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Angie Buffington Tennessee

Angie Buffington DOB:10/11/1987 is a true definition of a trifling psychotic ass b****. I found out about her 2 1/2 years later after me and my husband were married. She stated to me that she knew all about me and that my husband begged her not to give her baby up for adoption. THIS HEFFER IS A DAMN DRAMA QUEEN!!!!!! She had 8 prior DNA tests and Read More

Shanda Michelle Heath Tennessee / South Korea

Ok so lets do this again! 2 kids and 3 yrs together when this a started. It all went to hell when my SO started working for a local fencing company with a guy he knew from back in the day. These guys were not the type of guys who respected women by any means. These guys when out and partied all the time and did whatever it was that they wanted to do. Read More

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