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Stephanie Redding — Bartlesville, Oklahoma

This old, ugly, nasty w**** is actually a family therapist! If you can believe that! She lives in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, but works at Four County Mental Health in Coffeyville, Kansas. I guess they will just hire anyone. Morals don’t matter!
In 2012 I met my now ex fiance. I was going through a divorce from an abusive relationship I had been in for 18 years. I was told that he understood, because he had an ex who was basically a w****. When he met her she was married and wanted to leave her husband. They started having an affair. He said she had sex with him at her family’s house the first day they met! She begged to move in with him because she didn’t have anywhere to go. She moved in with him until she divorced her husband. She then told him that if he wanted to keep her he was going to have to pay for her. He started paying all of her bills and she would only have sex with him in exchange for either money or gifts. While she was with him, she was still having sex with her ex husband and other men as well. She would tell him he had to compete for her love. She eventually decided that he was boring and couldn’t afford her and moved on.
When we met, I asked him if he was sure he was completely over her and he said yes. We started dating and he was really nice. Then he did a 180 and started being unsure. He admitted that she had texted him needing some money and he gave it to her. She had told her she still loved him, but didn’t know what she wanted. I told him to choose either her or me and he said he wouldn’t give her up. I stopped talking to him and a couple of days later he called me crying saying he wanted to work on us.

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Amber Riley — Stroud, Oklahoma

I had been with my live in boyfriend for a little over a year we was talking marriage and having babies together and pretty much planning our life’s out. But of course this was the good times most of it though was rough since he did have a problem with drinking and acting crazy I still stuck beside him because I loved him and loved everything we had going…. well not like he worked at all the whole time I had two jobs plus raising my son and having to support him.
I never thought he would cheat on me with some one 7 years younger or actually at all, he always seemed so in love with me and I seriously thought everything was good. Until one day in January he had managed to get a phone from one those vendors that just pops up, you know the ones I’m talking about. Anyways after a couple of days of having a phone he starts locking it up. Well that just throws up red flags, so me being the person that I am I start snooping around come across this name Amber Riley so I asked about her he said she just wanted a tattoo. So okay that’s fine I didn’t care cause I trusted him, well as time went by maybe like a week I noticed while I was at work he was going to the “bar” every time I worked nights but he wouldn’t ever come say hi or nothing and I work just down the block so I never understood that one. But again I trusted him well after 3 days of never coming home from the bar I had enough, I came home from working a double shift just wore out and there is a 30 pack in my living room I get mad so I tossed the beer outside and told him to just go away I didn’t want to deal with him that night, well he comes back the next morning grabs a bite to eat and sits down beside me tells me he is sorry, I asked him where did he go he didn’t say anything at first and it just hit me like a ton of bricks he went to a girls house and I flipped out and he didn’t denied it he told me it wasn’t like that he wouldn’t do that to me. Well I told him to kick rocks and that I would never forgive him that he was dead to me.

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Kerri Knickmeyer — Norman, Oklahoma

My boyfriend started lying to me and come to find out he was sleeping with a girl he played indoor soccer with. I even meet Kerri Knickmeyer when they played soccer. She is married and has two children. They were sneaking around to meet each other. Apparently she told a friend of hers who told her boyfriend and the boyfriend texted all her friends telling them that she has been having an affair with my boyfriend. Her husband decided to forgive her because of the children. My boyfriend finally confessed everything to me. I want to warn all the women in Norman, OK that this Kerri Knickmeyer is a cheater and homewrecker and she could do it again. She also thinks her sh*t don’t stink.

RoseMary Martinez — Clinton, Oklahoma

How do I begin… my story is so messed up, u would wonder why I stayed in this mess. My husband and I met a decade ago. We were off and on for 7 years before we got married. With his job and my situation, we weren’t meant to make it this far but he was persistent. No matter how long I went without seeing him, he was always right back at my door… 4 years ago we decided it was time to move in together and be a family we should have been long ago. 6 months into starting our lives I find out he was messing with this woman who looks old enough to be my mother. He would say he had to work an extra day on the rig and sneak off to spend 1 night with RoseMary Martinez who lived 2 hours away from our home. She knew about me. She didnt care. She was proud to be the last minute call girl. When I confronted her, she didn’t give me the “oh I didn’t know was not single”…

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Shelby Gardner Enid, Oklahoma

So, my fiancée and I moved to Enid, Oklahoma in 2012 with our 2 year old daughter to start fresh with a better life for our daughter. The first year went wonderfully, until, my fiancée decided he wanted to feel like he’s “16 again” and get a high school job as a cashier at (removed). I told him how disappointed I was in him, going from a respectable job in the Navy to working at (removed) as a cashier, I mean, who does that when Read More

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