Tammy L. Laramee Rhode Island

2013 was an extremely difficult year for me. As the year started my Mother’s health began to decline and as an only child I had to assume the role of parent/caregiver to both my parents as they have gotten older. (more…)

Amy Lynn Silva Barrington, Rhode Island

I will try to keep it short. My now ex-husband and I were together for two years. I have a daughter that is 12 who has known since she was (more…)

Monica Bonilla (Moreno) Rhode Island

This woman is married and has children of her own but she is not happy with her marriage, so to make herself feel better she would rather mess around (more…)

Laura Watkins Rhode Island

This is Laura Watson from Warwick, RI. She is a Homewrecker in the 1st Degree! I was with my husband for 10 years and we have 4 children between the 2 of us. This is our 2nd marriage and I have 2 boys and he has 2 girls that we have raised together (more…)

Sheena Patenaude Lincoln, Rhode Island

She’s a “volunteer firefighter” and I use that term loosely as she has NO training and NO firefighting experience. She’s more of a badge bunny, on the station my husband was assigned to work rescue. She is going around telling others she is dating my husband. She only shows up at the station when he was working. She spends the night in the same station… She calls him all hours of the night thinking I don’t know. I went to her house and confronted her and she laughed in my face and told me my marriage has been over for a long time and she doesn’t know why I am even bothering. I’ve asked her nicely to leave him alone and she refuses. It even went as far as her being told by her Chief she was no longer allowed to spend the night at the station if my husband was there and she broke that resulting in a 2 week suspension!!



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