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Brandon Moncy — Grand Junction, Colorado

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I met Brandon in Feb 14 14. Not on purpose it was an introduction by another w**** Bridgit . he was charming and he gave me a rose. It took months of Mr letting my guard down before I realized hr was lying. But I would like to say. I.left 2x’s. All because I really wanted my true love.
Here is what I would like to say to the woman living in his house with him . who he claims to not love at all.I wish I could run into an tell you the truth so you would know what a pos he really is and what he really thinks about you and how worthless all women are to him. Not just saying this to hurt you! I am saying this because it’s the truth. I am ashamed of the events that have transpired. But even that I knew and still went threw it. Every red light went of in my head my gut and my heart. I lied to someone I loved and lost . thankfully he forgave me. But I fell for the vain assholes bullshit. And vain is the nice word I can come up with. He thinks you have no idea ! Betrayal works both ways. Up til 1 week ago he wanted to move in. Made Promise’s beyond comprehension. I was Leary of all of them. But he said he loved me above you and above this other he has been fkn for 4 yrs . Just not his job or his kids. But I saved face and ptetened to “love” him.. While my heart belongs to someone else and always will !
I laugh at him I scorn at his word of love. I didn’t love him as he said he loved me. I guarded my actions and my heart. But never wanted him for more than one night.
He said your convenience and more. Your meager and usable. No he does not love you. Not even word of love. I have read every text and Facebook message when he was in my presence between the two of you. He now sends me the same crap. Trying to make me fit his ideal. Not gonna happen.
I’m sorry Lynnette that this is how you had to find out..
And to Apryl he says even worse things about you. Your both lazy whores to him. He doesn’t respect you at all..
The last time we had sexual contact was Oct 25.
And he wanted to take me on vacation. Not you.

Citarra Rhea — Singapore, Singapore

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I have been forced to expose this home wrecking b**** mainly because she has been taunting me non stop. and I feel that I need to expose this s***.

Both me and my husband were staying in the same block of flats when we met and fell in love. She apparently was an ex girlfriend of his. They broke up because he found out that throughout the relationship she hid from him the fact that she was married and has 2 kids. She tried to get back with him, but he was not interested. We got married in the year 2012, after which we had our first kid. things changed after she was born. This s*** was really adamant in getting back with him.

She would send him texts asking to meet, or telling him to leave me and my child and be with her. But then again, even if I knew that the fault was not on my husband, I couldn’t help but to question him about it. Because non of this would have happened if he was firm in his decision.

I would send her messages asking her to stop whatever she was doing, and she would yet reply me with her ‘I-AM-A-b****-DO-WHAT-YOU-CAN’ attitude. She would shamelessly send me texts as if I was the one cheating in my marriage! Yes, my marriage is falling apart because of this b****. I really hope this b**** dies. She even had the guts to post as my husband on this homewreckers page!

Without any evidence! I need to get this clarified because its affecting my job big time. That’s why I had to send Arielle and Judge this article.

Quennie Ronny — Hesperia, California

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This was my mothers nurse. And she has shown interests in my mothers husband. She has somehow made him be mean to her and has abondened her. Now he is divorcing her. My mom has heart problems. And now we are scared for her health. He has gone completely crazy. Gave her an std. She is crazy. My mom gas been with this man over 30 yrs. She has made him the man he is.

Duy Brian Le — Raleigh, North Carolina


My wife and I have been together for 4 years; but out of those 4 years, 2 years I lived in her lies. First two years were great! She really loved me and I could tell. But then, one day, she just changed. I noticed signs, I understood what was going on. So, I tried, tried, and tried to make things work between us until her lies were exposed.
One day in May 2015, she gave me the passwords to her facebook and her email to do some paperwork for her. When I logged in to her facebook, I found out that she was sexting with a guy named Duy Le. Triggered by curiosity, I kept on scrolling up until everything was clear. They had been going out for a while, and when they got comfortable, they started sex conversations. She took him home, made him hot chocolate, and complained about me being mad at her for flirting to another guy in front of my mom. She referred to me as her ex. Then, long story short, they had sex. They continued their wrongdoing for months until she told him that she had a boyfriend/husband; he replied “I know, but I want to change that.” And so they kept on having sex and sexting at night, while in the mornings, she still talked to me as if nothing had happened. Months later, they grew apart as she found a new guy, Arshen KZ. This guy was more manipulative. He took things slow, and made her fall for him, instead of just sleeping with her like the last guy, Duy Le.
06/04/2015, her lies were exposed. She left, but because she is an international student, and needed a sponsor, she crawled back to me. And I forgave her and asked her to end her relationship with Arshen KZ by telling him she had returned to me.
06/27/2015, I found out that they still sent love messages. She saved his contact under a fake name – David Kim.
07/07/2015, she asked him for a plane ticket so they could get away. The end of our story!

