Lucia Dicosola — Aurora, Illinois


This whore will not leave my husband alone. She contacted him three days before we got married, 10 days after my son was born and continues to lie about it. I am at my wits end with her. The last straw was her contacting my husband on Mother’s Day and talking sexually to him. She needs to be exposed. I am so done with her and all the games she is playing. Get over yourself you fat bitch he doesn’t want you.

Jennifer Rose Hood — Waukegan, Illinois


This lovely lady is beautiful, tattooed and will f*ck your husband if given the chance. She’s been carrying on an affair with a married man for years who just uses her for a booty call…so much respect for herself. She has 2 boys who live with their father out of state…lost custody because she “missed a court date” clearly this whore is also a serial liar. This bitch is NOT smart and can’t hold down a permanent job, so she looks for ambitious married men to fuck her and take care of her. Look out ladies, this one is coming for your husband next.

Shelly Coffin — Effingham, Illinois

IMG_1600 (1)

This woman is toxic! Not only was she fucking my husband while we are in the process of adopting our 3yr old son that we have had since birth but she also used and manipulated my 14yr old daughter! This woman is seriously disturbed and I would not put anything past her. She has absolutely no morals and not an ounce of class about her. She frequents every hole-in-the-wall bar and knows every dark parking lot, side street and country road between Effingham and Greenup. So if you don’t mind fucking in her vehicle and want an easy lay, get in touch with this dirty whore-Shelly Coffin.

Amy Bowen — Sandoval, Illinois


If you live in southern Illinois .. Keep a close eye on your man…. Not only is Amy Bowen from Sandoval, IL a homewrecking whore who slept with my husband knowing we were married… She sent him a contract asking for money for sex . She doesn’t work so while I’m at work or sick in the Hospital recovering from my Crohn disease…. He’s off having sex with her. I’ve forgiven him for my health.. But her never because she still blows up his phone and keeps his son away from him, all because Jimmy chose me over her…

Daniella Daynel — Chicago, Illinois


Not even that attractive, but always looking for attention. Look out ladies, this thirsty, big nosed trash wants your man. Because her abusive, cheating man has enough sense to wonder around on her…

Mara Curry — Rockford, Illinois

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 8.52.03 AM

This lil twat. Keeps emailing my husband and I. We both have asked her to stop. He’s changed his facebook and his cell. Yet she finds him. We have blocked her and she makes new accounts to harass us. She’s causing a lot of tension between my husband and I. She’s young lil attention seeker. Needs to find a new single man.

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