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Lyhoma Hill Springdale, Arkansas

Last January my happy marriage fell to pieces. My husband of only a year and a half started crying and told me that marriage wasn’t for him and he wanted to separate. I in turn and started crying because I thought we were really happy. I left and got a hotel room to do some thinking.

In the next 2 weeks more lies came out. Turns out one of his friends daughters found him on facebook and contacted him and he had been talking to her for 2 months. What gets me is she is a major crackwhore! She’s been doing meth for the last 5 years on top of other felonies like check fraud. How can this be attractive?

He moved out and into a hotel room. Then he stopped helping pay bills. We had a lease so I told him he can move back and I’ll move into an apartment. So we did and then he brought her nasty skank ass up here to live with him.

Now the fun part starts. She got my number out of his phone and started texting me threats, sending me naked pics of herself and harassing me. I made 3 police reports and got her a court date for the non stop harassment. The police brought her in and called me. I agreed to drop it if she left me alone. 1 week later I’m at work and she texts me a picture of my belongings at the curb and said come get them or the trash man will. I left work and drive over there. She came outside and started yelling at me, saying things like “‘come on b****, hit me I dare ya”. She bucked at me and hit me in the face and I said, “ewww don’t touch me I’m going to get hepatitis or something”. My husband started yelling at he to get her ass in the house. He put my stuff back in the garage and I went right back to the police station and filed another report. She went to court and and pled guilty and they placed a non contact order on her for 12 months.

Needless to say she has not obeyed the order and she is going back to court in April to face the judge. About 1 week after her court date my husband was arrested and she was ordered to go back to the nasty while she came out of. He was in jail calling me and writing me letters. He was locked up for 5 months and the whole time he did nothing but apologize and tell me how he wanted to live our old life together. He was released and was forbidden to live in the same county. Take a wild guess if where he went. That’s right, back to the skank!

He kept calling me telling me there’s nothing he can do about it and wanted me to drive his suburban down to him so he could start working again. The suburban was titled and registered to me so I sold it to the first person that could give me cash for it!

Meanwhile the crack w**** started working at McDonald’s to pay her fines and then the harassing calls started again. She keeps getting this spoof app which allows her to call from any number that she types in. People keep telling me to change my number. I have changed it 4 times in the last 12 months. She keeps getting my number out of his phone so I gave up changing it. The sick b**** even called the phone system that controls calls made from jail and gave them my number to block it, telling them that she’s my mother and I’m a minor and she’s just trying to protect me. I’m 34 and older than she is! So I wrote him a letter while he was in jail to give him my new number.

To wrap up, this lying skank is proud to be a homewrecker and brags about it. Let’s just hope on April she will be serving her 90 days in jail for breaking the no contact order.

You can see her meth face. The a****** is still with her and I’m saving money to file for divorce, even though he tells me he doesn’t want one. I’m done with his ass.



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