Hope Sullivan — Wytheville, Virginia


This is Hope Sullivan, and she is a homewrecker! She has broken up several relationships and many marriages including mine. Just warning any and all females around the area to be aware of this trifling ass bitch, and if you do run across her make sure you got your eyes open if you want to keep your man and your marriage. I pray that she gets exactly what she has done to me and other women. Heartbreak and hurt 10 times worse than she has hurt everyone else. Burn in hell whore!!

Kelsey Bartels — Virginia Beach, Virginia


This c*m guzzler loves to prey on men. Married men in fact. She makes it a game to see how many marriages she can destroy, especially if they are higher ranking with children. Don’t get me wrong, the men suck for their choices… But clearly this banshee has some self issues, for her to seek out attention from married men…. All while she was engaged to a great man who was fighting overseas. C*NT. She’s a walking potential STD breeding ground. I only know this from having to get myself checked twice because of her. She’s sleeping her way through the navy, up the chain and earning all her Quals one blowjob at a time. She’s fucked the entire security department and higher ups at her prior training school. Obviously Karma will get her eventually, but I figured this might help. BEWARE AT ALL COSTS.

Jane Willis — Richmond, Virginia


This woman made it a point to contact my husband and sex text him since they dated 47 years ago. She used Linkedin as a dating site. She told him it wasn’t their fault if they got caught by his wife having their Fantasy online sex and that he’d done nothing wrong, wonder if she had caught her husband doing the cheating, if that would have been different. She had plans to have my husband come meet her so they could have sex in person instead of just on the internet. She thinks she’s being smart and anonymous, however I know, our kids know, his friends know and her kids know. The only thing she’s worried about is finding a man to fill her empty low self-esteem life she’s a pathetic 65 year old and fat lonely whore. If she thinks he’s going to leave his comfortable situation for her cobwebs, she’s delusional. She’s a homewrecker who hides behind a nursing license. She runs Commonwealth Legal Nurse Consultants in Richmond Va, so that she can easily find men to prey on. Watch out wives, it could be your husband next she doesn’t care what they look like as long as they fill the void of her empty life. Cheaters are cowards that are tempted to chase the fantasy of what could be… instead of courageously addressing their own self-destructive behavior and cultivating what is. She should know he would never actually date her. She’s just a cheap thrill a nothing. She will always will be a nothing. Advice to her “If you don’t want to be viewed as a dirty WHORE, DON’T SEX TEXT OR SLEEP WITH MARRIED MEN!!” It’s not a fantasy it’s cheating plain and simple and your a conniving whore.

Jane Willis — Hopewell, Virginia


Jane was the high school girlfriend of the cheater. Her husband passed away and not even half a year later she contacts her old high school boyfriend who has been married for 28 years through a BUSINESS networking site, linked in (that’s real professional). They started an online dialogue that seemed harmless at first and most recently had detailed messages about how he would like to lick her twat and other details about how she would like to suck him off. At 65 she probably has to pop out her dentures to do so. The dirty sexting continued for almost 7 months and then they started making plans to see each other and have sex. When confronted she said she knew he was married and continued the affair anyways. She seems to be an upstanding member of her church and community, if they only knew she chases married men in her spare time and talks about the ways she wants fuck and lick him! His and her actions have resulted in a marriage being ruined and all of his kids devastated. She still felt she had “right” to talk to him after their relationship had been exposed. Stupid whore had no right to anything. His wife had all his calls forwarded to her phone and the stupid whore called 3 times after she was told not to contact him. Her kids were informed of her shady behavior and she responded that her kids don’t judge her, meaning she probably lied to them. She continues to try to contact him after changing all her profile pictures. She even tries to use different phone numbers!

Chanda Reckley Talbot — Warrantor, Virginia


Chanda Reckely, a Fauquier County Lead School Bus Driver who works for Fauquier County Transportation cheated with my husband of 16 years, a co-worker. He was a mechanic working at the facility. They had an affair for 7 months before I found out. They were meeting secretly on the weekends and after football games he was coaching. I, in the meantime, had 3 unexplained UTI’s and a yeast infection that I had not had in over 15 years. This woman ruined my marriage. My soon to be ex-husband has been kicked out and my children’s lives have been devastated. My husband is just as guilty as she is and will be paying dearly for it. I hope she enjoys his broke ass.

Jane Willis — Hopewell, Virginia


Has been planning an affair with my father for the last 7 months. Knows he is married. Still talking to him now the she knows we know.

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