Lacey Forcier — North Branch, Michigan


If anyone belongs on this site, Lacey Forcier (aka Lacey Case) from North Branch, Michigan, does! She is the perfect example of a homewrecker and has completely destroyed my family! My mother doesn’t see the value in posting our story, but I am so sick of the lies and I think that the world should know how horrible of a person this woman is! My dad, of course, is no better. My sister, mother and I were all completely floored when he told us that he had been dating Lacey for over a year and that she was 5 months pregnant with his daughter (SUPPOSEDLY his daughter, anyway!). Lacey Forcier knew very well that my dad, Tracy Sutton, was married and had 2 daughters. She has been “Friends” with him on Facebook LONG before she ever made more aggressive contact with him! The phone records show that she initiated contact and actively continued to pursue him in the beginning. Of course, it didn’t take long for him to return her advances.

Candice Shammami — West Bloomfield


This post is about Candice Shammami, shes 28 and chaldean. If you are unfamiliar with that culture, (most of the culture NOT ALL OF IT.) The girls are complete GOLD DIGGERS, and will do anything to marry a man just for his money. Candice Shammami (in my opinion, which I have the right to express) is a lowlife, that’s spoiled going nowhere and life, a gold digger, and a bitch. She is ENGAGED to a man that was in a relationship for almost 2 years, and she was OK that he was cheating on his prior girlfriend. She is now engaged to the man and has done a smear campaign on his prior ex girlfriend to cover her innocence. When it all boils down to it, her “3k” is just as FAKE as her, diamonds should shine and not be dull. She’s very stupid because Karma comes full circle, if he cheated on his girlfriend with you HE WILL CHEAT ON YOU. You’re not that special, or that pretty so…. you definitely can’t keep a man.

Ashley McGuffin — Port Huron, Michigan


This woman is named Ashley, a complete hot mess of a homewrecker. She had an affair with a co-worker, both out of work and a few times while at work!!! Ashley and this co-worker eventually moved in together (at her DAD’S home) while this man’s wife was pregnant with their 4th child. She had him promising that he was going to take the oldest 3 children from his wife, and have NOTHING to do with the new baby. They also got engaged and were planning on a winter wedding. Now, the entire time Ashley was with this man, she was cheating on HIM with her ex-boyfriend whom she had a daughter with, and was sending love e-mails to her high school sweetheart, a current US Marine in North Carolina!!!

Jewel Booth — Port Huron, Michigan


This woman has slept with 3 married men total, mine being the most recent. She has 3 babies, one from each of these men. She likes to insert herself into the couples’ every day life, even going so far as to befriend the wife!!! Then she starts sleeping with the husband, and says that they are in love and engaged, even when the man says absolutely not. The best thing about her, she will tell you over and over that she is one of the most godly people there are, and she will preach your sins to you!

Amber Borkholder — Sturgis, Michigan


So let me tell you this woman is the sneakiest kind. She was my friend. We worked together and she was always complaining about how she couldn’t go do anything, no one to hang out with. So I would start inviting her to my house on weekends. As my now ex husband had no liscence I wad always having to drive and it got old. Well she would offer to take him to the store and it was fine by me. I got to stay home and spend time with my babies.  So one time of them going to the store, they were taking a long time, so I call to see what the hell was going on. My husband answered the phone. And tells me they are at the bar. I am pissed, he never takes me out and he is treating this bitch to the bar with my money.

Kellie Jones Sutton — Flint, Michigan

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 9.30.15 AM

My husband & I have been married 14 yrs & have an 11 yr old son. We have have always been a strong couple. We helped raise my sisters son when she needed help, we were always there for my parents & other sister. I thought we would be together until death. I started noticing a “change” in him around Dec & he told me he wasn’t happy. He was always an avid Fly Fisherman & he started going on extended trips out of town. I wasn’t really concerned but then he started texting all he time & about 2 months later he moved out of the bedroom. He was threatening me with the” if you don’t start doing this, we’re getting divorced” crap. I tried everything…. He was getting uglier & uglier towards me & one day I overheard him telling so wine he loved them. I BLEW!!!!

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