North Carolina

Melissa Lynn Maness — Shelby, North Carolina

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I met this person at a flee market. We became friends. We talked about my wife and her live in boyfriend of 10 years. When she found out my wife and I weren’t getting along and that I thought she was to a point that she was gonna leave me, she said her man wasn’t satisfying her and asked if I wanted to be” friends with benefits”. At this point in our marriage, my wife and I weren’t having sex and only fighting. My needs were not being met which doesn’t mean I had a good reason for what I did, just that I needed something. I told her that was all it would ever be and that I would never leave my wife and that I still loved my wife no matter what. She agreed and we started meeting for sex. I didn’t want her to feel she was being used so yes, I was nice to her. She took that the wrong way and I guess started thinking I was interested in a relationship. NOT AT ALL. I would never leave my wife for anyone, especially not her. At first I started saying things to her that I shouldn’t have but she acted mad, or hurt and pushed me into saying them. Then it got to where I had to say these things to keep her from telling my wife.

Ashley Calverley — Charleston, North Carolina


This lowlife cunt smiled in my face whenever she saw me at my husband’s job, but still sucked and fucked whenever she got the opportunity. This bitch has been in my home, on dates that my money has paid for, and even a week long trip with him to the West Coast January 16-23, 2016. Obviously, the former Miss N.C. has no moral values and can’t keep her loose pussy in her panties or I wouldn’t be having this problem. Ashley attends Meetup groups with my husband, they’ve gone to Sadie Hawkins dances, group orgies, and running events. Meanwhile, I’m working on my professional career and he’s spending all of my money on this whore! She actually thinks that he loves her, what a dumb f$cking c*nt!

Cory Sullivan — Bolivia, North Carolina


Registered sex offender, pedophile, and deadbeat, solicited nudes from his wife’s underage sister, and solicited her friends for sex. Ignored his kid for years, then took an interest when he realized she helped him pick up chicks. He dated his married coworker and snuck over to hook up when her husband wasnt home. Then dated his new married girlfriend for a year and decided to knock her up. Let her tell everyone it was her husband’s baby through the entire pregnancy. Was proud to be dating married women and bragging about how great it was.

Melissa Lynn Maness — Shelby, North Carolina


This is Melissa Lynn Maness, also goes by Missy, Melissa Lynn, & Melissa Keeter. She is also on FB by other names, as well, but I don’t know them. She lives in Shelby, NC. She has no job but sells at flee markets in the surrounding area. She has 5 kids from different men and didn’t raise any of them. She has some type of mental problem and says she has been locked in a hospital before. She lives with her boyfriend of 10 years and says she plans to leave him as soon as she finds a way. My husband says that she told him she’s had 10 other affairs while with this boyfriend of 10 years. That he doesn’t sexually satisfy her so she keeps looking elsewhere. Why would a man put up with that? Who knows? She has no morals, no respect for anyone, and no home training at all. I refer to her as trash because she is the lowest form of person there is. She stays with one man because she has no where else to go. He controls every part of her life and has accused her of having sex for money himself. She will have sex with a man even if she knows from the beginning that he is married.

Joanna Marie Nickles — Charleston, North Carolina


This girl is your basic white trash slut. No class at all, trailer park cunt from hell. She has terrible tattoos that show what a basic ass bitch she really is. Of course she would be obsessed with cheetah print, what hoe isn’t it?? She claims that she is a bad bitch but is really just a shitty mother and person. She neglects her daughter, and chooses men and sex over her child. Her highest level of education is 8th grade, go figure. Broke ass bum bitch who gets money from her mommy. She has slept with 42 men, has had multiple trains ran on her, her pussy is loose as fuck, and smells like shit. Joanna also has had 4 stds: trichamonas, chlamydia, warts, and herpes. She is a gaped to fugly little troll. She also enjoys sleeping with guys friends and family members. Her main targets though are men who were in a happy relationship for 5 years with a good women bit gives a guy xanax and practically raped him and ruined a good relationship…. should have known she would have been a home wrecking cunt as well. Jokes on both of them though, now they are both broke, uneducated, drug addicts, who sit around and beat the shit out of each other.

Conner Broome — Belmont, North Carolina


It all started when I became pregnant. I was with my childs father for four and a half years when we found out. We were so excited. Then we found out our jobs were about to be lost due to reconstruction, so we had to find new jobs and fast. He found one at the local tattoo parlor. I noticed that around a month or two of him working there he was getting a lil immature. Smoking Pot doing stupid crap ya know, falling back into his old ways not preparing to be a father. He didnt buy but one pack of diapers and here I am working 12 hour days and buying everything. Fast forward to my son Being born. We had our LO and things got bad really quick. He was sickly and I was still working and things were getting rough at home. Then I started to notice Josh not being around alot. He’d come home at night and not come to bed etc…

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