Paige Tomsic — Kalamazoo, Michigan

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I had just moved in with my boyfriend, (soon to be fiance’s) home that he bought for our little family. As I was putting things away, I came across his phone from last year because he had upgraded his phone. I was curious to see if it still worked so we could sell it or use it to get credit towards his existing plan. I powered it up and was glad to see it still worked and it started flashing because it had old notifications on it showing since it was connected to internet by wifi. I see the name Paige on there and I seen one of her texts and my heart sank to my feet. So i started reading text after text. They were pretty graphic about everything.

Alysia Ortiz — Monroe, Michigan


This is Alysia Ortiz, 21, from Monroe, Michigan. She currently works for the doubletree by hilton detroit-dearborn. My husband met her at a rugby social in detroit- toledo area. She knows he is married, yet still slept with him, not once or twice, but a lot of times. I live far from my husband because we have to go through immigration proceedings before we can live together. Been married of over 2yrs, we were suppose to start living together earlier this year in canada (where i am)when my sponsorship for him got approved, but he changed his mind, saying he prefers to live in ohio. So that would be another set of immigration process to do. I fly out quite a few times to be with him.

Rachel Glenn — Mount Morris, Michigan

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This is Rachel Glenn. A married woman who met my husband on Facebook. At the start of this year her and my husband were talking way to much. He was talking to her more than me. I got mad and told her to leave him alone. Anyway I thought she did but then my husband started going for midnight “walks”. A few months later I was up at in the hospital when my mom was dying. The night my mom died I asked my husband to use the flashlight on his phone. When I had it I saw messages he grabbed the phone from me and deleted the messages and handed the phone back…only my messages were on there. I knew something was up from that and the walks so I broke up with him. Few months later I found out he had been dating her 4 months before I broke up with him. She was the one he was off seeing in the night.

Heather Gregoire — Houghton Lake — Michigan

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Heather Chenevare has quite the reputation for being houghton lake’s town slut. Well she made her move on my cousins husband of 20yrs. On October 30th 2015, Kevin (that’s the husband) came home around 1am and started to yell at my cousin to get the f*ck out, that their marriage was over and he didn’t love her anymore. Well my cousin left and was staying with her sister, that’s when she found out about heather. She confronted kevin and he admitted that he had been just talking to her for about a week. But that wasn’t the truth, he’s been seeing her for a couple of months. Kevin is an unlicensed contractor and had a couple jobs where he wouldn’t come home for a couple of days, which was not his norm.

“Pepe” Jose Angel Corona Sanchez — Ann Harbor, Michigan


I got married at 17yrs old to the man I loved with all of my being his name is “Pepe” Jose Angel Corona Sanchez he was 25yrs old. Pepe is the only man I’ve ever been with/had sex with Pepe is Mexican and lied to me about his US citizenship to get me to marry him. When I asked about his citizenship he answered that he had a “green card” while we were dating and showed me all the papers and cards he used for ID I did not knew they were fakes. Then a few months later he came and told me we needed to see a lawyer for him to get his green card/US citizen. Dummy me went along with getting him legal because I was having his baby and did not want our child to grow up without a father.

Heather Nicole Jenkins — Orleans, Michigan


So my husband and I had been married for 8 years and together for almost 17 years when this home wrecker came into the picture. She has taken him from the man I loved and turned him away from everything. He has became a person his children and I no longer know yet still I am here fighting for the man he was and I know is still there somewhere. She has infiltrated my entire circle from my husband to my family to my so called friends she has spread lies about me and done all she can to destroy my marriage even as far as lining to say she was pregnant so I would leave him.

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