New York

Becka Williams — Dunkirk, New York


I was 3 months prego when she first started messing with my husband I was at work one day and she messaged me on fb saying how my.husband looked cute and she was just talking to him and she was all over him and he liked it well when I got home that night she ran in her house wearing just a towel so I got out and confronted him he denied it so I let it go and then she continued to flirt and run outside without a shirt on and flash him and do whatever it took too talk to him as days passed and it all happened when I wasn’t home then I had enough and finally confronted her and she said she liked him a lot that she was sure he loved her well then I asked her to show me the proof and she had nothing to show so I went through his phone and fb and I found all these photos in his.msg unread the only thing that made me believe my husband was he had no prior incedients he was always faithful until one day when I came home she tried setting my husband up but little did she know he wasn’t home so I caught her and through her ass out but in the end she finally slept with him got her way but I didn’t walk away from him

Chrissy Zak – Lancaster, New York


About two years ago my traveling husband met a woman at work and started an affair. She knew he was married with two kids and a beautiful wife. He started treating me poorly and made me feel bad about myself. I thought he was stressed at work and I gave him extra attention, made his favorite meals, made love to him more. I felt bad because his travel schedule increased and he wasn’t here to help with the kids and practices, etc. well one morning after we made love he was scrolling through his phone and I was nestled in his armpit cuddling and telling him how much I love him and an email popped up. It had hearts and said Chrissy loves Kevin. I asked who and what the hell was this? I believed my husband was the worlds best man. I thanked God for him everyday and loved him endlessly. Well. He promised it was a just a friend, it was over, she was more into him, I believed him. For two years he lied, played games, took fake business trips to stay with her in her home. Finally he admitted the truth this year. Her niece died from cancer and that took precedence and she dropped him. Wasn’t long until he picked up another one. Anyway these women knew he was married. Knew we have a home, two kids, perfect little world and they chose to wreck our lives. Needless to say I struggle everyday financially, my credit is ruined, my husband wouldn’t allow me to go to to college because he promised to take care of me. After 18 years of marriage and 25 years of loving him he decided at 37 he would cheat and she ended up leaving him. Did he do the right thing? Nope. He brought another woman into our married home and she tried to move in. All her things are here. I told her two weeks to get the shit out or I donate it. So to be fair I moved back into our shared home and she can’t come here. My house. My things. Fuck her.

Angela Robinson — Brownsville, New York


My ex is a lying, cheating no good scum of the Earth piece of shit. I just found out he was cheating on me with with a newly married girl upstairs Nadia Rose. I was trying to work things out with him and figure out how to move on in a positive direction. I was literally sitting in the bathroom counter, he was in the shower. I saw his phone wrapped in a towel on the back of the the toilet. I put in the password it worked, and voila it worked. A text come thru from 347-432-3238. Hey I miss you so much, I hope you don’t work on Monday so we can hang out. Mind you this gal is married to David Robinson they all live on the 200th block of East 94th Street in Brownsville Brooklyn New York. I lost it, the second time in less than a month. He looked into my eyes and swore he would never do it again. They are both miserable and he never deserved me. I will be happy again.

Terri Bolebruch — Gloversville, New York


After 14 years of marriage, I was shocked to find out my husband was cheating on me. Of course, I was so upset it made me sick. He said they were only friends, but emails said otherwise. After I calmed down, and thinking how can I do this to our children, I decided to forgive him and work on our marriage. For the next 2 plus years I caught him talking/texting her, people would send me pictures of them together. She actually posted pictures of them together on her facebook. She blocked me of course, she knew he was married. I kept forgiving him wanting to believe his lies, he swore to our kids that he was not with her, but all along probably lying to her about me, now that I know what I know. He was actualy caught with her Father’s Day, after a big family dinner at a local restaurant by someone in my family, ( which was also 2 days after my mother passed away from cancer), he still denied being with her. He said she saw his truck at the Dunkin Donuts and came in to see him. But after 2 plus years of all the BS, I finally decided to get a divorce. The picture posted is off her and my soon to be Ex-husband. She is such a crick pig!

Jessica Suboski — Fulton, New York


Beware of this one. She cant keep her legs closed! My boyfriend and I have been together for a few years now and I thought things were great, at least until this homewrecking whore came into the picture. It was the little things I noticed first: not asking how my day was or my boyfriend sharing his. We always did that. Then it was the late night texts that kept coming, when asked who it was he told me it was from work. This isn’t uncommon so I didn’t think to much about it until I got the phone bill and realized he had been texting with the same number over 350 times that week alone. So that night while he was in the bathroom I looked at his phone. All his messages had been deleted but he didnt delete his call history. I was able to read most the messages and found out my boyfriend was having sex with this girl. I was destroyed. I had no idea what to think or do. I confronted him and he told me it was a coworker. He said she kept coming onto him suggesting she could show him a good time, a better time than me. He swore it was a one time thing. A mistake and over. When I asked him if it was over why he was still texting her and why her messages asked him to come to her apartment again. Why he had responded that he couldn’t wait to do it again. He just kept saying it was a mistake. I wanted to believe him so I stayed. Then I found him with her again a few weeks later. I couldn’t believe it. How stupid am I. He destroyed everything we had together. I called the tramps number but she wouldnt talk to me. This whore has a boyfriend too. Theyve been together for 2 years yet she keeps spreading her legs wide open for everyone. I found her boyfriend on facebook, told him she was a cheating whore. He didnt respond. I also found out she was f&#%ing other male coworkers too. Some are married. This cunt needs to be stopped. She doesnt care what she does, who she f#&%s or what damage she does to couples. I cant deny my boyfriend is in the wrong. Just because she’s a whore doesnt mean he needs to let his dick out of his pants. But as long as this bitch is aloud to spread her twat ahe will continue to f#&% your boyfriend too. Let it be known.

Elizabeth Ann Vaughn — Franklin, New York


Elizabeth Ann Vaughn a Facebook friend or so I thought of my fiancĂ© has been messaging him privately. Stated she knew after over 2 years that we were still together and expecting a baby by admitting she looked on my Facebook page to confirm info. She then proceeded to let him know she didn’t care and wanted him to know she “wanted” him anyways. She sent sexual messages repeatedly and even sent nasty pictures of her discusting breast. She of course cropped the photo to exclude her face but low class whore left her identifying tattoo on her wrist exposed. She has children and should be worried about taking care of them instead of pursuing a man that’s in a long term relationship with a baby coming in April. She messed with the wrong woman’s family as I am not going to sit back and deal with trash without exposing the truth.

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