Bo Hubbard and Wendi Norton — Detroit, Michigan

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Where do I even begin. Wendi started seeing Bo Hubbard after 9 years of being together but just barely 6 months of being married. I’m sure it started before anyone knew what was going on…but when it came to light, she’d went out with some friends and Co workers to a club… he happens to be one of her subordinates at work…. she didn’t come home until after I’d went to work.. I called and texted with little to no reaponse. As a police officer I have seen the worst in what can happen . I was obviously  worried. When she finally did respond she basically  told me she’d cheated. I was devestated at first. After all, I’d helped her raise her 2 girls and we had a 6 yr old together. 10 years of my life I loved her. I wanted to work it out…I could forgive her one time. But as it turned out it wasn’t the first time with him. She moved out within the week. Into his mother’s 1 bedroom apartment. Ive learned since that this is what Bo does.. he meets married women, begins a relationship and drains them financially and moves on…shes already damn near bankrupt… hes been charged with a domestic assault on an ex and is currently in court for that… ive already been told hes beating on her..  she left  behind her 15 yr old and our 6 yr old when she moved in with him.  On top of my hurt and pain I had to find a way to deal with the girls ‘ hurt and pain.

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Alexis Twenter — Clarksville, Tennessee


My boyfriend Tariq is in the military we have been together for five years. I love him even after everything he did to me. When he was stationed in Korea this b**** a** little girl decided to take him out and get him drunk. Naturally they slept together. Tariq and I got over that I forgave him, like an idiot. It wasn’t just one time for them this went on for pretty much the entire year he was there. like I said earlier though I forgave him. We planed to work everything out when he came home.
A few months later him and I were doing amazing and he went to his second duty station in fort campbell, Kentucky, while she went to fort lewis, Washington. I thought this was the end of their little game. I was wrong, completely wrong. She went on claiming to be pregnant, from one of there many sexual encounters while in Korea. She stalked me on Facebook and texted me all the time. she even went as far as calling my boss to try to tell him that I was the crazy one, when it was all her just trying to steal my man.
I am almost one hundred percent sure the b**** is lying seeing how she won’t even let him do a DNA test she just claims he is the only guy she slept with. He told me he doesn’t talk to her anymore because she lied about sleeping with a lot of other men while she was in Korea and she is a drunk among multiple other problems.
She very conveniently lost the baby, I don’t think she was ever pregnant.
Somehow she ended up getting stationed in fort campbell she probably sucked a few d**** to get that station for herself. He avoids her and she is just obsessed with him. to the point of following him around base and trying to go to his job and talking to him. She is crazy.
She tried sending an over edited pics of herself, like all her photos she looks like a f****** monster without makeup, you can see from the pics.
Him and I have worked out our problems and are trying to move on from this, even with her trying to make it difficult it will never keep our true love from always coming out on top. Every relationship has its ups and downs, ours has had a lot, but nothing we can’t work through together. And nothing a good restraining order can’t fix.

