Tammara LaPointe Edgin — Jackson, Tennessee


Tammara is the kind of slut that just won’t stop sexting with your man, even after you inform her he is married (yes he is just as guilty but get some respect bitch and leave him alone). My best information gathered is that she is an old flame or attended school with my husband and it currently in a “its complicated relationship” with only pictures of herself and her kids available on public profiles. The slut keeps sexting my husband, and has even whined to him that I contacted her… as if he didn’t know because believe me his ass was getting chewed out and almost thrown out of this house. I love him to death but he has a sex addiction problem. She is definitely not the first he has done this with…to be honest I can’t even count how many women on my fingers and toes. Usually all it takes is a little conversation with the woman explaining the situation, and she chews him out and backs off out of respect. But this bitch here… nope. I warned her away but she didn’t listen. News flash Tammara: he is only sexting you if he is bored and trying to rub one out and KARMA is a bitch. If some homewrecker isn’t what ruined things with you and your babies daddy, some skank will come along and ruin whatever you do find in the future…the past has a way of resurfacing. You DO NOT want the kind of man who will sext and cheat on his wife for a husband/boyfriend or father figure for your kids. Better back off before I inform his family (yes his brothers still know you and they respect our family) and they won’t hesitate to slander your sleezey name all over Jackson and Henderson, your place of work, your home, and your family. Boot chasers and gold digging skanks never come out on top….keep that in mind. Homewreckers like her that keep contacting even after the husband has stopped are no better than people who give alcohol to alcoholics. She might also keep in mind that her “affair” with my husband can also destroy his honorable career. Help me tell her “Back the hell off Tammara.”

Jefferson Davis –Loudon, Tennessee


This is my Husband of 13 years. He started his cheating spree within a year of our marrige with my 15 year old cousin & started online after sleeping with my friends & family & i was diagnosed with cancer & under going treatments. We are now Separated pending divorce. He currently has 24 online dating profiles also frequents craigs list. He plays the ultimate game with women with the same ploy he used on me. A victim of an evil cheating wife. When he is the cheater with 14 mistress’ under his belt! He has a fantastic fisad that he is a wealthy man with a family owned buisness. Truth is he is an abusive man that bullies his parents into paying for everything he has or wants. He has NEVER KEPT a job for more than 8 months & hasnt applied for a handful due to his lengthy felony (Public ) record & inabillity to pass a drug screen. He drives a nice H2 Hummer to assist him with his illusion. He kept everything my 4 children & I owned including our car , after having his parents shut off our power to our house & kicked us out for discovering his online cheating. He refuses to accept court ordered visitation of our children speak to, or suport them at all. All of these women have fallen for his Lies including myself. Spread the word.

Traci Wheeler — Maryville, Tennessee


This is the nasty whore that carried on an affair with my husband for over a year. In the process giving him genital warts. She doesn’t see anything she’s done is wrong although her 16 year old son told her seeing a married man was wrong. Blount County, Tennessee men stay far away from her diseased body.

Traci Wheeler — Maryville, Tennessee


This is the whore my husband carried on a 13 month affair with while also contracting genital warts. She knew he was married and relentlessly pursued him. Trying to get him to leave me. She was also still married at the time it all started, which makes her a double whore. This is a warning to men in Maryville, Tennessee, don’t touch this whore unless you want a disease. Jokes on you bitch, everything he told you was a fucking lie. He never had plans to leave me. He just needed a fuck buddie while I was ill and on the brink of death. I’ve forgiven him but you, never. She doesn’t think she did anything wrong and that is why she will always run the other way if she sees me now. Even her 16 year old son told her and him what they were doing was wrong. That’s pretty low when your kid has better morals than you

Natasha Carver — Lenoir, Tennessee


This meth whore lost her children and now she’s trying to destroy marriage. She constantly drives by my home. Calls and text my husband to try and get him to be with her. In order to break up our marriage She sent me videos of them having sex and photos of them together. So I just want people to know what worthless women who can’t keep there children because they are strung out on drugs and can’t find a good man unless he’s someone’s else’s husband look like. So women be aware she’s in need of a fix and she’ll do anything to get it. So just make sure if you see her you,your husband and kids run the other way.

Heather Ledbetter — Lexington, Tennessee


Heather Ledbetter is obsessed with her ex boyfriend from high school from over 20 years ago. She is trying to take him from his beautiful wife and gorgeous kids. She is an awful and selfish person to do this. His wife is a very sweet and loving person and there is no way Heather can ever take him from her. He’s an idiot for even considering being with her. Heather cheated on her husband several times then when she saw a chance to get back with her hs bf she left her husband. She is a cheater and always will be. She is the town whore and everyone in town knows it. Ladies if you’re in the area watch put for her.

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