Shannon Smith Dayton, Ohio

My husband, Brian and I separated back in December. After months of pain and emotion, we started to reconcile. We stayed the divorce process so that we could work on our marriage as we both said we loved each other and wanted to be together. We began reconciliation in March. In May, he told me that he had a

Dianna McCoy Toronto, Ohio

Well let’s start this is the second whore I found out my prick husband Roger Scott Jr was screwing. Her name is Dianna McCoy a real piece of work. In 2009 my so called husband and I lost a baby. 2 months later I get a call at night and it was this bitch’s mother telling me to ask my husband when his next baby was due!

Cindy Griffith Bergholz, Ohio

Well let me start off by saying I was a stupid doormat for my prick husband Roger Scott Jr for quite a few years. We married in February of 1996 and it was a good marriage for a little while.

Sandy Marker Eaton, Ohio

My husband has been having an affair for years now. I am finding out as far back as 2003..thru our engagement, then the whole time we got married three years ago. She has been in my

Jeananna McWade Bellefontaine, Ohio

My now ex-boyfriend and I had been together for 12 years. We’ve had our ups and downs and I made some bad mistakes toward the beginning of our relationship. We then went on to have a daughter, and almost 6 years later had another. I thought things would turn around, then I found out while

Sandra K Marker Eaton, Ohio

I have been in my relationship for 18 years …got married three years ago…I thought my husband couldn’t have sex anymore…found out he has been in a oral sexual relationship with her

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