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Taylor Shinholt Van Buren, Indiana

My husband and I have been together for four years. We got married September 13,2014. My husband has some personal issues that we have been working together to overcome. We had been fighting a lot and she caught him in a weak moment. I found a bunch of sexual texts between the both of them and when I confronted him he spilled everything. Taylor was supposed to be my best friend and was also supposed to be my maid of honor in our wedding. But she backed down two weeks before my wedding..shitty..I know. But she said it was for financial reasons and I had no reason to not believe her. When my husband was telling me everything I found out that about a month before our wedding she begged him not to marry me. And he told her that he was going to marry me because I was who he wanted to be with for the rest of his life and to never contact him again. Well the tramp decided to contact him about a week ago and things escalated. Yes I do blame him as well but she knew we were married. She watched me walk down the aisle to him and promise him forever. She knew damn well what she was doing. My husband and I are doing counseling and fixing things because we are strong enough to not let her take what we have. She is not worth it. Will I fall for this again…NO. This is his one chance. If there is a next time…he will not have a chance. I feel I got my point across to her with this message…

I just want you to know, you will NEVER get my husband. The reason he did what he did with you is because he pitied you. He pitied the fact that you are so unhappy in your life. He married me because he loves me. He and I are getting help and we WILL come out of this stronger than ever. You will never be back. I know you are jealous of the life we have built. I know you wanted to be with him and I know you tried to stop our wedding. Candice (my best friend) saw every message…even the one about *her daughter*, and she does not like the fact that you basicly called her baby a cock blocker. Once I send this, our numbers will be changed and you will never be able to contact us again. My husband also no longer has a phone.

I hope Josh (Taylor’s boyfriend who was going to marry her but decided to buy a pool instead) makes the rest of your life hell. I hope you have to live with the fact that I am married to the man of your dreams. That I will forever be the love of his life while you will always be the girl who has nothing going for her…no potential. No license no job…can’t keep a clean house and the mother who allows herself and kids smells like a barn. Josh deserves someone with potential. Someone who will be faithful. Someone who will love him for the wonderful man he is. I pity the fact that he has to come home to a person such as yourself. I understand why he doesn’t want to marry you. Who would want to spend the rest of their life with someone like you? I will make you feel the pain you have brought into my life. I will catch you out without your boys and I will get my revenge. Until then, you will fall asleep every night knowing that I am laying next to the man of your dreams. I am the one bringing him joy and pleasure. I am the one he comes home to. I AM HIS WIFE! I am who he loves…I am who he wants to spend the rest of his life with…while you were merely a side b****..well in his words “a s***”. Have fun wallowing in the life you hate. While I bask in the life you wish you had.

I exposed her to her boyfriend and I have no clue what’s going on with them but I hope she ends up lonely and miserable.

My husband and I are fixing things and we will prevail…but to everyone around Van Buren…HIDE YOUR MAN!



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