Madelyn Hale — Cloverdale, California


This girl steals people’s husbands and boyfriends to be the father to all her kids. She took mine away from my kid. Please warn people.

Sara Quinones — Antioch, California


Sara Quinones is a cheating homewrecking gas station slut. She has a thing for married men…customers, co workers, her baby daddy, and even her best friends husbands! She is a well known whore in Antioch and Pittsburg. Before cheating on her now boyfriend she was living with another man but still picking up on customers and co workers at her gas station. While in that so called relationship with a man she was in love with (cheating on him using him for money) she was chasing a customer who was married. She went so far as to tell his wife she had slept with her husband (THIS WAS A LIE) Hoping with wife gone she could get this man to support her. At the same time she was chasing her boss at the gas station. She somehow used that green dripper between her legs (yes you heard right she is really gross its well known) to fu*k up this family. She KNEW her boss was married and belonged to another woman. She carried on a sick affair with this man because Sara Quinones is a evil nasty sorry whore from Antioch who yrs ago had an affair with her good friends husband. This slut doesnt even have her kid! This drug addicts baby was born addicted to drugs due to his mother being a horrible excuse for a woman. He is lucky to have his father raise him. His mother is a aging party girl tweaker slut WITH SUPORVISED VISITATION who goes after married taken men. Deep down she knows she will never be more than the other woman. She knows she will never be the REAL wife or real MOM. This Antioch slut gets tossed around! Hide your men from lying SLUT who has had over 50 men run through her. Sara Quinones.

Nadia B. Rose Ramsammy — Brooklyn, New York


Nadia B Rose Ramsammy married Randy L Ramysammy a child rapist 5/19/2015. She was having a relationship with my then boyfriend, living with him, stealing credit cards, taking my money, and being an all around gold digger. I found out all about her and him by going through his messages. I reasearched all parties involved and heres what I know. My ex is a cunt. She married Randy L Ramsammy for USA citizenship because she was born in Jamaica, and is Canadian. She came to america to go to nursing school. She will do anything to be a citizen and is quite arrogant she will become one because when I confronted her about being married and fucking around with my ex, she was very cocky and a complete asshole about it. My ex is an asshole to, but he told me her scam, and how he knew she was married for CITIZENSHIP to a child rapist. Anywho to hell with all the frauds. Tell Nadia employer about her Complex Care Soloutions, 75 Broad St Suite 0815 New York NYC 10004 877-456-0369, 230 East 94th Street Apartment 1R, Brooklyn New York 11212. Call ICE to report her sham marriage, 1-866-347-2423, www.ice.gov/tips, 1-866-DHS-2-ICE, 1-800-375-5283.

Jessica Mendoza — Melbourne, Florida


Having an affair with my husband for some time now. Sending inappropriate texts, soliciting sex, sexting, etc. time to expose this low life! She works at Boniface Hiers Kia, currently in Melbourne, Florida 32935 as a sales associate that’s how they met and have been going on for the past two weeks, now. Please give her hell for me.

Therese Pallares — Coronado, California


Therese Pallares is an Ascent Real Estate agent (CA BRE# 01923092) in Coronado, CA who spent months having sex with my husband, knowing he was married with children. She texted him, sent him vulgar pictures of herself, and met him wherever and whenever she could to have sex. I would think twice about listing your house with her – who knows what she is doing in it. Therese is a married woman living in a $3.3 million dollar house in Coronado Cays. She passes herself off as a good community member, joining of FOCUS SDkids, serving as the secretary of the Coronado Cays Yacht Club, and featuring her house in San Diego Homes and Gardens magazine. Therese made a choice to destroy a family for her own selfish reasons and people around her deserve to know that.

Jennie Grill — Manhattan, Kansas


After being told it would be hard for me to carry a baby, my husband and I got pregnant. I was in the hospital because of complications for 6 months of my pregnancy before having to give birth early to keep my baby safe. While I was pregnant and in the hospital, this fucking little girl decided to manipulate and open her legs up to my husband, fully knowing he was married and his wife was in the hospital (saving their child). She not only fucked him once, but multiple times on multiple occasions, including in our truck! This little hoe bag has no respect for woman and no respect for herself! She also tries to play the “feel sorry for me” card. She expects everyone to feel sorry for her because she feels “guilty”. Bullshit! You don’t go around fucking other women’s husbands, multiple times, and say you feel guilty. She deserves for her life to be ruined!

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