Angela Maree Virginia

This homewrecker is probably the worst kind of homewrecker! She was lied to by MY HUSBAND and fell for it but never backed off when she found out the truth! In July he left me pregnant

Emily Preston Florida, Virginia

My husband and I are still married and have been for 7 years. We have two small children 3 & 5. Last year in August we were being evicted from our home due to his gambling problem.

Amber Spencer Madison Heights, Virginia

My husband and I have been together for 13 years, married 5. He is 33 and we have 3 kids ages 12, 8, 3. I have been dealing with “Ambz”, Amber Mae Spencer who just turned 25, for the

Antonio Mora Virginia / North Carolina

My husband and I were married for a year and a half. We found out I was pregnant in May. I have a son from a previous relationship (my husband is a marine and is stationed in va, I’m from Texas) so my son went to spend about a month in Texas with his dad for the summer break. I had to go get him in

Semra Altunisik Richmond, Virginia

Since I learned most of what I am about to share from my sons, I want to inform you all on how terrible a year we have had due to Semra Altunisik’s Adultery followed by her lies, slanders, and most importantly

Adam Wooten Virginia

A couple years ago my son who is a high school football player wanted some additional training to build up his speed. My wife’s co-worker told her about Adam Wooten, a former college track athlete that would

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