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Athena Hernandez Scheetz — Cedar Rapids, Michigan

This ‘person’ was and probably still is answering ads for sex and wants paid for it. Her motto is “no free rides”. She plays the victim, oh my man left me, he is abusive to me, please help me, and so on. Also says she cuts herself, can’t feed her kid. You name it. Robert was stupid enough to fall for it. I’ve encountered others that were her victims. By victims I mean nice, beautiful ladies whose men were jackasses and wanted to preserve their youth or thought they were unhappy and went this route. Pictures speak volumes, hers are attached here. She would answer an ad, set up a time, and ask for $100 to $150 or more for the acts involved. She also would call or text begging for more money. She had a baby about nine months after screwing at least four or five men probably more. While insisting on condoms, who knows whose kid that is.  Also, she sent the pic attached, but weighs a lot more than she reveals!! Must have been a REALLY OLD PIC!

Tammy Skinner Menne — Kalamazoo, Michigan

My husband and this bitches husband was best friends, Her husband past away in Aug 2011 then for 4 months she would text me and call him hundred times a day, He was working at her house helping him since her husband passed away. While we were fighting alot because of her texting him or calling him. I started working 3rd shift and he would stop answering at night saying he was sleeping. My kids told me e wasnt there, On feb 4th I went to take a nap and I woke up and my husband was gone, that was the first thing I thought of I raced over there and walked into her house and found in bed with that s***. We have been together for 15 years and married only 2. Then when i took him back she slept with another married man. She still tells people they r sleeping together and everything. She will sleep with anybody trying to make my husband jealous.

Josie Ann Bigelow — Grand Rapids, Michigan

This is Josie, she took advantage of my husband. I am 6 months pregnant. She has been texting my husband for 6 months. She knew about me and knew about our two kids together and one I have one the way. She then tried to lie and pretend she was sorry for “ruining” my relationship. This girl continues to text my husband and thinks it is acceptable to talk to a married man while his wife is pregnant. They met at their job at Jet’s Pizza. Nasty little girl. Beware, she could careless about who’s family she will ruin.

Megan Delamater and Christopher Hogge — Lansing, Michigan

Ok so here’s my story. This all started back in January when my fiance and I got into an argument over how I got to work on new years day. I suddenly got blocked and deleted on fb and he blocked my number from calling him. Well of course we have mutual friends on facebook so they were all trying to figure out what was going on. I at this time was not sure what they were referring to as I couldn’t see his page. Well I ended up having people screen shorting his page and this girl was up on every single post with comments and sexual stuff. So of course I texted him (the texts still go through) and he would be on some bullsh*t of she’s just a friend and they never met. So a few weeks go by and This whole time everyone’s still telling me the things going on while he’s steady over at my house and with me. Well she’s still allllll over his page with him and he barely responded but on some occasions he would. Then in February things were going great with us and he moved in with me and deleted her off of his page. He was trying to show me that things were fine and he didn’t want her at all but he wanted me. We went two months doing just fine and not being bothered by her and then all of a sudden I see she’s back on his page. Well at first I didn’t say anything because she could see his posts to me which was funny because she liked them all. And he still was maintaining that he never met her. Well then one day I said something about how everything he posted she always had to like or comment especially with little winks and stuff. She tried saying they were just friends but then jumped in my messages talking sh*t to me. I ignored it for awhile until one day she commented on a status that I commented on saying that he didn’t want my crazy ass…

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Laurie Ann Fisk — Jackson, Michigan

I have known my now x boyfriend for 15+ years, we started out just casual a couple years ago while I was getting a divorce. We became a couple in September of 2013. I found out I had cancer in December of 2013. Then through tests found out I had a second cancer in February 2014. In march I lost my rental unit since I couldn’t work or pay the rent but I had nowhere to live so my second husband offered me a room to stay in so I wouldn’t be homeless. I offered him an out when I found out because cancer is a lot for a new relationship. Things were great till I started the treatment for the pelvic cancer, the radiation burnt me so bad I couldn’t even sit, I developed incontinence and had severe diarrhea which gave me a prolapse uterus. My doctor told me that if I were to have sex it could rupture the uterus and I could bleed to death since I have to take Coumadin as well.

