Sandra K. Jourden — Henryville, Indiana


This woman is at the top of everyone in my county’s shit list. She says constantly she hates cheaters, but being the other woman is apparently OK in her book. She ruined the marriage of the lovely Vicker’s, then there was the Monroe’s, then there was countless other affairs that didn’t result in divorces. She loves to have things but hates to work for them, however she will do her job under the sheets if it means she has something to hold over these married men’s heads. She has convinced more than one man to leave their marriage for her and quickly dumps them after. She just loves the drama of knowing she is ruining someone else’s happily ever after. She is 44 and lives with GET THIS. . . HER DADDY. She has 2 kids she does not care for and lives to blackmail these married men into giving and getting things for her in exchange for not telling their wives they are cheating! After someone hacked into her facebook there was a post saying she had HIV on a local site (and was knowingly spreading it as well). WATCH OUT FOR THIS WOMAN. I have never met a person so full of evil.

Ashley Gray-Gill — Indianapolis, Indiana


Ashley Gray-Gill slept with my husband James Kirby in October of 2015, and gave him an STD, which he then brought home to me. She then continued to call my husband late at night even AFTER he told her to stop. Ashley is known for sleeping with other women’s men. She has played a role in my best friends cousin AND aunts marriages as well, and still continues to send nude pictures to these woman’s men. If you know anyone that has had sexual relations with this woman, or any other women who’s men have been with her, then they NEED to go to the STD clinic bc she has not gotten treated.

Cheyenne Desiree Bryant — Columbus, Indiana

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My husband started working at a factory near columbus indiana. Called PMG! we were living with my grandma and i just had his baby in october 2013. she was premature. my grandma died december 23,2013. during this time my husband had been seeing this bitch behind my back. her and i USE to be good friends, we played solfball together and dated brothers. my husband started acting weird. i was greeving over the loss of my best friend ( my grandma) then the doctors called me and told me i needed to be checked for cervical cancer. while i was being checked my husband sat beside me holding my daughter texting this woman. I asked over and over again who he was texting. cheyenne had several other people involved to hide the fact she was sleeping with my husband.

Ginny Wilson-Cook — Pittsboro, Indiana


Virginia A Cook, Ginny Wilson-Cook. This home wrecking whore started using Facebook to talk to my husband before we ever got married. She later used a hook-up website to get involved with him after we were married. She dated him while we were separated briefly and continued to keep her social media status as “in a relationship” with him even after we reconciled and got remarried. She then kept a secret relationship going on with him using email, text messages and fantasy football. Right before Thanksgiving she sent a packet of documents outlining the ongoing affair to my house. They are now in a relationship and she thinks she won a prize. She has no regard or respect for marriage as she was only looking for someone to pay her bills.

Shea Carty — Clinton, Indiana


On November 2nd my husband had a moment of weakness and cheated on me after 8 years together, it was a one night stand he apologized and has been begging for my forgiveness since. She kept blowing up his phone with “I love you”s even though he wouldn’t reply. He informed her were married and woulde be staying together when suddenly she found out she was “pregnant”. However we are not allowed to go to Dr appts and/or hear the heart beat. She ran to Indianapolis after sending him a message begging him to leave me and even tried getting me to leave him. She is close friends with his ex before me. I beg women watch out for you because she doesn’t care if you’re married have kids, ect. She is a homewrecker through and through. Shea Carty has spun my life upset down and more. Everyday I have to hear about this, have it thrown in my face and Ive been tryng to have a baby for years now. WOMEN BEWARE SHEA CARTY.

Donna Hoppe (Napier) — LaPorte, Indiana


This “50 year old teenager” knows my husband through her son. For the past couple of years the communication in my marriage was particularly bad, leaving my husband feeling that he could not share things with me and leaving me feeling like nothing I was doing was going to be enough to fix things. He happened to help this friend of a friend (since the only man in her home is her dead beat adult son). He talked about things that were bothering him at the time and this ended up being the start of a months long private relationship. He would call or text her, sit in her car with her (so she could kill herself with smoking). Her number was saved under a mans name. The way I found out was when I was trying to upload videos of our child’s sporting events to a website on the way home one night. The videos were on his phone and when I went to select a video it took me to the phone clipboard and there was s picture of her and also some stupid pic that she forwarded from Pinterest or one of the other many sites she is constantly on.

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