Theresa Wooden — Nashville, Tennessee


This whore has spent 24 years trying to figure out how to ruin a marriage. She has convinced a preacher to come off his meds because his wife was the devil and was trying to kill him. She waited to he was completely out of control and out of his mind and sweeped in like a vulture to pick him apart. This man has tried to kill himself and now thinks he is cursed by the devil because she continues to try and make contact. I think he is right about one thing and that is that she is a demon from Hell. This women would send messages on facebook, his family, and would even send messages to his daughters on facebook. He is mentally suffering with a mental illness and she knows that but because she is so desperate and devilish she doesn’t care about him or his families well being.

Alexis Twenter — Clarksville, Tennessee


My boyfriend Tariq is in the military we have been together for five years. I love him even after everything he did to me. When he was stationed in Korea this b**** a** little girl decided to take him out and get him drunk. Naturally they slept together. Tariq and I got over that I forgave him, like an idiot. It wasn’t just one time for them this went on for pretty much the entire year he was there. like I said earlier though I forgave him. We planed to work everything out when he came home.
A few months later him and I were doing amazing and he went to his second duty station in fort campbell, Kentucky, while she went to fort lewis, Washington. I thought this was the end of their little game. I was wrong, completely wrong. She went on claiming to be pregnant, from one of there many sexual encounters while in Korea. She stalked me on Facebook and texted me all the time. she even went as far as calling my boss to try to tell him that I was the crazy one, when it was all her just trying to steal my man.
I am almost one hundred percent sure the b**** is lying seeing how she won’t even let him do a DNA test she just claims he is the only guy she slept with. He told me he doesn’t talk to her anymore because she lied about sleeping with a lot of other men while she was in Korea and she is a drunk among multiple other problems.
She very conveniently lost the baby, I don’t think she was ever pregnant.
Somehow she ended up getting stationed in fort campbell she probably sucked a few d**** to get that station for herself. He avoids her and she is just obsessed with him. to the point of following him around base and trying to go to his job and talking to him. She is crazy.
She tried sending an over edited pics of herself, like all her photos she looks like a f****** monster without makeup, you can see from the pics.
Him and I have worked out our problems and are trying to move on from this, even with her trying to make it difficult it will never keep our true love from always coming out on top. Every relationship has its ups and downs, ours has had a lot, but nothing we can’t work through together. And nothing a good restraining order can’t fix.

Seema Rasoul — Memphis, Tennessee


This woman his not only a homewrecker, but psychotic to say the least. I want to start out by saying that my husband is JUST AS GUILTY as she is, if not more so since he is the one that it married with children. She is a 27 year old “career student” at the University of Memphis. A bartender at the Fox & Hound here in Memphis. I will not let myself relive all of the disgusting details of the affair. But I will say that she met my husband where she works. When he was paying his tab at the bar, she slipped him the receipt with her number on it. They had a 5 month affair. She knew he was married with 2 children. My husband and I have been together for 20 years and married for 16! She decided that she wanted to let me know about the affair on my 40th birthday this year. Apparently, she was hoping that I would kick him to the curb and she would be there waiting to pick him up with his suitcase. She lost her mind when that wasn’t the case. She snuck into my backyard and was watching my children through our kitchen window! My kids were freaking out! My mother-in-law came and picked up my children. My husband and I sat on the patio and cried for 3 solid days. I screamed and sobbed, screamed and sobbed and screamed and sobbed. I have NEVER EVER been so heartbroken in my life. Since she still lives with her parents, she is what I call a “hotel hooker”. So rather than do the smart thing a run with her tail between her legs, she opted to harass and stalk me.

Heather Nier Proctor — Franklin, Tennessee


She hangs out at a bar called Cool Springs Brewery in Franklin TN. She claims she can’t work due to a mental disability (anxiety??) but can sit her fat ass on a barstool every night. She has some kids that she doesn’t have custody of (what a surprise for a loser like her) and lives with her mommy and daddy. She gets guys drunk at the bar and then makes them spend money on her – taking her to nice restaurants, etc. She gives real sob stories (along with blow jobs) to get money from them. This went on for six months with my husband and spent about 1000.00 taking her to eat. etc. He said he was embarrassed by how fat and ugly she was when they went out, but she gave him blow jobs for 20.00.

Emily Demoville Ackerman — Nashville, Tennessee


I thought I was happily married for 15 years. I am a Christian and submissive wife. I worked hard to try to be a great mother and wife, having a full time job, two wonderful little boys, & going to grad school to help my family. Then one day my husband shattered my whole world telling me he had been having an affair with his assistant at work for the past 4 weeks. I knew her & my kids knew her. I immediately left him! I made him tell our oldest child exactly what he did as he was 15 and old enough to understand. I didn’t want him to blame me for destroying his whole world. I’ve never heard my child cry and sob like that EVER! He will never be the same nor look at his father the same way. Seeing how badly he hurt OUR family, he begged me to take him back. He immediately quit his job, changed his email & phone number. She also has a husband. I’ve tried contacting him as I feel he has every right to know but I’m unsure if my attempts were successful. She was relentless in her efforts to lure my husband and my husband was weak and never had his heart right with God. I’m hoping his changes are sincere but until I know he loves God more than anyone, I can never completely be his. I’m leaning on GOD and trusting only in HIM! I know God will fight my battles and what you put out in this world you will have to answer for one day. She & he will answer one day for the hearts they broke, the marriages they’ve destroyed, &children they’ve changed. Thank goodness the Lord has not blessed her with children. Women like her are too selfish to be good Mothers!

Melissa Bowar — Pulaski, Tennessee


For me, it all started December 8th 2014. I was sitting at work when I got a call from her boyfriend. He began to tell me that Melissa and my boyfriend, Sidney of 11 years were messing around and he finally had the proof he needed to out them. He had been recording their phone calls. Simple calls really, some I love yous, her asking him what he was going to do about me. His reply devastated me, he said I guess she’ll just be heart broken like everyone else. I looked up his phone records, and there it was, everywhere!! Called him, confronted him, he tried lying at first, then the truth was told. Well, some of it. This girl is or was the girlfriend of his best friend / used to be cousin by marriage so I knew that they were all pretty close. He said they talked a lot, got close and it just happened. At first he was angry for being caught, wanted nothing to do with me anymore. As the month went by, we decided to work it out. I was an idiot!! I married him on December 31st thinking it was a one time thing and he was truly sorry..as time went by I found out more and more truths. They had been “talking” for more than a year, and screwing for at least 6 months. Meeting on back roads and fucking in the truck I helped him buy. Gave him a blow job out behind her house while her man was at home. She would call my boyfriend and ask for money for her disabled son for gas, medicine, etc saying her man wouldn’t help..All the while using it for pills and a way to get to him. She is a useless piece of trash with no job, no ambition, nothing! This is the second home in the 6 years I’ve known her that she has destroyed! She cheated on her last husband with the man she has now.. Sidney and I are still together, he completely cut off all contact when we worked it out, but she still tries. Calling ,texting, trying to add him on Facebook. My tires have been cut 6 times, my car keyed, his truck egged..she just won’t quit. She has even went as far as sending him pics of where they screwed saying I miss you! It’s a constant battle for me , wondering if I should stay or walk away. It’s been a miserable journey! Ladies…do not stay with a cheater. It doesn’t get better with time!

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