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Latasha Pollomallo North Carolina

My husband and I had been married for 15 years and are raising 2 beautiful children. Girl 14 Boy 7. I started working on my PhD the beginning of January 2013. So needless to say my husband and I talked about this and decided that I should work on it now. Schoolwork was very time consuming and I couldn’t keep my head above water trying to juggle work, home, kids, husband. So he stated he would support me but needless to know he did not support me at all.

This woman took the school Bus and Traffic Safety class my husband teaches. She liked the way he looked, what he drove and knew right off the bat that he was married. She sought out conversation with my husband because she in her marriage were having great difficulties. So they started talking and of course tells each other their faults in their marriage. Naturally if you see a good man who is an excellent father and takes cares of his business, Mrs. Pollomallo name at the time, decides that she can console him and be there instead of making it none of her business. She sought my husband out to get what she wanted. Come to find out he is taking walks with her in the park close to where she works, when she gets off work because she was a school teacher. They would eat early dinners and my husband would come home like he had been at work all day. Finally my husband and I were looking for tutors for my daughter since she was having trouble in math. Come to find out my she decides to get closer and be the tutor for my daughter inside my house I might add. I normally get off work at 530pm but on occasions I would try to get off early to try to come home and meet this woman but all attempts failed because when I got home they were already gone. I would then call her several times to see how my daughter was doing and she would never pick up nor return a call to. That’s when I knew something was going on. My husband stated he was going to VA to the racetrack with his brother but come to find out he took her on a weekend getaway in VA. Leaving on Friday and coming back on Sunday. I confronted my husband and it all came up. Her husband found out and kicked her out of the house. So she decides she can’t live without my husband. I got to her house and confronted both of them and vowed to knock the s*** out of both of them. Hurt as I was, I knocked the hell out of him and he was telling her to call the cops. I told her if she moved then I would lay her ass out. She was scared and she did not budge. My husband ran out of the house. I turned and told her to keep him. As I got home he was home not even 5 minutes later. Claiming he wants to be with me and he wants his family. I told him he had to go because he wants more than what I can give him. He used to hit me but quickly after I found out he was cheating and in my house no less I decided that he would never put his hand on me ever again because if he did, I would lay hands right back on him. He would not move out of the house for a whole year and we fought everyday until he finally moved out.

Please be aware of this ugly ass gremlin lurking around your husband or anything that doesn’t belong to her. She lives in Goldsboro NC and teaches at (removed). Her name is Latasha Pollomallo (removed) The Parents that raised this little homewrecking w**** live in Fuquay-Varina NC. PLEASE BE AWARE!!!



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