Holly Churchill — Flint, Michigan


This little slut works at the Outdoor Adventures in Flint, MI. She does both girls and guys and always at least three different partners at a time. My husband slept with the nasty bitch while she was dating his (female) cousin. I know for a fact that she was also sleeping with some other guy at the same time. Now I don’t know the exact date but she said it was around the time my son was born she knew we were planning our wedding and about the baby and pretended to be nice to my face. This probably explains why I walked down the aisle on our wedding day with gonorrhea and never knew it for weeks. She has messaged him as recent as this fathers day and I also caught him messaging her and searching her on facebook. She thought I was him when I first started messaging her and said she “isn’t a cheating whore anymore” and was sitting next to her boyfriend. This was maybe two months ago…now she has on facebook that she has a new girlfriend. Watch out people this nasty bitch probably has more than one disease as well as more than one partner. She said she strives to set a good example for her daughter…good job Holly. Way to go.

Bo Hubbard and Wendi Norton — Detroit, Michigan

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 9.37.35 AM

Where do I even begin. Wendi started seeing Bo Hubbard after 9 years of being together but just barely 6 months of being married. I’m sure it started before anyone knew what was going on…but when it came to light, she’d went out with some friends and Co workers to a club… he happens to be one of her subordinates at work…. she didn’t come home until after I’d went to work.. I called and texted with little to no reaponse. As a police officer I have seen the worst in what can happen . I was obviously  worried. When she finally did respond she basically  told me she’d cheated. I was devestated at first. After all, I’d helped her raise her 2 girls and we had a 6 yr old together. 10 years of my life I loved her. I wanted to work it out…I could forgive her one time. But as it turned out it wasn’t the first time with him. She moved out within the week. Into his mother’s 1 bedroom apartment. Ive learned since that this is what Bo does.. he meets married women, begins a relationship and drains them financially and moves on…shes already damn near bankrupt… hes been charged with a domestic assault on an ex and is currently in court for that… ive already been told hes beating on her..  she left  behind her 15 yr old and our 6 yr old when she moved in with him.  On top of my hurt and pain I had to find a way to deal with the girls ‘ hurt and pain.

Emily Hinzmann — Grosse Ile, Michigan


I was with my boyfriend at the time for over eight years, we was currently have issues and trying to fix them when this so called woman came into our life again. You see she was with my brother for over 10 years had two little boys by him, they was constantly on and off from my brother cheating on her, when my boyfriend at the time started hanging out with her everyday while i was at work making us money they was “Just hanging out” i started feeling that he was cheating on me with her and we ended up breaking up. what do you know as soon as we broke up they was together, at the time i had money in the bank i had been saving up to get my own place this homewrecker figured she would write checks out to my ex in my name, ending up getting me for all my money. You see she was on herion at the time and crack i didnt think she would do this to me because of how many times my own brother cheated on her i figured she would know what it felt like and not want to cause me that pain obviously not. well down the road after she left for rehab she started ignoring him after she got what she wanted from him, he figured he would tell me the truth about it all. She asked him one of those times that they was together if he wanted to get in the back seat while i was at home waiting for him, she knew this. Well we started trying to work it out again and what do u know she figures she would come back into the picture and tell him “Im starting to have feelings for you again” she played him and he let her, they ended up screwing again till she went BACK to rehab then figured she would tell him after she got out YET AGAIN that she didnt want to be with him. So not only did she do it once she did it twice she is nothing but a lying backstabbing user. This woman has no respect for herself so it would mean she has no respect for others nor their man,

Barb Fritz — Holland, Michigan

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This lady destroyed my whole family… She had an affair with my dad at there work place… (they work for trendway corporation who doesn’t care if there employees sleep together on the clock) After telling him she “loved” him, and wanted him to leave his family. She decided to stay with her husband and left my dad to live alone

This women is the definition of a home wrecker.

Jaclyn (Jackie) Jaber — Flint, Michigan

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 1.35.28 PM

My story with this scumball goes way back! When we were in middle school she was always jealous of me and ruined a couple of my relationships. She even carved on of the guy’s name into her ankle. The most recent one hurt the most. My now ex and I have known each other for 10 years, but just started dating in May. This girl has also known him from years and has always been in love with him. One time he refused to date her so she made rape allegations against him….yes, she’s nuts! My ex and I have been arguing more and more recently and not talking as much. I thought it was because we’ve both been stressed. WRONG! I had to find out by myself playing detective on FB that he’s been talking to her and having “late night visits” with her. So after I had all the proof I needed of him cheating, I broke it off with him and he still keeps denying he cheated…but he confessed he did sleep with her the night we broke up. Then had the nerve to come crying crawling back to me. Now i think it’s hilarious because she thinks he really likes her, but he only screwed her because she’s easy and wanted to purposely hurt me. Real mature right? Then he even said he’s so disgusted from sleeping with her that he threw up after and all other sorts of things about her. Now I hope she goes and presses more rape allegations against him or claims false pregnancy again. Karma’s a bitch and they’ll both find that out soon.

Nicole Buggs — Muskegon, Michigan


Well where do I start? This ugly whore has been a disease to my “relationship” for the past 3 years. I was pregnant with my son while this fling was going on. I had to relocate 150 miles away in pursuit of my medical career. My sons dad was to soon follow as we where suppose to get hitched. This whore Nicole Buggs decides to call me with malicious hateful phone calls, causing me to be upset for a majority of my pregnancy in which I had to be induced, my son almost didn’t make it. The killer part is that she claims that my son’s father is also the father of her 4 year old daughter..hmm how ironic. She went 3 years not knowing who the father was? What a worthless dumb whore.

She’s 30, but acts younger than I am! (Mind you, I’m 22). The whole thing has me utterly disgusted. The fact that he would risk a future with me, a medical student with a promising career, attractive for a busted down cunt, that’s been rated by others as a 4 on a 10 scale. I don’t even want to marry him or have anymore kids by him. I don’t want my son to have siblings by her ugly childish ass. Every time she knows we together and having a good time, she calls with some bull. Here’s the fact about her…she’s a 30 year old “woman”, that don’t have a career, and no one seems to want her. I’m pretty sure she would have been married by now…I mean I’m pretty sure by the time I’m 30, I will be. I hate that my son’s father got involved with such trash as she is. Now he has to give her 18 years of his life. But I can’t. There is no way I’m going to be supporting her with my hard earned money. It’s sad how men choose to downgrade instead of upgrade. So long story short, this fugly trashy slutty bitch is the reason he’s missing out on a better life. Can’t believe how stupid some men can be.

He let this happen. I can understand more if she was a bombshell (like me!), drives a new caddy, career woman, but SHE’S NOT! she’s much less and at this point all I can do is laugh. The fact that he got this slut pregnant really makes me wish otherwise. Nicole Buggs is a ugly slut. A homewrecking ugly slut that can’t find a man of her own.

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