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Vivian Jasmine Colon-Mirza — Bronx, New York

My fiance was temporarily residing with a coworker.His roommate had a variety of women who would come over for casual sex & drinking. My fiance is an alcoholic. He was sober for 8 months. I would warn him…” it’s going to happen. Your roommate is going to introduce you to the p**** you will cheat on me with.” He swore up down that would never happen. That I am his Ride or Die.

I got gravely ill and needed emergency surgery. He would stay with me til visiting hours were over. Go home to sleep to start his night shift at work. Duringvmyy surgery & recovery he started drinking on the down low. My mom came to N.Y. to care for me. They didn’t se eye-to-eye, so i didn’t stress him to come over. I knew my mom would be leaving soon.

Comes Saturday, Dec. 14,”2013 (11 days after being released from the hospital). I speak with him that morning wheb he got home from work as usual. We had a disagreement. And he said he was going to sleep. Comes that afternoon, i call him and calll him… his phone is going to voicemail. I was pissed at first, then started to worry. I reached out to his roomate and got no response. He called me…16 hrs later, my first sentence was ” You were f****** someone. I know it in my gut felt it. IT was one of those skanks that go to f*** your friend.”. He swore that that wasn’t what happened. He confessed he’d been drinking for weeks due to stress. He took an ambien to hrlp him sleep. I didnt believe him. I broke up with him. Three days later. I forgive him for his drinking and we go back to our future plans. He started acting different. Jealous, insecure. Accusing me of wanting attention. I had enough. I left him.

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Cândida Angelin — Vera Cruz, Brazil

My Air Force soon to be ex-husband and I married on July 25, 2011 and I immediately moved to England with him. January of 2013 he deployed to Spain where he met this nasty thing. She is from Brazil and was going to school there. He met her around June 11. 2013. He came home June 17, 2013. I had no idea for 4 months. He kept in contact with her. Lied to her as well. But she found out about me first about two weeks before I did. But when I found out I messaged her and told her to go away and that everything was a lie and I hadn’t moved away and wasn’t sleeping on the couch and was trying to fix this with my husband. She said “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t trying to destroy your marriage. I’ll break up with him.” LOL! You’ll break up with my husband? Gee thanks. So then lie after lie after lie. He then flew to Brazil and fed me a crap story about needing to be the best man in a wedding for a friend he met in Spain. I didn’t believe it, but he just went anyways.

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Evelyn Lisco — Boulder, Colorado

So I thought I had a perfect marriage except my husband and I live apart due to him needing to work on himself (soberup). He’d been renting a room with two other couples. I was okay with that. except a few weeks ago one couple moved out and a single female moved in. I told him my concern for this and he brushed it off. This b**** knew my husband was married and had met and talked with me and tried to befriend me. So she decides its a great idea to talk my husband into drinking hard alcohol knowing he only drank beer and was supposed to be cutting back. I talked to him that night on the phone around 10pm and told him I loved him and will see him in the morning the next day. I get a call from him at 1pm telling me he’s not coming over and basically telling me he wanted a divorce that he isn’t a good husband. I’m heart-broken we’ve been married almost 3yrs and best friends for over 15yrs. I had to beg it out of him. He finally told me he slept with single roommate (Evelyn). I was pissed.

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Crystal Reeves — Phoenix, Arizona

Starting from the very beginning, my husband and I have had several instances of the boundaries in our marriage being pushed with other women. I won’t go into that, I’ll just focus on this homewrecking pile of trash for now. Starting maybe a year ago, my husband received a new agent to train, he trains tons of agents. I trusted my husband, so there was never an inclination that training other females would ever be an issue. See, my husband is a “Godly man”, always striving to walk the path of the lord. Yeah, right. Anyways, my husband received Crystal as a new trainee, they would spend the majority of the work week together, sometimes up to 7 hours a day. My husband is very attractive, physically, not mentally. Crystal, on the other hand, is not. In either department. She’s also almost old enough to be his mother. Oh, and she’s got a husband of her own and two kids.

