North Carolina

Duy Brian Le — Raleigh, North Carolina


My wife and I have been together for 4 years; but out of those 4 years, 2 years I lived in her lies. First two years were great! She really loved me and I could tell. But then, one day, she just changed. I noticed signs, I understood what was going on. So, I tried, tried, and tried to make things work between us until her lies were exposed.
One day in May 2015, she gave me the passwords to her facebook and her email to do some paperwork for her. When I logged in to her facebook, I found out that she was sexting with a guy named Duy Le. Triggered by curiosity, I kept on scrolling up until everything was clear. They had been going out for a while, and when they got comfortable, they started sex conversations. She took him home, made him hot chocolate, and complained about me being mad at her for flirting to another guy in front of my mom. She referred to me as her ex. Then, long story short, they had sex. They continued their wrongdoing for months until she told him that she had a boyfriend/husband; he replied “I know, but I want to change that.” And so they kept on having sex and sexting at night, while in the mornings, she still talked to me as if nothing had happened. Months later, they grew apart as she found a new guy, Arshen KZ. This guy was more manipulative. He took things slow, and made her fall for him, instead of just sleeping with her like the last guy, Duy Le.
06/04/2015, her lies were exposed. She left, but because she is an international student, and needed a sponsor, she crawled back to me. And I forgave her and asked her to end her relationship with Arshen KZ by telling him she had returned to me.
06/27/2015, I found out that they still sent love messages. She saved his contact under a fake name – David Kim.
07/07/2015, she asked him for a plane ticket so they could get away. The end of our story!

Lisa Marie Rector — Statesville, North Carolina


So first off we need to examine what a then 26 year old would want with a 57 year old man? While you ponder that for two whole seconds, because none of us are stupid, I’ll say it’s because there is an M.D. after his last name. Now that the 32 year age difference is at least understood then we can go on to how this all began. I’ve been with my other half for 14 years and we have a child that is the center of the world.

Antonio Dementris Brown — Greensboro, North Carolina

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I’m not really even sure how to start this. I met my then manager Antonio D Brown, DOB:01/05/79, when he was transferred to my Greensboro, NC Lowe’s Home Improvement store, #2222. He wasn’t my type at all, much heavier than most I dated , walked funny but he charmed me with his sense of humor. We worked very closely together on many projects and during so he pursued me. I gave him my number one day because he was picking on me about an event I had handled while he was out of town. He said I was gonna call you to pick on you about blah blah but I didn’t have your number. So I gave him my number. Funny really because it really had nothing to do with him hitting me up I was just being my normal “well ok then” self. He started texting me immediately and “couldn’t believe” I actually gave him my number (cuz again he thought I was in to him, I wasn’t… yet). Again charmed, funny, trying to “court me” if you will, eventually I said alright & started a surface thing. During our 5 years I stupidly loaned him money, lots of money (for which I’m suing him for), I was there for him when his dad died, when his best friend died, we were together a lot and I did everything for him my son & him were close as well.

Crystal Brodie/Davis — Raleigh, North Carolina

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Meet crystal dirty ass Brodie or Davis….a married woman who would go thru anything to be with my fiance.¬†They start messing around in January when my daughter was only 5 months old. I got a little suspicious and called her and Like any other desperate Looney woman who husband left her she lied and said they are just friends. I kept snooping and the truth came out when he refused to leave me for her for me, he got her pregnant in march and made her have a abortion , she wanted him to leave me and his daughter for her and her 4 kids lol.

Missy Danielle Oakley — Jacksonville, North Carolina


The woman broke up a marriage of 12 years and later married the guy to only push him and his kids away two years later so much for the moral value of Limestone County dhr workers it was to the point at the end the kids were almost push from the home because she placed more value on animal than she did her own step kids and she refused to give back the animals that she bought as a birthday present and then wants this poor dude to pay for a loan they got together I need for the car she is using to go and crawl in the bed with her the whole town of Florence and Athens Alabama.

Terri D. Watson — Raleigh, North Carolina


Terri D. Watson from North Carolina. I am married since 5 years and dating my husband since 10. We live in Germany. He is from the US. There lives an ex girlfriend from 30 years ago when he was 18 years old. Her husband died and she received over 17 million dollars in wrongful death due to her husband’s death. That’s when it started. She started to contact my husband acting like a want to be friend. Always hinting how much better life would be for him if he left me and came to live with her. Since we struggled big time, she finally got her will and after 2 years of marriage he left. Needless to say that she sent him a plane ticket. After he got to the US she showed her true colours. He wasn’t allowed to call home to his kids or communicate with me. His wife by law! She took away cell phone and laptops and locked them away while she went to run errands. He had a hard time finding a job so he couldn’t get out of the situation. After a very short time he found a way to get back home to me. I forgave him and thought we leave all that behind us and start new. But she didn’t stop. It got so far that she promised him 100.000 dollars if he comes back. Broke and week as he was he took up her offer and left AGAIN. At that time i was already a nervewreck. This coninued for 12 months. He left me six times and came back. She paid for all of those tickets. The final time he came back, he got into Therapie and I also. That was over 2 years ago and life is very good now.

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