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Jennakate Hall — Atlanta, Georgia

I met “Jackie” Cortez during my first quarter as a SCAD student. He was in my 2D Design course and also lived a room away from my dorm. He and several others grew to be close friends and as time went by, we fell for one another. It took him a while to convince me to date him because I was happy with how well I was doing on my own. I had my group of friends and I had my mindset completely goal-oriented and was hesitant to allow any distractions to break what I had going for myself. Once we mutually agreed to give it a shot, the red flags appeared. I won’t even go through the details because that isn’t even what tore us apart. We made it through that summer via long distance and I returned to Savannah while he tried to figure things out in his hometown, Douglasville, GA. (his dad refused to fund his education without him putting forth the effort to work at the same time which is reasonable). The distance was a struggle…

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Kymberlyn Paige Brown — LaGrange, Georia

I dated this girl for almost 2 years and was very nice to her and was helping to get her disability. Kymberlyn Paige Brown up and left me for another man. I was giving her everything she could possibly want. I put a roof over head and bought her all kinds of things that she wanted and she got to hanging out with friends, while I was working tring to keep her happy.

Kymberlyn Paige Brown said she was not happy with me. She kept calling me asking if she could spend the night at her friends and she lied to me so much, I didn’t know what to believe anymore. Bottom line all Kymberlyn Paige Brown wanted was my money. I got her out of an abusive marriage and this is the thanks I get. Whatever you do don’t date her, she will use you as much as she possiably can.

Katie Robinson — Atlanta, Georgia

My fiance and I were together for 8 years and everyone (myself included) thought we were the perfect couple. I started noticing texts, calls and facebook comments from one of my co-workers so I confronted her and my fiance and they said they were just friends and he was helping her through a tough time. I told her I wasn’t comfortable with her calling and texting my fiance and didn’t think anything more of it until about 2 months before we are supposed to get married, she sends me a snapchat of her Cancun boarding pass. I know my fiancé is on his way down there with his “friend” so of course I confront them again and they say it is just a coincidence and she tells me I am overreacting and she can be friends with whoever she wants and then blocks me…. Read More

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