We had separate houses and I stayed at my house due to all that was going on medically, he would come stay with me usually only on Thursday. Well I tried to make time for us to spend time together but he was working (so he claims) I trusted him completely…

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Angela Rogers (Renner) — Oscoda, Michigan

First of all, my husband and I had been having some difficulties for some time. We had recently suffered through some pretty traumatic things in our life. We were both severely depressed and we were still dealing with some really hard life stuff. We were both at the lowest points in our lives that we had ever been. We both still loved each other very much but we lost our ability to communicate. We both handle stress very differently. He handled his stress by throwing himself into his work more, working in the yard, staying busy all the time. He shut me out emotionally, he believed that talking about problems was like dwelling on them and that if we ignore them they’ll go away.

I’m the kind of person who needs to talk about stuff. I kept trying desperately to communicate with him but he would not talk to me. I tried to get him to go to counseling with me, I begged him to talk to me. He would just say everything will be fine we don’t need anything. Part of this is his personality, he is prideful, hardworking, never has been much of a talker and is not a touchy feely kind of person. He does show his love in many other ways and I knew this about him, we had been together for 13 years by this time. After trying every way to reach him, I finally shut down and pulled away from him physically. I, because of traumas from my past, can not be my normal sexual self if I don’t feel loved and secure. I was feeling completely unloved. When I pulled away from him sexually he began to feel unloved and the more unloved he felt the less he would communicate and this got worse and worse between us untill there was a huge wall that neither of us knew how to break through. We were both so lonely and lost by then. We needed each other so desperately but didn’t know how to reach the other. He and I both made mistakes in our marriage that left it vulnerable to what happened. I take my share of the blame too…

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Jennifer Purucker — Niles, Michigan

My husband started talking to all these women on facebook 2 years ago and I found out one of them lived at the Trailer park in Niles Mi where my husband worked at the time, I got her number and simply called and asked what her relationship was with my husband cuz I caught him texting her and she said he had done work for her then she got an attitude and said he needed a friend because I was a bad wife and mother anyway words were said and she simply said she wouldn’t stop seeing him…

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Lori Riley — Bay City, Michigan

Lori Riley works for a small trucking company in Shepherd, MI. My boyfriend worked for this company during this time. Everyone who worked at this company knew my boyfriend and I was expecting a baby. Our son was born in Dec. of 2012. I noticed on the phone bill that my boyfriend was spending a lot of time on the phone and texting one phone number in particular. He drove semi truck over the road so he was gone a lot. When he was home on the weekends this number was not showing up. I texted the number asking who it was, only to get NO response. I knew in my gut something was not right. So, I pretty much begged and pleaded in text messages for this person who at the time I had No idea who it was to please tell me what was going on. Texted the number about how I was pregnant and that although we have had our ups and downs my boyfriend was telling me…

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Kylie Green — Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

This girl Kylie Green has broken up my daughter and son-in-law. They have been together for 11 years and just celebrated their One year anniversary in March 2015. They have a little girl who is six and a nine month old baby boy. This girl works at the same workplace as my son in-law it is a seasonal job so they went back to work in May. It all started with her asking for rides to work always making excuses why she needed a ride. Then my son in-law started showing sign’s of not coming home never wanting to do they with the family. So my daughter’s neighbor said that when she leaves a tan colored car would go there and a girl would get out and go into the apartment where they lived. Then he told my daughter he needed a break for a little while and he admitted that there was a girl involved because when they were out of town working they got caught by the workers in the motel room, well the family couldn’t bare to see so upset and sad that we started…

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Amber Blake — Jerome, Michigan

I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost a year and a half. We’ve had our problems with hoes but this one crossed the line. Amber Blake is his ex girlfriend from 4 years ago. In May 2015 she started talking to him and they hung out, after that they got together for a week and a half and Amber Blake stayed at his house.

She knew about me and came at me saying if I didn’t want to start problems with her because she was a boss and I would get hurt. Lol yet she’s the one that slept with my man. Well, after he said he left Amber Blake, she still kept calling and texting him asking to come over.

After I let him come back and got pregnant this month. Last night she texted me saying she is having a miscarriage with him and that they just slept with each other last Friday. Her excuse for sex on Friday was “I knew he was still talking to you, I just wanted you to know the truth”.

If you’re going to sleep with someone for truth. I really don’t care who you are you’re not a woman in my eyes. Amber Blake calls herself a boss and queen. Lol I don’t care if she sees this and threatens me again. If you’re going to act like a hoe you’ll be treated like one.

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