Jessica Lynn McKay — Austin, Texas


Let me introduce you to Jessica. In my opinion, she’s a whore. She belongs on this site. She deserves to be here. It started last year in Austin, TX (she’s somewhere in Georgia now). In the beginning of the year, my husband and I were looking at houses to buy together. By April, he was hostile and bitchy towards me. I figured that we were having a rough patch and we talked about going to counseling. Then he started spending time with his “friend” Jessica McKay. I knew something was off about their relationship, but I asked him and he said that it was just exciting having someone to talk to like a best friend. What I didn’t know is that he was complaining about me, telling her his side of the story and listening to her when she told him everything that he wanted to hear. I know, he’s an asshole too, but I’m giving her some credit as well. One day out of the blue, he says that we never should have gotten married. I was holding our sleeping toddler at the time! I had no idea it had gotten that bad!

Violeta Velickaite — Fort Lee, New Jersey


If she can get your money or your stupid husband’s money she will and take your kid’s child support too. I wasn’t getting along with my now ex of many years and he was refusing to support my children. Then I found out why. She was literally sucking all his money out of him if you know what I mean. He was stupid and her career was floundering. Now she’s trying to pass herself off as a proper business woman. What a joke. I wonder how many men she fooled into thinking they were her only boyfriend so she could scam them out of their money. She’s from Lithuania and they only immigrate here to be pros. Beware! I found the records of the funds my ex gave her.

Misty Huffstutler — Independence, Missouri


First, I need to say that I am not the wife of the married man the tramp was sleeping with, but this needs addressed. Misty, who has 5 kids she leaves her disabled mother to care to, while she shoots up and whore”s around, has slept with multiple married men. She uses everyone in her life. She is a pathetic waste of space. What really missed me off was her having the audacity to call and harass this man’s pregnant wife. Like somehow the man’s wife had wronged her by not leaving his pregnant wife. She called her names, taunted her about some cheap, dime store ring he had given her while pawning his own wife’s wedding ring. I am well aware that he is obviously a grade A POS, and his wife should run…..fast…..but what kind of low life, white trash whore, harasses a pregnant married women because the trash she is giving herpes to won’t leave his wife for some junkie whore he banged for a few weeks. I know all this because I over heard her bragging to her junkie friends about how she was putting the girl in her place. I was astounded that she not only felt absolutely no shame in her actions, but actually blamed the only person in the pathetic triangle that was innocent.

Isabella Maree Elizondo — San Antonio, Texas

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.42.00 AM

I first came across this whore when she started working at La Madeleine on Northwoods. My ex works there and I knew she had an eye out for him. His mom, myself and our baby who is only 10 months would go have lunch with him and she would always give me dirty looks. A week ago I found out he was cheating on me. After repeatedly asking him if it was her, he finally admitted to it. She knew we were going to be married and that he had a family but still opened her nasty ass legs. What passes me off the most is that she would try to carry my baby when ever we would go in to have lunch with me ex.

Shannon Salada — Akron, Ohio

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.41.03 AM

In December of 2014 my husband went down to his dad’s home to go hunting, while he was there we had gotten into a fight via phone (me being 4 hours away) and just needing to vent and missing my husband between him working 6 months straight at work 16 hour days and the death of my grandmother , all built up… So I’m guessing she was there around him , because she took advantage of it and took him in and started talking to him , the next week of my life was me being ignored , family blocking me via facebook and calls, to make this clear shannon was family to us by marriage, and I didn’t honestly believe I had a thing to worry about since he was with “family”, well when my husband came home , it wasn’t even 5 mins after he walked in the door and told me he’d be filing for a divorce?!

Josh Pace — Cullman, Alabama

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.40.15 AM

Well my now ex husband Josh was always great then he started locking his phone. It started right after he hit me on Thanksgiving eve 2012. I managed to get his phone unlocked only to find him sending pics back and for to Whitney Ragsdale and Leah Nuss and his cousin Melinda Pace. After we got past that his ex wife went through some issues with her at the time sex offender boyfriend. Stephanie then moved in with us. Out of the kindness of my heart I tried be a friend and let her move in. While I went to work one night he slept with her In my bed. After my ex kicked her out I asked her if she slept with Him and she said no. He was asked to and I know him enough to know it was a lie and I know her. Well the meet some “friends ” in Cullman and Josh wanted to sleep with so I found out by reading text messages that he had slept with Jessica And Melissa.. Well things settled down for a while and things stated up again. This time it was with our co- workers he would send pics of me to Valerie and her husband and I found out by getting on our Verizon account. The other co- worker Ananda had a car accident and so Josh jumped at the chance to help and drove her all around Cullman. Even took her home on his way home and I guess we all know how that one ended. Well then we split up. He thought he had to have ever girl he was and is with around our 2 kids Stephanie, Jessica and now his former thing of the week Amanda…. You this man put me through so much and I fought to keep him. And just when he starts what he said was “trying” I asked for a divorce… He didn’t fight or ask why all he says to me is ok.

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