Brad Sauter – Ardmore, Oklahoma

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Brad Sauter lives in Ardmore Oklahoma. He worked with my wife and befriended her some months after she started work. My wife was going through a very bad time dealing with some losses, postpartum depression and what not. Brad Sauter saw this opportunity to move in on the young wife questioning her life. He invited her to his home with some coworkers one night for a little after work get together. After a few drinks and she was good and fuzzy he moved in or her. The next day at work she went to him and said this never happen!!! She told him to keep his mouth shut about it and that If her husband ever finds out it will be war! Well he didn’t shut up, he bragged to his little buddies. When I did find out unfortunatly with kids to consider all Brad got was a few good ass kickin’s rather than the bloody end he so deserves.

Thvia Stein — Locust Grove, Oklahoma


This disgusting ugly ass skank whore Thvia Stein broke up my 12 year marriage. She looks like a reject from a porn movie. I came home from work early with the flu and found this slut giving my piece of trash husband a blow job in my living room floor. I should have known a surprise was awaiting me when I got to the door and the music was blaring with Bob Seger, how romantic, huh? He was having impotency problems and couldn’t get it up. I guess that’s why this nasty bitch had to give him a blowjob to get it to work. I suspected he was cheating on me but pushed the feelings aside, in denial I guess.

Holly Rowan-Catoe — Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


I would like to expose a Homewrecker. This whore Holly Rowan-Catoe intentionally got pregnant by my boyfriend Jules Barbera to trap him into leaving me. She knew he was in a relationship but continued to sleep with him behind my back. I thought we were friends until I found out that this bitch was sleeping with my boyfriend. She is nothing but a piece of trash and a whore. She got her kids taken away too by Child Protective Services because of prostitution and drugs, I guess that’s why she had to sleep with my man to get pregnant with another one. I went to high school with her and have known her, or so I thought I did, for ten years, we were best friends. I felt bad and let her around my boyfriend because I thought I was doing good by being there for her after she lost her kids, but that’s what I get for being a good friend. She used me and was jealous of my relationship and wanted him for herself because she couldn’t get anything except losers.

Jacy Santana Chapman — Sapulpa, Oklahoma

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This is Jacy Santana Chapman. My husband had a child with her when he was in college (not on purpose) and she is such a home wrecking bitch. From the beggining of our relationship, she’s constantly tried to cause problems with me and my husband. Always trying to get back with him, sending him pictures of herself and hit him up for more money on top of what she gets for child support every month. She’s always tried to find a reason to talk to him and it was hardly ever about their child. He and I have always loved each other so obviously none of her immature schemes never worked.

Candie Davis — Tulsa, Oklahoma


Hey everyone! This is my good friend, Candie Davis from Tulsa, Oklahoma LOL!! See her bug eyes hahaha!!! This lady is Muslim and has three kids with different daddies. She also loves extramarital sex with taken men! I bring that up bc I thought Muslims were supposed to live by a certain code and adultery was a big no no but….hypocrisy at its finest, but what else is new? May Allah have mercy on her soul haha!! My ex is deceased and has been for three years or I’d be putting his ass on blast too but anyways, this bug eyed whore would sleep with him to get him to do her history work at tcc since he was very intelligent.

Mary Ray — Tulsa, Oklahoma

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We all have heard about women cheating on their significant other while they are deployed overseas, right? Well, do I have a story to tell you! Only its the soldier cheating on his girl with none other than his bat sh*t crazy, not mention ugly as shit platoon leader, SSgt Mary Ray. We dated for a year and a half. I was crazy in love with this man. Sadly, he ended his own life three weeks after we found out we were having a baby. No one really knows why. There was a lot of shit going on at once which may have overwhelmed him. I was crushed and it took me a long time to process what had happened.

Anyway, as for Ray, the lovely lady in the photo I have posted above….I never met her during my relationship with him. I did hear nothing but bad, scandalous stories of corruption and abuse of power within the unit from this lady that he told at least once a week. Turns out, he was trying to cover his affair with her all along. I guess I should have known considering he talked about how much he hated her constantly.

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