Jennifer Roland Meetz — St. Simons Island, Georgia


This is Jennifer Roland Meetz – she insists on having an inappropriate relationship with a married man. A married man who has been married for 17 years and has three kids 10 and under. She works for rich’s products in Georgia and insists on meeting with this married man despite the obvious pain it causes.

Christy Smith — Lagrange, Georgia

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So after dating on and off over the past thirteen years, my husband and I decided to make it official and get married in July 2013. We already had a beautiful two year old daughter and he had helped me raise my three children from a previous marriage. We had a great life, beautiful wedding. I thought everything was perfect. I couldn’t have been more wrong, soon after the marriage I realized he had been exchanging pics with a former gf and I moved out. I tried to get him to try counseling because we had so much of a history to just throw it all away . He agreed to try it but one excuse after another… He never even gave it a chance. I tried to get him to sign the divorce papers around thanksgiving and he asked me to wait until after the holidays because he wanted to spend the holidays as a family.

Jennifer Hawthorne — Atlanta, Georgia

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My husband drives a truck. He is gone all the time. We weren’t fighting, just distant. I was trying to re-connect, but he was resistant. He has a really bad anger-management problem, but had not really lost it in quite a while. All the sudden, on a Sunday night in Aug 2012. He jumped off the couch, said he couldn’t “do this” anymore and left. I was stunned. Never saw it coming. He cut off the money, I was working part-time ( he begged me not to work). He saw his kids 5xs in a year. He never told me why he was leaving,,,, then I found HER. He was living with another woman. I live in Alabama…

Hillary Gary — Commerce, Georgia


Hillary, and my Fiance were co workers at a cemetery. I found the first text messages back in May. When i confronted her about it she lied, and claimed they were just “friends”. In October of 2015, I found out my fiance had gone to a hotel in commerce one night. She lived in commerce, how ironic? When confronted she denied him ever being with her, until he told the truth completely to me. She knew we were engaged, yet still contacted him everyday all day until he got home where it wasn’t safe to talk to an engaged man. They had sex AT the office where she worked, watch out anyone who uses Hurst Corporation in Winder GA. She was on her period, and it happened on the couch. She thought even after my fiance came crawling back to me, begging me to forgive him, she would still have a chance. Watch out for this cowardly women.

Danielle Duffey — Conyers, Georgia


This disgusting female is from Conyer’s Ga and currently works at Hooter’s. Ha gotta love that! My husband and I hadn’t even been married a year yet when he started having an affair with her. The affair actually started a few days after my birthday.. Our anniversary was a little over a month later and he was still with her, that was our one year wedding anniversary and our seven year anniversary. September 1st 2015 was when I found out. When you have been with someone long enough you just know when something’s going on.

Holly Hart — Canton , Georgia


This ones name is Holly Hart. While I was in the hopital almost in life support she was swapping pictures and sexting my husband while I was dieing, after just coming out of a coma and a few months ago. What a woman right?

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