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Lauren Renae Szpara — Westland, Michigan

My boyfriend and I had been having problems, but who doesn’t.  At the end of the day we both know how in love with each other we are. Or at least I was. Lauren Renae Szpara was my boyfriend’s ex. According to him she lost his baby due to alcohol and drugs, it actually started a fight with his immediate family which is still not fixed.

I noticed whenever we would argue he would bring Lauren Renae Szpara up, we did have a fight one weekend and I know he was with her drinking. I tried to believe that maybe nothing happened. But mainly I was just being naive. Unfortunately, not many guys pay attention to me and he swept me off my feet and had made me feel more beatiful than I’ve felt my entire life. I’m head over heels for him, we’ve discussed marriage and plan on it once we are more financially stable… Read More

Emily Hinzmann — Grosselle, Michigan

I was with my boyfriend at the time for over eight years, we was currently having issues and trying to fix them when Emily Hinzmann came into our life again. You see she was with my brother for over 10 years had two little boys by him, they were constantly on and off from my brother cheating on her.

When my boyfriend at the time started hanging out with her everyday while I was at work making us money they were “just hanging out” I started feeling that he was cheating on me with her.  What do you know as soon as we broke up they got together, at the time I had money in the bank I had been saving up to get my own place, this home wrecker figured she would write checks out to my ex in my name, ending up getting me for all my money… Read More

Emily Holmstrom — Kalamazoo, Michigan

So about a month ago my fiancé and father of our 2 beautiful girls made a new friend at work, she happened to be a girl named Emily Holmstrom. He said he was going to go take a drive for a while, get out as he was working overtime a lot. Well come to find out he went and hung out with Emily Holmstrom. When I questioned him he said, “well I couldn’t tell you, you would never let me go hang out with another girl”… well hell no I wouldn’t. I got Emily Holmstrom number called her and told her, “if something is going on between you two, I want to know so I can get out of the picture” she laughed… Read More

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