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Caitllyn Douglas — Columbus, Indiana

This anorexic toxic naive scab Caitlyn Douglas or “Cait Douglas” as she calls herself is the most dissrespectful psychotic homewrecker I have ever had the misfortune to meet. This troll is seriously an abusive alcholic meth head w****. Her boyfriend and I use to be bestfriends i cant exspress enought the word FRIEND. we grew up together, we played as babies in diapers. we dated off and on for a few years when we were kids you know “puppy love” then he met her and he was told to put our friendship aside because she was afraid something would happen between us. It wasnt to big of a deal, i moved on met new people, i got married and had some babies. They never married but had a child, which she uses as a trap. He is young only 20 he doesnt love her anymore he doesnt want to be with her but she uses her son to keep him she tells him he wil never see his baby again if he leaves her. She smacks and hits him all the time but he wont let anyone get involved because he is afraid she will take his baby away, he isnt aloud to speak to me or look at me if we see each other in public and i say hi she grabs his arm and says dont speak to her. Anyway my grandma passed away not to long ago and his grandma was my grandmas best friend. Thats how him and i met actually. Anyway her birthday is coming up soon so i thought it would be nice for all of us that was close with her to do something for her birthday…

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Karisa Faye Wiles — Columbus, Indiana

This is hard to say, a friend suggested this site I’ve been pretty depressed. I loved her more than anything and she cheated on me she wrecked our home. The home we created together. She and I have been together for 6 years apparently I’ve been blind cause she cheated on me since day one. She said she loved me everyday we were happy I thought. However he left her Facebook logged on my phone and I went through it. I have a Facebook but she blocked me and has never added me. I found thousands of guys in her messages and comments all over her page of men fighting over her. She would leave every other day saying she was hanging out with “girl friends” no she was laying on her back having sex for cigs.

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Hollie Pugh — Lebanon, Indiana

This b**** rudely interrupted my life when she walked up to my husband at the job in February this year. Hollie Pugh gave my husband her phone number and they started exchanging text messages. Like a dumb ass, I told him that I didn’t care if he had female friends, and that I trusted him. He told me that he told her that he was married and that she had said that she wasn’t a homewrecker and wouldn’t mess with him like that. I believed him. Well, on the day I was supposed to give birth, I found his secret texting app. I read everything the said. Turns out, she said the complete opposite of what she’d said. They talked about how exciting it was to cheat, her kids, exchanged naked pics, and planned a time and day to cheat…in her van. She told him all about how shes a w****, slept with over 1oo men and women, and he was all into it.

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Connie Phillips — South Bend/Indianapolis, Indiania

Connie Phillips is my neighbor. A little over a month ago my boyfriend started Hangin out supposedly with her uncle. He started coming in at all hours. Sometime not at all. This b**** came to my house, smiled laughed and joked. All the while they were messing around. I was 4 months pregnant with our second child at that point, now at 5 months my BD tells me my unborn son and I can die and he doesn’t care about our 1 year old girl. He was still having sex with me while laying with her.

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Keirstin — South Bend, Indiana

I am a gay male with (I thought) a life partner. My partner went to South Bend in March 2012 for a “conference” and met up with a young prostitute. She came onto him in a bar near Notre Dame and seduced him into an encounter. After he came back home to California, I found strange text messages and emails on our JOINT accounts and confronted him. It turns out that a young prostitute had aggressively seduced him in a bar near campus. She did not care in the least that he was gay, or in a relationship. I forgave my partner (now my husband) because he was drunk at the time, but this woman has no respect for boundaries.

Tyrone Gates — Fort Wayne, Indiana

Let me start off by saying hind sight is 20/20 and I was so stupid.

This all started in June of 2013. I met this man and he was funny and cool to hang around. He swept me off my feet despite him not having a job, having 12 kids and 8 baby moms. (yeah I was so stupid) After a few months of dating aka me footing the bill dating. I decided I would help him find a job around me. I mean he was basically living with me as it was anyway. (This man had no license a criminal record so getting a job was hard for him.) So I told him to use the temp agency by me to get a job. Boom within a week he had a job. At first my mom was driving him to work and I would pick him up at night. Then it worked into him driving my truck because work was only a mile away for him. About October he started being real secretive on his phone hiding his screen. Hid the fact he was in a relationship with me on Facebook. Of course he did this because some men made comments on my pics about me being pretty. I told them thanks but I had a man and was happy but apparently I did not handle it right according to him.

I was starting to think something was wrong here and that is when my friend told me that she had seen him on his pof profile a lot. I told him I was hurt asked him to delete it. His excuse was he was just on it to make friends. Despite most of my friends warnings I stayed with him. Christmas came and went…

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Jessica M. Archer — Valparaiso, Indiana

I had a gut feeling something was going on so I checked my phone bill and there was a 219 number on there over 2000 times in December alone. There were some in January but not as often, so I asked my husband about it and he said it’s just an old friend that we have from the corps from Indiana.

I went on with my day but kept it in the back of my mind. Finally, I called the number and a girl answered, my husband said well maybe it’s Justin’s girlfriend, I said ok maybe. But it kept bothering me so I texted the number and asked if it was Justin. The text back said “lmao.. Yes this is justin.” I knew then that it was a girl, no man texts like that so I asked my husband again. This time I said if you don’t tell me who it is I’m going to file for divorce and then he said ok it’s Jessica M. Archer, Justin’s ex-wife, but I didn’t know it was her.

I thought it was Justin the entire time. I went online and downloaded a backup of my husbands Facebook and found messages and naked pictures going back to mid November 2014 that she had sent my husband of herself. And messages begging him to leave me for her and that she wanted out of indiana, she wanted to move back to Cali and… Read More

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