Rhia Cruz — Winnipeg, Canada


My husband and I had been married for almost 8 years. He meet this “friend” 2 years ago as she was a GF and mother of my husband’s friend. I don’t know when the affair started but I have been feeling that they are flirting with each other because the girl would usually comment and tag post my husband on Instagram and Facebook. Mid of June she left her BF of 16 years, the father of her 2 daughters just because she wants space. Someone saw my husband with this woman together but her cousin Emily. She would invite my husband out for coffee because she’s feeling vulnerable and need someone to talk to according to my husband. I confronted my husband and he told me that the girl just broken up with her bf and he was helping them to fix their relationship. I even ask a friend to tell Emily and Rhia to stay away with my husband because we are fighting because of them. But Emily said, they are just friends and that my husband is just speaking to RHIA because RHIA won’t talk to her ex-BF. So my husband told me he’s not seeing them anymore and the girl RHIA told me as well they haven’t seen each other for a long time. But apparently she’s been with my husband everyday whenever my husband is free from work.

Jeanette Aston — Vancouver, Washington


I met a guy through my job and fell madly in love with him. 7 months later I accidentally got pregnant and things shifted. He was gone all hours of the day and wouldn’t tell me what he was doing. He started working on a hot rod for a super secret car show that I wasn’t allowed to go to. He started getting physically abusive (despite me being pregnant) and quit coming home at night. A week after his car show pictures showed up online of him with this nasty cunt. She’s 20 something years older than him and knew all about me and that I was pregnant. She slept with him for over a month while he was coming home to me still. When I found out I confronted her and she admitted it. Talked shit about him with me for 2 weeks and acted buddy buddy with me. She pretended she didn’t know we were together. All the while she was still sleeping with the dirtbag and lying to me so she could get information for him about whether I would persue child support blah blah blah. I blocked him and told her to fuck herself. They’re still together despite her messaging me multiple times about him cheating on her with multiple people. She’s a cum guzzling gutter twat, who’s self esteem is so low she requires constant validation from her cheating 24 year old man slut.

Rosanne Bermudez — Calgary, Canada


My (ex) husband and I were married for 5 years until this nasty desperate whore came along. My ex was being a sneaky fuck for the longest time and I even had my suspicions but didn’t really want to look into it afraid of what was really going on. I guess you could say I wanted to keep our family together despite the bullshit. There were countless times where my ex would “work overtime” but I didn’t see any extra cash flow coming into the household. I finally decided to show up at his work unannounced while he was supposedly working overtime and of course he wasn’t in the office. One of his coworkers and I talked and they told me he hasn’t been putting in any overtime, he has actually gone home earlier than usual the last few months! That’s when it all hit me and I felt betrayed. So I dug in deeper and hacked into his email, Facebook, and messages on the Mac (yes us women hack and we hack well!). This fucking nasty ass girl and my low life two timing piece of shit ex husband started talking a year ago, a fucking YEAR ago. Ugh it makes me sick all the messages they sent to each other, nudes and all. Countless messages of her telling him how amazing last night was! This bitch needs to be exposed for all the world to see how much of whore she really is. Close your legs and give that loose pussy a much needed break and stop going after married men!

Lisa Marie Fitzgerald — Penticton, Canada

Lisa Fitzgerald 027

Lisa was let go from some local nanny positions and then got work at a local Bank. She began sending naked photos of herself to staff and eventually had an affair with a married man. She can’t have children and was desperate to try to get a baby inside her at any cost. Destroyed someone else’s family in the process.

C.J. Jensen — Ontario, Canada


My husband and I have been together for 20 years, married 16. We have two children and two businesses together. We hit a rough patch in our marriage and discussed splitting up. During this time he was actively pursued by a woman that KNEW he was married. Had MET his children. After they started we decided to work on our marriage. She continued to go into our place of business sit in there with her friends. She told people they were in love and going to be together. I unknowingly went into her place of business she was lovely to me and a great sales person. I do NOT blame her for the affair alone. It was both of them. He made the promise to me to be loyal and committed to our family. BUT she came in and sat in my business while I served tables and attended bar. When I approached her at her business about the affair CJ told me not to bother her at work. Yet she slept with my husband and rubbed it in my face while she sat there night after night. I found out about the affair because she left a note on my car window. She expected to get my husband after I kicked him out. But he of course has no use for her. CJ is pathetic.

Lisa Jacobsen — Barrington, Illinois

Lisa J

This wh@$e makes a habit of having affairs with married men. Her first relationship was when she was 16 years old and had an affair with the father of the family she babysat for. She broke up their family and went on to have 2 children with this man. Once that relationship ended she hooked up with my husband. We were having major marital problems at the time, which in no way excuses his behavior or decisions, but he never would have even spoken to this piece of trash if we had been in a better place at the time. They were seeing each other for 4 months, sneaking around on his day off, playing house at her apartment. She knew he was married from day one, but it didn’t stop her at all, it just made him all that more attractive to her. She is so worthless and such a piece of garbage that it makes her feel good about herself to think she can steal a man from another woman. I confronted her on several occasions and she acted like I was the one doing something wrong, not her. She has no morals or ethics. She will sleep with any one that she thinks will take care of her. She’s a drug addict and an alcoholic, who’s since lost her kids to DCFS. Little does she know my husband never cared at all about her. She was just a way to get my attention. Once he got my attention she got tossed like the piece of trash she is. I’m in no way saying my husband isn’t to blame in this whole scenario, but when a man tells you up front he’s married most decent women would run. Only wh@$res decide to stick around and start a relationship.

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