Nicolette (Nikki) Gabrielle Schilling — Indianapolis, Indiana


This disgusting piece of trash is nothing but a career homewrecker. The very first thing my soon to be ex told me about her was that she had destroyed 2 of their co-workers relationship and from what I’ve been told about her that wasn’t even the first time. So of course I didn’t want him to have anything to do with her, after months of lies and him trying to make me think Im crazy I finally caught them together. I hope they are happy together and they truly deserve one and other.

Brandy Teder — Kendallville, Indiana


Brandy met my husband online and had a relationship knowing he was married with 4 kids and she is married with 3 kids. It started off chatting online until she started “falling in love” then it led to phone conversations. For hours during the day she was on the phone with my husband making future plans, begging him to come meet her and having phone sex. Hundreds of texts from 4 am to 10 pm daily. How do you text a man naked pictures of yourself knowing he is eating dinner with his family or laying in bed with his wife who just gave birth to their 4th child a couple months ago? What kind of woman or mother does that? When I confronted her she wouldn’t anewer my number but happily picked up from his number and hung up when she realized it wasnt him. I texted her asking her to talk to me and explained to her who I was. Several hours later after no response I sent her another text letting her know I ran a search on her phone number which of course came back to her husband and that he would be the next person I contact. She had the audacity to text me back asking me to prove who I was before she would talk to me about their affair. I told her she spoke to me ON MY HUSBAND’S PHONE. She said it wasnt good enough and I could “do better” to prove who I was if I wanted information from her. I let her know the next time she goes looking for love she needs to “do better” than a married man with 4 kids! After several days I contacted her husband who said she had come clean to him after I threatened her. How do you beg a man to leave his wife and 4 kids to come meet you?

Tanya Dale — Demotte, Indiana


My husband got into some legal troubles and in return it put quite a bit of tension on our marriage. I slowly started to notice a change in him. As a wife you know when something just isn’t right. I of course asked him over and over but low and behold he lied. I mean look at her… can’t blame him for that. So I start my investigation and it was only a matter of a week or two that I found what I knew all along. This Tanya is apparently quite the pill poppin crack stem sucking whore she appears to be. She lost custody of her three kids (all different dads) no job, and homeless and was staying with a friend of my husbands. I friend I didn’t trust so I never went over there with him. Guess my instincts were right again because Mike and Jamie Lock from Demotte pushed my husband to commit adultery with this dirty bitch mooching off them. He said he was going to another friends house and I followed. Sure enough he was going to see Tanya. They were all too scared to answer the door but when he came creeping in at 6:00 am I demanded the truth. He first tried lying and told me all her dirty secrets…She slept with his friends 18 yr old step son and about a dozen guys when she worked at Jacks of 41 in Snyder and how jacked up and nasty her teeth are, she’s a crater face blah blah. I finally got him to admit it and now they are homeless together. I think she’s much more suited for him….don’t you? He’s the one who commented on this photo…during our daughters birthday party…. After all the pathetic begging and crying I still wont take him back. Not after he stuck his bare dick in that! HIV is not my thing! Buh byeee!!!

Bryanna Duncil — Greensburg, Indiana


After my soon to be ex was promoted to a TC this factory slut was all over him. Apparently she has a reputation for breaking up marriages/families and draining men of as much as she can get. He began lying and pretending to constantly be at work. He took off the day after Christmas telling me and our two young children he was going to the gym and Walmart and he would be back. He returned a week later after his mom contacted her and told Bryanna that she would go to her mother and let her family know about the situation if Randy did not call his mom back. He swore he was sorry, cried in my living room, and even called her an attention whore. I told him I wouldn’t consider working on things if he wasn’t done with her and had 0 communication with her. (Don’t worry she isn’t a victim after all, he told me she gave him a burner phone so they can still talk back in November when I caught him getting texts from her.). He claims he went to end it with her but they were texting by the time he got back home claiming it was him telling her he was truly done and so they could figure out how to handle things at work so he wouldn’t get fired for sleeping with his now subordinate. He then was sneaking with snap chat and talking with her for the week. After I caught him and told him I was done, he swore to be there for our kids. The next week, he left our son at preschool and didn’t bother to call anyone else to get him. I had no idea until the teacher called. He has not seen, spoke to, or asked about our kids in over 2 months. When he seen them 2 months ago, he was forced by one of his family members.

Kelsey High — Rockville, Indiana


This stupid bitch is 26 years old. She loves men that are taken. She will manipulate men until she gets them. She has ruined families and relationships. She tried to be friends with you just to try to get into your man’s pants. She has ruined a relationship that has lasted years because she’s a homewrecking whore. She’s torn men away from their kids. She will not stop until she gets what she wants.

Gracie Sander — Noblesville, Indiana

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 9.44.24 AM

This Is Gracie Sander. Early 20’s. She slept with my best friends man while she was away, and ended up pregnant. She then decided to terrorize my best friend and throwing it in her face that she was having a living child , while my best friend was miss carrying with his child. Once my best friend found out, said father of both children, denied wanting to be with Gracie. Gracie then went on a psycho rampage and started numerous rumors about my best friend. After the baby was born she neglected her child by leaving him in a room while she hand parties at her house, leaving him in an infant car seat and shoving a bottle in his mouth to keep him quiet. Also there have been numerous occasions where she has been caught too strung out on drugs to care for her child. She later dropped the baby off at the fathers house and didn’t make an appearance until 3-4 months later!!!!

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