North Dakota

Pegeen Tebbe LaZelle North Dakota

Pegeen (Peggy) portrayed herself as a friend to myself. At one point we had each other’s phone numbers. Herself, my ex Dave LaZelle and I all worked for the same company in Williston ND. I was a truck driver,

Summer “Sum” Crowder Washington / North Dakota

My boyfriend and I had been living together for about a year when he met this little slut through mutual friends. She knew who I was and that he was my man and living with me. I trusted him completely, so

Amy Weyrauch Williston, North Dakota

I want to start off saying that I have been my husband a total of four years. Married about two. He works in the oil patch up in North Dakota several weeks out of a month. At the time he worked with Amy, he

Jerri Mae Quick Montana / North Dakota

My story starts in October 2009. We had been together since ’06. We didn’t have the perfect relationship, we had fights, there was an age difference and I had 3 children from a previous relationship. My

Krista Lee North Dakota

We have been together for 3 1/2 years, and just starting to plan the next years of our lives together such as moving in,having a child, and moving forward in our lives when it all started in December of 2012.

Linda Uys North Dakota

I first met this little homewrecker in 2002, when I assisted her in getting away from an abusive husband. Over the years I have helped her with financial problems and believed her stories and lies that she told to

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