Candice Brown aka Candice Brown-Mann Brooklyn, New York

This miserable self-centered homewrecking character thought that she was going to destroy my family by being my husband’s douche bag. (more…)

Bambi L Rondeau Plattsburgh, New York

My husband and I had been together for nearly 9 years/married for 3 when my husband had an affair with this slut bucket. (more…)

Natasha Castillo Queens, New York

I was with my husband for 16 years when he cheated with Natasha at work. We were high school sweethearts and built a (more…)

Deborah Fortin Valley Stream, New York

This girl Deborah Fortin is one of the nastiest home wreckers I know. She pursued my husband constantly on Facebook (more…)

Nicole Meehan McDuffie Coram, New York

My husband met this idiot in a self-help group. She knew he was married but slept with him anyway. She told me it started out (more…)

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