Shantana Reasor — Tahlequah, Oklahoma


Shantana Reasor, you are a married woman with 2 children. You had an affair with a married man. You can say whatever you want but the truth is that you were married and had an affair that equals home wrecker and adulterer. Then you add in that your affair was with a married person with 3 chlidren. How dare you/your family come on this site and expose the wife as a home wrecker and put her children on a public forum and include them on these adult matters. It is clear you don’t know what it means to be a faithful wife. How dare you come on here and act like you are the victim here. Your actions are despicable. As someone who has played a part in wrecking two homes you would think that you would apologize to the wife and then never be seen or heard from again. Instead you do the opposite, you treat her as if she has done something wrong to you or had an affair with your husband. You aide in posting pictures online of her MINOR children who are INNOCENT. Disgusting and inexcusable.

Marcalee Hataaja — Auburn, Indiana


This woman was an old acquaintance of my husband’s from his teen years. He used to have a crush on her, nothing ever came of it. He and I met at our church, spent 5 years getting to know each other, and got married in 2011. We had been married for 2 years and had our first son, who was about 10 months old when they ran back into each other at college, November 2013. She is a very charming deceiver and quickly made it a point to “run into him” here and there. Before too long, she started complaining to him about her marriage problems and how terrible her husband treated her. We started having her and her husband over and (I thought) we were becoming pretty good friends with them. Her husband is very nice and a good guy. As a few months went by, we saw her more and more and the husband less. The sad part is, I always had a bad feeling about her, the way she just didn’t seem to want to be a close friend, and how she was always making sexual jokes and sitting near my husband, but dismissed it. Fast forward to April 2014. My sister and her boyfriend and Marcy and her husband were all over for a bonfire. I was busy in and out of the house hosting, but my sister saw that Marcy and my husband were texting each other and smiling and laughing across the fire. She told me the next day, and of course I didn’t believe it at all. We were really devoted Christians and really active in our church, and even though we had normal struggles (he was working 60+ hr/wk and school full time, and I had a lot of insecurities from an abusive childhood) I and every person that knows my husband would tell you to this day that he’s the last person on earth that would ever do something like this. -Loooong story short, I confronted him and he lied and denied it all night until he finally broke and admitted they had been “together” since January. 3 months at that point. I was devastated but immediately forgave him and just wanted to make it right. He “broke it off with her” by phone that night. Things seemed ok for a while. I found out again in July 14 they had been together again, and had really only broken it off for a week.

Christina “Krisi” McNatt — Anchorage, Alaska


This frog-face homewrecker can change her name all she wants to avoid people finding her on here….but it won’t change the fact that she’s a homewrecking WHORE. So many men, Krisi, so much cheating…so many lies. I know way more than you think I know….and someday, someday I PROMISE you…your children and all of your family will know exactly how much you lied and cheated…and your criminal past. The moment you CHASED down a married man (over a decade married) and hit on him…and seduced him….and made him promises…and LIED to him about your past….YOU BROUGHT this on yourself. YOU were married at the time too! You are nothing but dirt and you will NEVER be anything but cheap pussy and dirt. Your criminal past shows your lack of character and integrity that carried on through your “career” as an US Army WHORE. How many men in uniform have you fu*ked now? You have a serious need for attention and to have as many dicks in you as possible. At least you are out of the military now….did you finally TRAP a soldier to take care of you? How long will that last? Until you find a new dick that interests you? Women like you are an embarrassment to all women.

Sarah Noggle Ennis — Huron, Ohio


Sarah Noggle Ennis is a 45 year old homewrecker from Huron, Ohio. She slept with my husband of 18 years knowing that we were still married and have 4 children. Yes he did seek her out and told her the million lies that every married man tells the ” other woman” to get her into bed. Trust me with her it wasn’t hard. He later told me that’s why he sought her out bc he knew she would sleep with him that’s just who she is. After I found out about her little 4 month happy ever after, he broke it off with her. Since that time she had repeatedly tried to contact him via email which he blocked. He changed his phone number also. He has blocked her on all his social media or just plain deleted it. She is so desperate to steal my husband that she has resorted to contacting his Facebook friends and asking for their sign in information so she can contact him through them. She did get a girl my daughters ages sign in info and messaged him but he ignored her attempts thinking it was strange that someone my daughters age was asking for his phone number!! she has accused my children and I of throwing baseballs through her Windows.She is totally batshit crazy. She has now resorted to posting pictures of my husband on her social media saying that she loves him and misses him and they were gonna be married although she has no ring!! She contacted one of his buddies and told him this sappy love story that they shared and all the big plans they had for the future. She contacted him thru messenger flirting with him pretending to be into him and using him for info on my husband. He was devasted when she got the point of asking him for his info so she could contact my hubby. She has been married 2 previous times and has 4 children with multiple dads. She doesn’t allow their fathers to be apart of their lives so she thinks she can steal my husband essay from our kids. The bad news for her is that my husband is still with me and our children. We reviewed our marriage to each other and are happier now than we have ever been!! So she didn’t get my husband she will be after yours Ohio!!! Oh and as you see she has many differs looks ( the airbrushed are my favorite!!).

Shaun Hicks — Evansville, Indiana


Ok, just because Shaun Hicks can’t get a man to marry her doesn’t mean she should whore around with everyone else’s! Disgusting slob that “manages” run down apartments in Evansville, Addison Place, might expect her to be a bit more professional. I will continue to live in my large brick home, driving my luxury vehicle while she continues to live in the ghetto! Lol she can have him if she wants, but he just used her to try to get back at me. He felt better being with someone “below his league” she did get her big muffin top belly full at Gerst haus though, and took money/food out of my children’s hands- and that I will not stand for!! You always reap what you sow…

Vithyasri Rajandran — Shah Alam, Malaysia


Basically, my marriage had been having issues since June 2013 and maybe even before that. My husband, was the sort who had no qualms about lying and keeping things from me, usually sighting the reason that I would not understand him. Who would understand their partner disappearing for nights? Messaging other girls whom he said was his staff at 2am in the morning talking about going to a hotel and receiving calls from his ‘staff’ in the wee hours of the morning, hiring girls who were half dressed to work in his pathetic car broking company? Things became so bad to a point where I was going mad, and then it started getting worse, he wouldn’t come home for 2-3 days in a row. Wouldn’t be bothered about our 2 year old baby. It came to Xmas Eve last year, when he hit me early in the morning following an argument in regards to our mortgage and then left the house. That same night, I received the news that he was spotted in a local nightclub where he and I used to frequent, making out and dirty dancing with another girl. At that point, I hadn’t quite figured out that bitch was actually my ‘friend’. Sarah Diya Das, is widely known in Singapore for her whorey nature. She has been known to be ‘rolled’ around by 2-3 guys a night in public places like parks, she has been known to go after men only for material and money. And she has been known to sleep around and pester men to bring her to clubs and give her drinks and then have sex with them. She also goes with women at times. Despite her dirty character, I still remained friends with her as I didn’t believe in judging and I never thought she would be the one my husband left me for. When things started escalating very badly between my husband and me, Sarah, my other friend and I were actually in a what’s app group chat where Sarah was consoling me and actually giving me ideas on how to work things out with my husband.

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