Parneet Kaur — Kent, Washington


My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and 4 months. we have two beautiful babies of 1 and 2 years old. and back when this all started we had our own apartment with our kids. so I was employed in the same job he was working at back in the beginning of the year and at first we would have the same schedule working together but through the weeks being that we had kids together it was hard to have the same shifts together because we didn’t havewho to take care of our babies so we began working different shifts. and that’s when it all started. There was this girl about 21 yrs old, indian. And ever since I started working there she would always keep her distance from me and never really talk to me. but when it was my boyfriend oh she would talk to him, hit him, and just be social around him. Weird right. So one day I went in to work and she was there and came up to me and just out of no where asked me if I was in a relationship with my boyfriend and I told her yes. then she just walked away as if nothing. ( fast forward to a couple months later ) I quit the job because we had no babysitter so I had to stay home . and a couple days later come to find out the same Indian girl who was so worried about my relationship then was non-stop texting my boyfriend and sending him pictures of her self of course he never knew because all those mssgs went to spam folder only I knew . well the next day we went to the fair just me him and his cousin and everything was alright. The. The next day I find him going to the bathroom every single 10 min and taking his phone so I asked him what is going on and he just ignored me so I took his phone and found text mssgs from her saying ” why did u got to the fair with her . you are with me . you’re hurting my feelings ” so I confronted him and he was denying that he had any sort of relationship with her . so I believed him . a couple months later she txtd me and was threatening to kill him no matter what and I asked her why and she said just ask your boyfriend and so I went home and asked him what he did to make her mad and he denied everything so I got his phone and texted her asking to come over so that we could talk and she said that if I was there she wouldn’t go alone she would bring her friend along so I pretended to be him and told her that I wasn’t going to be there .

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Amanda Brooke McKay — Atlanta, Georgia


This is Amanda Brooke McKay a c*m dumpster from Atlanta, Georgia who likes to go on vacation at Panama City Beach with all of her slutty friends and target married military men. Yes my husband made a huge mistake, but afterwards she told him she wasn’t on birth control and then forced him to buy Plan B! After breaking things off with her this thirsty drunken w**** still tries to contact him and myself and say he’s her boyfriend and were divorced… Well after 8 and a half years divorce was never mentioned and go figure were still married.. She is in close contact with his fellow friends.. Obviously she thinks he owes her something and doesn’t seem to understand her place.. Let her know! Make her famous!! (678)***-8412 is her cell and her Instagram name is amandabrooke1987.

Alisha Niederklopfer — Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


This woman’s name is Alisha Niederklopfer she is 32 years old with no boyfriend no husband and no kids.She lives in Redsburg WI her address is 2015 Viking Dr. Reedsburg. My best friends husband met her at work she is a bartnder.When my best friends husband started working their everyone knew that he had a wife who was pregnant and was engaged to be married.This one had even asked him when he was getting married. One day this Alisha gave her number to a gay guy to give to my best friends fiance.this started towards the middle of November. So this went on he would go over once or twice a week to her apartment. She had told him she would not tell anyone, and if his wife were to find out she would help him to care of his kids. This women went to the limits of sending her husband a facebook request he excepted it. His profile picture was of him and his wife his album pictures were of him and his wife and had pictures of all family events!. So the next following month they got married. This women would still text her husband to come over, he wouldn’t even answer her texts all the time so she asked him he wouldn’t answer her all the time he said he was with his wife! Still tho women did not get the point! he did not see her for a while until 2 weeks after they married. Might i add this women was the maid of honor in her sisters wedding which wasn’t to long ago. My friend had decided to go to her mothers which is in another state so her mother could help Care for her first child.

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Pamela Johnson — Florence, Kentucky

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Idk where to even begin. Her name is pamela leadbeater-johnson. Florence Kentucky. This woman makes it a mission to split up relationships & marriages.she has 4 children & they all have different dads She is my husbands ex girlfriend of 7yrs. He raised her 2 youngest children while she lived her life & only worried about herself. After the kids were teens he left (August 2013) but still tried to keep contact with the 2 children to make sure they were ok. He & I got together so she blocked him from their phones. She stayed quiet for a month or so then starts messaging him & calling him talking bout how happy they once were & he told her it was over to move on but she refused to accept that answer. He & I moved in together & when I was helping my grandparents (both have cancer) she texts him saying she found a box of his things she wanted to drop off. She comes to our place & sleeps with him. She gets my number out of his phone & calls me that night to tell me. I flip out on him & he changes his number & blocks her from calling, texting, Facebook. Once she realized she couldn’t get to him through those she starts emailing telling him he’ll never have anything to do with her children unless he’s with her. He blocks her from email. She continued to call my phone from a blocked number, telling me he was with her even when he was right next to me.

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