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Janet Layana — Brooklyn, New York

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This home wrecking whore, Janet Layana is a disgusting nasty piece of excuse for a woman. She has three kids by three different men and none of them married her nasty ass. She met my husband at work and has used her three kids to get to his soft side. She would text him and tell him “papi, the kids need a ride to the YMCA”. She knows that he’s married and has a new baby, she doesn’t care all she wants is what she could get from him. A few times she’s called and I answered his phone, she tells me they are just friends. She knows her position and she plays it very well. They both work at a hospital, she’s a bottom of the barrel whore, who’d do anything to get what she wants.

Tatiana Miko Noble — Brooklyn, New York


Let me start by saying I wish I new about this site 7 yrs ago! altho I probably wouldn’t have been able to post my story because I was only 16. So my story starts in October 2005, my sophomore year of High School, I met this boy name d Zack and we were inseparable, like night and day he was my shadow… In the spring of 2006, at just 15 yrs old, I found out that I was pregnant. I was terrified, I didn’t know what to do so I didn’t tell any one, not even him! I tried to hide it as much as possible. That summer I needed to attend summer school classes. (just for everyones clearance, I was not a hot in the ass little girl, I got good grades and went to school everyday!).

Amy Liu — Manhattan, New York


Her name is Amy Liu, the tourist guide, travels frequency between US. And China. She is skilled at seduce the married man and several families have been ruined. As she was a whore before, she cheated on the man by saying like this:

“I make love with you because I love you, I wouldn’t hurt you and your family.”

And mostly after 10 hours when she flied to other city she said the same to others. To showing off her attractive, she is acting innocent and “Playing Dumb”as manipulation tactics. Different cities and time zone gave her the opportunities to flirt men and finds excuse to get them into bed. She has inflicted so much pain and suffering to my children and me. My family broken because of this bitch. Here are the cities she will always live, HI, LA, NY, DC, BUF, SFO, LAX.

Stephania Denis — Brentwood, New York


My husband was on a trip with his friends. He claims this lady followed him to the room. She suck his dick is the hall of the hotel. He avoid her for a week the consistently call him. She stated that she understand he has a family but she like his style and was very persistent. She ask him to fly to New York and she would pay the flight. He denied the flight but she flew to my town and the affair began. He claims he sorry but Stephania has reach out to me by Facebook stating that she only wants to be my husband friend. This lady is crazy we are trying to get pass it. My husband has changed his number but I believe this relationship is still going on bc she is persistent.

Kayleigh Cornelious — Johnson City, New York


My now ex fiancé and I were together for 3 & 1/2 years & we have 3 beautiful babies together. I noticed him acting funny and that he friend requested this girl on Facebook. When I asked him about her he said she was just a friend he went to school with, ok cool no problem. Then he started not coming home till late at night and sleeping in the living room. On September 7th he told me he loved me and never wanted to lose me. On the 8th he had fallen out of love with me and wanted nothing to do with me. Over night!!!!! Bs. So I started doing some investigating. He had been talking to this bitch for sometime and come to find out she was engaged to a man training to fight for this country!!!! Talk about a home wrecker!!!! Wrecking her own and someone else’s!!! We are now broke up and I moved out. Her and her now ex fiancé are split and he is now a Marine! We definitely deserve better!!!

Tara Modlin — New York, New York


Maybe its still too fresh… She’s been texting my husband for over a year and I just found out. I don’t know anything about her other than shes from New York and hates her current husband. Why does she need to slither her way into my life?

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