Stormy Nicole Henry — New Castle, Oklahoma

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This homewrecking whore met my boyfriend/baby daddy at mcdonalds where the both worked. She constantly pursued him knowing he was with me and we were having problems. She was telling him everything he wanted to hear. Well he finally gave in and they started messing around behind my back even thou she was in a relationship with another guy and girl. well in march my boyfriend overdosed on Xanax and flexirill given to him by her. He almost died was in the ICU for 3 days and then sent to a rehab where she convinced him to leave.

Cody Ray Plank — Muldrow, Oklahoma


This two-faced, arrogant, homewrecking piece of human waste initiated an affair with my wife of FIFTEEN YEARS in April of this year,(2015), which culminated in a meeting of their genitalia in July. He is the WORST kind of person. He puts on airs concerning subjects such as honor and Christian values, while sleeping around behind the back of HIS wife, with whom he has 3 daughters. When confronted with what I’d found out, this spineless coward denied any sexual activity of any kind. (My wife confessed). Now, while we struggle to piece our life back together, with our 4 children, he composes posts on facebook that show nothing of the treacherous, frightened scrum that he truly is. As a bonus, he is a Coach/Teacher at Gans. Be careful, gentleman. Keep your eyes on your wives, as I ASSURE you that he will….Thanks for fueling my children’s nightmares, you worthless Judas….

Samantha Prosser — Meeker, Oklahoma


I was married to Garrett Tyler for almost four years was together almost seven years. He was mentally and physically abusive and very controlling. His great grandfather passed away and he wouldn’t let me go to the funeral stating that I needed to be home to take care of the animals and he was going to stay the night at his dads so I did as he said. The next two weekends he decided he was going back to his dads I then found out he had taken seven thousand dollars out of the bank account and never paid the bills so I told him to just stay at his dads. Later I found out he was seeing someone named Samantha Prosser she knew he was married his dad and her family was friends they all knew he was married, then I found out he went those two weekends and spent time with her. She told me that she knew he was married he didn’t want me anymore that he wanted her and she would do everything in her power to make sure he never came back to me that he was hers now.

Lindsey Quintanilla — Geary, Oklahoma

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My husband and I had just celebrated our two year wedding anniversary. When we came home from our trip we began fighting. I told him I thought it might be a good idea for him to stay with his mother for a few days. About two days later he picked me to take me out to lunch. I noticed he was on his phone most of our meal. I asked who he was talking to and he told me it was one of the guys. We get in the truck and begin to head back home. He pulled over to get some gas and left his phone in the pickup. The phone kept getting messages so I figured I would just respond for him. As I opened the text I see a full body naked photo is some girl. My blood ran pour cold as I had thought I was going to die. I quickly began to scroll up and take as many screen shots as I could and started sending them to my phone. When he got in the pickup he asked what I was doing. And I explained how my phone had died and I was just going to use his for a little. I hurried to send every text to myself. Not once did I say what I knew. I waited until we got home. The moment he put the truck in park I opened the door and told him to get his shit and leave. I told him how foolish he was and how I couldn’t believe it. Once he left I broke down. I texted his mother to let her know he wasn’t coming back here and she then blamed me and told me I didn’t love her son enough. It was all my fault. I shortly after filed for a divorce and this girl then came from her home which was four hours away from our home and stayed with him and his parents. The whole time we were going threw the divorce we continued to try to work it out and even tho he was with her he was still with me. Every morning he would sneak out and come over just to see me. The girl shortly after started texting me and telling me he never loved me. A few days later our town had it big rodeo.

Thomas (Tommy) Chadick — Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


My wife and I had been together for 8.5 years and had only been married about 6-7 weeks when this ass entered our life as she stared a new job with the local hospital. This person who was then and is still married with 2 young girls, prayed on my wife’s fears and insecurities about life, herself, our relationship, and the fact I worked long hours overnight, weekends and holidays to convince her that I didn’t love her. By her own admission he is a liar, a manipulator, and only cares to hurts other to deal with his own issues. The man began very quickly calling her baby, and that she was now his wife and called her by his last name name, demanded photos and dirty talk even while working together, got/took a key to our home, and was in our home when neither of us was around. While she is responsible for giving in, he treated her as a piece of cattle or a small child and only took and took and took and she never knew how or had the ability to fight back because he convinced her she couldn’t and was nearly worthless and no one else would care for her if she didn’t give in. This person is in the middle of 4 court cases, can barely keep his head above water, no education, and has very backwards beliefs about a “Woman’s Place” and minorities. His goal was to convince a married educated professional woman to settle for less and was only good enough for a job at 7-11 or Wal-mart to get by. Instead of lifting her up his goal was to bring her down to his level or lower. Yet also strung her along about getting a home, living together, or leaving his wife and never even beginning to do any of it. Then tried to play my wife off to his young girls that she was now mommy. He would then ignore her for days/weeks/ or even a month at a time with stories and lines about why he couldn’t give her the time of day. All the while playing the same games on other women. PLEASE expose this vile disgusting excuse of a “man” for what he is before more people and families are hurt only for his sick games and pleasures. This is not a man, its a monster!!!!!!!!

Abbey Storm — Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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My boyfriend and I got together April 3rd 2014. He moved in a couple weeks later. We both have been through divorces recently and got hurt. so we connected very fast. He always talked about this girl that would show up where ever he and his coworker was eating lunch and she would pay for their lunch. I had a weird feeling about her from the beginning. I found out that she was his coworkers ex/roommate and they have been on and off for 8 years with a kid. Two months into it he started locking his phone which was weird because he never did that and if he did he always gave me the code. He started texting her alot and I didn’t even know it at the time. She completely knew about me! And his coworker was his best friend. He started texting me less through out the day. He became very distant and went as far as to tell me he was just depressed and need to see his counselor. on a Sunday morning he hopped out of bed out of no where and says he going to see his counselor. I don’t know about anyone else but here businesses close on sunday. He told me he didn’t love me anymore. So I told him to leave. They slept together twice. All the while he was goin back and forth with me. He would get back with me for two weeks making promises then leave again. I was finally giving up. But in July he finally got his head on straight and ditched the side chick and we are stronger than ever and that’s because of God we are very active in the church and he never leaves my side and reminds me every day why he is in love with me and not that whore who goes around sleeping with other people’s men!

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