Misty Lyn Bromely — Rineyville, Kentucky


This disgusting cum bucket is the epitome of what trash is. Not only did she sleep with my (ex) husband while drunk. She also slept with 4 other guys in the same night while on her period on his couch (one who was also in a relationship at the time and she had a boyfriend herself) and getting her blood all over his furniture than having the audacity to sit on his porch for the rest of the night crying and refusing to apologize (maybe it was whore’s guilt?) She whines 24/7 on social media about how “sad” and “depressed” she is so guys pity her and will come to save her just to sleep with them and never talk to them again than repeating the same stupid cycle over and over again. She has cheated on EVERY guy she has been with been with and will open her legs to anyone who tells her she’s worth something (even though she isn’t) She currently has another blind boyfriend she is with and is cheating with yet again. Guys be warned! She has zero morals or respect for herself or anyone. What type of whore fucks 4 guys in one night while on her period on someone’s couch without even asking? This lovely lady does of course! If you see her run, chances are you’ll catch something.

Goldia E. Criswell — Louisville, Kentucky


This lady here has been dating my soon to be ex husband for over a year now. Of course I was not aware of it until much later. I had my suspicions but he continued denying it to me. They met at his job where she used to work and shortly after they started having an affair. He has attempted to fix things with me on multiple occasions said he wants us to get a new home together with our children in a new town. Just a fresh start all together. I told him no theres just no way I could ever be with him anymore. Hes begged and pleaded even though Ive been told he is always making posts on his facebook about how much hes into her. Not sure if its true and dont care to find out. Whats sad though is that just proves hes still a player. I just hang up on him when he starts his begging for me. Unless its about the kids, I dont feel the need to speak with him. He quickly took our kids around her and her family. I wish he had allowed the transition to be easier on them.. But what is done is done I just want any of you to know thats going through this that you will be ok. So will your kids. Just whatever you do dont wait around thinking he wont do it again. Dont risk it. Just get out and make a life for yourself or you and your kids if you have them. You will be so glad you did. Nobody deserves to be treated this way. Even though they did this to the kids and I. I wish them well and hope he stops trying to play her. Saying he will stop in and see the kids and I. No im sorry you won’t You can get them on the days we arrange. You dont need to see me or ask me how I am, tell me I’m looking beautiful. Good luck to everyone

Brandi Courtney-Smith — Elizabethtown, Kentucky


It’s really shame when young girls under the age of 22 are already huge and complete whores. This “lovely” girl by the name of Brandi Courtney-Smith decided it would be a glorious idea to lure in my now ex-husband at her job (Payless shoe store) every time I would go in to purchase something new. Flirting with him when she thought I wasn’t paying attention and touching his face and thighs in what she thought I would assume was playful manner. (Yeah right.) Well turns out for the past 4 months they have been sleeping with each other while I attend work and I finally caught them in OUR bed having sex. Safe to say I kicked him out and her out faster than lighting could strike. That isn’t the end though. A few weeks later I noticed (& this is honestly horribly embarrassing but honesty is key.) spots and itchy blotches along my vagina and inner cheeks (within my mouth) turns out I have syphilis and my (ex) husband was clean when we got hitched and so was I! So not only is this “lovely” lady a whore but she also is a walking STD spreading her dirty diseases to cheating men and the blind women who don’t catch on their husband’s devious ways until it’s too late. Don’t fall for her shit guys! It’s not worth the embarrassment or the itchiness down below.

Hailey Renne Snyder — Elizabethtown, Kentucky


Where can I even begin with this “woman”. She is the definition of trashy and classless. Hailey Renne Snyder is the epitome of a horrible mother with ANOTHER baby on the way. Around January of this year I noticed my boyfriend’s phone constantly blowing up with text from this lovely thottie. Begging him for “another” good time. When I questioned him he denied it (of course) so I did some investigating of my own and it turns my suspicions were right. I caught them on the night of February 19th, 2016 in our apartment having sex together while her poor baby girl who isn’t even a year-old sitting on the kitchen floor crying from being ignored (who brings a baby to their whorish activities?!) Turns out she is pregnant again and who knows who the father is! Safe to say I dumped my piece of shit ex-boyfriend (who ended up with Chlamydia after having sex with Hailey) and have no idea where the other girl is at or who is she fucking. Clearly I could care less. Just be warned ladies and gentleman! She puts a good show with her constant post of loving her ex Jordan but at the end of the day anyone who buys her daughter a pack of diapers and tells her she is pretty is good enough to spread her skanky legs wide open for. Be careful everyone and steer clear of this homewrecker!

Jamie Huddleston — Louisville, Kentucky


This bum ass section 8 bitch is the worst kind of homewrecker! A smile In your face then suck your mans dick when you look away. She KNEW me and my bd were together but she invited him over to “smoke” and ended up sucking his dick & fucking him, I have video proof I found in his phone. She’s a fake ass wanna be hippie chick fake vegan wannabe , she was locked up for trying to stab her own bd & wonders why he doesn’t want anything to do with her or her kids. ANY ONE IN LOUISVILLE KY BEWARE OF THIS HOE SHES ON THE LOW BUT SHES OUT THERE!!!

Sarah Ellen Kincaid-Ritchie — Winchester, Kentucky


After a brief split of me and my husband, this woman (Sarah) who he works with decided to “comfort” him while he was sad. When me and my husband were working things out and minutes before we were about to make love, I found her number in his phone. I then contacted her and told her I was his wife of 10 years and that we had a family and I wanted to know if he had been seeing her. She then told me yes and she wasnt going to stop seeing him. 3 months later I find out shes sleeping with him, unprotected and all from the first time they slept together. I told her prior to knowing they were having sex that he was married, had a family and were going through some tough times, but she didnt care. She spreads those legs all day long. Well she got dumped, my family is back together, but let this be a lesson you whore. Dont mess with married men, and especially ones that have a family, and much less ones you work with. She quit right after he dumped her. Then after that she decided to text him weeks later to see how he was doing…Big mistake lady.

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