North Carolina

Kanise Dykes — Greensboro, North Carolina


Kanise is a whore. She was ugly, I was dealing with her because pretty woman are headaches and I needed a break. She knows she’s not attractive or at least she should especially because my grandmother called her a monkey practically to her face. With that being said, I’ve never been unfaithful to my wife. The problem is kanise or kiki decided that after 5 years of me not dealing with he, (last time I porked her fat ass was in 2010, I met my wife in 2012) Whore decided during xmas to resuface by contacting my parents (of all people) to get to me. She knows that I am married because she was stalking my wife and myself on social media. So this is for the whore that’s unhappy with her brother who’s also the father of her incestuous-out-of-wedlock-kid: LEAVE ME ALONE. I DON’T WANT YOU AND I NEVER DID. YOU WAS OK FOR A NUT WHEN I DIDN’T WANT TO USE MY HAND. I WAS ACTUALLY DISGUSTED WITH MYSELF AFTER THE ACT EVERY TIME. THAT’S WHY I IMMEDIATELY GOT UP AND LEFT THE ROOM, I WAS ASHAMED. You should be ashamed. I was never your man but you’re stalking me, why? You was never going to be my wife. You are never going to be A wife because chris didn’t marry after he skeeted in you (he still lived rent free thou right?). You’re a whore kiki. You was a whore then and you’re probably still a whore now. Just continue to have incestuous little bastards with your forever-unemployed-uneducated-brother chris. You’re tainted. You’re damaged goods. You should go out and get a life, a decent job so you can support your child born out of wedlock with your brother chris and then live it up with your super loose pussy and saggy tits. Wallow petunia! I mean you looked old and worn when I last saw you in 2011 ( that’s why I didn’t take you up on your offer to hump you while you was pregnant), I doubt there’s been a change for the better without a team of plastic surgeons and a great wig maker, so the end may be near for you and we both know only the blazing pits of hell await you at the end of your sad-pathetic-miserable life.

Steve Tremper — Raleigh, North Carolina


Met this creature online line. Not a good decision. He is the worst of the worst. He is a deviate and predator of women. DO NOT believe anything he tells you, he is a compulsive liar and you will be one in a long list of many. His cheating is a lifestyle to him and he does not care who he hurts. He has been married twice and he told me his second marriage only lasted months. I wonder why with this monster. He tried to intimidate me for money and became abusive and violent when I refused. He sings with the Masters men in Raleigh and it makes me wonder why they cannot see through his charade. Double life for sure. Be careful he is a monster.

Tarina Henderson — Bismarck, North Dakota


Alright, ladies, I have a story for you!!! This little bitch, who works at Mandan Walmart, likes to f*ck with the wrong people. Tarina finds the most attractive thing about a man is his wedding ring. Not only is she F*CKING my husband, but she is also getting brought into MY home and around OUR daughter. My daughter just told me all about how daddy’s “friend” was there and her and daddy had alone time. Watch your men, ladies! We’ve got another nasty one.

Jessica Scott — Asheville, North Carolina


Jessica Scott will ruin your marriage! Watch out PVA!!! Jessica scott is a 26 yr old with 3 babydaddys already!

Crystal Trivette — Jefferson, North Carolina


I have had my doubts that my husband had been seeing someone else. Well long story short, her boyfriend found me on Facebook and confirmed all my doubts. Now 2 families and 3 children (1 being my own and the other two are hers from 2 different fathers) are facing the ruins of their selfishness. A woman who will mess with a married man, or vice versa, is nothing but trash and has absolutely no understanding of what it means to take those vows. But that’s ok.. time will play out and I just have to say that I have no sympathy for what is in their future.

Kara Yonce — Asheboro, North Carolina

homewrecker! (1)

She tried. She halfway exceeded. The only thing she has going for her is her apartment and minivan. The minivan that my husband drives over an hour away to make love to me while she’s at work. Now I’m the other woman! I have to say, it’s fun getting off at her expense. Thank you for spicing up our sex life (not that we needed it, but it’s like real life role play). He wanted me to squirt in your ride, he wanted me to sit naked and get f*cked on your child’s car seat, I had a little more respect for you than that though. My husband was living in a halfway house and attending NA meetings, where he met Kara. Kara knew he was married to me and that he had 2 babies with me, his wife. But what is beneath her, when she could go home to her ex husband and let him lick the c*m of another man out her p*ssy. She asks him why he doesn’t kiss, why he isn’t intimate. He won’t lick her pussy, but hey Kara if you see this just know it is not him, it is you. He is intimate, and kisses and licks my p*ssy for as long as I want. He grabs my face and kisses me. He may not be a good husband or man right now, but that man adores me and only me. She doesn’t mind him watching porn, but she flipped when she decided to go through his phone while he was asleep and seen pictures of my p*ssy. It’s beautiful isn’t it, Kara? He got 4 fingers and the palm of his hand to fit in your sloppy swamp :/ Tsk tsk. Take better care of yourself. He’s using her because he’s a spoiled brat and can’t fathom being homeless. I do deserve better, but I love that man. He will get it right one day. I do have to thank Kara for opening his eyes. I was his only relationship. He took me for granted and sees that now. He told me I was a good girl. So if you actually believe and fell for the “I’m tired of her shit” lie, it’s either you’re stupid or really insecure to not care about and involve yourself in a man’s marriage. One you met at a fucking NA meeting. If you can tell by now, he’s impossible to be with for the most part. He’s a narcissist, self entitled, a hypocrite and self destructive. He won’t let you have a voice or an opinion. It was I who was tired of HIS shit. Now I can have him without having to deal with all the stuff you’re having to deal with now.

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