Shelly Mitchell — Bay City, Michigan


I have been with my boyfriend for over 15 years! In the beginning this whore came in and tried to ruin our relationship!! It didn’t work! We were doing great for the last few years even had 3 kids!! Well now in the last month this homewrecker has come back and ruined my life!

Jennifer Kay Taylor — Flint, Michigan


Beware if you end up dating this woman. We were married for 20 years. She cheated on me twice. 1st time in 2013 with Matthew Berry of Flint. I forgave her, and we tried to work through it. Then she met someone in July 2015 on a trip to her brothers house in Arkansas. She slept with him then, and then in October of 2016, she picked up and moved from Flint, MI to Mountain Home, AR to be with him. His name is Donald (Shawn) Fouts, and she now lives with him. He is the brother of her sister-in-law. He is also blind and missing teeth, and I just don’t understand how she could be physically attracted to him! BEWARE OF THIS HOMEWRECKER! Her maiden name is Marshall, which she will be going back to soon I’m sure.

Ruthie England — Taylor, Michigan


Ruthie England is a home wrecker. She wouldn’t leave my husband alone at work knowing he had a wife at home with kids. She also has a man at home named Justin Diaz that believes everything she says. She has 4 kids all different daddy’s that’s a hoe if you ask me. Now that he moved out they get motel rooms for 1 hr that’s 26.00 because she has to go home to her man and kids. She works at Reino linen services in brownstown mi..

Cindy Bickford Cooke — Richmond, Michigan


I work with Cindy and in the past few months this woman has thrown herself at any and every man in the office. I know that her husband cheated on her with a younger woman so maybe this is her way to make herself feel better or get back at him?? At any rate it needs to stop. She is a grandmother and needs to act like one. I myself am a married man and she knows this. She doesn’t care, there are even rumors that she has given several different men blow jobs on lunch breaks. She is not an attractive woman and has no personality.  I don’t see what any man let alone the ones she’s been rumored to be with see in her other than an easy BJ. Cindy is just a sad old woman, and she needs to stop her childish and unprofessional behavior.

Michael Leonard — Kalamazoo, Michigan

Michael Pictured Rocks blurred

The above photo was taken (by me) during a vacation that Michael Leonard and I took to Michigan’s UP during our 3-year-long relationship. I met Michael on a dating site in September, 2012 where he presented himself as available. We dated for a few months before sleeping together. Eventually he was spending nights & weekends with me and insisting on exclusivity. I knew his home life was complicated — he lived communally in a huge house with his ex (in a separate room, he said), his two children, his sister- and brother-in-law and their three children. My home life was likewise complicated with an ASD daughter and an independence that I cherished. Although I met his work peers, his children, his parents and he met all of mine, I did not push for marriage or to live together. It just wasn’t right for my own daughter and circumstances and, having divorced 5 years prior, I was enjoying my own space. Michael and I went many places together (Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Florida, Chicago, concerts, football games) and shared about 100 texts per day, in addition to many phone calls. We were openly together — him kissing me in the grocery store, holding my hand all around town, winning a couple’s Halloween costume contest in Chicago. People commented on how happy we seemed. He was never my secret but I found out recently that I was his. The entire time I was falling in love with him, going on road trips with him, planning a future with him, he was married. Not only was he married, she had no idea about me. Although he told me that she was an emotionally fragile person who was never interested in a physical relationship or a serious conversation, I assumed that — given their living arrangements and his ability to spend 2-3 evenings a week with me, she knew he’d moved on. Even if she “couldn’t deal with it” as he said, how did she not know for THREE YEARS that her “husband” was in a relationship with another woman? (I’m still not sure that they are officially married. There are no records, they have different last names, and they aren’t on social media to confirm it. Michael would not answer me when I asked him in February.)

Shayla Carter — Detroit, Michigan


This ugly bitch ruined my relationship. She met my girlfriend at work and got her number through the company and started stalking her and won’t stop. He is married to a man that cheats on her all the time and figured she could get love from a woman. Ugly bitch needs to stay away. Watch out for her she’s on a mission to steal your chick.

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