Britney Curtis — Richmond, Virginia

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Her name is Britney Curtis. She lives in Richmond (Midlothian) VA.  I am an alcoholic. I have 13 months sobriety. In May of this year, Britney pursued my husband who was (admittedly) alone during my first several months of recovery. Sending him nude pics, solicitous texts, etc. She works with my husband (where he was her supervisor) when I found out about the affair, it ended. Without hesitation, he chose his wife (as they always do.) I have been married to this man for 12 years and together for 16. She preyed on the spouse of an alcoholic and when it came to light that he would never leave me and the children (we have 4) she tried to hurt his career. (He has been at the same financial institution for 15 years.)

Noor Khan — Front Royal, Virginia

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Noor Khan met my wife during a period when my work required lots of hours and therefore was not home. He was a colleague at work and requested to meet my wife outside of work where he eventually kissed her. He lured her off the work site several more times for similar activity … sweet talking her during a vulnerable period. He has 2 wives (he is Pakistani) already one in the US and one in Pakistan so he doesn’t believe in traditional marriage.

Iyounna Morton — Norfolk, Virginia

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My fiancé went on deployment and transferred after 5 months. He came back home to our 1.5 yr old son, 2 month old daughter, and his fiancée of 2 yrs. After 3 years of being together, I thought we were going to have time now that he was home for shore duty but little did I know. On Dec 24, 2013 while at a party with friends, I discovered a new email address he made solely to have exchanges between him and a boat boo he made while on deployment. There were photos of her and her ugly cottage cheese ass, acne filled face, and emails between the two. The emails went into detail of what they were planning on doing to one another when she got back from deployment in April 2014.

Noorul Khan — Manassas, Virginia


The man at far right of this photo used his position at Lowes of Manassas to purse an extra-marital affair with my wife. I don’t believe this is a first for him.

Samantha Edwards — Petersburg, Virginia

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Samantha is known for creeping on the low but I never thought it would happen with my dude. She has talked to two guys that were friends at the same time until they found out about each other. She even talked to two girls at the same time all while having a boyfriend!! So around late October of last year Samantha and her boyfriend broke up or something like that. I didn’t or let me say it wasn’t apparent at the time that she was going to my man for a “shoulder to cry on” I didn’t associate with her really so I wasn’t around her like that.

Jessica Alford — Stuarts Draft, Virginia


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