Jessica Agopsowicz — Berwyn, Illinois


Homewrecker. She thinks its funny actually that she is such a whore. Any self respecting person would never take pictures of themself like this and post on social media. Attention seeking whore. Stop trying to get married men to be the father of your babies!!!

Jessica Agopsowicz — Berwyn, Illinois

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Need I say more?! My husband never did a thing with her but boy was she trying. Young disrespectful and obviously has issues. I even tried asking her about what was going on and she just laughs (obviosly thinks she really is the joker) but had the audacity to tell me to fuck off. She is only looking for someone to take care of her kids and her but I guess that’s what uneducated cashiers need to do.

Erika Ortiz — Des Plaines, Illinois


A whore who chose to stay involved with an involved man. A man with a family. A bitch so persistent in staying around… When asked to respect his home, answered no. A puppy, he later called her. A puppy who was so willing to suck off an unavailable man, completely compromised herself in every was possible. Illinois State University student. Teacher at Des Plaines School District 62.

Trent Cambell — Virginia, Illinois


This man right here came between me and my husband when we was having problems and kept all telling me that he left his girlfriend and moved back in to his moms. For months he wouldn’t quit texting my phone and he wouldn’t leave me alone told his girl friend a bunch of lies about me. He has three kids witch he claim the youngest one isn’t his so he wanted to get back at her. This is not the first time that he has done this to anyone or her. They are suppose to be getting married but they if she cant trust him how are they suppose to get married. If he isnt happy than he needs to get out of what he is in. I know for a fact that im not the only girl that he has tried to get with at work i know for a fact that there has been several others, I was just the stupid one that would be nice and try to be his friend and feel sorry for his stupid ass shit and tell him that he don’t decisive to be treated like that but it looks like i was wrong he needs all that she gives him. I have learned my lesson with talking to anyone!!!!!

Heather Baker — Mount Carroll, Illinois


How this drug addict work for department of social service??? My husband was addicted of crack 5years ago and I threatned to leave if he didnt quit for me and his children. If I were you I would stay away from her she is a impulsive liar. When I asked my husband (whom I have 4children with) about the affair he said he would never do that to me and the children. When I showed him the proof his face exspression made it look like he took a dump on himself. To make things worst she was just poped out baby number 2. How can she be so nasty and disrespectful toward are marriage and her relationship. My husband admitted to doing orgies while on crack with this hw.

Sara Elizabeth Hall-Delano — Rochelle, Illinois


I have been with my man/husband for over 6 years. I recently found out about his infidelity with Sara Elizabeth Hall (Delano) age 46 of Rochelle Illinois, two days after we arrived home from a 10 day romantic vacation in Cancun Mexico. We were at the office, when his phone, which is the main phone for our business, beeped with a text message. The following is what the text read; Sara had sent him a text saying she missed his back rubs. Her number was saved as DO NOT ANSWER in his phone.  Do Not Answer: I am happy you are home I have missed your back rubs My Man: I am happy to be home I have missed your blowjobs and giving you a back rub.

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