Mentoria Cudjo Mitchell — Spencer, Oklahoma

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This woman called our house and asked if my husband could come over and help her paint her house. She was the organist at our church. Me being naive, never thought anymore about it. Well, she had it all planned to seduce my husband, who was easily led to stray, he did it before. She and her sisters connived to get my husband. I left for California to visit my mother and father, I took the kids and once there, I never left. My ex-sister-in-law tried to tell me in a nice manner that my husband was sleeping with the woman (his cousin’s wife).

Elizabeth Lunaa — Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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I was happily married for eight years to my best friend. We had our three year old little girl young but we were so happy. My soon to be ex husband got a job in the oilfield two years ago that required him to be away from home two weeks at a time and fly to Texas. It was hard but we were managing. In march of this year I found out that I’m pregnant with our second child and we both are soooo happy! Or so I thought.. :( one night in early march I get a text from my husband while he’s working in Texas that wasn’t ment for me. It was explaining how he’s been thinking a lot about how this girl makes him smile and laugh and that he’s “already missing her”. I then asked him what it was about and he still denied it. I then viewed the cell phone bill online and found her..

Elizabeth Stevens — Claremore/Catoosa, Oklahoma

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I need to expose this whore. I have had enough of her popping up randomly. Her face makes me fucking nauseous. This is my now ex’s ex girlfriend. This girl is married and has a daughter, yet she leaves her husband for other people for a short amount of time and then goes back. I am pregnant and will now be a single mother because of this BULLSH*T!! I have told my ex over and over again to not talk to her and keep her blocked but she always pops back up because he wants to be “nice” and says to not worry because she’s in Florida with her boyfriend.

McKinna Smith — El Reno, Oklahoma


This is for a friend of mine. Her and her baby daddy were together for 6 years and engaged to be married for a year. My friend ended up having a baby and the piece of sh*t father Logan just left them. He came to see his son a hand full of times in a 15 months. Then finally admitted he had been seeing his whore mckinna smith since march 2013. 2 months after my friend gave birth and that was around the time he kicked her and their son out of his CAMPER. He wouldn’t even give them a nice place to sleep.

Shayni Rice — Alva, Oklahoma


This waste of sperm and egg is name Shayni. She started messing around with my (ex) husband (Jake) after my birthday in 2012. By this time, he and I were married since 2010 and had our beautiful baby boy the same year. All of this happened within 2 months after I found out he was running around. I thought everything was going pretty well in our marriage up until he ‘dropped’ his phone in a cement mixer at work. I ordered him a new phone and not long after, I found out he had went and got a prepaid cell phone from the local Walmart.

Brad Sauter – Ardmore, Oklahoma

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Brad Sauter lives in Ardmore Oklahoma. He worked with my wife and befriended her some months after she started work. My wife was going through a very bad time dealing with some losses, postpartum depression and what not. Brad Sauter saw this opportunity to move in on the young wife questioning her life. He invited her to his home with some coworkers one night for a little after work get together. After a few drinks and she was good and fuzzy he moved in or her. The next day at work she went to him and said this never happen!!! She told him to keep his mouth shut about it and that If her husband ever finds out it will be war! Well he didn’t shut up, he bragged to his little buddies. When I did find out unfortunatly with kids to consider all Brad got was a few good ass kickin’s rather than the bloody end he so deserves.

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