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Leah Rinehart — Saline County, Arkanses

Leah Rinehart aka Red Headed s*** of Saline County. This girl has no boundaries. As you can see she sends naked pictures to anyone. I personally found these and they were sent to someone who WAS NOT SINGLE!!!! She works at Gino’s in Benton waiting tables. Sure she can pose in a way her thick stomach and hips/ass don’t look so big. Don’t let these pictures fool you, she is pasty white and very thick. She doesn’t care about age, race, marital status, etc… She will do whatever she has to so she can get her next Roxi fix, even if that means betraying a friend, co-worker, family member or ANYONE close to her. She is the queen of “two-faced white trash”. She brags about f****** her dads friend for $4,000, but she must not have been worth that, because after it was all said and done, the b**** got less than half!!! Haha! Maybe one day she will mature and realize its not smart to f*** another girls man, regardless if you know them or not. KARMA IS A b****. This girl has a lot of bad karma coming her way and I hope she suffers tremendously.
I will never be able to forget what she or my boyfriend did, but hopefully I will get some satisfaction watching her crumble slowly. So SALINE COUNTY, lock up your men, your wallets and your prescription pills (her pill of choice is Roxies) because this b**** will take everything from you, have no bad feelings about it and laugh while she’s doing it!!!

Ashlynn Pedroza (Ibarra) — Dallas, Texas

I’ve been married to my husband Matt for a year as of January 17, 2015 just had our beautiful baby girl this past December 2014, we had have problems and fight but I never you that it would come to this in November when I was still pregnant I got a hold of his phone and saw that he was stalking his ex on Facebook me and him used to be friends in high school when he was dating her and when they broke up he was devastated she loved her kid and treated her right… But she left him to do what was best for her kids cuz she was pregnant with another baby from her ex.a few days ago I had started an argument because I felt alone and I asked him what she had that I didn’t because it seems kind of obvious that he still had feelings for her…he looked me in the eyes and told me that he loves me and only me and that she meant nothing. I just found out this past Monday that he was cheating. he had been acting weird for a few days he would sit in the living room all day while me and the baby we’re in the room when I would go check on him he would get mad.

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Melissa Cozza — Miami, Florida

I am writing this on behalf of my best friend. Her husband threw her out with only the clothing on her back, took her cats to the pound, then moved this woman in. According to text messages that my friend repeatedly gets from her ( the new “girlfriend”) the affair had been going on for years while he was on business trips. This woman moved across the country to break up a 15 year relationship and now continues to harass the mans wife, who is forced to live with her parents because he left her jobless and homeless.

Jennifer Ridolfi — Saint Louis, Missouri

My story is rather long and complicated. It all started back in 2011 I was friends with Jennifer and her now ex-husband for nearly 10 years. I was always a gentleman to Jennifer and would never have tried to get with her on my own. But one night in April she left me a message on Facebook saying that she has these strong feelings for me and didn’t know what to do about it. Like I said we had been good friends and she knew that things in my marriage were not well at the time. And trust me I know that I am involved here. It wasn’t long before we were in a full blown affair. Also keep in mind that Jennifer her husband my wife and myself all had years of sobriety at the time and I say this because alcohol plays a big part in the cumdumpster Jennifer has turned into. First it was a rush, we both said and acted like we were head over heals in love with each other. At least it was real for me.

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Ladonna Buser — York, Pennsylvania

This ugly skank and my fiance started talking on facebook. She came on to him when he asked her for advice about our situation. She knew well he was engaged and he was stupid and went with it. They ended up having an emotional affair (never actually met her in person) untill I found the texts between them and confronted them both! Were trying to fix things… don’t know how well it will work. Women beware… this horsed faced stripper is a w**** in sheeps clothing!

Danielle Clermont — Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I have been in a long term very serious relationship with my boyfriend. He wants to get married and raise a family but I am busy running a business while he is a real estate broker for a larger sized firm here in Fort Lauderdale. One of his duties involve the recruitment of new real estate agents…enter Danielle Clermont. Clermont works for a realtor association and it is her responsibly to get managers like my BF to send the new agents to her so she gets credit. She targeted my BF and started hanging out with him and his office friends after hours picking up the tab on many occasions. Well I was able to hack into his computer at home only to discover that these two have been having an affair since October 2012 in which she puts out the more agents she sends to her. She sends sexually explicit photos and suggestive emails detailing their different rendezvous over the past couple of years. My BF has become detached from me as he and she pursue each other all over this recruitment business. Recently I confronted him and he told me that he would cut it off and focus on us but I don’t really trust him as long as she’s still putting herself out there. In asking around about Danielle Clermont I found she lives in either North Miami Beach or Aventura by herself and she cannot handle any legit relationship with a man…she would rather steal someone’s BF. This has hurt me deeply and I hope that some day she feels the same hurt and embarrassment I do among my BF friends and co-workers.

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