Theresa Rae — Grant, Michigan


This old ass homewrecking slut, whose daughter is only 8 years younger than me, met my old man while we were on a family camping trip. I went to put our kids to bed and her dirty HW took my man for a walk in the woods to suck his dick! The following weekend I caught his cheating ass because she kept blowing his phone up trying to meet to f*ck. I texted this whore and told her to back off that he was in a relationship and had a 4 year old son and a 12 year non-biological son, who’s biological dad was just killed in a car accident a few months prior. He apologized up and down that he would never talk to her again and I believed him. She thought she was sneaky by buying him a second phone.

Ginger Beaker-Green — Taylor, Michigan


Where to start with this trainwreck. She’s a serial wanna be homewrecker because she has tried to break apart numerous marriages, but she can’t get past the BJ in the parking lot phase to do any damage. Ginger Beaker-Green stalks and harasses the wife with lies she can’t back up. She even tried this at a wedding she went to with her daughter, she got drunk then tried to blow every man in the reception to the point that she was asked to leave (she was married at the time). Her poor daughter was so embarrassed. When she goes to the bar she does the same thing, she asks every man in the place if they want a blow job (so desperate for attention). OH, I forget to mention she is the self professed “BJ Queen”…

Samantha Ross — Flint, Michigan

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This girl is married with three kids and her husband is in the military fighting overseas right now so she sees me and the father of my two boys hitting a rough patch in our relationship and makes her move mind you she was my best friend and was going to be in there when I had my last baby since I’m a cesarean mommy and I caught them texting right before I was about to deliver she was sending him nude photos of herself well I threw him out and cut ties with her three years and two kids later and he gave us up for a quick piece of ass they have been living together on and off since and the worst part she confessed to her husband and they are getting remarried!!!

Melissa Rodriguez — Flint, Michigan


The guy I’ve been dating for 12 years and who had been living with me and my family that entire time sent a love letter to this girl. My MOM found the letter in the mail box and gave it to me. I opened it and my boyfriend James Anglin was professing his love to this woman. I then contacted the girl via Facebook. She openly admitted to sleeping with him numerous times and said she would do it again and again if given the opportunity. Melissa Rodriguez is a home wrecker….

Rebecca Baladez — Flint, Michigan


I married my ex husband on September 15th, 2012. I asked a friend of mine to be in my wedding and she ended up backing out and said she had other plans that day. My husband and I split up then got back together. Well I found out that she had been contacting him on Facebook but never thought anything of it. Although growing up she was always trying to get with my boyfriends. I went to Michigan to visit family and when I came back we were going to get back together, but I found out that he was living with her and they were together.

Virgina (Ginny Lei) Morse — Muskegon, Michigan


For two years I have fought with my husband over this thing (that’s putting it nicely). They were a couple two years before we met, he left her because she was crazy, she made up lies about him and even made fake porn names for him, even a gay profile, she tried setting him up…. anyway back to my story, when I met my husband he told me about the relationship he had with her and the one that was on going, he flat out told me he was staying around because she was a nut case and threatened that if he didn’t at least be her friend and come around she would kill herself, she also has three children whom he adored because he has no biological children of his own yet.

I was okay with this until he posted our first picture on fb and she lost it, she kept texting his phone our first weekend together, we had a long distant relationship for our first year an ahalf together, so I supect something was going on between these two, but I can’t prove it. I swear he was having an affir with her because the way she acted, then a month later I found out by her on fb that they were going out for breakfest once a week, he was doing laundray at her place, when he told me he was going to a laundrayment. He had plumbing issues and told me he was showering at a neigbors, but she imformed me that he was showering at her place and she also informed me he was amazing at oral sex.

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