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Amanda Dawn Holowell Farris — Batesville, Arkansas

I am sorry, this is long. I never thought I would be “that woman.” The woman who finds out that her husband is cheating on her. After all, he had been cheated on by the girl before me, and swore up and down that he would never do the same to me. I had worked for years to ensure his trust in me, that I would never do the same to him, and I trusted that he would not do that to me. For 17.5 years, I was secure in that knowledge, through military deployments, a domestic abuse episode that resulted in him being ordered to go to anger management and I was ordered to participate in a battered women’s group, 3 kids, going to college, 3 years that we lived in basically a shack with no insulation and holes in the floor, years in which we would not have had a Christmas for our kids if it weren’t for the local churches, 4 years in which he didn’t work at all, while I worked 2 jobs, eleven moves (four of which I did the the packing and moving myself with 3 cross country moves). After 17.5 years, we had finally both gotten good secure jobs. As far as I knew, our relationship was good, we were both happy. It wasn’t all peaches and roses, but no marriage ever is. In October 2014 we closed on and moved into our new house and were starting to settle in. I was thrilled for the security of knowing our kids had a home that they could finally invite friends over to and be able to hang out, that we had a little bit of land that we could put in a garden, plant some fruit trees and have deer and other wildlife come visit. All that changed so quickly.

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Leah Rinehart — Saline County, Arkanses

Leah Rinehart aka Red Headed s*** of Saline County. This girl has no boundaries. As you can see she sends naked pictures to anyone. I personally found these and they were sent to someone who WAS NOT SINGLE!!!! She works at Gino’s in Benton waiting tables. Sure she can pose in a way her thick stomach and hips/ass don’t look so big. Don’t let these pictures fool you, she is pasty white and very thick. She doesn’t care about age, race, marital status, etc… She will do whatever she has to so she can get her next Roxi fix, even if that means betraying a friend, co-worker, family member or ANYONE close to her. She is the queen of “two-faced white trash”. She brags about f****** her dads friend for $4,000, but she must not have been worth that, because after it was all said and done, the b**** got less than half!!! Haha! Maybe one day she will mature and realize its not smart to f*** another girls man, regardless if you know them or not. KARMA IS A b****. This girl has a lot of bad karma coming her way and I hope she suffers tremendously.
I will never be able to forget what she or my boyfriend did, but hopefully I will get some satisfaction watching her crumble slowly. So SALINE COUNTY, lock up your men, your wallets and your prescription pills (her pill of choice is Roxies) because this b**** will take everything from you, have no bad feelings about it and laugh while she’s doing it!!!

Megan Molinari — Cherokee Village, Arkansas

When I was in high school I thought i met the one i would spend the rest of my life with. He was my best friend…my everything we did everything together.. when i was 17 we moved in together and lived with his mom things were ok for a while my family lived in a different state so i went to go visit them when i could we split up for a few months so i decided to move back to my hometown with my family a couple months later he decided that he wanted us to be back together and moved to my hometown. We got an apartment we had our ups and downs just like anyone else we both went threw things we should have had to deal with. When i was 20 i got pregnant with our first child. She was the light of my life and surprisingly her daddy was right by my side through it all. Shortly after i found out i was pregnant again… i was scared what was i to do with two babies bed my second daughter was born there daddy proposed to me shortly after our second daughter was born we moved to Arkansas because he wanted to be around his family.

He started a great job… but he came him later every night making up every excuse in the book. I missed my family so i often came to visit. The last time i went back to our home in arkansas five minutes before we were supposed to be home i looked at him and said babe you missed the turn he then proceeded to tell me that he had stopped paying the bills while i was visiting my family so we had to go to his moms… i then found out that there was illegal activity going on in his mothers home. This made me furious for my children what kind of father would want this for his children… oh and i had also just found out that i was pregnant with our third child. I cried to him every night i begged him to come back to my hometown and we could start over he ignored me i cried for days i was miserable my children were miserable i had no stove no nothing we had a microwave a couple days then his mother decided she wanted to take it to her boyfriends. I was devastated.

