Bridney Damara Fondren Morphis — Little Rock, Arkansas

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My boyfriend and I were from California. We were struggling financially with two beautiful daughters ages 2 and 6. We couldn’t afford our apartment anymore so I went back to my parents with my daughter (the 2 yr old wasn’t born yet) and he went to his parents. I worked on and off until the end of my pregnancy so my daughter was with her daddy every day since she was born. She was very attached to her daddy and he pretty much broke her heart by leaving us behind. He started getting into trouble and getting arrested. He was in jail couple of times and the kids and I had gone through so much crap just to go visit him, because at the same time I lost my car. Just imagine taking an infant and 5 year old on a bus with stroller, etc.

Rhonda Reaves — Jacksonville, Arkansas

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Has been having a relationship since May. In September I had to move my son and I into an apartment. We have no money and are barely getting by, I had just used my credit to get this pos a car. And he refuses to give it back. We were married 15 years and have a 14 year old son.

Martha Hill — Little Rock, Arkansas


Well, where to even begin? I married Kenneth Bush after dating for 6 months, I know big mistake not even a year later the cheating begins!!

Everything was fine until I noticed dating websites on his phone saying:

“new to the area looking for friends”

I confront him and he says “I’m lonely, I don’t know anyone here”, bullsh*t he’s married… he doesn’t need anyone, he has us — his family.

I threw him out after a huge fight, he goes back to Little Rock hooks up with an ex Martha Hill, I still didn’t have a clue about all this! And he begged and begged to come home so…

Holly Preston — Little Rock, Arkansas


I just found your site, and really felt the need to share this story. I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of, but they do. Normally, I wouldn’t think that it was “her fault” but with the attached emails, you clearly see how she did this on purpose and with 100% destruction in mind. I’m not defending him on any level but she really deserves what karma has coming to her.  Anyway, I’ve been with my husband for a little over 2 years, and until the last two months I honestly has no idea things were going wrong. I ended up finding emails on his phone from her, holly, his ex wife. No texts, just emails.

Allison Elizabeth Peer – Batesville, Arkansas


In 2012 I started working at Dairy Queen where I began a relationship with one of the managers. I thought we fell in love and a few months later I found out I was pregnant with our son. I quit Dairy Queen so me and him could be together. After my son was born I started working their again and this girl named Elizabeth had started working there while I was gone. When I got there she acted like my best friend in the world. She would come over to my house and hang out with me and my son (who was 6 months old at the time.) It wasn’t until over 6 months later I found out about there little relationship. I quit working there and tried everything i could to move past it because I wanted it to work, then out of no where he decided that he would rather be with her. So I move out and she moves into my apartment the next day. So I do the only logical thing I could think of in that moment and rammed her car in the Dairy Queen parking lot with my car. Cause I’m batshit crazy, apparently. I still continued to let my son seem him but my only rule I ever had was she could not be there while my son was there, but he continued to lie to me saying she wasn’t when she was. I found out that she kept calling herself “Mommy” to him and that isn’t okay. So I made the decision to move to another state and take my son with me and cut off all contact. Legally I can do whatever I want because he is the one who refused to sign the birth certificate, so I think I did the right thing and we are better now than we ever were! :)

Trista Langston — Hope, Arkansas


Me and my husband were going thought some hard times and she was his coworker and befriended him now she’s pregnant.

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