Jenna Golladay — Timberville, Virginia


I had noticed my boyfriend was using his cell phone a lot, so one night while he was in the kitchen I went through it. I saw her telling him she loved him and all. So I confronted her. She played it off as she didn’t know and all. Then a week later, he left for the night and I found out he was with her. She then messaged me the next morning while I was at work to brag about having sex with him. It was our anniversary as well. She then said “happy anniversary I had sex with him!” And she continued to talk to him after that. Because I chose to forgive. She always harassed me by sending me messages every time they talked to brag. She was also willingly dating him knowing I exsisted. We now have an unplanned baby together that’s a month old and we are trying to fix everything. He is now being good but she’s still constantly calling him.

Tiffany Ayersman — Newport News, Virginia


My husband and I got married at 17. I guess you could say we were high school sweethearts. We have now been married for 7 years this upcoming September 2nd. We have had are ups and downs and yes not the only one to blame for that one BUT he brought a crazy woman in to our lives now and she just won’t leave.
I found out January 22nd he was seeing someone else and of course my world shattered. When I found out she started to contact me through every way possible, then when my husband chose me if just became worse. I couldn’t go anywhere without her bombarding my Facebook and phone. A week later she contacted my husband to inform him she had an STD. She wrote me a huge letter about everything they ever did (and of course included exact dates.) This devastated me even more. This woman has made me feel like I have been sexually violated in so many different ways. She has information about me that my husband should have never shared and now she has given me an STD. This woman doesn’t deserve to honored in any way although she is in the navy. She deserves a dishonorable discharge if you ask me.
It’s sick that these woman can walk around and ruin people’s families with no consequences. But in the end I want her to know one thing, karma is a bigger bitch than I will ever be and what goes around comes around. You make me sick and you don’t deserve to be called a woman. You are nothing more than a pathetic homewrecker

Tiffany James — Lynchburg, Virginia


Tiffany Latoya James: She will be named Slut #2, be sure to check out Slut #1 Katie (Farmer) Hall. My story with this one starts February 2015. On 2/22 I noticed he was on his phone a lot. I looked at the text log and saw a number I didn’t recognize and confronted him. He told me it was one of his co-workers Bill Jr who was going through some things and they had been talking. I didn’t believe him so we went back and forth about it for hours. On 2/23 I went to work as normal and viewed the text log when I got in. There was one text as soon as I left the house. He works 12 hour shifts so he sleeps all day and works nights. I checked the bank account and saw a charge already that morning at Walmart. I also searched the number on facebook and it brought up a black girl. I KNEW THIS HAD TO BE WRONG because every black person to him is a n*****. I figured she had the number when she sat up her facebook but it was someone else’s now. He started texting me that he just didn’t feel appreciated and he does so much and I just don’t seem happy so he wants me to be happy (by the way this is what he says to everyone when he’s done with them. It’s a way to remove the blame for his wrong doing). I checked the call log and saw an 800 number. I googled it and it was tracfone. All this transpired in about a 30 minute time frame. I went home and found a tracfone on the bed. I got my hands on it and he decided to get physical and try to take it from me. We “fought” for it for about 10 minutes. This was the first time any physical altercation had ever taken place between us. It was really the only verbal fight as well. We usually get along really well and can work things out. That right there tells you all you need to know, when they fight you for a phone?!?! Something is up. I made him give me the bank card, the house key and leave. We talked every day and he continued to tell me daily that he loved me. I searched his IPhone history and found a hotel. I called to confirm he was truly staying there.

Katie (Farmer) Hall — Lynchburg, Virginia

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.26.06 AM

She will be named Slut #1, be sure to check out Slut #2 Tiffany James. My story with this dumb b* starts February 2013. She was an ex gf and of course from what I was told was just the scum of the earth. 4 kids by 4 men, never worked, would obtain and sell pills for money, only used him to take her and friends and all of their kids out to events and dinners…blah blah blah. Which is probably all true from what I’ve seen in the past few years. Things are amazing with her HUSBAND when it’s “vacation time”. I guess when it’s time to spend someone else’s money then things are always good. To my knowledge this little fling lasted until March 2013 (but who the hell knows). The next time I found information and fake facebook accounts was October 2013. It seems this lasted about a month as well. She always made excuses as to why she couldn’t meet him out. Then her kid was in the hospital so her Husband was around (only for that reason according to her). So that little “fling” ended again. Fast forward to February/March 2015 and we’re at it again for a brief period. I learned of my pregnancy 8 days before giving birth to our daughter (April). May 27 he starts things back up with her just explaining the situation and conversation were ‘decent’ and just talk until this dumb b* sends a nude photo (chest). Then more of her ‘V’ (more than one). The HILARIOUS thing is he was talking to Slut #2 the entire time too. He would send them the same conversations or tell them the exact same things on the exact same night. He would f* Slut #2 (co-worker) on his lunch break and have this Slut meet him at the shopping center when he got off work. Apparently he even had her come to his job (Slut #2 must have been off for the night). While I’m working a full time job and raising our child!!! I’m assuming he would have a moment of clarity and stop talking to them for a few days but then give in again. He would tell them that he had to work extra jobs/side work and that internet/cell phone was cut off or he had run out of his data.

Roy Arnold — Winchester, Virginia


I met Roy back in 2012 when he was dating my sister in law. He came to my house and hit on me in front of my sister in law and husband. I turned him of course…. I then started talking to him again in March. I did not know at the time he had proposed to the girl that he was with. I found out and called him out on it. He told me they were over and we started talking again…. we slept together and I ended up pregnant…. go figure. I found out that he was still with the other girl and that we too was pregnant. I think he thinks that it is some sick joke to sleep with women and get them pregnant and not be a man and take care of them. I miscarried and stopped seeing him again…. once I found out that they were still together. She is still pregnant with their son due any time now. I have pulled his pictures of his facebook page. I am posting pictures of both of them because both of them knew that we were seeing each other and she did not stop seeing him. He even took her camping with him and his kids when he told me they were no longer together.

Brooke Haugh — Waynesboro, Virginia

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 1.25.10 PM

My husband and I had been married for eleven years I found out in July of 2012 that he and Brooke had been seeing each other I sent her messages explaining our situation and she ignored me she continuing seeing him so I filed for divorce the day of our divorce hearing she told him she was pregnant after our divorce hearing she broke up with him she had their daughter on what would have been our 12th wedding anniversary but she only wanted him to have a baby so she wreaked a home and then didn’t even want him

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