Courtney Dewey Lafayette, Indiana

My story is one that happened over a 2 years worth of time. My husband and I had started dating when we met each other after a party for work. It was literally love at first sight. I was smitten by him. I can say I fell in love very quickly and probably before he did with me. None the less we were inseparable. We did

Sarah Jenkins La Porte, Indiana

I pushed my husband to go back to school back in 2012. I really thought he could make something of himself, I believed in him. I pushed him hard, helped him with the classes he was struggling with, and stayed behind him faithfully 100℅. Everything was great until he met Sarah Jenkins. Sarah is also

Leah Colley Fort Wayne, Indiana

This bitch is about as worthless as they come. She stalked my soon ex husband for months knowing he was married. When he left me for her I was civil and still let him come around to visit his 2 children with me. This nasty skank has 2 daughters she has never lived with because she would rather work

Cheyenne Desiree Bryant Columbus, Indiana

I have already submitted this before but I never have been able to let go I wanted to try to write her how I felt and what I wished for her life. My old one was written while I was hurt and doesn’t express my true feelings.

Cheyenne Desiree Bryant

I have a wish for you. My wish for you is that one day you fall head over heels for the man of your dreams. That is perfect in every way, I wish that he is just as deeply in love with you as you are him. I hope that you have your dream wedding with all your family and friends there to watch as you take your vows in front of god.

Crystal Pease Fort Wayne, Indiana

Little back story on Crystal aka Crystal Meth. Her oldest son is 7 years old and when he was 1 year old, she was busted in a meth house with him….hence the name Crystal Meth!

Tammy Burns Forsyth & Rodney Skelton Indiana

I was married to Tammy Burns Forsyth for 14 years. Tammy had an affair when we lived in Beach Grove Indiana with a dick by the name of Dan Miles. We moved from there to another county. I should have known when I caught her with Dan Miles again after we moved I should have called it quits. I guess

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