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Itati Cantu Texas

This all started 3 months after having our first daughter. The moment I found out, I called her and told her the truth about my husband. I let her know we had been married for almost 2 two years I had just had our first child. She seemed decent when she pretended to be mad over the fact that my husband Read More

Denise Tinker

My (now almost ex!!) husband worked “hard” to provide for his family for a few years at a factory grinding airplane parts. I say he worked “hard” because I paid most the bills and he took more out of our bank account than he put in and this is where he met his coworker Denise Tinker, a 4ft 8 in midget, who was also Read More

Amiee Hiatt/Shafer Belton, Missouri


Well obviously as time passes life does too….As of three weeks ago my piece of s*** husband (Ron Ahrens) has abandoned me and his three children stating “my kids are grown it’s time I live my life” I guess that means his kids held him back from living his life….Anyways he did claim that he stopped seeing the tramp/ Read More

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