North Carolina

Carolyn Marie Howerton — Windsor, North Carolina


This Harlot claims to be a painter/artist but is an unemployed working girl, aka prostitute. She was caught with a 50 year old married man in a motel room by his wife. She is a 22 year old preacher’s daughter from Windsor NC. Her Father is a preacher at Askewville AG.

Nicole Trudeau — Raleigh, North Carolina

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This is a lengthy story and I hope you are all prepared. To start, I have caught my husband being unfaithful numerous times by being an internet whore himself, but what I am about to let everyone know is that this story is of the most heartless and nasty creature by the name of Nicole Trudeau who currently lives in Raleigh NC but this happened in Louisburg NC. Ok, here we go… At the time, my husband, me (pregnant with our second baby that I lost during all of this) lived inaplace called King NC. It was a very small place with no jobs, so my husband had the grand idea of going to stay at his parent’s house in Louisburg NC…

Jama-Rene Hutchison — Creedmoor, North Carolina


I relocated to NC from CT in 2009 with my, at the time fiancé and my two children, from a previous relationship. I was pregnant with our daughter. We started off great of course, but then I started to see his laziness and unclean habits. And I have OCD, clean and organization is key for me. So of course we started to argue of him not working a full time job and bills not getting paid on time. I was trying to make ends me alone, with him right there in the home.

Maggie K. — Fayetteville, North Carolina

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I’d like to introduce you to Maggie K, she won’t tell anyone her last name but she is 20, living in Fayetteville NC. It was her first year to the unit and I met her and she wanted to hang out with people, being the nice person I am I invited her over, but she told me she was 21. My boyfriend of a year and half was there and she was all over him, she kept rubbing on him and flirting with him, I had told her to stop that is my boyfriend and she said she would stop she didn’t realize even though he had his arm around me and was kissing me.

Jatoya Conaway — Fayetteville, North Carolina

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Well I have been with my significant other for almost 14 years and we lived together for the past 10 months. He’s been acting funny.  First around the time he graduated I suspected he was cheating with a former class mate, but after that we made up and things still seemed a little funny!

I know he works in the hospital and he’s gonna have female friends, doctors, nurses etc!! So I found some raffle tickets in his car with her name on it like they were trying to get Jordan’s… then I asked him about it he says oh we are just cool.

Lan Yao — Kannapolis, North Carolina


Lan Yao is ruining my marriage of 31 years and breaking apart a beautiful family. She has inflicted so much pain and suffering to my children and me. If you see her at the Kannapolis Research Institute or if she is waiting on your table at the local restaurant, please tell her it is wrong to sleep with a married man who is as old as her father.

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