Heather Parsons Columbus, Ohio

Back in around May my husband said a new girl started at work. Said she seemed kind of dumb and had half her head shaved. He told me she seemed nice enough but was kind of trashy and apparently had a lot of baby daddy drama. He used to tell me everything. So after a few months he started acting really distant and frustrated all the time. Like no matter

Krissy Flores Roberts Hamilton, Ohio

My husband had cheated on me our whole relationship. I thought he would change so I stayed. He was very abusive in all ways. I had three children from a previous marriage and not long after we got married

Trish Shriver Ohio

I got a nice text from my live in boyfriend Ken last weekend while he was at work that he wanted to hang out with the guys for the buckeye game. He wanted to go to Dan’s house whom he hasn’t spoke about in over a year.

Nikole Adams Ohio

This women was texting my husband pics of herself naked and pictures of her with her son. Come to find out this woman doesn’t even let her sons dad see his kid or even send him pictures but she sends them to

Megan Leigh Pawlowski Perrysburg, Ohio

This 29 yr old tramp started working at my husband’s place of employment in 2012, she constantly found reasons to come to his work area “for help” and started asking him and his co-worker if she could run

Katie Thomas Ohio / Indiana

On Mothers day 2013, I was 19 (I am now 21) and about 6 months pregnant with mine and my boyfriends first child when he asked me to move out of his house and live with his parents because we had roommates who

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