Christie Standridge Smith — Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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I’ve been fighting stage four cancer three months longer than this woman has been trying to destroy my marriage and hurt my family. Over two and 1/2 years she’s done everything from make fun of my bald head from chemo, call me ugly and laugh at my wigs to sending nasty texts laughing at her conquests with my husband to posting pictures, quotes and nasty details for our five children to see on Facebook. She knew he was married, knows he loves me, knows about our children and my cancer but is so evil and selfish, she could care less who she hurts as long as she gets what she wants. This time he told her to move on, he has responsibilities, he loves me and will never divorce me or leave our family. I pray she will finally leave us alone and find her own man.

Christie Standridge Smith — Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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This woman is the definition of evil and selfish. She has done everything from making fun of my cancer and wigs to making comments about my bald head since chemo. She makes facebook posts bragging about her exploits that my children have seen. She’s sent texts and pictures laughing about what she’s done and cares less he’s been married for 22 years, that his wife is fighting stage 4 cancer or that he has five kids and a grandbaby to care for. This last time she pulled him back I gave him an ultimatum. He finally told her to move on, he was still in love with his wife, never wants a divorce and needs to take care of his family. After the first of the year she pulled out in front of someone totalling her car and managed to live through it. Karma?

Monica Law — Fletcher, Oklahoma


Meet Monica Law. 33 years old. From Fletcher, Oklahoma. She is a whore! She has had an affair with two married men that I know of for sure. She has a thing for men with rings on. She is a bartender in Elgin Oklahoma and preys on men with rings. She first had an affair with a friends husband. Now she is sleeping with my husband. I have been with my husband for eight years, married for 5. I heard about the cheating and left his sorry ass… She has no respect for families or herself. Just because she couldn’t make her relationships work, she sfrews up other people’s. She has slept with half of the men in Elgin, Oklahoma. Beware ladies, she is a snake in the grass.

Brandie Johnson — Cleveland, Oklahoma

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I am 21 and my husband is 21 also we have been together for 3 years and 6 months ago we broke up for 4 months and he goes and gets with this chick i work with. Her name is Brandie Johnson, Shes 36. Me and my husband have a daughter together and while we were split up i found out i was pregnant with our 2nd child. Brandie would try pretending she was what was best for my daughter! And tried convincing My husband that our 2nd child was not his. We got back together 2 months ago and she knows we are back together she always texted me trying to give me all these stories of what her and my husband did while we were split, she would say “he told me he loves me and we had sex every night” i would explain that at the time we were split up and she would say “ya but you know it bothers you” she would try finding.

Rachel Marie Kirk Evans — Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


This is Rachel Marie Kirk Evans and her husband…the child isn’t his it is my husband Joshua Cunningham.. Rachel dated him in high school about two years ago ran into my husband while drunk and out of control and paid him 300 for sex..she later admitted to poking holes in the condoms, she has ruined so many lives and shows no regrets or remorse but continues to sleep around…

Kristen Johnson — Tulsa, Oklahoma


So my husband and me have been married since April 2011. My husband works for a water company who well known for supplying water out. There are a few girls that work with him. So my husband and me were going through a rough patch but still talking and trying to figure out what we needed to do if we should stay together or leave. He left me but was still having sex with me for 2 months. I found out that Kristen is a mother of 3 and also has a husband who worked for the company was talking to my husband shortly after we weren’t doing good. Didn’t think anything of it at the time since I knew she was married. My husband came over to stay the night and I went through is phone and saw sexual messages from the both of them and pictures of her naked.

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