Rhode Island

Sylvia Santiago — Providence, Rhode Island


This “fine” specimen of a woman Sylvia Santiago of Providence, RI had an affair with my husband of 14 years and has destroyed our family for good. We were childhood sweethearts and were together for a total of 24 years. We have two beautiful children together but that didn’t stop this whore for preying on my husband. Trust me I know my husband is just as much to blame, but I learned from her husband that just a few years prior she had an affair with a married man at her previous job so needless to say this seems to be her hobby. Anyhow, my husband and her worked together for less than a year and started their affair sometime in November of 2014. Unbeknown to me her husband was suspicious of their “work” relationship due to numerous phone calls and text messages between the two showing up on his cell phone statement which prompted him call their job and later confront my husband but all the while I had been left in the dark. Somehow they were able to convince her husband that their relationship was strictly platonic so against his better judgement he let it go.

Megan Stoots — Woonsocket, Rhode Island


My husband cheated on me with these woman….. megan stoots he cheated on me back in July 2014. He was thrown out and within 2 weeks ended up in prison over some dumb childish things bc of megan. She’s 21 & he’s 31 sick I know. He was in jail 9m and begged me the whole time to forgive him and tske him back that he loves me etc etc. Now we’ve had a LONG 7.5yrs some great some hell. So he got out may 4 he came home and it was ok until August 2015 & he started nt coming home etc. I go thro his phone and there are messages in his text about sex. Angela hill dagnese. Shes 41 I know she knew he was married bc she hung out at he bar we lived above of and everyone knew. But just in case I texted her and he still kept talking to him. Ok he swore no sex etc. Then here comes megan stoots again. She had a 5m old she swears is kevins. Either way he’s out. My family is broken.

Bellmarie Munoz Rhode Island / Florida

I found out my boyfriend had been cheating on me 2 weeks after giving birth to our daughter back in 2003. She came to my house and knocked on the door and asked for Edwin, I answered you have the wrong house, because that is not his name. She then responded are you sure about that amanda? He begged

Julie(th) Greco Rhode Island

This Colombian whore wormed her way into my husband’s business and played the shy, quiet, “my husband is jealous and I’m scared” act for a bit in her attempts at zeroing in on my husband, her boss, the doctor.

Brenda Imondi Rhode Island

My husband retired from the police department in October 2012, he started working detail at the casino after that as security. Our relationship was fine before he went back to the river, he was my soul mate my Prince Charming. We were married for 6 months.

Jerilyn Mercier (Brunelle) Pascoag, Rhode Island

My husband and I have been together since 2003, our oldest son was born in 2004, married in 2006, and our youngest child was born in 2011. We were happy to say the least.. Until 2014. I was in school, working full time,

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