Sandra Monroy — Los Angeles, California


I have been following this page for a while now. When I learned about this drug addicting slut bag, never in my mind did I think of putting her pathetic ass on blast because at the end of the day in all reality the 5 minutes of glory will fade and at that moment it was just about accepting and moving on. … but this is what led to the exposure this is how it started I was about 6/7 months pregnant with my last child. I received a text from this whore advising of this relationship that was going on, my heart already knew it from all of the signs and of course his actions, so really it was no news to me. It was more of a confirmation. I had already had plenty of time to cry and think about what was the best route to go because we do have children involved. I decided to accept things for what they are, end the relationship of 12 years and 3 children another 1 on the way, as I cannot change the fact that the father of my children, the man that is supposed to love me, has chosen to be with another female. No we are not married so thank god no crazy divorce, just get goodbye. The only reason I’m exposing this disgusting tweaked out whore is because even after I learned of his cheating with many females including her as well since she exposed everything to me, my ex & I decided at this point the best thing to do is to work on being better parents to our children because they didn’t ask for any of this, we couldn’t make things work, but regardless our love for them is beyond words, and we can work as a team in showing them that we love them no matter what. To this day he still tries to find his way back in, I will not allow it or accept him back because the damage is done, to know he was willing to throw everything we have built away the minute he decided to be with another female was more than enough reason to just let go.

Terri Bolebruch — Gloversville, New York


After 14 years of marriage, I was shocked to find out my husband was cheating on me. Of course, I was so upset it made me sick. He said they were only friends, but emails said otherwise. After I calmed down, and thinking how can I do this to our children, I decided to forgive him and work on our marriage. For the next 2 plus years I caught him talking/texting her, people would send me pictures of them together. She actually posted pictures of them together on her facebook. She blocked me of course, she knew he was married. I kept forgiving him wanting to believe his lies, he swore to our kids that he was not with her, but all along probably lying to her about me, now that I know what I know. He was actualy caught with her Father’s Day, after a big family dinner at a local restaurant by someone in my family, ( which was also 2 days after my mother passed away from cancer), he still denied being with her. He said she saw his truck at the Dunkin Donuts and came in to see him. But after 2 plus years of all the BS, I finally decided to get a divorce. The picture posted is off her and my soon to be Ex-husband. She is such a crick pig!

Athea Royster — Buford, Georgia


So my husband works for a company in will choose to disclose for companies sake. This girl wanted a promotion new we were getting married and led him on to believe that there was something there for a long time. Knowing he spent everyday planning our wedding at work and home if course he is to blame too I won’t even go there. She knew about me and only wanted a promotion from her boss. They do company outings got home drunk and kept leading him on but holding back. He swears nothing has happened but I saw messages two weeks after the wedding about them talking about him leaving me for her. She not only did this to me whole she had a boyfriend but was sleeping around on her boyfriend as well. When he found out he got made and posted all of their personal.. Really personal photos online. Then she gets consoled from another member of staff after she cut off my husband once she got her promotion only for me to find out the guy she chose to console was having relationship issues and is now moving in with her. She will sleep with anyone with no regards for their relationship status and then claims the victim. Manipulative and appears to be completely innocent. I felt exposing her was the best thing I van do since I have been married for 4 months and now maybe facing a divorce.. Thanks I appreciate your willingness to spread your legs for a promotion while. Ruining my marriage and others relationships

Katie Orme — Derry, New Hampshire


This the story of a despicable HOMEWREACKER who decided to get involved with a married man. Her name is Katie Orme. A 19 year old From New Hampshire. With only being an ordinary temp from Atrium medical corp. In Hudson New Hampshire. Who recently received her high school diploma in the mail late this June. It’s been a week since I last saw the awful “I love u” texts of her towards my man’s Facebook that confirmed my suspicions that my husband was being unfaithful. For weeks I had been questioning whether he was seeing someone else. I was blinded by his affections and long nights of love-making.But his actions continued to contradict. He assured me every time that he did love me and was not having an affair. He would deny, deny,deny,and tell me she’s just some young random unimportant girl from his circle of friends and how ridiculous it would be for him to get involved with a kid specifically at his age at 41. “How embarrassing”, he’d say. She has nothing on u,a real woman.Its us against the world, he would say.However,I had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right but because he was reassuring me,I began to question my sanity.I became ill,had panic attacks and anxiety.Our children wondered why he was going out so much and not spending time with me or us as a family.At Times I would call or text her to come clean,I know she exists. But unfortunately she was too much of a coward and less of a woman to take accountability for her actions. She continues to have a secret relationship with my husband despite of knowing that we are married 20 years with so much history and have 3 wonderful children together. No remorse at least for my children whom are completely devastated as they now know the truth. But as they say,God don’t like ugly and she is indeed one big nosed ugly heffa. Her Karma will come bite her on the ass one day,no questions.And just remember..the ripples you create in life will come back to you,ten-fold. It’s only a matter of time.

Sanrithai Keawthong — Bangkok, Thailand


After 15 years of marriage, a seemingly devoted husband and father decides to step out and pick up with a woman he met in a bar who pretended to be a school teacher in Bahrain. This “school teacher” who goes by many names, Sanrithai Keawthong, KH Nan Keawthong, Sodaangelyummy Nongsanru, Heriyy Thong, and Gina proceeded to sleep with a man that she learned was married and had children. In addition, she gave him a fake name of Nittaya and pretended to be South Korean. In all truth this eye-catching club freak gives the word Bangkok new meaning. After frolicking around like a man having a mid-life crisis, rewinding back to his teenage years on multiple occasions and engaging in adultery with this high flying hoe, the man returned home to his family as if nothing was wrong. Until one day, the wife who was utterly in the dark about what had been going in the previous months while her man was “deployed” receives a surprising phone call from a relative about strange photos posted on Facebook with a foreign woman in some rather questionable poses. Huh? Wait, What? The clueless wife questions her husband, inquiring if he had been involved with anyone while doing his duty and was met initially with denials and finally, the truth. Sanrithai Keawthong, KH Nan Keawthong, Sodaangelyummy Nongsanru, Heriyy Thong, and Gina apparently has a thing for military men, well, men in general. This unappreciative husband and father proceeded to entertain this foreign floozey for close to two weeks, just before returning to his family and there were photos now capturing it all for the entire world to see.

Gienna Moore — Lagrande, Oregon


First let me say that gienna is a liar who pretended to my friend we were good friends and Justin was my boyfriend father of my child we were together since I was 16 all the time she was my go to to talk to this bitch was fucking my man. She uses sob stories and manipulation for people to feel sorry for her. My son’s father even went to the extreme to killing a person over her lies and drama of making her seem like she was the victim when he caught her flirting with somebody he went to jail and they did a jail house wedding (classy) she while he was locked up fucked many other people and while her now husband was locked up not once asked about my son or cared what she was doing as soon as he was released, it was all I love your son I missed him , they both continue to use drugs and clam that I am trying to take her man umm no I’m not she had my sloppy seconds she works not in a head-startbin La grade around children !!! While on meth !! My advice is to anyone who comes across this whore is to stay clear she pretends to be your friend then steals your man well knowing he had a son and a family . But she thinks she was in the right and her excuse is it was true love we couldn’t help it !! I hope others are careful around his home wreaking bitch I now have a son who doesn’t see his father all they care about is themselves and I hope who ever gets in her path gets std tested!!

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