Nathan Roys — Rockford, Illinois


Nathan Roys could be said to be slightly entitled. His college education at Mississippi College required little financial commitment from him, his first “real” job was given to him by his doting uncle fresh out of college at his uncle’s company, Practice Velocity, in Rockford, IL, and he lives cost free in the mansion his uncle owns. He also felt entitled to my best friend’s wife, a coworker of his at Practice Velocity.

Brittany Rogers — Morris, Illinois


This is Brittany Rogers, 21 years old from Morris, Illinois. In 2014 my mother moved down to North Carolina to help me out my dying grandmother, she had stage 6 Alzheimer’s and dementia. In February, 2015 my dad, who’s 56, and my mom wanted extra money so they decided to get room mates in their house in Illinois. My dad, Donald Surber, also lived with my brother. So his 2 friends who were girls moved in, one who is anonymous and the other being Brittany Rogers. While me and my mother were taking care of Donalds dying mother, giving her baths, wiping her ass, feeding her, all so she wouldn’t have to go to a nursing home, he decided it was the right time to start an affair with Miss. Brittany Rogers!! How awesome is that! Fast forward to now, October 31, 2015; my mother has filed for separation/divorce.

Keyondra Marie Cox — Beardstown, Illinois


First of all, this creature is MARRIED!! This scarey ass bitch thinks it’s cute to mess with taken men!! She worked with my man and weasled her way into our problems by comforting him. Knowing that he had a girl and kids at home. It went as far as her talking him into bringing my kids around her and her kids!! I confronted her and her scarey ass denies everything and never has much to say at all. We squashed it or so I thought….

Brandy Maggart — Godfrey, Illinois


Good Lord, where do I begin? Maybe with the porn? The teenage girl porn? With him giving me clamydia? Or how about how he couldn’t keep a job for longer than 8 months and I supported us for most of our relationship? When he finally did get a job that he might keep, which he only did because we had our son, he still spent more money on pot and guns than our son or myself? Everyday I did everything I could to help him be a better person. Everyday. We tried for over 2 years to have a child, we were both broken hearted every single time the test came back negative. Finally, we gave up and I started to make plans, like going back to school, moving up in the company that I was in ect. Three months later I was pregnant. At the time I didn’t know how scummy he was, even after almost 4 years, now it’s been almost 5. My pregnancy was terrible, I had prenatal depression.

Candace Matthews — Rockford, Illinois


This woman is a toilet scrubbing piece of sh*t! Candace Matthews lies and tries to trap men in relationships so she has someone to support her and her 3 kids that have different fathers. Claims to be prenant when she’s not and tries to get the men she sleeps with fired from work after they break it off.

Emilie Ann Miller — Peoria, Illinois


I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years. This started lover a year ago. He use to work at a restaurant with this whore. We started having problems in our relationship to where we would fight all the time. One day I decided to go through his phone and I found text messages from her saying how she missed him and how she wanted to have sex with him again and etc.

I walked up to him and punched him in the face and asked him to tell me what was up! He told me she was just a friend. Friends do not talk that way towards each other! I locked my self in the bathroom and texted her back asking her why she was talking to my man and i threatened her. All she could say was I should of kept him on a leash. I was so pissed I broke his phone. I left him and he would always beg for me and tell me he made a mistake and he thought I cheated on him first. The dumbest excuses I’ve ever heard. So i moved on and ignored him for awhile. But he’d call and text me everyday. She wrote me on Facebook saying things like “he’s mine now” and ”we made out today at work.” She would post pictures of him and her together. And try and claim our son as theirs. I went to their work looking for her started a huge scene and she hid from me.

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