Amy Bowen — Sandoval, Illinois


If you live in southern Illinois .. Keep a close eye on your man…. Not only is Amy Bowen from Sandoval, IL a homewrecking whore who slept with my husband knowing we were married… She sent him a contract asking for money for sex . She doesn’t work so while I’m at work or sick in the Hospital recovering from my Crohn disease…. He’s off having sex with her. I’ve forgiven him for my health.. But her never because she still blows up his phone and keeps his son away from him, all because Jimmy chose me over her…

Daniella Daynel — Chicago, Illinois


Not even that attractive, but always looking for attention. Look out ladies, this thirsty, big nosed trash wants your man. Because her abusive, cheating man has enough sense to wonder around on her…

Mara Curry — Rockford, Illinois

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This lil twat. Keeps emailing my husband and I. We both have asked her to stop. He’s changed his facebook and his cell. Yet she finds him. We have blocked her and she makes new accounts to harass us. She’s causing a lot of tension between my husband and I. She’s young lil attention seeker. Needs to find a new single man.

Travis P. Dunn — Springfield, Illinois


This man has cheated on his wife numerous times. He claims to be either single or divorced which he us neither. He is a smooth talker knows what to say and when to say it. His wife is so naive she believed everything he ever told her. He drives s semi so right there should tell you a story or too. He post pics of himself on dating websites. He wants skinny young girls but yet he is an old 47 fat as fuck bald guy age spots and wrinkles but yet he will be the first to call you fat. He is a father of three girls. Let’s hope they don’t take the stereotype of a guy like their father. This man is very disrespectful to woman. Tried to force his wife into a threesome and swapping couples. Wanted an open marriage so he could fuck who he wanted. The man is sick. Lock up your daughters cuz this guy likes them young.

Claudia Horn — Antioch, Illinois


This woman came on to my husband and had a hidden relationship with him on snapchat, fb, and through text. She tried to convince him she is better than me and acted as a pity case because her man left her, beat her and is on drugs.

Samantha Neal — Herrin, Illinois


This is a post about an actual homewrecker. When your marriage is so unstable and your husband continues to lie and cheat but you are so delusional and insecure that you continue to let him back into your home with attempts to salvage an obvious failed marriage, then you are the true homewrecker. If you think you’re doing your children any favors by staying together, you are more than sorely mistaken and dooming them to a future of poor choices and false reality of how relationships are supposed to be. The feeble, immature, hilarious attempts at pointing blame at anyone except for your lying ass husband only validates the ignorance and continued bad choices you have brought upon yourself. Good luck with that.

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