Latoya Franchestia Thompson — Detroit, Michigan


It is IMPORTANT to know that this is a Lesbian relationship. My Fiance and I have been together since June 2013. She has a 9 year old son. We were engaged July of 2015. She recently started working at a restaurant with this woman. Early December of 2015 her grandmother passed away. She didn’t take it well. A day or two after her grandmother’s funeral her cousin passed away. 2 days later she started an affair with this woman! She claims this woman knew about me. She claims that this woman had a girlfriend of her own. She also said this woman put her number in her pocket while they were working after being told about me. There were many nights we were (her son and I) left alone with me blowing her phone up to no avail. During me blowing up her phone she decides to answer so they both can laugh at me. This woman even had the nerve to say they were coming to get me so i could join the fun. For months we had been trying to have a child. I did become pregnant but due to the stress i lost it. The night i lost it she was with this woman.

Jessica Brown — Watervliet, Michigan


This is Jessica Brown. She likes to date guys who are expecting a baby with another woman who has been with for a year+.. He left his girlfriend at the time to be with her when she snuck her way in. Started dating in September sometime she his daughter was born. Controls him going to see his daughter from a different state. He lives in NY she lives across the “big lake” she wanted to meet his daughter. Mother obviously said no. She didn’t like that she couldn’t play “Mommy” and has yet now to see his baby due to her. She manipulates him while he talks to his daughter’s Mom. They wanted to get back together for their family. She caught wind and budged her A$$ right in again. This must be a fun game to her to destroy a family. She should feel ashamed.

Joshua Henry Zavits — Muskegon, Michigan


This nasty fat nasty white trash thought it would be OK to text my husband/partner of 6 years and back him into a corner at work and push sexual favors on him. Believe me my husband is far from off the hook! But this “guy” or whatever it is has another thing coming. I can not fathem what gave this thing the notion he even stood a chance. I heard he told people that he was jealous of our marriage and that he would fuck what ever one of us he could get first.

Heather Allen O’Neal — Detroit, Michigan


Look out for this woman!!! She is not happy in her own marriage and takes it upon herself to destroy others. She has a history of pursuing married men and if you know her or see her, watch out!! This woman works for a local steel company, where she works with her husband and tons of married options, and still has no qualms about sleeping with her coworkers. She pursued my husband even though she was told he was happily married, and I am not saying my husband isn’t wrong, because he is, but a woman should have enough respect not only for herself but for other women, to STAY AWAY from married men.

Lacey Forcier — North Branch, Michigan


If anyone belongs on this site, Lacey Forcier (aka Lacey Case) from North Branch, Michigan, does! She is the perfect example of a homewrecker and has completely destroyed my family! My mother doesn’t see the value in posting our story, but I am so sick of the lies and I think that the world should know how horrible of a person this woman is! My dad, of course, is no better. My sister, mother and I were all completely floored when he told us that he had been dating Lacey for over a year and that she was 5 months pregnant with his daughter (SUPPOSEDLY his daughter, anyway!). Lacey Forcier knew very well that my dad, Tracy Sutton, was married and had 2 daughters. She has been “Friends” with him on Facebook LONG before she ever made more aggressive contact with him! The phone records show that she initiated contact and actively continued to pursue him in the beginning. Of course, it didn’t take long for him to return her advances.

Candice Shammami — West Bloomfield


This post is about Candice Shammami, shes 28 and chaldean. If you are unfamiliar with that culture, (most of the culture NOT ALL OF IT.) The girls are complete GOLD DIGGERS, and will do anything to marry a man just for his money. Candice Shammami (in my opinion, which I have the right to express) is a lowlife, that’s spoiled going nowhere and life, a gold digger, and a bitch. She is ENGAGED to a man that was in a relationship for almost 2 years, and she was OK that he was cheating on his prior girlfriend. She is now engaged to the man and has done a smear campaign on his prior ex girlfriend to cover her innocence. When it all boils down to it, her “3k” is just as FAKE as her, diamonds should shine and not be dull. She’s very stupid because Karma comes full circle, if he cheated on his girlfriend with you HE WILL CHEAT ON YOU. You’re not that special, or that pretty so…. you definitely can’t keep a man.

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