Stacy Lacey — Alma, Arkansas


Stacy and I meet about two weeks ago. She said she was single so we met up. Well little did I know she did some things I never could think of. Any way this c*nt is a liar and she gave me a std. Nasty ass bitch. Anyways her now “husband” Timothy Willis he is too blind to see his stick isn’t the only one she been riding.

Ulonda S. Evans — North Little Rock, Arkansas


I’ve warned this bitch about interfering with my family for quite some time. Me and my husband were going through a lot of challenges and this bitch wanted to take advantage of that. We were trying to work on our relationship but this ugly bitch keep popping up in the picture. She already gave my husband an std back 6 years ago. She’s clearly a nasty hoe who fucks with men without a condom. Then to bring it here to my home. That’s disgusting! I see the text messages from her in his phone, this bitch won’t f*ckin stop. I’m in between love and this bitch. This is my man, my husband of 8 years, the father of my three kids…Bitch go away.

Kami Young — Fort Smith, Arkansas


This chick was caught in a married mans home by his wife trying to f*ck. She was kicked out butt naked. Thought I could befriend her but didn’t know the truth till it was too late. She slept with my boyfriend for some Meth. Kicked his ass out and both were out of my life. Be careful with this whore!

Brandy Hill and Jeremy Waters — Beebe, Arkansas


Brandy was having issues in her life, had no job and needed a place to stay so I allowed her in my home. “Big mistake” but I trusted her at the time. I suspected something was going on considering our sex life went to a complete stop and he refused to show me any kind of affection. Keep in mind we have only been married for a year. I never suspected she was screwing my husband “Jeremy” but one day on a Tuesday, I decided to go home early from work which isn’t normal. Considering I work two jobs to support him, his truck payment and take care of his two children whom which aren’t even mine not to mention this freeloader. When I got home, I went inside and towards my bedroom where they were both naked and sleeping in my bed. I was furious and was headed out the door. Instead of leaving I went back into my bedroom and woke them up and told them to get the f*** out of my house. I closed the door behind me and left. Now, everything in me wanted to beat the crap out of them but I sucked it up. Clearly these two aren’t worth going to jail for or losing my job over. In the meantime he left and took his tramp with him and moved them both in with his mother. He had a dog here I told him to get. He wanted me to do him a favor and let the dog stay so he can make arrangements and when I refused he said I was being childish. Looking back to things she posted online about wanting what she can’t have and telling people she technically isn’t single and her relationship status is complicated since 2016. That’s because she was busy mooching off of me and sleeping with my husband in my bed in my house. I haven’t heard from her since. All I can say is good luck with that. If he will cheat with you, he will cheat on you. And now I understand why my husband has been married three times. He can’t keep it in his pants or keep commitments. Well darling husband “Jeremy” I know i’m not the first you have done this too, and I know I won’t be your last but for damn sure people are going to know it. In the meantime DIVORCE loser!

Jennifer Henry — Van Buren, Arkansas


Meet Jennifer Henry. She is an woman with no feelings, she has picked a married man right in front of the married woman and their children! She was caught in the married couples home in bed where their children would lay and still remained by the married man. She would try to temp him to go out while the wife was home. She even ignored my friends feelings begging for her husband back. Even when the children asked for their father! She would send nude photos to the husband not caring of the couples children. Now she has moved on to another man whom had a family and loyal woman and a child. Karma was served, she got Introuble selling drugs and lost her job but I believe you should be warned she has a history with drugs as most recent as last year and she does not even have custody of her own children. Therefore bad influence. If you see her driving her car, beeare of Jennifer Henry your husband or boyfriend might be next.

Stacie Herron — Hope, Arkansas


Sooo…Miss stacie.. I hope you’re proud of yourself..well, we all know you are.. having sex with a married man for 10 years..snorting coke and shooting meth with this fool..AND having a kid after 2 or more have no self worth…if I had more time I’d say more.. oh and thank GOD you didn’t pass your nursing exam!!

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