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Brianna Marie Russell-Valdez — Hudson, Florida

So this filthy pig Brianna Marie Russell-Valdez separated from her BF. She was having a rough time cried the boohoos needed help with her daughter — having a sitter and saving money for her own car. I allowed her in my home thinking she was a friend… Mind you I just had a baby girl who was less than a month old with my boyfriend.

Well this tramp was sucking and sleeping with my man the entire time, when I found out Brianna Marie Russell-Valdez was gone. My boyfriend wanted to work it out, we did while they continued to see each other. One day my boyfriend kissed me and the kids good bye to go to work and never came back home. Come to find it was because of Brianna Marie Russell-Valdez. So there’s family #1… Read More

Angela Wingate — Tampa, Florida

This woman Angela Wingate befriended my husband at his and her place of employment the United States Post Office, they started an affair and when I found out through the phone records she would not speak with me. When he told everything to save his marriage, she loves African American men an plays the victim to get the attention.

Angela Wingate is trying to get him to get her a house and a puppy, he was also caught in a hotel with her in St. Pete. Angela Wingate has been arrested for domestic violence, claimed bankruptcy, has a lien on on her, she is evil. She is putting my husband at danger! This is her boyfriend she is with.

Melissa Cozza — Miami, Florida

I am writing this on behalf of my best friend. Her husband threw her out with only the clothing on her back, took her cats to the pound, then moved this woman Melissa Cozza in. According to text messages that my friend repeatedly gets from her (the new “girlfriend”) the affair had been going on for years while he was on business trips. This woman moved across the country to break up a 15 year relationship and now continues to harass the man’s wife, who is forced to live with her parents because he left her jobless and homeless.

Megan Passag — Inverness, Florida

I was engaged to my fiancé for three years. We were together for four and knew each other for nearly six years. When we got together I had a son, he had a son, and last year we welcomed our daughter into the world together. This girl Megan Passag started working at Checkers right after my ex became a manager. He started acting strange. He kept finding reasons to go to work on his days off. He kept locking his new cell phone.

My brother is friends with the assistant manager there and she told him my fiancé was sleeping around with this little girl. My fiancé is 27 in October this girl just turned 18. I of course came straight home and confronted him. He said it was all lies. At the time I chose to believe him. My parents didn’t and told him he wasn’t welcome here anymore and said he had to move… Read More

Jamira Laveau — Miami, Florida

Ok let me start from the beginning. My girlfriend’s best friend Jamira Laveau migrated back to our hometown and asked my girlfriend for help with finding an apartment. After that initial meeting Jamira Laveau approached me at my place of work asking if I could assist her with the rent money an she would repay me with sex.

I thought this was completly inappropriate an told her that she needed to leave. I decided against telling my girlfriend because they were childhood friends an I decided that it must have been due to the stress of the move that Jamira Laveau acted that way, but she started calling an messaging me offering to give me oral sex and telling me that she always wanted to be with me. One night while I was home alone she showed up at our house wearing only a jacket and tried to force oral sex on me… Read More

LaRose Jones Lovett Jacksonville, Florida

This is a story of how I became a victim of my supportive husband of 30 years having a dirty fling with a dirty old w**** name Larose Lovett who is a retired teacher with the local school district in Jacksonville, Florida. He met this old female with a vagina in March 2012 on a TV chat line. This w**** placed an ad stating: She was looking for a married man to have some adult fun with her. .At that time she was 59 years old, and he was Read More

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