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Gina Sabatino New York

This is pig numero uno! This woman is the lowest of the low and needs exposure ASAP!

Gina Sabatino age 65, from Howard Beach NY (owns property in Harris, NY too) is the pig of all pigs BEWARE!

I met my husband in 1995. I was 20 he was 36. I had a 2 year old daughter from my previous marriage. We moved in together and before I knew it I was pregnant 2 months in to the relationship. I had my second Read More

Julieanne Mazurkiewicz Buffalo, New York

Two years ago, in 2012, I received an email from the boyfriend of my husband’s mistress, telling me that my husband had been carrying on a 12 year affair with his ex, Julieanne Mazurkiewicz. He had obviously done his research and included, as proof of the affair, private facebook postings between my husband and his mistress as well as cell phone records. Read More

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