New York

Ageiywaa Adjei — New York, New York


On July 24 2014 Ageiywaa Adjei aka Gifty called me to tell me that she and my husband of five years were in a relationship the entire time Kwaku Dugbatey and I were married. She said that he had fathered seven children and that his new one was with his mother’s best friend. I asked her why was she calling to tell me she said because he was living with her and the new baby mother kept calling asking for support. I told her what do she expect from a married man that she had a secret life with. She began to tell me about the first year of my marriage she said that the girl he said was pregnant by a pastor wad actually pregnant by him. This is the same girl that I sat next to during new year service. I was shocked and devastated. I call Kwaku but he denied it. Agyiewaa then called him three way with her m knowing that I was on the other line. After all of her screaming and crying he admitted to having multiple babies with multiple women. He admitted to fathering his mothers friend and admitted having sex with his mother roommates wife.

Monica Olaya — Bronx, New York

Monica Olaya, happens to be my husbands ex from over 20 or so years ago. He once lost interest after five years of dating, and they broke up. During the past 17 years of my life with him, he would make fun of her and her family, and he would laugh at some if the deepest most embarrassing of her secrets. He insulted her heritage, her deceased father that he disliked with a passion, made fun if her Ecuadorian family, roots, and their “tribal looks” in his words…the list can go on. This past year my suspicions arose, when I noticed a number he was calling, at times he would normally call me.

River Smith – Niagara Falls, New York


This one just won’t give up, first it was Skype calls they both thought I didn’t know about.. Then pictures, conversations saying “I love you.” Then the day came where I seen the conversation about the “amazing sex” they had. That’s enough, I told her off.. and for months now Have been telling her off. She won’t give up. They’ve pretended to break up atleast 20 times. But it was all a show so I’d get off there backs. He has a daughter with me, and we were supposed to be getting married in January. Now she’s telling me to go away and such because she wants me to leave them alone. I am so done with this girl and what she has done to my family. So let’s put the word out there. This one deserves to be posted up and exposed for what she is. I’m now having nightmares, and I can’t even look at my life, myself, or my fiancee the same ever again. I won’t back down until she gets the recognition she deserves.

Ashley Watkins — Elmira, New York

My husband of only a year, but together for 4, has been having an affair with this tramp. Not only in our home, but with our 10 month old son home. This home wrecker was suppose to be my “friend”. According to her it’s because I never “acted like a wife to him anyway”. We’re currently in the middle of a divorce and he is now “dating” her. This is the third marriage in 2 years that she has ruined.

Dani McPartlin – New York City


Dani McPartlin stalked my husband on social media then began dating him and when he tried to end things she harassed to him to eventually destroy our family. I am regretful as i pushed my husband to divorce but the truth is he is a very good man and even better father. So many look up to him and I allowed this evil excuse for a woman to break down my family even more. The very thing she stands for in the classroom she is contradicting in her life choices and to my understanding this is not her first time doing so. She tried to destroy my husband for finally trying to do the right thing and now she thinks it’s okay to see three young children struggle because she had a temper tantrum and decided to try and get back at him knowing he was married the entire time. I believe she is a principal in Harlem at the Future Leaders Institute. I am now working to try and get my family back together. Thanks to her we have lost so so much and while I am angry with my husband I am even more disappointed in this sorry excuse for a woman who says she cares about children yet will stop at no lengths to get what she wants.

Kate Piasecki – Alexander, New York

dirty whore 2

My husband and I were together for 4 years married for just one year. I had 2 children from different relationships and my husband was raising my youngest as his own since he did not know his real dad. Our relationship had its ups and downs but I never saw this coming. It hit my family like a mack truck and destroyed our lives. My husband Tim started hanging out often with a new friend. He would go there every weekend to supposedly ride four wheelers and build deer stands. He had even taken my youngest out there with him so I didn’t think much of it. Until one day out of the blue he decided he wanted a divorce. He claimed he couldn’t take the stress of supporting the family since I was disabled and all the constant fighting. He moved out of our home and moved in with his friend. After about 3 weeks he came back asking to work things out. He missed me and the kids and wanted his family to work. I took him back and things were fine for a few days until I went threw his phone while he was sleeping and found messages from Kate. Enter the homewrecker! He confessed that she was the daughter of his new friend and that she had been living there at the same time he was.

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