Jennifer Henry — Van Buren, Arkansas


Meet Jennifer Henry. She is an woman with no feelings, she has picked a married man right in front of the married woman and their children! She was caught in the married couples home in bed where their children would lay and still remained by the married man. She would try to temp him to go out while the wife was home. She even ignored my friends feelings begging for her husband back. Even when the children asked for their father! She would send nude photos to the husband not caring of the couples children. Now she has moved on to another man whom had a family and loyal woman and a child. Karma was served, she got Introuble selling drugs and lost her job but I believe you should be warned she has a history with drugs as most recent as last year and she does not even have custody of her own children. Therefore bad influence. If you see her driving her car, beeare of Jennifer Henry your husband or boyfriend might be next.

Stacie Herron — Hope, Arkansas


Sooo…Miss stacie.. I hope you’re proud of yourself..well, we all know you are.. having sex with a married man for 10 years..snorting coke and shooting meth with this fool..AND having a kid after 2 or more have no self worth…if I had more time I’d say more.. oh and thank GOD you didn’t pass your nursing exam!!

Fallon Anderson — Sherwood, Arkansas


I married my High School Love. He didn’t have a job but I put him through School. I was his back bone. We lived with his parents and I was working. Finally after being told I wouldn’t have children I finally got pregnant. He took the news poorly which confused me. A week later he tells me he wants me to leave. What was supposed to be the best news the best time of my life he kicks me out with no where to go and with a child. I was 27. I stayed at a friends house and he came and spent the night because he was drunk. While he slept a text came in. His phone was locked bit the message said Fallon “I miss you” I checked his phone records and indicated he’s been talking too this Fallon long hours of the night.

Bridney Damara Fondren Morphis — Little Rock, Arkansas

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.32.35 AM

My boyfriend and I were from California. We were struggling financially with two beautiful daughters ages 2 and 6. We couldn’t afford our apartment anymore so I went back to my parents with my daughter (the 2 yr old wasn’t born yet) and he went to his parents. I worked on and off until the end of my pregnancy so my daughter was with her daddy every day since she was born. She was very attached to her daddy and he pretty much broke her heart by leaving us behind. He started getting into trouble and getting arrested. He was in jail couple of times and the kids and I had gone through so much crap just to go visit him, because at the same time I lost my car. Just imagine taking an infant and 5 year old on a bus with stroller, etc.

Rhonda Reaves — Jacksonville, Arkansas

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 7.34.07 AM

Has been having a relationship since May. In September I had to move my son and I into an apartment. We have no money and are barely getting by, I had just used my credit to get this pos a car. And he refuses to give it back. We were married 15 years and have a 14 year old son.

Martha Hill — Little Rock, Arkansas


Well, where to even begin? I married Kenneth Bush after dating for 6 months, I know big mistake not even a year later the cheating begins!!

Everything was fine until I noticed dating websites on his phone saying:

“new to the area looking for friends”

I confront him and he says “I’m lonely, I don’t know anyone here”, bullsh*t he’s married… he doesn’t need anyone, he has us — his family.

I threw him out after a huge fight, he goes back to Little Rock hooks up with an ex Martha Hill, I still didn’t have a clue about all this! And he begged and begged to come home so…

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