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Karen Frey Sundt Arizona

My boyfriend owns a company that rents lighting and technical support to the motion picture industry. Karen works in the same industry sort of. One day she is a producer the next a lighting technician, the next a warehouse helper. They were working together on a job and I had that feeling something was not right. I got to the office shortly after they Read More

Guadalupe Guillen Texas

To begin, she goes by Lupita or Lupe and her last name is Uranda or Guillen, whether she feels like being married or not. This w**** not only got with my husband, but with a bunch of other guys as well. She likes to go with her husband to the horse races and screw guys in their vehicles while her husband is racing. She took my husband, and others, to the Read More

Jill Dockerty Kokomo, Indiana

My husband started working at (removed) pizza as a cook before Christmas time in 2011. I was 8 months pregnant with our second child at the time. Jill was a waitress there. She is 44 years old so basicly when I started hearing rumors I thought no way she knows better! So I started talking to her whenever I got a chance and she was friendly to me, knew we Read More

Chaz Chassidy Anderson Oregon

First off this is a story of a Potential homewrecker, because I stopped s*** before she could get her claws into my husband. She was his friends woman. When I started hanging out with them I noticed little things and comments she made about my husband. I saw the red flags and told my husband. He said I was nuts. I called this skank out on s*** and she would Read More

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