Sarah Lynn Taylor — Romeo, Michigan


Sarah lynn taylor had a child with her boyfriend Brandon Donahue. Well, obviously she wasn’t content, I’ve known her since high school, she has a pretty huge track record of sleeping with anyone and everything that will A. Support her B. Get her drugs to feed her addiction or C. Promise her marriage. She started messaging and texting my husband when we lost our apartment. Yes I realize he is to blame as well. Their both skeeze bag addicts and deserve each other but he was living with his aunt for a few weeks and I was living with my mom just until we figured out where we were going to move. Dans aunt called me one night to let me know that sarah was over when she got home and that her nasty crusty old underwear were thrown on her floor when she got there. Well after that they started seeing eachother and she sent me a picture of her blowing my husband off of his phone the next day. She has successfully destroyed his life which was her goal from the very beginning. She’s a leech. She made him lose every job he’s ever had, every place, every last family member and even kept him from seeing his son and this has been going on for about a year now. She has a daughter she doesn’t even take care of ever. I remember when I was trying to be the bigger person in the beginning dans aunt and I had her daughter over at her duplex and she was so hungry she ate a box of crackers.. Funny how she has so much money for booze and drugs but not to feed her child. Long story short she’s made my life hell and ruined his. Watch out for her especially if you’re married because she has absolutely no reapect or morals and she won’t stop until she destroys everything in her path.

Anna Mae Rolfes — Mount Pleasant, Michigan


This pathetic excuse of a woman is not my homewrecker. She is my parents. My mother and father have been married for 25 years. She happens to be my older brothers “Fiancée”. She is so in love with my older brother. Yet, she is constantly flirting with my dad. I don’t mean innocent little flirting. I mean, flat out, trying to be “sexy” for him. She will, occasionally, mention my brother. Then, she starts talking to my dad about her body and how sexy it is. She’s always texting my dad asking to meet him privately. Also, asking him if they can get together. My dad ended up asking this nasty woman out. Pathetic! How could this awful person get with her boyfriends own father? And the fact that my dad took the bait? This is completely disgusting. This girl has no boundaries. She has no respect for relationships. I had a falling out with this girl because she was really stupid. I found out that she had asked my Fiance out, last year. He turned her down. She got upset. She knew we were together but did it to spite me. Now, she is doing it to my parents because my brother is in prison. She filed a domestic violence on him. He got put in prison and she’s telling everyone how she’s heartbroken and will wait for him. Then, she’s going out asking out anything with a penis. She is a pathetic sad woman. I am ashamed to even know her.

Alison Schroetlin – Grand Rapids, Michigan


This is Alison Schroetlin if you are looking foe a good time well she is an escort and a “massage therapist” she is known for sleeping with men that are taken or married, she slept with her supposed to be “best friend” husband in her own bed how low to your own best friend.? when she doesn’t get what she wants like your boyfriend/husband she will talk so much crap to you. she had slept with my fiancé and when he didn’t want nothing to do with her she claimed she was pregnant and was talking crap to me and about my son just because my man didn’t want her. she will also open her legs to a man who will give her coke, liquor && marijuana or even money. she claimed she wanted to beat my ass but when i told her to meet up she NEVER showed. she’s just your friendly state whore. watch out ladies she might be in your man, fiancés or husbands phones, texts, facebook messages or even emails who knows.

Tiffany Barrera and Jim Brown – Seffner, Michigan


My husband & I have been married for over 8 yrs. We have 3 kids together & my oldest daughter. This woman was someone I went to school with. Her & her husband were like family. My husband decided to move with her & her husband after he lost his job & our home. We had decided that I should go to MI with our kids to look for work since he is from the UK & his green card has expired so he was unable to work until we could get the money for his green card. I found out I was pregnant & my husband acted like he didn’t want the baby. I lost the baby & it didnt even phase him. Come to find out he was sleeping with our friend. Apparently she was pregnant too which ended her marriage since her husband was unable to have any more kids which is how me & her husband found out about the 2 of them sleeping together. Its funny since both my husband & her are huge drunks. Apparently this was not the first marriage she has ruined. She has cheated on her husband several times & my husband has done the same. They both deserve each lol. Both cheaters, drunks & now he’s the stay at home mom taking care of her kids. Karma sucks hahaha. She lost a great husband who treated her like a queen, made great money & is a wonderful father to be with a man who is illegally here with 5 kids by 2 different wives, a cheater, liar & an alcoholic. The picture is of her & my soon to be ex husband.

Rachel Wahl — Troy, Michigan


Well it all started when my ex was working at a certain restaurant and rachel started working there. She would text my husband about work stuff at first to be on his “radar”. One night, we had gotten into an argument and his phone went off after he went to bed and I looked at it and it read “why, what’s wrong?” At 2 am in the morning. Right then and there I knew that this was more than just a friendly work relationship. So, about two weeks go by and my birthday comes along… My husband didn’t even get out of bed to go to breakfast with me because he was so tired from staying up texting rachel. Rachel and him had been skyping, texting and meeting up when he went to the gym or while I was at work. Anyways, on our anniversary, we went up to the restaurant to celebrate( I didn’t know all the juicy details at the time). She had the nerve to keep walking by our table eyeballing my husband smiling, giggling like a schoolgirl and then came up to him and didn’t even acknowledge my presence. I brought it up to him and he said oh she’s just a friend! (Yeah, right!) I had our anniversary vacation planned and so off we went… Little did I know, every morning he wouldn’t wake up to watch the sunrise with me because he was busy on his “late night jog” phone calling rachel… When we got back home from our anniversary vacation, I went back to work and so did he. While I was at work one night, he called me saying he was sick and then hung up.

Crystal Mayo — Battle Creek, Michigan


Well here is my story, my mom and dad where married for 23 years and she had been through a lot with my dad and he had gotten into two bike accidents and she stood by him through thick and thin then he started to go to aa and things was getting better for him and all of us he gained two grand babies and life was good well my mom had broken her back and then 2 months later she had found out my dad was sleeping with this tramp he met at aa she was the for meth so I had gotten her phone number and I called her and she admitted to sleeping with my dad and also new he was very married and that did not bother her at all she was laughing about it, well I also found out this tramp was 30 years old mind you my dad was 44 and she had a kid the same age as his grandson and she was also living with her mother at the time. Well my mom had a 12 hour surgery on her back she had endured a lot because of him. Well my dad wanted to try to work it out with my mom then that little tramp just would not leave him alone so my mom told him to stay out of her life. So now she’s got a sugar daddy and they are playing house together but we don’t want nothing to do with either of them she is never going to ever fill myothers shoes in no way shape or form and she did not care who she hurt though out this mess and to me if you know someone is married you back off until they are divorced so she’s thinks she is coming out of this smelling like a rose so I hope she does read this, cause the truth needed to be told cause she did intentually destroitmy family and absolutely did not care who she hurt doing it. She only cared about sleeping with a married man!so if crystal mayo is reading this your rose is NOT smelling so pretty now after the whole world reads this!

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