Meagan Nicole Meadows — Kentwood, Michigan


My boyfriend and I have been living together for 7 months and are currently trying to conceive. Talking about marriage. We both have been cheated on and past relationships and from the beginning I made it a point that we need to be extremely open and honest. So without any further ado please allow me to introduce my boyfriends waste of space Ex-girlfriend. Here is a little background information on them. He met Meagan around 2 years ago when his roommate, whom had also just met her brought her home. Not only did she have a boyfriend already that was out of town but within three days she was sleeping with both my boyfriend and his roommate. This naturally caused some trouble between them and my boyfriend began living with Meagan and her three children. Then he found out that she was still sleeping with his roommate among others throughout the relationship. Every time he’d try to make it work again he would find something else out. That’s when he decided to move her into his home. While moving in he picked up her phone went through it and saw messages to yet another man saying “I love you too baby.” (I have screenshots of all The information on providing) so he was heartbroken and she moved on and began having an affair with her then boss and supposedly her best friends husband. She had to leave her job of course being a nurse bad moral compass is frowned upon and can cause her to lose her license. At the very least the nursing board would put it in investigation. She and her current boyfriend got together around the same time my boyfriend and I did. She had my BF blocked on Facebook but the way he talked about her all the time and was so bitter I could tell he was so hung up on her and would try and communicate with him about this and about my feelings about it but it was to no avail. A few more months go by a still fighting about her and me becoming more more insecure and I start noticing changes in his behavior. Always sleep in with this by making sure it was locked and where was it. When you come home immediately getting in the shower even if you already had a shower or two that day. Becoming distant and would always pick a fight with me so that he could go in another room even if there was absolutely nothing to argue about. He began wear nicer clothes to work and I commented “hey where you going looking like that you know you’re not wearing that to work are you,” joking around saying that he looked too handsome. He stopped texting and calling during the day and sometimes wouldn’t come home until 10 or so at night without calling I’d have to call him and find out what was going on and he has a dangerous job so I worry. Then on his birthday at about 430 in the morning he Arrogantly comes over and put his phone on charge and leaves it sitting right next to me and goes and takes a shower. I picked it up due to all this strange behavior and noticed that he changed his password on his security app. Being technologically inclined it could install the security app instead of trying to break into his code that way there was absolutely no security but he didn’t know and how to do this obviously or he wouldn’t walked away so cocky. When I open Facebook messenger but the first thing I see her face and the messages that he hadn’t yet deleted.

Beth A. Bowmer — Macomb Township, Michigan


Beth knowingly dated my husband while we were married. He had my son lie to me, and withold from me the fact that the two of them were together. Any woman who would allow a young boy to lie to his mom has no morales. Any woman who would want to be a “secret” is a piece of trash for going along with allowing a man to put them in that spot. They are both trash.

Margaret Solberg — Traverse City, Michigan


This woman is going from man to man in Traverse City. She was seeking my husband the past few years now she went after another married coworker. She flirts with the office males to make them believe she’s the victim, but she has a plan to get a free ride. She left a husband and two teenage sons behind. Men beware!!

Amber Woodmore — Detroit, Michigan


She goes after married guys or men in serious relationship in general. She doesn’t mind being the side girl and brags about it. Ladies beware dont be fooled by the innocence in her look. She slept with my man, her baby daddy who has a girl, and men we work with. Me and my guy is working on our relationship but I know for a fact the married man she slept with is now going through a divorce.

Alysia Zimmerman — Kalamazoo, Michigan


She is a stripper but has sex with men as long as they got a lot of money. She will act like shes into men as long as they got money. Once that money runs dry, then she just leaves and makes sure to tell them she was never interested. She is a stripper who had a child at a very young age and decided to give up her responsibilities in the form of just abandoning her child so she could still live it up and party. Women like her give the good ones a bad name. She is trashy as hell. Her daddy and family doesn’t even know she strips for money and is a 2-bit floozy who fucks around with other women’s men. She gives the general reason all strippers say “Im only doing this to pay for college.” Yeah, i’m sure she is. She just has no respect for herself. Beware of this girl in Kalamazoo. She obviously has no taste, no respect, shes willing to go to extremes to get out of her responsibilities, and she probably hasn’t been checked for any current stds…. her stripper name is Lacey. She works at Angels Gentlemens Club. Go see her, she’ll fuck your man. Just dont trust him not bringing home a disease or drama. Shes a crazy bitch.

Shelly Mitchell — Bay City, Michigan


I have been with my boyfriend and children’s father for fifteen years! In beginning this woman tried to ruin our relationship by sleeping with my man!! I forgave him and for the last few years things have been going great! Until this last month when this homewrecker came back into our lives! She’s married her husband’s cheating on her her husband left her for another woman!! So I guess the whore came back for my man! I want the whole world to know how this woman ruined my life!

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