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Melinda Yount — Morristown, Tennessee

I had been married to my husband 2 years on Feb.12,2015 He left me the saturday before saying he needed to figure stuff out about himself. A week later I find out he’s moved in with Melinda. He said she was giving him a place to stay but her ex tells me that they are in a relationship, and have been having sex for months now. We have two daughters together and he has been telling me that he loves me. And now I find out he’s sleeping with her everynight. I am heartbroken, and pissed. According to her ex, this isn’t the first time she has done something like this. Which tells me not only is she a homewrecker but a s*** as well.

Stephanie Gann — Nashville, Tennessee

My son had been diagnosed with cancer back in September. My fiancé worked so my neighbor was helping watch my 2 year old son at the time. December came and I met my neighbors friend Stephanie. I didn’t like her from the start but was nice cause of my neighbor helping for free all the time. I had no clue anything was up at the time till December 20 came and my fiancé said he wanted to hang with his friends. My body kept telling me something was up when he left. So I called him and was like why is Stephanie with you? He got angry and said she’s not! Hung up and turned his phone off. I tried telling my neighbor about it but she insisted that Stephanie wasn’t like that. Anyone I ever tried talking too kept saying I was paranoid cause what my son was going through at the time. So I confronted the w**** the next day and she kept saying she wasn’t like that. She was always at my house uninvited. I never let her be around my fiancé alone but little did I know everytime I was at the hospital with my son she was in my bed or my car. When February came my son had to have surgrey to remove his tumor and the whole time my fiancé wanted to leave. Finally I told him to just go if he wanted to leave so bad. He finally came back later that night and I saw scratch marks on his back.

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Ashley Nicole Harrison — Sweetwater, Tennessee

This story is 100% true with absolutely no accusations.This effects me because it happened to one of my best friends. My friend is a young, hard working mother to a one year old. Recently, the baby’s daddy, told her he needed a break. He left her and the baby and supposedly went to stay in a hotel to “think” now keep in mind she does work but only makes a bit more than minimum wage. When he left she was unable to pay the rent and utilities so the electricity was turned off! She had no choice but to go stay with a friend with the baby. After he was gone for a week or so the TRUTH cane out! He has been messing around with her BEST FRIEND! She was hurt and angry (of course ) so she told him HE WILL help her with the baby by paying child support (he made no attempt to see or help with the baby) his reply was “before I pay child support I will give up my rights to the baby! ” What a loser! His name is Tyler Dabney! Ok, now let’s talk about the HOME WRECKER…Her name is Ashley Harrison… she is married to one guy but has been living with another guy for 4 years..and are you ready for this????? The guy she was living with at the time that this was happening was TYLER’S BEST FRIEND! and this guy is like the best person ever! He had a little girl whom loved Ashley so much, and Ashley just walked out on her and her dad…the guy she lived with is a hard worker and a wonderful father,he provided Ashley a home,vehicles and everything she return she was bringing his best friend to his house while he was at work!. She not only wrecked one family but TWO! she flaunts it on facebook as if she’s proud of it..she is one of those people who has hundreds of Facebook friends but have never met most of them. .she is so fake it’s unreal..she edits all her photos to try to make herself look flawless but I guess she don’t realize some of us know THE REAL ASHLEY HARRISON! She cares about noone but herself, this isn’t the first time she has wrecked a family and I’m sure will not be the last! Beware of this homewrecking w****!

Cassondra Rae Richards — Nashville, Tennessee

My soon to be ex husband has been a serial cheat, thru our whole relationship he has cheated, but this girl, did it for to long and at the wrong time. Started while I was away training, he has slept with her on and off again since high school he is 25 going on 26 She was a ex at least ex f buddy. She still continues sleeping with my husband and another married man, whom I have seen on this site so they both must be busy ruining homes. I got to come home a week early, to my surprise, I walk in to my bed room him gagging her at first I was confused then I realized that’s how she got off, so I packed nine and my daughters things and continued my career as a proud female soldier. I filed for divorce and child support, hoping to be free of this man soon. Ladies please watch this women, besides the other married man, she sleeps with one other. Shr is after their money and drugs. Keep her away or keep it clean.

