Kristin Lynn Snead — Owensboro, Kentucky

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I had been married 11 and a half years when a girl that i grew up with started coming back around. Now mind you my husband and i have been together since high school fourteen years all together and 11 married. Now when we were younger we broke up a few times and during one of thesw times they hooked up supposedly once and of course when we got back together he swore up and down he regretted it and I of course cut all contact with her cause by that poibt in time we had been together 2 and a half years and that’s breaking girlfriend code. Well in february my kids and i moved back to our hometown to save money until he gets out of the military we were only an hour and a half away so we promised to see eachother at least every two weeks.

Talia Rich — Louisville, Kentucky

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Me and my husband were married on December 1 2011. This bitch’s has been obsessed with him from the jump! 7 days after we were married she sent him a video of her playing with herself telling him he was missing out on all the fun. Umm in not sure it’s considered fun when not only her pussy but her ass as well looks like a baseball bat could fit. She’s been doing this for years now and refuses to stop. She tried to split us up by posting a picture of a pregnancy test on fb and tagging him in it and saying congratulations daddy.

Lindsey Burbridge — Louisville, Kentucky


This ugly whore homewrecking bitch is Lindsey Burbridge and here’s my story — I was married to my ex husband Bob for 23 years, he works in safety. He traveled for work a lot which I really didn’t like, I was left at home alone a lot. But then he got a new job close to home and barely any travel, I was ecstatic!!!

He went to work for JY Legner and Associates here in Louisville, his office is on Evergreen st. He is Director of Safety and the only reason I’m mentioning his place of employment is because this is where his affair started and the whole office pushed for it… I first got suspicious about something going on because he was constantly on his phone.

Wilma Vannatta — Louisville, Kentucky


I never knew there could be such a whore. It all started April of this year my husband went out of town to work in Kentucky. We were having some problems with not getting along. He started acting different went a couple of days without calling which was odd because we skyped every night and talked all day long. Well he finally called and said he got extremely drunk and lost his phone. He was staying at a hotel and told me about two girls he met there. One of which was this whore. For the next couple weeks he started calling telling me he loves me and wants to work it out. I told him I was filing for a divorce but he still kept

Kelly Despain Riddle — Louisville, Kentucky


My husband of eleven that has raised my daughter as his own and fathered children with me was a wonderful husband and father. Always there for us working with my crazy shifts as a nurse and involved with kids in ways most of my girlfriends envied.

We were solid friends and partners, we fought hard, loved hard and played hard, but most all had a common goal — our little family!

We built our family together with the children we had brought into the relationship and added. In February of last year he text me as he always did everyday. I worked for an agency and changed locations from time to time. He was asking where I was working on this day thinking nothing of it I told him. We said our love you’s and he said his phone was dying he would call me later.

Kiersten Payton — Bardwell, Kentucky


I was 16 when this started. I worked full time bc ilater….ed out of school and he had a full time job as well. He was my first love. We met at age 10 and were bf/gf from 5th grade to 7th grade and then he moved and we lost contact. Then he moved back while i was in 9th grade and thats when the story begins…. I know you think someone that young cant fall in love but we had. I loved him so much that to be honest i was obsessed which never makes for good relationship. But anyway, i went to school with this girl before i dropped out. Everyone knew who she was bc she was “well” known to say the least. Well before an her met i had gotten pregnant. About two months in she starts working with him and i start noticing him acting different. Next thing i know he broke up with me two weeks after he met her. I was devastated i was 16 pregnant and the love of my life left me for this ho. Well then two weeks later we start dating again. I start going back over his house and everything.

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