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Mindy Skuse Muskegon, Michigan

It was the perfect day. Me my husband and our 1 year old went to the fair and petting zoo and met up with some family friends. Well we went back to where the family was living and hung out with them (Mindy her husband and their 4 kids) we play some video games together and me and Mindy sat and talk about everything. She might have cancer again shes depressed she misses her family (her mother and brother died) and talking about how her husband is abusive and just about life. She thinks no one will miss her when shes gone if she can’t beat cancer this time. Well her kids and husband went to bed and my husband and her were drinking (I was on baby duty) and we were all upstairs hanging out I fell asleep with the baby and they stayed up drinking just bull shitting. Well they end up waking me and baby up at this point and I’m pissed. I just got woke up my daughter won’t go back to sleep unless we drive her around because it was a strange house. Now I don’t have my license and have never driven and my husband’s too drunk to drive. Well he knows I’m mad and I even say ill just drive her around even though I’ve never driven before. Then I stormed down the stairs. only to realize I forgot the keys and my phone so I went back up and was like I forgot this stuff and I kinda need my phone hopefully we dont crash. Storm off back downstairs sit and cry in the kitchen for a minute and then pull myself together. I can’t drive my daughter. I can’t risk our lives. So I go back upstairs and I saw her take off her shirt in front of my husband and then him get up off the bed and go over and kiss her. I say something and he goes back to the bed. I take off my wedding ring and engagement ring and tell him its done. Then she gets in my face because Im screaming and crying and she’s worried her husband is going to wake up and beat her… Now that may seem like nothing but lets go back to how we know these people and such…

Mindy is my husbands brother in laws sister. So basically our niece and nephews aunt… She also always called my husband her 2nd son because her oldest is only 3 or 4 years younger then my husband. My husband was best friends with her brother and they were drinking talking about him which is why I wasn’t worried. She’s basically family she calls him her son and they are talking about her dead brother his dead best friend. Boy was I wrong. And she makes her husband out to be this horrible cheater but yet she did the same thing. Then turns out she had been hitting on him the whole time. It may not be the juiciest and may not be the worst because they kissed not sex. But who knows if they would’ve had sex, I walked up and interrupted and she called him her son and she was his sister’s sister in law and married with a family of her own. Then she tries to deny it all to his sister. Like thats just low. Then she even tried to message him not to long ago like nothing ever happened giving some pity story about how she misses their brother (knowing that will get to my husband) and talking about how she almost died going to a boat launch her mom went to and went into the water and died at. Telling him about how her husbands going to get out of jail soon and she might be coming to live in our town. Then ends it with love you from the bottom of my heart that is just like my brothers. She even gave us baby stuff and when I had to leave town she wouldn’t let her niece (who is her sons age and has a huge crush on my husband) sleep in the same room as him because when I was out of town at a trial for my step dad sexually assaulting me, he went to their house to spend the night with her son and hang out and play videogames and the niece showed up and was trying to sleep with my husband and she was like no you aren’t going to ruin their family. Now its like what was a lie was she just trying to take my family because hers was screwed up?



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