Jacquelyn Marie Overton — Shidler, Oklahoma

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Jackie Overton lives in Shidler, Oklahoma and has been catfishing men/women/Young teens forever a decade now. Jackie pretends to be rich men online through dating websites and then lures in vulnerable women/men who are going through tough times in their lives. At this point she pretends to be this great person via internet/phone/text/fake pictures and that she’s invaluable to them in their lives. She then introduces her super funny best friend ever “Lindsay Jackson”. She insists that her victims should buy things for this Lindsay to get on ‘her good side’ and that she’s really dangerous/a hacker. None of that is true. Lindsay is Jackie Overton, actually so is the fake persona guy she’s using to con women/men as well. She catfished Sister Wives ‘ Meri Brown and still to this day insists she is indeed a real man named Samuel Cooper (a.k.a. Samuel Jacob Cooper, Samuel Krane, Samuel Christenson, Jaxon Morrison, Jaxon Walker), etc. She’s an experienced con artist and she will record your private voice mails and later try to black mail you for whatever she desires. She’s a nutball and I am putting this out there to warn people. You can find more info on www.trollhugs.com including more pictures/direct proof of her catfishing abilities. She’s living in Oklahoma (Shidler) but also pretends to live in Las Vegas and trolls the larger cities in hopes of finding new victims.

Heather Pincelli — Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


Wow! Have no idea where to start. Greg Pincelli is a married man. Posing to be divorced or that he had papers for one. Stating that his marriage is not fixable. He will tell you all the sappy stuff you want to hear. He had a 6 month affair with my cousin. Telling her he’s leaving his wife and etc. The moment the wife Heather Pincelli finds out he will never speak to you again. Unless of course it’s to beg you to stop talking to his wife. She plays the victim. Stating he has cheated on her with numerous women. Will also tell you she’s had 5 babies. 2 stillborns and 4 miscarriages on top of that. But don’t fall for her lies. She’s tricky. Will get all friendly and boom! She’s a nut case again. She will contact all of your family and friends. Telling them a load of bs lies. That no one would ever believe. Stating you won’t answer any of her questions and that you won’t talk to her about any of the affair. So make sure you keep copies of everything like my cousin. You’ll need them. Then the wife/husband team will threathen you and your children. She posted pics of my cousin with her children posting things about her that should never be posted. Then she will lead you to think they are getting divorced and yaddi. However they are married and happily ever after. Anyways till the next. They are moving so dodge this team duo!

Santana Reasor — Tahlequah, Oklahoma


Here is the home-wrecker, Shantana Reasor, and her friend Mary Whidden. This post is dedicated to Shantana since she was the real mistress here. She is the one who had a relationship with a married man. I will post a separate one for Mary Whidden but for now let’s talk about Shantana. Shantana is a true piece of work. She is married with 2 children who clearly puts her priorities in all the wrong places, ie seeking out guys from online and meeting them for affairs. When the affair was busted she had the balls to act like the wife was the OW. She went so far as to send pictures of the WIFE questioning how much the wife weighed, if her DDD boobs were real or fake, etc. Ah B*TCH you are the mistress, KNOW YOUR ROLE! You don’t get to be jealous of the wife (and btw they are real, suck it!). The wife let her know that yep her boobs are real and very clearly showed the mistress just how good of shape the WIFE was in. Okay so Mary Whidden, who works at walmart and at the time lived in a trailer, is Shantana Reasor’s friend. Side note: oddly enough Shantana also lives in a trailer. Shantana had her friend join her to have a threesome with the husband aka affair partner. Then proceeded to get all jealous and insecure. Ah again, you are the mistress, you don’t get to jealous and insecure. The number of messages the wife read where Shantana was jealous and insecure about the wife and tore the husband up about it is ridiculous. Repeat after me, you are the damn mistress. You don’t get to be jealous of the wife. Seriously! Know your role. Here’s an idea– stop having affairs, get off your dang phone, have some morals, show your children what it means to be a FAITHFUL mother and wife. Devote your attention to your children and spouse. There’s a crazy concept you nut bag home-wrecker!!! Picture 1 is Shantana Reasor (yellow shirt with her husband and 2 children) Picture 2 (walmart shirt is Mary Whidden the mistress friend that she brought in to have a threesome with the cheating husband). On a side note: Thankfully for the Wife, both these nasty mistresses weren’t attractive at all and were down right nasty BUT that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if they were fitness models. The fact that they are trashy cheating home-wreckers makes them filthy gross in and of itself. Sincerely, The WIFE.

Katy Rubin — Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Katy Rubin is a homewrecker! She was sleeping with my husband of 7 years (we have been together 10 years). I found out about the affair in Feb 29th and this whore is getting married on April 2. My husband and I have 4 children and she didn’t care that she was destroying not only my life but my kids’ lives as well. Not only that but your being nasty in MY car where my children sit!? Obviously she shouldn’t even be getting married. I’m positive if I had not stumbled upon the messages while trying to order a new phone I’m sure the affair would have continued even after she got married. I know this site is to put the women on blast but I also have to note that my husband is a BIG scumbag as well!

S.E. and Adrian Orgns — Tulsa, Oklahoma


Let me start off by saying this bitch right here has no shame at all! For the past 3 years of my life and marriage she continued involving herself in my marriage. But i know I’m to blame as well because i in turn allowed it to go on because my wife told me i basically had no choice. So I’ll just start where it got nasty. I had a face to face meeting with her at a park. We discussed how in love she was with my wife and that she would wait unless my wife told her otherwise. I felt pity for this single woman of 3 kids. So i figured I’d befriend her since her kids call my wife daddy. Big mistake. We planned a few outings and i included them in it. The first 1 was a disaster because her kids had no clue who i was. Needless to say, adrian explained to them in a way that should have included my wife. Anyway fast fwd, secret fb messages and trying to buy my wife. She bought her a fake jersey thinking she could one up me. Smh. So enough is enough. I wrote them both a letter, packed up me and my 2 girls, went up to their job (yes they work together) and asked my wife how much our marriage meant to her. I begged for the final and last time for her to cut them loose. She didn’t. So i walked away. In my letter i told adrian I’d pray for her kids because what mother brings people in and out of their life knowing it would never be permanent? Be warned she believes she’s blessed and highly favored so she can do no wrong. And i plan on emailing everyone on her friend’s list to let them know what a dirty cuntcake wife stealing whore she is.

Mary Ixcoy — Enid, Oklahoma


She is a homewrecking whore she has no class, morals or respect she doesn’t care that my husband is married and has kids. Her brothers paid for her to come here ILLEGALLY from Guatemala she has done nothing but cause heartache my boys don’t understand why daddy isn’t home. And I have made it clear she is to be no where near my kids when they are with their dad. She has done nothing but cause problems bc she doesn’t want him paying me child support and alimony. She has a Facebook page she posted a pic of them kissing obviously they don’t understand the laws of committing adultery. Can’t wait for karma to get them both.

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