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Shayna Rice — Mountain Home, Arkansas

My soon to be ex husband cheated with this Shayna Rice whom he has a four year old son with. From the beginning of our relationship he had reassured me all their texting and calling was about him keeping her happy to see his son. Since he is so very great at manipulation he had me fooled! Shayna did also. She wanted to get to know me of course because I was going to be the Childs stepmother. Nothing out of the ordinary. She was also seeing a man who worked out of town. Well I started to notice the text and calls and conversations were so often and so long. I started to listen. Well come to find out. She was going over to his parents house where he was living in the basement. While we were dating. Almost every night. She would go see him at lunch run errands for him. Pretty much anything he wanted her to do. At tho Tim he swears he’s just being super nice to be able to see his son! Well Tim goes on we get married August 6th of 2014. No dream!! My nightmare gets worse.for awhile things seemed normal fighting between all adults envolved.eventually causing us to split up around Christmas time. We were separated alot happens in the few months we were separated. He was having an affair with Shayna also with another woman. We ended up reconciling around the middle of February. After we get back together I am talking day 1 hell begins…

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Aniesha Teague — Mountain Home, Arkansas

I became friends with Aniesha Teague through another friend, she said she had just gotten married and wanted to have kids, she also said that her husband at the time would hit her, I knew she would cheat on him and and told me she didn’t want to leave cause she was scared of him, and also confided in me that her first child wasn’t her husbands, and when she had her second child she lied to him about being raped so he wouldn’t leave her, well he found out she was cheating on him AMD he left her. I stayed friends with her through all this, I never knew she was sleeping with my boyfriend too. She moved to Oklahoma, and I kept in contact with her, when she came back to Texarkana to visit in March, I let her stay with me and my boyfriend.

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Kim S. Avila — Jonesboro, Arkansas

This women is the worse thing that could happen, Kim S. Avila has 3 kids and 3 different baby daddys cause she will trick them into a child to try and keep them. She has traveled from Missouri to Arkansas to collect other womens men and try and keep them. She has no self respect and loyalty to anyone and hops from one bed to another. She has not only cheated with many men but accuse her family and the other women of taking her man.

My story and personel problems with her is that she was cheating with my boyfriend we will call aj for several months while I was with him and told him she could not have children and when she found out he was not going to leave me for her she got pregnant. (which found out later it wasnt even his child) I found out he had slept with her and I left he is no better than she is and i wasnt sticking around to get cheated on again.

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Lorie Gardner Cromwell — Tupelo, Arkansas

My husband and I divorced in the summer of 2013. After awhile he met Lorie Gardner Cromwell and they started a relationship. He never introduced us, so I knew it was nothing serious. We do have a child together and yes, we said if we met someone worth keeping, we would meet each others new partners.

After several months they went their separate ways. After the new year we found our way back to each other. Lorie Gardner Cromwell kept on texting amd emailing. Took her a couple of months, but she finally went away. We took a break several months ago and at a moment of stupid weakness, he emailed her. Although he regrets it since our break did not last long, this girl will not go away. He has told her to go away. She will not listen. She’s messaged me on Facebook under 3 accounts as I blocked her newest account before she could message. Lorie Gardner Cromwell keeps messaging him and emailing him. Phone numbers have been changed, emails have been filtered to delete all emails from her. He has told her to go away in front of me and she refuses to listen…

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Paula Stewart — Little Rock, Arkansas

I was pregnant when this girl Paula Stewart entered my husband’s life. They supposedly only talked for a couple of weeks, but they still managed to have sex. After discovering this, I found her and had a talk with her. Paula Stewart claims that she was just fragile and needed to talk and it led to them having sex. However months later I find out they still talked because she’d been threatening to expose their messages during that time if he didn’t talk to her or be with her. Paula Stewart confesses her “love” to him and begged him to go see her. I was going to be nice in the beginning, but there’s nothing to be nice for now.

Shannon Leah Oliver-Ortiz — Fort Smith, Arkansas

Ok so I am posting this up for a friend of mine. She’s been married to her husband for 6 years. I met her in Utah when we both went to school and met her husband when I would go visit her at her house. She moved to Arkansas a few years back. When they moved little did my friend know (I never expected it to happen to my good friend) he started having an affair with the home wrecker Shannon Leah Oliver-Ortiz.

This dirty filthy person broke up the cutest family!!! Her husband left both of her kids and her to go with the home wrecker Shannon Leah Oliver-Ortiz. It is unbelievable all the lies she can say to keep a man. He is really stupid to fall for her lies and really dumb for leaving a beautiful wife and two kids for this trash. Shannon Leah Oliver-Ortiz I hope your life is HELL while in a relationship with him and karma comes and bites you right in the ass. This is completely unacceptable knowing he was married and had a beautiful family!!! You can have my friends leftovers!!!!!

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