Britany Davis Gok — Nashville, Tennessee

This nasty skank is after my husband, Britany Davis Gok looks like a meth head so I’m not sure what the angle is. I have been married to my husband for 13 years next month she texts him nonstop I haven’t confronted him yet and I’m not sure what to do I don’t know if they have slept together or not but when I find out then s*** will hit the fan I just can’t believe this is happening to me I hope they take her daughter away and if my husband wants her he can have her she is a uneducated, trashy piece of sh*t be warned

Jenny Iobland — Nashville, Tennessee

This is about a man named peter smith who had 3 beautiful children and a beautiful wife. Married 16 years. Back in 2011 he chose to start betraying his wife. They had just had their 3rd child and his wife just started going to college. They had many years of her accommoding his work schedule and she always stayed home with the children while he worked these crazy hours. I forgot to mention that they have a daughter with special needs and requires 24 hour care. Needless to say there have been lots of struggling, sacrifice, and financial strain on their marriage and their life. Every time his faithful wife tried to get a job he ended up insisting that she quit because he can’t adjust he schedule for her work needs. He said it’s best for the family. She just wanted what’s best for her family so she quit jobs,lost friends, and basically sacrificed everything for him and her children. She noticed that he would have oddly late nights throughout the years and and she would check his computer and phone when she felt she was being lied to. Her gut instinct was always right. She found port sites and port dating sites all over his stuff in and off throughout years.

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Dusty Raiborn — Memphis, Tennessee

I was living with my boyfriend at Kimbrough Towers Apts for a little under a year and was given a chance to work in Nashville so I accepted it and the plan was to have us both move there over time. While living there, the property manager Dusty Raiborn had made subtle advances at my bf but nothing that really made me want to upfront her about it. After talking to one of my friends/neighbors about it tho I was informed that she had a reputation for hitting on guys that were taken like it was her thing. It was strange but we all know she’s married so I thought maybe she was just hitting on younger men cuz she’s insecure or something. Anyways, I moved to Nashville and my bf and I were doin the long distance thing until we could both make it work in Nashville. Dusty started being really friendly towards my guy and trying to play like she understood how hard a long distance relationhship and inviting him over to her place for drinks and stupid s*** and they started being friends. It bothered me but I didn’t wanna be the crazy gf so I let it be. Luckily I kept in touch with a couple girls from the apt bldg and they were telling me how he was heading out to her place late at night and her husband wasn’t around.

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Stacy Sharp Gammons — Nashville, Tennessee

This woman came into my finances work and pursued him by doing business with him over and over again. He asked her to stop and she kept on. An affair began and I began to receive phone calls and she even contacted my mother and after we broke up she contacted me and harassed me and my children. The threats continued I had to install a security camera at my Home. She said if she could not have him no one could. She continued to call and text me. The emotional distress has been overwhelming. From letting me know she knows where I live where my children attend school etc. She is in HR at Pinnacle Bank in Nashville. She has destroyed me and my Families.

Erica Macklin — Obion, Tennessee

Where do I begin? this chick was my friend and a former high school classmate. she met my husband while he was a police officer in Troy, TN, while she worked at DOLLAR GENERAL. He said she asked for his phone # bc she was staying in Obion at her bosses house to watch the dogs. then she started texting him and meeting him and doing god knows what. when he broke it off with her she got mad and called me. I confronted him and and all he could do was deny the affair. she knew personal stuff about our sex life and he had already told her we were married but she kept on.

Jessica Upchurch — Carthage, Tennessee

We had marriage issues b4 but always worked them out. I had enough of his lies on November 11 and told him to leave. He did. No fuss to it either. Walked away from our marriage, our 3 kids, our house. All for her. He actually moved in with her when I kicked him out. Have no idea how long its been goin on. And she pretty much told me she didn’t care back in January if I wanted him back.

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