North Dakota

Kris Mckay – Fargo, North Dakota


So u like being a home wrecking bag hoe do u ain’t much u could do by the looks of u really got something to brag about be proud of something that’s not yours to mess with tisk tisk shame on your dumb ass for stupidy little girl karmas coming for you and bringing her sister to school your ass and show u what playing games is all about I got your piece keeper and babysitter one on each shoulder first rule don’t mess with what’s not yours it will came back only to punch u in the throat ouch obviously your mamma never taught u any manners or gave u any morals to live by living life by her standards look where it got her and her poor little trap ain’t amounting to shit now are u keep it up their troulp hag your days are numbered better hope someone’s in a good mood when your time comes remember I don’t play well with stupid people like u and I most certainly don’t share with the likes of u I can always get my own and I’ve never been desperate as u are ….how did I taste this time I’ll be leaving u with a bad taste in your mouth for other girls men promise u that.

Tina Johnson (Paulson) — Minot, North Dakota

This is my husband’s seventh whore, oh your read that right – seventh. We have been together for 14 years and married for 8 years and like every marriage and relationships we hit rough patches but always worked through them. I have stood by him through each affair, forgiving him almost every time and through all the ups and downs, defended him to friends and family and despite the cheating because I was “neglecting him” from focusing on my career it was starting to take a toll on me. He had an affair a year after we got married and I told him if it happened again I would be completely done as it was the fifth affair. In late May 2014 he went out drinking. When I woke up to head to the gym, there he was laying on the living room couch with my cousin. He swears nothing happened between them – to this day, my cousin has not talked to me. I told him I needed some time to think about what to do, to me, this was betrayal again. I left to California for a week in June and during that time I pondered what to do. My decision would also affect the four boys we share together. I decided to wait things out and he was in agreement with that. In November my husband asked to take a ride so we can talk about what we should do. It was at that time he told me he met a customer at work and that they had been seeing each other since October. I was stunned but not surprised…

Pegeen Tebbe LaZelle North Dakota

Pegeen (Peggy) portrayed herself as a friend to myself. At one point we had each other’s phone numbers. Herself, my ex Dave LaZelle and I all worked for the same company in Williston ND. I was a truck driver,

Summer “Sum” Crowder Washington / North Dakota

My boyfriend and I had been living together for about a year when he met this little slut through mutual friends. She knew who I was and that he was my man and living with me. I trusted him completely, so

Jerri Mae Quick Montana / North Dakota

My story starts in October 2009. We had been together since ’06. We didn’t have the perfect relationship, we had fights, there was an age difference and I had 3 children from a previous relationship. My

Krista Lee North Dakota

We have been together for 3 1/2 years, and just starting to plan the next years of our lives together such as moving in,having a child, and moving forward in our lives when it all started in December of 2012.

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