Jenny Weber — Elkhart, Indiana

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My husband found his ex girlfriend on MySpace and they started talking again. She told him she still has feelings for her and he told her he still loves her and wants to show her he has changed. They stopped talking for a year then they started again on Facebook talking about what they want to do to each other.

Meagan Back Sunman — Batesville, Indiana


My husband and I were married almost 16 years when my world collapsed. Not once in all those years did I ever suspect or worry that he would cheat on me, I even thanked God many times that, that was the one thing I didn’t have to be concerned about in our relationship. I was blindsided one Saturday morning in January 2015 when he sat me down and told me he was not happy anymore and was planning on leaving. I had no idea where this came from, even asking him if there was someone else. He assured me that there was not. I was devastated and cried the entire day. The next day he woke up and acted like the previous day never happened, we layed in bed together, watching tv and cuddling the entire day as I was emotionally exhausted from the day before. Confused by the way he was acting, I turned to my sisters and best friend, by Tuesday morning they had convinced me to just check out his cell phone activity on our online account.

Heather Henderson — Seymour, Indiana

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This is about Heather Henderson, who became Heather Finch, who became Suzanne Fin. My husband Lee Gearhart and I have been married a long time. It was rough once, but has grown into a very strong loving marriage with two beautiful children. Because of this, he let me in on a terrible mistake he made many years ago (when we had already been married some time and our first son was out of diapers). About 2000-2001, he was working at Kroger here in NC, and two girls started there. They were lesbians and only around 19 then, and one was named Heather Marie Henderson. Unfortunately for her girlfriend, she wasn’t much of a lesbian because her seduction of my husband was very long and elaborate (always aware of his marriage and child). For two years, she tried desperately to get him to leave his family and join her “cult” or whatever it is. After she married and had a child, she even contacted him at least once more to reconnect. She was Lee’s only indiscretion, and many of his longtime friends beg my forgiveness now for not telling me back then.

Lyndsay Clancy — Portage, Indiana


The little lady above enjoys going on dating sites specially on Tinder and picking up her next pray making sure he is married and/or have a family. This is where my nightmare started! My husband and I have had our ups and down like everyone else. Unfortunately both my husband and the Ms. on the picture met online this Summer… She pretends to enjoy sports but it is a set up to pick up men! This Vagina Monkey enjoys jumping from dick to dick! Not only did she slept with my husband but at the same time slept with some other men. Sadly, her child is around when all is going on.

Katherine Stafford — Gary, Indiana


I moved to Indiana back in January, leaving behind my son to pave the way for a new and better life for us with someone who promised to help me do just that. He was dishonest and abusive from the beginning. Verbally, physically and emotionally. For some reason though, I stayed by his side. Even after he destroyed my chances at bringing my son into our home by sending death threats to the person who had custody of him, I stayed by his side. I see that this was a mistake, sadly too late. He began bringing this whore around our house, Katherine Stafford, who used her child as an excuse to get closer to him.

Daniel William Ford — Portage, Indiana


This prick, Daniel William Ford of Portage, Indiana has abandond his children and wife. He has previously abandoned two of his other children that he does not contact. This turd trolls bars and dart tournaments in order to find his next female victim. Dan Ford shovels cocaine in his face and has a severe alcohol disorder. Drinking rum and coke in an open container while operation a motor vehicle. Daniel William Ford will not hold a job of his own and will manipulate his female victims into funding his addictions (rent, groceries, gas, etc.). Dan Ford is a gypsy and will disappear when needed leaving behind unpaid bills, unanswered questions, and shattered lives. At 43 years of age, this gem has the mentality of a two year old.

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