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Jerrica Lynn Baker Greenfield, Ohio

My husband and I had been married almost 17 years when this piece of crap descended on our lives. Larry and I have 3 teenage daughters, and a 21 year old son (Larry’s from a prior relationship). 2 days before our oldest daughter’s graduation party, He informed me that, while he still loved me, he was no longer “in love” with me. I was devastated, but on the advice of others, I gave him space to work through his feelings. After all, he was probably just having some mid-life crisis type reaction to our oldest daughter leaving home. I could not have been more wrong!

It was about a month later when I finally got to the truth. He had come home from a late night “fishing trip”, drunk as usual, so I took the opportunity to go through his phone. That is when I found pics of the two of them together, cuddling, kissing, etc. It still makes me physically ill to think about it. When I confronted him with the pics, it was as if a great weight had been lifted from him. He was more than willing to spill all the gory details of the affair. “You know her,” he said. “She came to the house to pick out a kitten a couple months ago, remember?” OMG, I DID remember! My mind was racing! Surely he was not referring to the 21 year old girl who cleans the toilets at the factory where he works. She is the same age as my step-son and just a few years older than our daughters. That was exactly who he meant. This woman had stood in my home, making small-talk with me and my daughters, while all the time, she was plotting to steal my husband. She had even played on a sports team with my oldest daughter a few years back! I was sick at my stomach.

It has been a few months since I found out about the whore. I filed for divorce, but on attorneys advice, we are still living under the same roof. Larry carries a special phone that she supplies for him (I call it the whore-phone). She calls him every morning and every night. I know this because he refuses to keep it on silent mode and so when it rings, my children and I hear it. I cannot stand the way in which this allows her to infiltrate my peace of mind and my home. Thankfully, we have a hearing in a few weeks at which time the living arrangements will be addressed. I cannot take much more of this. My only consolation is that their relationship will never last. She will soon tire of her 43 year old “boyfriend” and move on to the next, while he will be left ALONE to assess the pain and devastation that he has brought into the lives of those who loved him the most.



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