little bit of happiness he had when he was with me when i finally confronted her through email. She couldn’t to say she was happy in her marriage and for me to get over it. As if this never happened. When he got sick he dismissed her and ask for me and his family to forgive him. We went to consulting as still we struggle. But till this day she has posted on fb if i dont stop being bitter she will do it again. I laugh because if this were to happened again i wont be so nice. And besides i gave him to her to keep and she couldn’t do her job. More like she thought he was going to pay her bills. Lol we may have been separated but he sure made it to where i didnt bury him alive if he stopped paying his bills. See Melisa i dont depend on a man i can carry myself very well. U on the other hand he no remose on being the side chick and like i emailed you in the past the definition. That’s what you were. You wont destroy my family and think its okay. Maybe you will havebetter luck with the next . Karma will visit soon im sure. And ill be watching as u fall. Please post my story the picture is of her and her now husband. The emails are recent. MELISA is a homewrecker and is proud post so everyone can see who she is .

Chance Derrick — New Port Richey, Florida


This girl takes everyone men!! She never gets with a single guy. Well she just took my husband from me we’ve been together for almost 14 years and have 3 kids and he just disappeared on me and moved in with her and found out through FACEBOOK they were together!! now he doesnt come see the kids and also he told me they have been doing stuff together on and off for 8 years of our relationship and my oldest kid is 9!! WATCH OUT FOR THIS GIRL!!!

Cindy A. Williams — Bradenton, Florida

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I’m a lesbian female married to my wife for 19 years. About 3 months ago I went for a walk with my sister an a mutual friend. Then I invited both to my place to offer them water. That day my wife and this “friend” talked for the first time. I didn’t notice anything weird. Then, 8 weeks ago, my wife was acting very weird, cold, distant and mean, and it was just so weird because she usually was very loving and sweet for me.
After 2 weeks, I told my wife I could not deal with her meanness anymore and told her to change her behavior or leave. To my surprise she decided to leave and I was totally devastated and clueless. I had no idea what had gotten into her. Then later that day my tablet’s battery died and I decided to use her mini iPad while mine changed.
Then, I went to check her online history and that’s when I found out she had been having an affair with the “friend” I invited home. They left together to a hotel, had sex on the same day they got together, this person who claimed to be my friend was telling my wife how to treat me and had her in the palm of her hand in less than a week. That friend who I will referrer from now on as the drunky slut junky who betrayed me just for the sake of it since later on she showed with her actions she had no interest on my wife anymore. All her plan was to hurt me because she is a very envious woman. She is also a pathological lier who made up so many stories just to clean her hands when I had all the evidence in front of my eyes. Texts, Facebook messages day and night, pictures etc.
Later I asked that woman why she had done that to me and she said because she was upset I was not talking to her on the phone anymore. This woman is dangerous, she claims to be a religious good person, but she is pure evil, deceiving, delusional, lier, vengeful and a game player.

Martha Carlin — Largo, Florida


Me and my boyfriend were together for almost a year and a half. At one point he had worked with martha but i didn’t really think twice. Martha is know around town for being a prostitue and a crack head, she frequents craigslist and backpages soliciting herself for sex in exchange for money. In August me and my son took a vacation to see my family, while we were gone my ex had her in my home (martha was homeless)they had sex in my bed and did god only knows what else while we were gone. My ex thought it was cool to be a cheating pathetic scumbag and bragged about how he was using me and sleeping with her needless to say i found out and kicked him out. Since then they have sent pictures of them together to my phone. Martha is complete and total white trash she is just all around foul from the she dresses with her gut hanging over her jeans to the way she speaks. I truly feel sorry for anyone that crosses paths with this ratchet hoe. Hopefully her and my ex will ru eachother into the ground and she won’t be able to ruin anyone elses relationship. I cant wait to see what karma has in store for thses two!!!

Deandra Marshall Belton — Tampa, Florida


This bitch is a real home wrecker, she’s been trying to wreck me and my fiance relationship because she’s miserable with two kids and living with her broke ass mom and dad .she uses her kids to fuck up a happy home. She praises Yahweh but does the devil job she 27 with no career she drives a old ass ran down Buick .me and my fiance been together est 2013 and every since she found out about me she does nasty things like expose me and my fiance on social media she a slut with no life she use to prostitute about 8months ago all she want is my fiance money using him minipulating people and she a biggg lier she’s also on backpage getting caught with 5 men with wifes or fiance .she is a stalker and a police whore who works with the police snitching on local drug dealers. She works at a hole in a wall strip joint where she came on to my fiance her real name deandra Marshall but using deandra Belton to get by in life. She also licks ass in case some men like things like that be aware and be safe she’s an aids patient who wants everyone to suffer by homewrecking homes.she is known for having gonorrhea, chylmidia, and the claps.

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