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Barbara J. McLeod Canton / Massillon, Ohio

Barbara McLeod is a 31 year old homewrecker. My husband met her at work (along with other married men). She slept with more than one married man at their job. My husband included. They stated eating lunch together at work and acting like nothing was going on. My husband started acting strange I knew something was going on I just had no proof. Needless to say I got proof when he left me for her. We were together 12 years and married for 2 years at the time. They became a couple all the while he was denying it all, I knew better because his friends and family didn’t like it so they told me. I confronted her and she admitted to everything and said she knew he was married.

This woman is so evil she goes around telling people that her son and husband died in a car accident and that she was on the phone with her son when he died IT WAS ALL A LIE. Her child and husband are alive and well. Her husband left her and took her son from her because she is using cocaine and drinking all the time he also said she has had multiple affairs with married men that she works with. She took off on him and supposedly moved to Kingsville, Texas. She called a few months ago and I answered the phone and she proceeded to tell me that she could still have him if she wanted. That she never even wanted him he was just something to do until she left state. So for her to ruin a relationship just for something to do and not care who gets hurt makes her a homewrecker of the worst kind. So ladies if you live in the Canton/Massillon area if your husband works with this homewrecker keep your eye on him.



Jessica Schutt Marietta, Ohio

Well I had been best friends with this girl for 9 years. She wasn’t even a friend more my sister. My grandmother and I helped her out when she didn’t have anywhere to live. We put clothes on her back and food in her mouth. I had been with my daughter’s father for two years and was pregnant with his daughter.

July 4th 2012, Jessica, my boyfriend and I all decide to go camping. We had been camping just us three many times before, so I completely trusted the both of them. That night I decided to go lay in the tent because I was 9 months pregnant and just did not feel very well. I fell asleep for a little while, and when I woke up I started hearing these funny noises. So I sneak out of the tent, and find Jessica and my boyfriend butt naked screwing in the camping chair. I literally caught them red handed in the act! She ran off before I could get a hold of her. He tried to tell me that I was imagining things and that nothing was going on but his penis was hanging out of his pants. So I lost it and grabbed a hold of his penis and twisted and pulled as hard as I could. I really just wanted to rip it off. He pushed me away so I ran up the river bank looking for Jessica. I found her hiding in the weeds like a cowardly little slut. She was laying down with her hood over her head thinking that I wouldn’t see her. I kicked her and told her to get up. She got up and I asked her why she would do this to me after everything I had done for her. She answered that she didn’t mean for it to happen. I was so mad I hit her three different times trying to get her to fight. I know not the smartest thing to do while pregnant but I completely lost it. My heart had literally been ripped from my chest. Jessica stood there crying begging me to forgive her. I told her that she was completely dead to me. I couldn’t believe how she had hurt not only me, but her unborn niece.

It’s been a little over a year now and I still have flash backs of that night. It literally haunts me to where I cant sleep some nights.. Jessica still tries to contact me every once in a while but I can’t bring myself to forgive her. She admits she did wrong and says she hates herself for it but that still doesn’t erase my memories of that night. The boyfriend is out of the picture. He cheated on me again with a different girl while I was laying in the hospital having his daughter.



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