Ana Rivas Trejo — Lake Worth, Florida


Want to tell a tale about a homewrecker named Ana Rivas Trejo of Lake Worth, Florida. Ana set her sights on a man that did NOT belong to her. She currently lives with a very kind man that supported her children but decided that he wasn’t enough for her. She told people terrible things about the kind man in her life to make herself seem more available, when she herself, was not available. She set her sights on a man that was having trouble at home. He loved his wife very much but there were problems and that was like honey to a bee. She not only inserted herself where she didn’t beling, she lied to her wonderful husband/fiance/boyfriend about working late..etc.

Deja Stanley — Miami, Florida


Ok so I dont know the exact date Deja Stanley and my boyfriend started going behind my back. We had been together 6 years at this point with our first child. But keep in mind this was not only my best friend, but my boyfriend’s brother’s baby momma.

I started getting suspicious when they were texting a lot more than normal. Usually he would only text her to get a hold of his brother. I let it go for a couple weeks, but then they both started acting funny around me and his brother.

Jennifer Branger Schneider — Melbourne, Florida


So this home wrecker lives in Melbourne Florida who’s married with three kids. Her name is Jennifer Branger-Schneider. My boyfriend went to city walk Orlando with a group of our mutual friends. I couldn’t go because I worked 2 jobs at the time. Later that night he texted me good night. The next day he came over and when I asked if he drive home after drinking he said no and that he slept on the floor of another mutual friends hotel room. I called that one friend and asked if he behaved they said, “he slept on the floor of their room”.

I saw pictures on Facebook someone posted and everyone was paired up. He has his arm around her. I thought nothing of it thinking she was my friend. Fast forward a few months later. I go to a birthday dinner and my boyfriend claims he is working overtime at the fire station. The home wrecker rudely said hi. The whole night I can see he looking at me and talking and gossiping. I felt so uncomfortable the whole time…

Beca Martinez — DeLand, Florida


Meet Beca Martinez also known as the girl who has slept with everyone in Florida technical college — Deland Campus. My boyfriend of 2 years came with her to pick up his things from our home after a domestic violence altercation. We had been having issues for a while now but also had been working on our issues. He had been leaving early for work saying he was going to the gym, only for me to find that he was really going to the school we both attended to see this homewrecker who has slept with many people in our school.

Dusty Marlowe — Pace, Florida

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So… back in October of 2012 me and my now husband were living together. With his 2 kids. My husband had been acting strange for a little while when one night he comes home drunk and wants to argue. Places his hands on me. Cops are called. I packed my things and went to my moms. Well not even a week later he has this trashy skank in our home. Hmmmm. So a month and half later after him calling me and texting me the whole time we were split even though he’s shacking up with her. Me and him get back together. Now move ahead some. And we get married at the court house in June of 2013…

Kim Fisher-Bishop — Dunnellon, Florida


Kim Fisher-Bishop was an old friend of my husbands from high school that found my husband on Facebook. She then text/called him constantly at all hrs of the night and day to rekindle a past relationship with him even though she knew he was married and she was to at the time! He works towboats so they where able to keep it on the dL for awhile! She made sure to put herself as his beck and call girl when we started going through difficult times due to finances changing and other regular problems marriages go through.

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