Regen Smith — Crown Point, Indiana


My husband and I haven’t even been married for a year and we decided to take seperate vacations during Christmas, so we could both see our families. While I was in Las Vegas in and out of the emergency room with a kidney infection. He was having sex with his ex girlfriend, Regen Smith. We made it home and I was clueless thinking he’d been faithful. Then several months passed and one day he went out fishing and had left his phone. I opened it to see that he had been texting Regen Smith and read a very detailed description of how he went down on her and they had sex.

Kristi Holmes — Lynnville, Indiana

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 9.59.53 AM

My husband and I got married in March. I noticed on pictures we posted on Facebook that she made comments about disliking them. When I questioned him, he said it was somebody he used to work with that had mental problems. Lie no. 1 obviously. I found out in November that she had been chasing him and they had been seeing each other. I pay the phone bill, so I have a record of all the texts, all hundreds of thousands of them. I got screen shots of them off his phone, and screen shots of ALL their Facebook messages. He isn’t good about covering his tracks lol. He is still here, but she moved and to my knowledge they no longer see each other, but I do see the occasional text and Facebook messages. She needs to be exposed for the home wrecker she really is.

Kara Jester — Indianapolis, Indiana

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Since this bitch constantly edits her photos, I figured I’d use one unedited! It started back in October, my best friends husband decided to write her off of Buy Sell Trade about trading vehicles. See, this girl knew he was married and still tried hoping on his dick.. Which caused them to split up and head for divorce. They ended up dating. Just a fair warning for any one, she will wreck your relationship and/or your marriage. But if you’re into fat ass, ugly bitches, she’s all up for nudes! Figured that out myself. Enjoy! 😉

Jennifer Tucker — Fort Wayne, Indiana


I want to start by saying that it’s not completely her fault, he could have said no. This is a girl that was a friend of mine, she told me all about herself and everything she had done…..when I realized that she was starting to do it to me and my family I told him that I wasn’t comfortable with her around anymore, that lasted maybe a week. Jennifer’s history with men is disturbing to the women out here that are honest and faithful! She has 4 kids, her oldest is the product of her screwing a married man! Than she moved on to the next TAKEN man, she got a job babysitting for a couple with a young son….that didn’t last very long, she liked the amount of money the dad was making so she went ahead and broke up the little family she was working for! She ended up eventually getting pregnant with twins by him, they were on again off again….I met her right before an off moment, she moved out of Florida until she had the babies than she came back, they got married….they argued one night he was helping her stand up from sitting on the floor, the neighbors hav called the cops for there arguing, low and behold she has him arrested for battery on a pregnant woman!!!! All because he was helping her! This is when she finally told everyone that she’s pregnant! Her twins were a little over a year old. I would stop with my kids and my boyfriend, him and I have twins together, she would sit outside for almost an hour smoking while her one year olds would be unsupervised….

Taryn O’Connor — Shelbyville, Indiana


This homewrecker started messaging the husband and the husband was open about it at first with the wife stating they were friends. The wife asked the husband to stop messaging her even though they were friends. The husband said he wound stop but continued to message the “friend” and it secret for months without the wife knowledge. The wife found after the wife decided to check the husband phone after some time and noticed the messages from the “friend”. At that time the husband left the 15 year relationship to find happiness. He left behind a son and step son. The husband has lied to everyone including his wife and kids telling them the wife knew about the messages. The husband denies there was any type of relationship and the “friend” and him were only texting. The husband decided to make the relationship official with the friend and recently moved in with her. I am writing this only after reading the my friend the wife’s blog online ( This homewrecker being homewrecked before needs to be put in her place. She wrecked an entire family out of selfishness and greed

Patty Moura — Indianapolis, Indiana

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Well for starters I have dated 2 men that have received the same exact photos from this hoe!

I was with the first guy for 5 years and engaged and nothing is ever perfect but we had went house hunting and she was our realtor from century 21 on 96th street in Indianapolis, IN. Within a hour of us leaving she called him (which she was told to go through me as he is very busy as a financial advisor). She trys to talk all sexy in her spanish and blink her eyes. Even rubbing up against him and saying oh I’m so sorry. Come to find out 2 weeks later I found these on his phone! I blame not just her but him as well. She should never pursue a engaged man! She has a 4 year old daughter also! What type of example is that!

Second guy basically same thing! Was with him for 2 years and we ran into her out at a private party. I went to the restroom and she was all over my man! I came out & gave her a look as you remember who I am! She walked away and later brushed herself up against him and said oh excuse me. 2 weeks later I find out she has been sending the same exact photos to my man as she did the last one! Not sure if she is just after everyones men or just mine! But I have met 2 other women that she has sent the EXACT same photos to.

She is trashy and has the saggiest boobs in the world. Thinks she is all that since she is brazilian. Too bad for her daughter when she sees this as she matures. Her mom is a whore and a homewrecker! I want everyone to be warned about this slut!

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