Stacy Sharp Gammons — Nashville, Tennessee

This woman came into my finances work and pursued him by doing business with him over and over again. He asked her to stop and she kept on. An affair began and I began to receive phone calls and she even contacted my mother and after we broke up she contacted me and harassed me and my children. The threats continued I had to install a security camera at my Home. She said if she could not have him no one could. She continued to call and text me. The emotional distress has been overwhelming. From letting me know she knows where I live where my children attend school etc. She is in HR at Pinnacle Bank in Nashville. She has destroyed me and my Families.

Erica Macklin — Obion, Tennessee

Where do I begin? this chick was my friend and a former high school classmate. she met my husband while he was a police officer in Troy, TN, while she worked at DOLLAR GENERAL. He said she asked for his phone # bc she was staying in Obion at her bosses house to watch the dogs. then she started texting him and meeting him and doing god knows what. when he broke it off with her she got mad and called me. I confronted him and and all he could do was deny the affair. she knew personal stuff about our sex life and he had already told her we were married but she kept on.

Jessica Upchurch — Carthage, Tennessee

We had marriage issues b4 but always worked them out. I had enough of his lies on November 11 and told him to leave. He did. No fuss to it either. Walked away from our marriage, our 3 kids, our house. All for her. He actually moved in with her when I kicked him out. Have no idea how long its been goin on. And she pretty much told me she didn’t care back in January if I wanted him back.

Kaia Swatzell — Rogersville, Tennessee

I used to be a very happily married woman. My husband was a great man at one point, until about 3 days after my 23rd birthday in July of 2014. He had started drinking quite heavily, keeping his phone on him at all times, keeping it on vibrate. One night after he passed out, I awoke to his phone vibrating like crazy. I got up and mustered up the nerve to look at it, ( I finally got in after figuring out his lock screen pattern.)   I found numerous texts from a girl telling him she had so much fun with him the other day, sending kiss emojis, asking if his leash was too tight to get out, if mommy was home. I was so upset and pissed off, I didn’t sleep any that night. I confronted him only to hear that I was crazy, she was nasty, etc. Well, about 2 days later, he came home one night, took a shower, shaved EVERYWHERE, (which he never did, but maybe twice every 6 months.) Put on his best outfit, and doused himself with cologne. He wound up staying gone for 2 days, without answering any of my texts or calls. I was fed up, and moved out. I would look up Kaia on Facebook and see pics of her with him, comments between the two, and her saying the were in love…

Bo Hubbard And Wendi Norton — Lebanon, Tennessee

Where do I even begin. Wendi started seeing Bo Hubbard after 9 years of being together, but just barely 6 months of being married.  I’m sure it started before anyone knew what was going on… but when it came to light, she’d went out with some friends and co-workers to a club… he happens to be one of her subordinates at work. She didn’t come home until after I went to work… I called and texted with little to no response.

As a police officer I have seen the worst in what can happen.  I was obviously  worried. When she finally did respond she basically  told me she’d cheated. I was devestated at first. After all, I’d helped her raise her 2 girls and we had a 6 year old together. 10 years of my life I loved her. I wanted to work it out…

Molly Joelle Thorpe Nashville, Tennessee

The affair started in August of 2014. My husband is an addict and was active in his addiction. I did not know this at the time. I knew something was wrong with my marriage, I could feel it. He would always work late, and never wanted to spend any quality time with me or his kids. At the time I was pregnant with our youngest boy. We have three boys all under 5 years of age. I was very naive about his addiction. He told me he wasn’t

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