Heather Boeckman — Carmen, Oklahoma


Although married herself this evil witch befriends you then seduces your husband behind your back. She seems addicted to sex and doesn’t care who it is with. My soon to be ex was just as much at fault. He got off big time on all the kinky sex with her & all her perverted sex toys & called her the BJ queen. She had a baby a couple months ago. Can’t help but wonder who the baby daddy is!

Shaniece N. Smith — Midwest City, Oklahoma


I have thought about submitting this post for over a year, since I have heard of two other marriages this “woman” has ruined … I think it’s time to sound the alarm. This poor, emotionally disturbed young girl is very interested in committed/married men. She first came onto my husband where she works at First Cash Pawn in MWC. He was a customer, she was the employee. I found their text messages and calls while checking our cell phone account.My husband advised she came onto him, didn’t want a relationship and was looking for something “fun”. She was well aware he was married and “isn’t worried about any other bitches”. I confronted the girl at her job, threatened to hit her where the good Lord split her and figured I wouldn’t have to deal with this thirsty trick anymore. While I am not excusing my husband from his actions … I have dealt with that. This is about the homewrecker. Flash forward a couple of months, my husband’s brother is still a customer at the pawn shop where she works. She has now been sleeping with a co-worker in a 10 year committed relationship. She was not ashamed of herself and actually bragged to my brother in law about it. I don’t think it went on very long. Male coworker’s significant other found out – he transferred locations. Shaniece suffered no consequences from her employer. Fast forward ANOTHER couple of months and Shaniece is now sleeping with another co-worker – whom she also bragged about. This one is married with children. I actually spoke with the wife of this “husband”. Shaniece insisted to the wife that her and the husband were in love and were going to “be together”. Even went as far as to send screenshots to the wife consisting of Shaniece trying convince the husband to leave the wife and her pleading for him to stay with her. Sad, pitiful stuff, honestly. She was trying desperately to get the husband to play daddy to her (not his) child. The wife tells me she informed the pawn shop of Shaniece’s “relations” with customers and co-workers and apparently she is still working there. Guess someone in big management is getting benefits from Shaniece N. Smith as well. So please beware, my fellow MWC residents. This “woman” at First Cash Pawn will try to suck your husband’s dick in a quickness! She seems to forget that her “I can take your man” attitude comes with “Not worthy of a ring” consequences. Because last time I checked … all three of the women scorned by this homewrecker … the fathers are taking care of their children. Where as she is still trying to find someone to step up as daddy to hers … let us all pray for this T.H.O.T. May she choke on married semen. Amen.

Shantana Reasor — Tahlequah, Oklahoma


Shantana Reasor, you are a married woman with 2 children. You had an affair with a married man. You can say whatever you want but the truth is that you were married and had an affair that equals home wrecker and adulterer. Then you add in that your affair was with a married person with 3 chlidren. How dare you/your family come on this site and expose the wife as a home wrecker and put her children on a public forum and include them on these adult matters. It is clear you don’t know what it means to be a faithful wife. How dare you come on here and act like you are the victim here. Your actions are despicable. As someone who has played a part in wrecking two homes you would think that you would apologize to the wife and then never be seen or heard from again. Instead you do the opposite, you treat her as if she has done something wrong to you or had an affair with your husband. You aide in posting pictures online of her MINOR children who are INNOCENT. Disgusting and inexcusable.

Jacquelyn Marie Overton — Shidler, Oklahoma


Jackie Overton is an online predator that stalks men and women going through emotionally difficult times in their lives and preys on them. She’s catfished TLC Sister Wive’s Meri Brown and has been exposed publicly for doing so. She loves to ruin marriages. She pretends to be this handsome millionaire named Samuel Christianson, Samuel Cooper, Samuel Krane, Jaxon Morrison, and/or other fake names. She tells the women or men she’s talking to on the phone that “his” best friend/assistant Lindsay Jackson is a hacker and they should try to get on Lindsay’s good side. Lindsay is JACKIE OVERTON so when she meets her victims in real life they never get to meet the “man” Sam or whatever because they meet Lindsay (who’s really Jackie). Jackie has caused women to leave their husbands by pretending to be this Sam character and promising to buy them cars/homes, and they never get to meet this guy because he doesn’t exist. Jackie Overton actually will have phone sex with the person/victim, steal their pictures and send them to other new victims, blackmail people with recorded voicemails and ‘sexy pictures’, etc. She’s the worst of the worst. She has never been prosecuted for her cyber crimes and identity theft, and has even sometimes taken out credit cards in the names of the CHILDREN of some of her victims. She’s a horrible predator and people need to be made aware of her crimes. There’s voicemails and more information online if you just GOOGLE Jackie Overton catfish.

Jacquelyn Marie Overton — Shidler, Oklahoma

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 8.42.10 AM

Jackie Overton lives in Shidler, Oklahoma and has been catfishing men/women/Young teens forever a decade now. Jackie pretends to be rich men online through dating websites and then lures in vulnerable women/men who are going through tough times in their lives. At this point she pretends to be this great person via internet/phone/text/fake pictures and that she’s invaluable to them in their lives. She then introduces her super funny best friend ever “Lindsay Jackson”. She insists that her victims should buy things for this Lindsay to get on ‘her good side’ and that she’s really dangerous/a hacker. None of that is true. Lindsay is Jackie Overton, actually so is the fake persona guy she’s using to con women/men as well. She catfished Sister Wives ‘ Meri Brown and still to this day insists she is indeed a real man named Samuel Cooper (a.k.a. Samuel Jacob Cooper, Samuel Krane, Samuel Christenson, Jaxon Morrison, Jaxon Walker), etc. She’s an experienced con artist and she will record your private voice mails and later try to black mail you for whatever she desires. She’s a nutball and I am putting this out there to warn people. You can find more info on www.trollhugs.com including more pictures/direct proof of her catfishing abilities. She’s living in Oklahoma (Shidler) but also pretends to live in Las Vegas and trolls the larger cities in hopes of finding new victims.

Heather Pincelli — Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


Wow! Have no idea where to start. Greg Pincelli is a married man. Posing to be divorced or that he had papers for one. Stating that his marriage is not fixable. He will tell you all the sappy stuff you want to hear. He had a 6 month affair with my cousin. Telling her he’s leaving his wife and etc. The moment the wife Heather Pincelli finds out he will never speak to you again. Unless of course it’s to beg you to stop talking to his wife. She plays the victim. Stating he has cheated on her with numerous women. Will also tell you she’s had 5 babies. 2 stillborns and 4 miscarriages on top of that. But don’t fall for her lies. She’s tricky. Will get all friendly and boom! She’s a nut case again. She will contact all of your family and friends. Telling them a load of bs lies. That no one would ever believe. Stating you won’t answer any of her questions and that you won’t talk to her about any of the affair. So make sure you keep copies of everything like my cousin. You’ll need them. Then the wife/husband team will threathen you and your children. She posted pics of my cousin with her children posting things about her that should never be posted. Then she will lead you to think they are getting divorced and yaddi. However they are married and happily ever after. Anyways till the next. They are moving so dodge this team duo!

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