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Nichole Niki Patarozzi — Morris, Illinois

I am in a lesbian marriage and this girl was my wife’s best friend. She is supposedly straight. She stayed at our house for a week at Christmas and was all nice to my face but I could tell something was off. Of course I was told that they are just friends and I was being paranoid. A couple of months later my wife asked for a divorce with no good explanation as to why. Last week I caught them both at a hotel. They spent 5 nights there while I stayed home taking care of my wife’s mother. As I suspected, this “straight” girl has been screwing my wife for months. She broke up our marriage and the two of them are now planning a future together. Of course my wife will be the one hurting when Niki is done with the thrill of this fling and goes back to men.

Vanessa (Herrejon) Alba — Chicago, Illinois

Where do I start… me and my ex had gotten back together and everything was great (we have been together for almost 10 years) we welcomed our 2nd son in july 2014. He started to act weird and logical explanation was someone else was there i couldn’t exactly see who it could be since hes always at work… then months passed he bought a new phone left his old phone here and i found a number with texts and very flirty wanting to meet up and she knew about me because she always asked him do you have curfew can you come out or do you have a curfew.. i let it slide till i saw through Facebook that he went to her job to give her a “gift” with MY money!!! I found out that same day asked him he denied it gave me a b.s story and i am gullible so i believed it yet i kept feeling uneasy… i asked the Homewrecker Vanesss and she admits to it yet she said only a couple of weeks they been talking when i kept asking her she decided to post all of our conversations on Facebook to humiliate me!?! Well i guess she can humiliate me all she wants all over fb but i will have the last laugh. But she did it private instead of making it public so i wouldnt be able to comment… So i would like to leave this here and see how she likes to be humiliated herself… btw her name is Vanessa (Herrejon) Alba.

Anne Marie Joyce Baker – Waukegan, Illinois

In 2011, I was with my boyfriend and we both recently graduated college. I met him online and we found out we went to the same school. Two years later we got married. Soon, he was moving off to a different city and he invited me to go with him. We planned to live together and start a family. However, I didn’t know that he was getting messages from this girl- Anne Marie Joyce Baker – that didn’t live near us.

Every night she would send him nudes to get him away from me, even though he told her he wasn’t interested in her. A year later, I found out that she was at a party my ex attended, after her boy toy broke up with her. He told me he was drunk and slept at his friend’s house but…

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Rebecca Mil Reyes Weininger — Chicago, Illinois

I thought I was happily married to my now ex-husband Noah, until I discovered a string of lewd text messages he had with Rebecca. “I’m dying to make love to you”, “I want you inside of me, right now”, “my p*ssy is still sore from yesterday”, and “I’m touching myself thinking about you” were a few of the gems. It wasn’t long before I caught them red handed.

The story gets better however. It turns out she cheated on her ex-husband with a man named Jeff Cummings, one of her mentors from law school. Then, she broke up a relationship between a man named Shawn Hemmingsen and his nine-month pregnant girlfriend. Rebecca Mil Reyes Weininger is a serial home wrecker, and her antics have resulted in serious consequences and a lot of collateral damage. I hate my children being around her. She has no morals.

Vicki Hare — Chicago, Illinois

5 years with a man who we all thought was very much in love. A truly monogamous relationship. While he sat on the couch all day, his woman went to work and paid for everything. Mortgage, utilities, HIS GAS MONEY came from her. Then Vicki Hare decided she didn’t care if he belonged to someone else, she wanted him for herself. So after lying about it for awhile (the phone records will always betray you) it finally comes out in the open.

Vicki Hare has charmed you out of a love who was always by your side. When you were at your lowest, you were taken care of completely. Then you leave her for Vicki Hare. She knew your were involved. She met her and played nice. Hopefully karma will poop¬†all over your parade. Maybe when she finds out you have over $80,000 in judgments owed to various people you have cheated financially over the years. Vicki Hare, it really doesn’t matter. You knew exactly what you were doing and you were wrong. You are now branded a homewrecker. Hope our children are proud.

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