Amy “Nikki” Nichole Nelson — Huntington, West Virginia


This piece of shit is a PROfessional homewrecker. She will do ANYTHING for a dollar or even a little dope. She is absolutely relentless too. And the shitty thing is….if you decide to actually stay with her for longer then you pay for and try to leave her….she will have you put in jail. Lol whether it’s a gun she plants on you, a made up robbery, or a claim she was hit….you will end up in jail. Usually on some kind of lie she made up but she is blowing the local police so they let her get away with her b.s. she is a nasty dirty trashy whore and she doesn’t care if you are married, dating, single, or even related to her (yeah….she married her cousin and had him out in jail multiple times bc he wised up and left her lol) Better watch your men ladies bc she will catch them in their weakest moment and sink her nasty teeth in and will NOT let go until you are drained of your dignity, respect and freedom!!

Heather M. Powers — Chesapeake, Virginia


This nasty bitch acted like my friend for years, while she used me for a place to live, a car to drive, and a job! On top of that, when I finally made an attempt to cut ties with her, she imformed me that she was fucking my husband while she lived with me! She scams and manipulates people into feeling sorry for her, then uses them up and moves on to the next person. Not only is she a homewrecker, she is a horrible parent! She was homeless/couch surfing most of her daughters teen years because she would not get a full time job to support them. She had a grown man sleep with her 16 year old daughter unprotected, & of course she ended up pregnant. Heather thought she would be able to continue getting max welfare benefits if there was another child in the home! Before the baby was born Heather gave me a sob story about how they were going to have to move into a homeless shelter so the baby would have somewhere to live. I felt bad for her daughter and unborn grandbaby, so I had them come 600 miles to live with me, because I didn’t want to see a baby come into this world with no home. They got 2 of my 3 bedrooms, & even used my car to bring the baby home from the hospital because she had no heat in her car. After a couple months of her living with me, I noticed that she didn’t work much at all, & when she was at the house she hid in her bedroom, whining on fb about how exhausted she was from working so much and helping with the baby. She never even worked full time, & didn’t help much with the baby either. She never cleaned anything either, & complained about everything non stop. I started to realize that the misfortunes she has been facing are her own doing.

Hellion Vaughn/Vickey — Roanoke, Virginia


This piece of work is Hollian. Hollian is nothing but trouble. Stay away from Hollian & keep your men away from Hollian. She’s the type of “lady” that doesn’t want to find her own man, that’s too hard. She wants to go for other women’s men, sucker them into whatever she wants, then threaten to tell their wives. She played this game with my husband. He was totally in the wrong for allowing this she devil to work her black magic on him, but the kicker to this is that there’s no shame in her game. She gets pregnant, tells him if he doesn’t do this or that, or whatever she feels is necessary to do or have photos of to post online so her real life story doesn’t get out, then she’s going to call his wife. Him, being the big dummy he is, goes along with it, until he’s to his breaking point. He finally tells me, I try to have a conversation with this trick, and she wont respond now. Huh, guess maybe those kids she’s trying to pin on him really aren’t his… This bitch doesn’t care about the wife, girlfriend, fiancée..she doesn’t care that she’s hurting someone, tearing apart a family, whatever. She should know that in my case, it didn’t work. I just hope that whoever else has the misfortune of encountering this sketchy ass doesn’t let it work on them either. Karma’s a bitch, bitch! **This picture is a few years old. She’s much more haggard looking and fat now**

Kat Young Ferguson — Norfolk, Virginia


Stray Kat is loose, and will try and take your man, married or not… she thought she could take mine. She knew he was married and it didn’t make any difference to her, and after he told her to leave him alone that he was going to work out things at home, she still continues to come after him… this homewrecking bitch better watch her steps… Women watch out for her, she needs put in her place… stray Kats need picked up and put in cages. No one likes strays… and if strays would leave married men along there would be no homewrecker sites…. she deserves to be here!

Maker Pen — Richmond, Virginia


This pathetic excuse for a woman doesn’t even have custody of her own child from her previous whoring around. Now she’s trolling for married men. Most recently destroying a marriage with two kids under 2. Feel free to text her your disgust, or call for a good time 804-912-36*7.

Penny Vigness — Frederickberg, Virginia


Penny Vigness met my husband in a hotel room at 3am for the first time. Fucked him and let him stuff a plastic spoon up her ass. He told me he was going out for a drink. A few weeks later i found messages on his phone with photos of her stuffing her fingers in her pussy and fingering herself. Texts at three am all excited about her new butt plugs and having him tie her up and beat her. She wanted to be locked in a cage and pissed on. She is one sick bitch. I found this out before valentines day and we went out to lunch together. I told him i didn’t want to do that so go ahead.I knewa sicko skank like that couldn’t hold his attention for long. She was stupid enough and wanted to be beat on so i decided to step aside and let her be stupid. We remained friends. Slept in the same bed. Continued our marriage. He seamed much happier getting his aggression out on her. We have much more then sex. Love, companionship, cuddles, kisses and sex. We have the whole package. Even though she was a stupid whore. Eventually even my husband could no longer put up with her stupidity, stringy hair, leathery skin, fat ass, clouded judgement, bad patenting.. And dumped her. We are happier then ever. she constantly wanted to be told she was pretty. Made him gag. A couple of weeks of her stupid ass made him appreciate me all the more. She will be looking for a new marriage to destroy. Look out!

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