Meghan Burke Williams — Clarksville, Tennessee

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Meghan Burke Williams After finding texts and calls on private chats. I call her to find out why she is calling my husband of 14 years. She tells me that she knows who I am and knew he was married with 3 kids. After searching through all records I find out that she is married herself and has done this 3 other times to her husband. She needs to be exposed for the cheater she is and she truly is a homewrecker

Sarah Stewart — Springfield, Tennessee


Where to start? Well, I guess at the beginning. It was March of 2015 when my ex-husband went to a real estate seminar in Clarksville. We were both supposed to go but I had work early the next day. So he went. Came home an hour and a half After the seminar ended. With roses for me. In our almost two years of dating by this point, he had Never bought me roses period. He got mad at me for asking why he was so late. This was a Thursday. By Saturday we had gone to Dave and Busters with our friends and had an amazing time.The next day we spent napping and getting ready for another workweek. He left for three hours after our nap, didn’t come home until almost nine. He claimed he had another real estate seminar to go to and that he wanted a divorce when I confronted him about why he left without telling me where he would be and what time he would be back so I would not have to wait on him for dinner. Who has a real estate seminar to go to on a Sunday?

Shelby Stamey Worley — Lenoir City, Tennessee


This whores name is Shelby Stamey Worley. She was the receptionist at my husbands job and has been sliding her way into our lives for several months, obviously without my knowledge. My husband and I have been together over 13 years and married 11. We’ve been through a lot but we’ve always made it work. We have a 2 year old and was 12 weeks pregnant at the time that I found out something was going on. Almost 2 months ago, he calls me at work and tells me he thinks we should separate so that he can “find himself” and that he needs to fix himself so that he doesn’t hurt me anymore. Ok. I did the best I could and tried to stay calm for my babies and then I find out that he’s seeing this bitch. While I’m home crying and taking care of our child, he’s out going to bonfires and doing God knows what else with this whore. And I find out that she’s filed for divorce from her husband (of only 6 months) and that they had seperated a couple of months ago. He finally admitted that he had been seeing her but that he wants to fix our marriage.

Bethany Malkey — Knoxville, Tennessee

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I was best friends with Bethany. We was pretty close. I took her to Florida with me back in October. She was over at my house all the time. I let her watch my kids. I thought the world of her. Her and my husband liked to go “smoke” together. I didn’t think anything about it. She told me during Florida about her past and how she had an affair once before and that she would NEVER go after my husband. Being the kind and trustworthy person that I am, I believed her. During the beginning of February, my husband started acting weird. He did not want to talk to me, look at me or touch me. He always wanted to take off and go drink with her boyfriend. Well it turns out that he was going there with HER.

Jennifer Moor-Aguila — Arlington, Tennessee

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This post is a little different but the story is the same. You see, it was not my marriage that Jennifer Aguila tried to ruin, it was my sweet mother’s. My mother and stepfather have been married for 23 years. They have 3 beautiful children together. Two are already adults and one is just about to graduate from high school. I have seen their marriage grow throughout the years. I have watched them stick together through good times and bad but always remaining close and always working to provide a stable home for their children. I moved to a different state several years ago but have a very close relationship with my mother. And as I grew older my mother turned out to be my best friend. We are able to tell each other everything.

Ashley Midkiff — Nashville, Tennessee


I know my husband is at blame and this could get both of them fired. After 10 years and 4 children, the 4th being the only son and while I was on maternity leave from work, my husband starts having sex with a nurse at metro general hospital. They have sex on the job, in offices, in the parking garage and outside of work too. He leaves me at home with 4 kids, all under the age of 9 with the youngest being 3 months old to have sex with this fat bitch. I am so upset because most of the time I hear about men getting younger more attractive women, but I am 29 and size 6 even after 4 kids. When I confronted him about her, the first thing he said was she is fat and just one of the guys. She is fatter and uglier than me He says she gave him blow jobs all the time and she came on to him first.

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