Shannan Parks Indianapolis, Indiana

I am married to a man with Borderline Personality Disorder. I had no idea until I was deeply entwined in his web.

I battled him over a woman for years before I married him, until I walked away. He approached me and begged for forgiveness , proposed. I accepted but on the terms that it would

Dawn Kasten Winamac, Indiana

I think this site is wonderful! This woman is the known as the county whore. My husband has been friends with her for years (yep one of those “just friends” situations. Each year, my husband and the whore, along with a group of younger adults go on a canoe float trip. It started out being a float trip just for my husband

Chris Wiles Columbus, Indiana

I recently exposed a home wrecker on this site. Cheyenne Desiree Bryant from Columbus Indiana. However after finding out more about my current situation I decided to expose my husband as a Home wrecker. He is a cheater, He is a monster, He is a liar. This man Christopher Wiles, is my husband and someday

Jessica Gahl Indiana

On June 20th, 2014 my boyfriend disappeared at 2 pm and didn’t return home until 3 am. Drunk, telling me how his ex Jessica took him out for drinks. How she’s an ex that he only dated for a day several years ago, she put out same day and he dumped her.

Michael Hummel Kokomo, Indiana

I just want the world to know that Mike Hummel is a lying cheater. We started seeing each other in May of 2014. It was off and on until September. That’s when he told me he only wanted to be together. Although my head kept telling me that something wasn’t right, I trusted my heart. We shared a phone

Cheyenne Desiree Bryant Indiana

My husband started working at a factory near Columbus Indiana. Called (removed)! We were living with my grandma and I just had his baby in October 2013, she was premature. My grandma

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