Brandi Wray — Louisville, Kentucky


My husband and I have been married 8yrs, together 9. Many many times throughout our relationship I have caught this ho texting, fb stalking my husband. For years they have secretly messaged back and forth and finally were able to sneak and have themselves a physical encounter. This skank knows we are married, has pretended to be my friend on occasion, knows we have 4kids between us IH and I must mention that she is married with kids herself. Watch out ladies this is a trifling little whore.

Shawna Marie Thompson Clark — Elizabethtown, Kentucky

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My husband made a career change, to work at Amazon and took a drastic pay cut, my Mother and Son lent us money to pull through till we got some things payed off and he was able to move up, needless to say the month the last large bill was paid off and by then he moved he was on his way up. He starts coming home later and later till its late morning early afternoon. when I questioned him a couple times and the last time he actually called me from work, and the girl starts screaming in the phone that she’s with my husband, and I should leave him alone! then she proceeded to send a message to me stating the same thing, he wasn’t home through any of the holidays and a couple days after Christmas he my daughter and I come home, and he moved his things out, come to find out he got and apt with her! She is a child 23 years younger than him! A women that can sleep with someones husband is a down right Home Wrecking Skank!

Alesha ‘Brooke’ Reynolds — Louisville, Kentucky

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My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years we just recently had a beautiful baby boy who turned one and I’m 9 months pregnant with baby number two (due May 17th). My boyfriend and I became engaged feburary 28th since I’ve been pregnant with baby number two we start fighting a lot more. He wa never home always running around with his friend wanting to drink and party leaving me stuck with our son at home. I knew our relationship was rocky and not perfect but I never expect to be left two weeks before my due date for an 18 year old. One night my boyfriend came into the room as I was putting out son to bed tells me he’s leaving will be back in an hour, I fall asleep wake up and it 3am he left at 11:30pm so of course I wake up and get mad when he gets home I demand for his phone because lately he’s been kinda hiding it from me not leaving it laying around, he refuses to give it to me so we start fighting over it while were fighting over it he’s deleteing text messages and I catch the first three number of the messages being deleted.

Jenn Downey — Louisville, Kentucky

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I have been with my husband for 7 yrs. and in 7 years I have found different correspondence between this woman and my husband. My husband teaches MMA fighting and has lots of ppl who email him but this girl in particular keeps popping up. Last spring after I had our first daughter, after two boys, I was opening my laptop and there was a pic of this girl, well of her crotch! I emailed her and she knew and admitted to knowing he was with me and she was “just joking”! I am not stupid! My husband and I argued over her and then reconciled afterward. Fast forward to December! I am using his phone because my phone is dead and he gets a message. Talking about how bad she bets he is, that he can wine and dine her when he comes to her area for the next fight!! What!! So I email her again. She said I know you two are together and I just joke with him!! Seriously!!

Amanda Osborne — Ashland, Kentucky

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This is Amanda Osborne from Ashland, KY. She thought it would be a wonderful idea to try sleep with my husband. I found the messages on his Facebook messenger from October and two separate days in November. She was all sad when she found out he sold his Camaro, but got gladly excited when he said he bought a truck. Since he has a truck now there is plenty of room so he could do her in the butt in his truck! The best part is they even made plans to have her come to my house to meet me, so I would trust her to hang out with my husband that way he wouldn’t have to sneak around as much. She totally agreed to come lie to my face stating he just needs to tell her what to say so the stories would match.

Amber Combs — Richmond, Kentucky


This trashy little whore decided to concive my fiance to come see her while i was out of town for one night and also convinced him to bring my son along! She started pursuing him in February and would show up outside of his work and beg him to come over. This woman is 21 years old and is pregnant with her fifth child and none of them have the same father. So you can already tell shes trashy. She wouldnt leave him alone and he got tired of it and decided to hangout with her just to get her to shut up and she ended up drugging him by putting something in his drink and decided to have her way with him. (thank god my son wasnt with him at the time)

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