Natalie Arguello — Chicago, Illinois


My man cheated on me with this whore after having a long distant relationship with him. He went back to his home town then come to find out this bitch appears out of nowhere “Natalie Arguello” claiming that’s her man.

Kela Wilson — Atlanta, Georgia


I would like to expose Kela Wilson from Atlanta, Ga. She slept with my husband for 5 years and is proud of it. Even had 2 bastards in the process. (I’ve filed for divorce)…I have talked to this girl and she told me she was gay so I did not question the friendship…low and behold she was sleeping with them the entire time and tried to pretend like everything is cool. I have a chronic illness and this has made everything worse.

Agesha Lightsy — Ewa Beach, Hawaii


Meet Agesha Lightsy (gesha Niyah on fb) half Samoan half black from Ewa Beach, Hawaii. This woman and my future ex-husband thinks what they are doing is normal and okay. I walked in on my husband talking to this person on the phone and he jumped when he heard me asking who he was talking to. I’ve told her numerous times to stop contacting my husband but her response is “oh he’s unhappy and he can make his own decision” “I have a hard time walking away from your husband” (how the hell you having a hard time when you only known him for almost a month? They work together and she just started on the job for almost 2 months now! She promised many times she will stop but I always find her sending pictures and calling my husband. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is fucking wrong too but this chick loves to entertain his feelings. She also has a boyfriend which is fucking sad! My husband and I got into a nasty argument and the truth came out. Agesha Lightsy layed down some rules for him.

Felicia Jackson — Garland, Texas


This hot mess of a women decided to pursue my husband. She would send him explicit text like when can I see you and you are making me wet when you walk by. They worked together so when she would see him it would trigger something in her. My husband decided to act on her advances to get his penis sucked by her. She promised to swallow and everything. She made good on her promise and swallowed after she sucked and he slept with her. This trashy chic even had the nerve to hug my child when she saw her at the work place, knowing that she wanted her father. So finally after three episodes at her broke down apartment my husband had enough. She decided to still try and purse him mind you all of this is under the radar since I am not the one to check phones. They stopped working together as my husband received a promotion to a new location. On day in April my husband left his phone at home and called me to see if I could locate it. That is when I saw this horrific picture with the caption, “do you like my new sports bra”.

Becky Worth — Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania


I had received a message on FB from an anonymous guy stating that his wife & my husband were having an affair for the last 5 months. She is a co-worker of my husband’s and has since apologized saying “I had no clue you guys were still together”. Really?? We lived together, have a 1 y/o, & at the time their affair supposedly started, I was 7 months pregnant! Any woman in her right mind would question that, right? Her husband planted a recorder in her car & literally heard them doing the “dirty, dirty”. They would act like they were going in early or staying late at work for “overtime” & hook-up. She would send her children off to school then they’d meet at either her house or mine. My husband would tell me he was going to the gym, but would actually go to her house. He’d say he was taking his son out to dinner, but would actually go out on a date with her.

Whitney Garrett — Herrin, Illinois

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 10.44.09 AM

This disgusting female was hired as my baby sitter and one day her husband (yep she was married with 2 kids) called me and said he caught her cheating with the neighbor so he obtained her cell phone bill and discovered my husband’s phone number all over it. My soon-to-be ex husband admitted to the 3 month affair and we’re now separated.

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