Kesyen Shanthi — Indianapolis, Indiana


She also goes by Kay Kay. I found out about her thru a friend. We started hanging out and becoming close. She’s single and meets guys any way she can and sleeps with them. I was dating a guy and fell in love. He was coming around, hanging out. I thought nothing of it. Well soon, she was commenting on him and stuff. I still thought nothing of it. Meanwhile, my bf brushed it off. Even made comments to stop. Well, come to find out thru a friend of hers, they’ve been texting each other talking very explicit about meeting up and what they would do.The diseased Cum dumpster even talked him into meeting. I comforted both who denied it of course but I am done with the both of them. Trash belongs together. She needs to worry about her daughter who lives in another country not giving her diseased roast beef to every guy she sees. She’s a psycho flight attendant who think everybody owes her something. She tries to act nice and be your friend but turns her back on you! Stay away from this diseased cum dumpster!!

Meagan Back — Lawrenceburg, Indiana


A warning to all men around Lawrenceburg, Greendale and anyone in Indiana for that matter. Megan Back is toxic to anyone she comes in contact with. If you are a woman she will befriend you and your man and then flirt with him and talk shit about you behind your back until she gets what she wants, all attention on her. If your a man she will make you believe that she wants you and that the woman your with is a horrible person until you start believing it. Then she’ll leave you high an dry or if your really lucky she’ll stay for a while, as long as your footing the bill, while she fucks her “regulars” and anyone else she can, behind your back. She is not capable of being monogamous to anyone. Unfortunately I fell for her bullshit for 7 months, I dumped my girlfriend of a year and a half cause Meagan told me she loved me and we was going to be together, I was stupid to fall for it. once I was single she never left the dude she is living with, she was only with him cause her husband kicked her out and she had no where to go and hated living with her mom. I found out after I ended it about the guys that just have to send a text and she runs to fuck em. She’s good at what she does and dont deserve a good man like me. I feel like such a dumb ass for falling for her lies. She aint good for nothing more than a blow job as stretched out as that pussy is.

Heidi Stelow — Terre Haute, Indiana


My boyfriend and I have an flirtatious relationship where we enjoy flirting with other people for fun. On occasion we will bring another woman to join us if there is a mutual interest. This slut decided she only wanted him and pursued him relentlessly by calling and texting him. Finally he did make the mistake of going to her house fucking her. After this they didn’t talk again until this past November. She sent him a message on a shared account rubbing it in my face that she had sex with my boyfriend. He apologized to me and told me it was the biggest mistake and that she was a lousy lay anyways. Since then he has blocked her from contacting him she still thinks I’m the crazy one! Homewreckimg slut!!

Marcalee Hataaja — Auburn, Indiana


This woman was an old acquaintance of my husband’s from his teen years. He used to have a crush on her, nothing ever came of it. He and I met at our church, spent 5 years getting to know each other, and got married in 2011. We had been married for 2 years and had our first son, who was about 10 months old when they ran back into each other at college, November 2013. She is a very charming deceiver and quickly made it a point to “run into him” here and there. Before too long, she started complaining to him about her marriage problems and how terrible her husband treated her. We started having her and her husband over and (I thought) we were becoming pretty good friends with them. Her husband is very nice and a good guy. As a few months went by, we saw her more and more and the husband less. The sad part is, I always had a bad feeling about her, the way she just didn’t seem to want to be a close friend, and how she was always making sexual jokes and sitting near my husband, but dismissed it. Fast forward to April 2014. My sister and her boyfriend and Marcy and her husband were all over for a bonfire. I was busy in and out of the house hosting, but my sister saw that Marcy and my husband were texting each other and smiling and laughing across the fire. She told me the next day, and of course I didn’t believe it at all. We were really devoted Christians and really active in our church, and even though we had normal struggles (he was working 60+ hr/wk and school full time, and I had a lot of insecurities from an abusive childhood) I and every person that knows my husband would tell you to this day that he’s the last person on earth that would ever do something like this. -Loooong story short, I confronted him and he lied and denied it all night until he finally broke and admitted they had been “together” since January. 3 months at that point. I was devastated but immediately forgave him and just wanted to make it right. He “broke it off with her” by phone that night. Things seemed ok for a while. I found out again in July 14 they had been together again, and had really only broken it off for a week.

Shaun Hicks — Evansville, Indiana


Ok, just because Shaun Hicks can’t get a man to marry her doesn’t mean she should whore around with everyone else’s! Disgusting slob that “manages” run down apartments in Evansville, Addison Place, might expect her to be a bit more professional. I will continue to live in my large brick home, driving my luxury vehicle while she continues to live in the ghetto! Lol she can have him if she wants, but he just used her to try to get back at me. He felt better being with someone “below his league” she did get her big muffin top belly full at Gerst haus though, and took money/food out of my children’s hands- and that I will not stand for!! You always reap what you sow…

Cheyenne Bragg — Bloomingdale, Indiana


Her name is cheyenne bragg. She loves to mess with men that are taken and also has a family. She had tried to get with a man that has a family and is taken. She doesn’t care about no body but herself. When she doesn’t get what she wants she cries to her mom and then her mom will step in. She’s an inconsiderate little homewrecker whore. If you want a girl that wants to take a man from your family she’s the perfect girl for you.

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