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Ashley Johnson — Jacksonville, North Carolina

This girl started texting and messaging my husband on Facebook when I told her to back off she had little to say…she was deleted from his fb and added back this year where in feb she started texting my husband again when confronted this time that he is a married man she said she knew and wanted to break up our marriage. They text for about a month and after a week she was telling him she loved him and was trying to get him to leave me and have him be with her….she was told to leave him alone by him and 11 days later is with someone else who is in the military she’s looking to wreck marriages for a paycheck….she’s easy and sleazy so women watch your men!!!!

Andrea Corrynn — Raleigh, North Carolina

I’m posting this anonymously because Andrea is my friend. I’m friends with her baby girl’s father too who hasn’t yet realized that Andrea cheated on him. Andrea has let mutual men cum inside her since she found out she was pregnant. She did a porn in the past and was rekindling the chemistry with the friend she starred in the x-rated movie with at the same time as she was expecting with her man Silas Poppy. I’m so sad for her child’s future and Silas’. Andrea, come clean!!!

Brittany Byrd — Whiteville, North Carolina

I have been with Ronald Swinton off and on for about 14 years. It ended March of this year because I am now tired!! He has had many outside relationships on me. He has also given me two STDs. So in Feburary of this year he decided to take a “friend” to his mother birthday party because I was not able to go. That was the last straw for me. He cried and asked me to stay. So yesterday I talked to Brittany and she they had been together since July and she knew all about me. At the time I did not know she was my classmate and friend on FaceBook. So I reached out to her to let her know I knew who she was and she said “I’m not the bad guy, I don’t want no drama” … Really?? Ok so she blocked me. He did two because he had her come to the house we shared with our children. The first day he introduced them she spent the night and stayed in the room most of the weekend. How trashy is that? I wish them well!

Stephanie Lingerfelt — Hickory, North Carolina

Little miss I think I’m the most beautiful girl in the world is a homewrecking w****. Stephanie Lingerfelt sleeps with multiple married man, and will do whatever it takes to keep a sales job. I’ve been with him for over a year, we were doing great, and this b**** starts to move in on him. Sending him flirty texts that aren’t job related, asking him our for drinks, paying visits to his house. All very unprofessional stuff. She knew he was a married man, but did that stop her? No she kept pursing him to the point, she didn’t care if she was seen out in public with him They would do unprofessional lunch dates. She is a thirty year old woman, who acts like she is twenty.

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Jay Henderson — Charlotte, North Carolina

My wife and I were high school sweet hearts and are married for 36 years. Everyone thought we were the perfect loving couple and so did I. She left me out of the blue with a phone call while she was on a business trip. She told me she had been seeing a councilor for several months and her they thought it would be best for her to move out. I was shocked and did not believe it. I quickly found a marriage councilor who had time for us the following week and she agreed to go with me. We continued to go to marriage counseling once a week for about four months. It was going extremely well and she would come home on weekends and things were almost normal. One day when we were suppose to go to marriage counseling she called to tell me she was going to a Yoga and meditation retreat for 10 days to get her head together. I thought it was a great idea and told her that this could be a turning point for us. It was but not in a good way. She did not go to a Yoga retreat. Her Boyfriend convinced her to go to Greece with him. I found this out months later when I talked to his wife (yes he was married).

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Haley Roberts — Raleigh, North Carolina

I was planning my wedding to my now husband, Ben, when I found Facebook messages between him and this Haley Roberts person. He was begging to come over and just overall being a lying cheating scum bag. We already had a son together and were getting married in a month. It goes without saying I was devastated. I reached out to this Haley person through Facebook and asked her very politely to STOP speaking to my husband or pursuing any type of relationship with him. I thought that any respectable woman would feel terrible if someone’s wife reached out to them. If I had been in her shoes I would have been mortified and stopped all contact immediately, but I didn’t know the caliber or homewrecker I was dealing with. Our life went on, but things were never good between us. I never understood why my husband had so little interest in me our son, our newborn daughter or this family we had together. I come to find out that the relationship with Haley never stopped. This time I told her not so nicely to LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE. She outright ignored me for a second time.

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Jessica Lee-Anne — Raleigh, North Carolina

I’ve thought long and hard over exposing my homewrecker, as normally I am a very private person. However, this nasty home wrecker has been living in my head “rent free” and everyone should know what terrible person she is.  I met my soon-to-be ex husband while serving in the military back in 2012. We hit it off almost immediately and I quickly fell head over heels for him regardless of his “playboy/player” reputation. I thought he was a changed man since he had deleted all these girls numbers and he spent all his free time with me.  We eventually had a child together and married in 2013. When I was pregnant I had happened to have his phone and was playing games and received a text message. When it popped up on the screen it read, “Hey baby, when are you gonna see me again?” So that spurred me to go through his messages and I saw he had been inappropriately talking to a chick. I confronted him about it and he swore he’d never do it again. I should have just left him then, but I let it go. Looking back, I can see our relationship was rushed but I loved him. I thought he loved me too, but I was so very wrong.

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Alicia Cassis — Charlotte, North Carolina

Alicia Cassis started out as a just a friend of my fiances. She would come over and chill with us and even hug me on the way out the door every time she left. She never seemed like the type to hit on a taken man. Well I was wrong. I should of seen the signs and stopped it before it started. Well I happened to go through my mans phone and found text where she was trying to hit on him. He in text just ignored them basically. After I confronted him with the text he also told me the last time she was over at my house that she gave him a hug and touched his ass (she was completely sober). Well she is getting to bold for my f****** taste and I shut it down. She is no longer allowed in my house or around my man. If I see her in public I might choke a b****. I’m lucky I have such an honest fiance to tell me this but you may not. So here is her photo. If you see her around, don’t trust her skany ass. I’m more than heated this b**** disrespected me in my own home. Also made my fiance feel super uncomfortable and ruined a good friendship. In a perfect world man and woman can be JUST friends but, you can’t trust anyone in reality. I hope karma gets you b****.

Misti Dawn — Greensboro, North Carolina

My husband and I have been together for 15 years, 14 years married. We have been through horrific times and remained a solid partnership. I was diagnosed with heart failure in 2000 and he stood beside me through everything. The loss of my 9 month old grandson in 2001, my brother in 2002, a brain tumor in 2004, my husband was always by my side. I always called him my gift from God.

On our 10th anniversary the last night of our trip, I ask for his computer (which he readily handed to me). I was looking for some pictures and ran into Porn. He stood there and lied to my face. The first crack had appeared…

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Maria — Burlington, North Carolina

My boyfriend is faithful on going to the gym everyday and lately it’s been several times a day. Now I know why!!! He had been so different to me that I started to suspect something just wasn’t right!! I picked up his phone and was looking at photos and came across this. He says they are only friends but I’m not stupid!!! They have been snap chatting outside the gym !! He won’t give me her number so I’m gonna make a trip to gym. And locate this trash!! He tried to say his cousin sent photos to him then finally admitted they were his!! Not to mention he is sending his photos he sent to me!!! He first said she was married but no ring is on her finger in the photo. It’s been lie after lie so for sure there is something to hide here… Read More

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