Nancy Covey Alexander — Portland, Tennessee


Three months ago I found out that my husband as having an affair with Nan. He posted an ad in the casual encounter section of craigslist. They talked on the phone while he was working for a few days before setting up a meeting. Not only did she know he was married but she is married as well. One of the last text she sent after I found out, she asked him how I found out and he told her that I heard the phone go off when she sent him a text. She reposed by saying that the same thing happened with the other three men she had cheated with in the past. Their wives also found texts. I am sure she has wrecked many more homes. She told my husband that her husband knows that she sleeps with men because he can not take care of her. She left her house key in the BBQ grill for my husband to let himself in her house while she wanted for him in bed. She let him use her with out a condom. Of course he told her that I was a horrible wive. I never thought about his needs. He forgot to tell her that I was grieving my grandmother who I love more than anything. I felt like I let her down and I could of saved her life if I had only been allowed to. he knew the pain I was in but instead of being there for me she found the trashbag and they carried on an affair. When I found out she had the nerve to act like I was in the wrong for cussing her out and telling her to leave him alone. I have been a good wife for 10 years and he choose to destroy it for her. Because she made him feel good. He admitted that she catfished him with her pic. See the pic I posted is of her highschool pic. She looks nothing like the pic much much heavier. But even after finding out she lied about her looks he sleep with her. She must be ashamed of the way she looks because she will not post anything new of herself and that pic is at least 20 years old.

Ashley Zarach — Nashville, Tennessee


My husband and I had been having trouble reconnecting for a couple years. He begged me to “open my heart” to him again and give our marriage another chance. Reluctantly I began to come around after several heartbreaking events. It was a slow process and we had very little intimacy that wasn’t forced or coerced. To save our marriage he paid for a trip to Jamaica and other wonderful gestures. He constantly preached to me about being sent by God to make me better and a more righteous person. A moral compass of sorts! Little did I know that his narcissistic compass had sailed right inside of Ashley Zarach! For the entire 2015 year, they have been having an on-the-job affair. They slept together right before he took me on our trip to Jamaica and after we returned. He actually laughed at me when admitting the truth, all while begging me to reconsider a divorce! He has belittled me for not being sexually fulfiling, dogged me because he doesn’t feel like a man and boosting his ego with the help of his mistress. They currently work at a local Nashville news station where she’s the Web Producer while my husband directs the news and his penis straight at Ashley. She loves sports and will use that avenue to attract your man. She is a runner and gym rat. Watch out ladies: Ashley M. Zarach knows no bounds!

Whitney Paige Manning — Nashville, Tennessee

This women came into my life as a friend. Didnt take her long to spread her std catching ass legs * she really has had stds.* She has spent months chasing my husband before I even knew who she was, so one day we meet at work and became “friends”. She pursued my husband before months before, she succeeded. The affair went in for over a year before I knew about it. I confronted her and she pretty much laughed in my face. She makes a haybbit if going after married men four I know if, one is her brother in law, chris, which she has a child by. She is in a relationship with noth my soon to be ex james and two other of the married men she messes with, wife is leaving. She is a low life, who preys on anything woth a penis and money. She will get what she deserves and I will sit back and laugh. I am am so happy that I could inform the exes. When I get the other names you will be warned, lock your men up she has no remorse. Trash, she has 3 guys on ger at once smh, skank.

Carmen Fender — Bristol, Tennessee

This girl had the nerve to keep contacting my husband after she knew we were together and had been married for 9 years. Well evidently he had been contacting her behind my back. On Christmas Eve we got into a arguement and I left for a few days and little did I know that this girl and her boyfriend had moved into my house. Well she did everything she could to get her man to leave and finally he did so know her and my husband is playing house together. While she is still contacting her ex that she was with when all of this happened. Sad part is that they both deny anything is going on when we both have enough proof as far as text messages and other things.

Jaime Lee Key Roberts — Memphis, Tennessee


This SheMale homewrecking whore has ruined my life. She is your typical white trash pig that is a twitter whore. She met my fiancé last year and has been having a online affair for a year. She has no self-respect or self-worth. If you know a man is engaged why would you even lower yourself to an on line affair with him? She sends disgusting photos of herself and their FaceTime f*ckfest will be broadcast for her family to see. She is a disgrace to her family and her children should be ashamed to call her mother. Any time you try to confront her she is too much of a spineless cum guzzling pig to respond. Every background check shows criminal activity and that she is male. What the Actual F*ck?

Amber Long — Paris, Tennessee

This wicca whore!! is the most crazy person i think i ever meet! i really though my life was going good, i had a baby with my boyfriend, got a new job, everything seem good. but i started to nodes he was being weird with his phone and emails. when i got the cell when he was sleeping, i though i was going to die of heart break! but that was not even the worst of it .. she wanted him to leave me take my only child away from me so she can be my child’s new mother!!! she told him she can never have kids and she knows in her heart that she would be a better mother!! i even found out she was selling him weed from were she works.. and she had a boyfriend her self, but not one! but two!! when i told them one was going to ask her to marry him, i felt so bad for them both,, and when i fronted her about it she at first told me they were only friends, then i showed her this ..one of her txt massage to him…

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