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Shelby Lynn Phelps Indianapolis, Indiana

Ok my story starts in September of 2012 right before my birthday! This girl was my fiancés cousin’s ex-girlfriend. Well she started coming around trying to get the cousins attention but instead of just obtaining the cousins attention she also got my fiancés attention. I found out on the day of my birthday that he had been spending time with her and making out with her and he then later on fessed up to sleeping with her twice! Well I forgave him and we tried to move on. Well around Christmas the girl ended up apologizing to me and I tried to be kind hearted enough to forgive her because I know it takes 2!

Well around February she messaged me and was talking to me about how she was having a rough time and wanted to live somewhere where she could get her shit together and go back to school. So I kindly offered for her to stay with us but there were rules in place. Like she wasn’t allowed to be alone with my fiancé and so and so forth. Well I guess they found time to talk and then they decided that they wanted to be together, and then on Easter weekend he threw me and our 3 year old daughter out and then 2 weeks later he moved her in the house. Yea my kindness was taken advantage of to say the least. Yea it was dumb to try to help her but I thought good karma would be a nice thing to get in return. Well that didn’t work and now I hope they both get some bad karma like herpes.







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