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Shyon Clark — Covington, Kentucky

Me and this man got together in 2009 built a life together had a family together we have four little boys together In February I seen him messaging this female on fb telling her he had a snake she could play with and all this so I woke him up like who the hell is this he said its just his co worker and it was just harmless conversation I got pissed he said he wasn’t going to message her any more. But come to find out I had to go get surgey done and the day of my surgery he went and had sex with this same woman. While I was sleepong he started disappearing saying I gotta leave for work early or I’m going to the store I’ll be back or some excuse like that but later on I find out he was going to her house every single time told her and a co worker that he wasn’t with me we weren’t together…

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Juanita “Nita” Conn — Owingsville, Kentucky

This person was a CNA at a nursing home and has a long history of unprotected sex, cheating and affairs with married men. She was married and got knocked up by one screw, claimed it was her husband’s kid and arranged for her husband to see the baby when it was born visiting hours while having the bio dad cone during the off hours. Within one year of having her illigitimate child, she had slept with a married man, destroying their marriage, started sleeping with two single men, and then started an affair with anither married man. She loves anal, likes to provide oral services to strangers in parks on her lunch break, loves pulling out her vibrating balls to shove up her crotch in effort to perform for the guys, and dumps her kids off with people so she can go give a guy a blow. She pretends she is a Christian, acts naive at first sexually to go along with her story of being an innocent Christian woman who had been married for so long that she doesnt really know what she is doing. She wanted my husband to leave me so much that she used a story she saw on a movie about a man whose mistress couldn’t go to his funeral, she bawls her eyes out and tells men she lives them in less than a month when really, she is using them for money. Her recent boyfriend just dumped her after finding out she had screwed my husband. She stalked my husband when he tried to get rid of her, she lies about her lovers in effort to discredit them, even going so far as to call her ex husband a stalker and two boyfriends pedophiles. She even offered anal and had explosive diarrhea all over her wall…

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Rebecca Loveless Pivot — Louisville, Kentucky

Rebecca is a home wrecker has been sleeping with my husband for 13 years. During this time she married one of my husbands friends even though she continued to spread her legs for my husband. They have been sexting and f****** lately at many different motels in Louisville while the Value Place in Fern creek and in J-town seem to be her favorite since she had sex with him there approximately 20 times since Feb.of this year 2015. This idiot gave him oral sex after he had just had sex with me… I wonder if she liked how I tasted.

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Julie Swart Louisville, Kentucky

I have been thinking about exposing my homewrecker for over a year now. You might wonder what took me so long. Well, I tried to reach out and talk to her to make peace. I guess I was hoping for some kind of apology. Of course, that didn’t happen, so I guess this is the recourse I’m taking to get some closure and finally let this go. Aside from that, I suspect she is a serial homewrecker/cheater, and I don’t want anyone else to get hurt. Read More

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