Kristy Sibert Smith — Newport News, Virginia


This skank likes to solicit online affairs through Facebook. From what I understand, this was not the first time. It probably won’t be her last either. It all started earlier in 2015 when she contacted my husband on the social media site. Of course he blew her off. She tried again in late June, this time sending a number of tacky half naked pictures of herself. The sad part is the fact her husband didn’t know what was going on. Despite several attempts to contact him, I beginning to suspect she’s deleting the messages. While her husband is God knows where, she’s having a little sex chat with my husband in the middle of the night. She thinks she can behave this way and be offended when someone calls her a slut. She lives in the Newport News, Va area. If your husband or boyfriend has her on their facebook friend list, I would be very suspicious. This bitch is attention starved and affections from taken men is the only thing the twatwaffle wants. Regardless if you have a family or not. Bitch does not care. You can read all about it at

Kristy Sibert Smith — Newport News, Virginia

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This skank is divorced since her first husband she claims, cheated on her. So her whore philosophy is to solicit married men on her Facebook friends list to cheat on their wives. If you live in the Hampton Roads area, I’d check to see if your boyfriend or husband is on her friends list. I’m sure it is a matter of time before this twat-waffle starts sending tacky half naked pictures of herself in a bid to sleep with a taken man. Sad part is the fact she is currently married to a man named Steven. She may be a “friend”, but this sleazy bitch has a hobby of ruining other women’s marriages because another homewreckers successfully ruined her first one.

Caitlin C. Tabachka — Culpeper, Virginia

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So my intention was to not do this, but this girl has left me no choice. If you are a female with a male companion struggling with alcohol or drug dependence watch out. I tell all you ladies this because I care and never want you to feel the pain I have felt. I was with my fiancée, the love of my life soul mate (or so I thought) for 4 years. After getting into he relationship I found out my perfect was an addict. I’m ok with that, I try not to judge anyone. We got engaged and eventually had the most perfect daughter. He was on a great track after going to rehab and faithfully attending meetings. Until he went to this meeting an found his new high. A 22 year in disguise as someone who understood him, and made him feel flattered. She goes by “Cat” in her meetings, naturally as she doesn’t want anyone to find out who she really is… After meeting him for coffee she proceeded to send him nude pictures (nude pictures may I add I would be embarrassed to send, but that’s beside the point). She was fully aware he was in recovery and living with his fiancée, their daughter, and 2 other children he has custody off. Whilst at this time he still maintains that she is a worthless piece of trash, who means nothing but he feels compassion.

Kari Petersen — Chesapeake, Virginia

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She’s very young, married to a stand up looking dude but was hitting on my man bc of where she works, and she’s not happy. He and I were going thru a rough patch but we were still together. She starts calling and being obsessive. I moved away but he came right after me, after hanging out with the girl got him fired. I thought I was over him but it’s been 18 years and I didn’t want to lose him. She knew about me the entire time and was happy to be with him when I wasn’t. I feel sorry for her husband Shane Petersen, who has a great job and provides for his wife. I made him choose and it was me and he hasn’t spoken to her for 2 years. We ran into her at her place of business last week and she already has claws out, apparently she was in love w my man, and admitted she would divorce her husband if she could. 6 months ago I married my man and while he has not done anything that I wouldn’t like I don’t know how to trust he will never speak to this cunt again. Someone please tell her husband. They are from South Dakota.

Kim Morris — Fort Lee, Virginia


Kim Morris Fort Lee, Virginia May 22nd, 2015 – 1:03 PM  The little girl that has ruined my marriage and my future is the cunt on the right. It all began with my husband wanting to fulfill his dreams in becoming a soldier and serving his country. Great… as a wife and his best friend I supported his goals and rooted him on. While he was off for “training” and while I was thinking we had the perfect marriage he was fucking around with this dumb island girl that had the same fucking name as me. THE SAME F*CKING NAME. Her name is Kim Morris and she comes from the great place of Hawaii. Thank god we don’t look the same, I would just be that much more miserable with looking at that in the mirror everyday. While he was “training” at Fort Lee I was at home, going to school full time as well as working full time. I called him everyday to give him my support and told him I loved him. I have been working my ass off to strive to better myself as well as our future. I guess that wasn’t enough. I had that sixth sense of something I have never felt before in my life while he was gone. And I looked into it… I just want to say to all the gentlemen out there I want to let you know on a little secret, women are not stupid and don’t think for once that we are. I found out he was talking to this Hawaii phone number (removed) around midnight on, after he told me he was sleeping. Lucky me, I was right about my gut wrenching feeling. He talked to this girl once or twice everyday during odd hours of the night.

Starrlyn Bennett (Ascencio) — Centreville, Virginia


This white trash is nothing but a nasty whore! She has 4 small children and is married. She spends her time on social media all day, seeking attention from men and women…… She claims she’s a lesbian NOT. She was my neighbor, I trusted with my two children while my husband who worked grave yard would rest. One day I called to check to see how my children were doing and I got no response. I got worried so I left home early, she was not home either. I got more worried and ran home to tell husband and I find my kids and her kids watching television really scared next I hear screaming and moaning “oh yes daddy just like that” I walk in and she’s riding his dick while her breasts are getting sucked on my bed! I grabbed her from hair and told her to get off she quickly put on a rob kind of thing and ran out!

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