Lindsey Godlove Reed — Manassas, Virginia

I didn’t know Lindsey Godlove Reed when my husband walked in the door from work, “honey, I am home.” I didn’t know her when we were planning on buying land and setting up his dream to micro farm. I didn’t know her when we planned wonderful vacations and adventures, we went everywhere. I didn’t know her when my husband would touch my face and say, “You’re beautiful.” Every single day…

Tara Martinez — Virginia Beach, Virginia

Tara Martinez has the audacity to make a man choose between her and his kids and continued to cheat on him while he was deployed. She broke up my family and now the children will never know their father thanks to this bitch. She currently has an assault charge to her name as of 23 May 2015. She is a leach, a money grabbing hoe, and she deserves to be exposed. While he is away for training, she sleeps with numerous marines around Jacksonville. She lives near Camp Lejuene in Jacksonville North Carolina. She claims she is an elementary school teacher for onslow county but with the charges she has I seriously doubt it.

The father and I had a very good wasn’t until Tara Martinez entered that the relationship turned sour and I decided that I had enough. I tried to be civil for the sake of the kids, but she wouldnt allow him to be a father. Jail is not an option for me. The fact that she knew he had small babies and still put herself over the kids is what bothers me the most. She told him that the kids would ruin their relationship which resulted into her giving him an ultimatum.

Im not all for the petty drama but broken people attract other broken people and these two are made for each other :)

Demetria Miles — Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi All, Please be careful with this woman. Demetria Miles loves to pick-up married men and then after she gets them to spend money, time, has them fix up her house etc she calls their wives. She did this to my family calling my children and family (all numbers Demetria Miles got from his cell phone without him knowing) almost daily. When everyone hung up on her she decided to send her son to sit in front of our house to intimidate our children.  

Oh, I forgot to mention she had my husband go to her house, screwed him in her bed that she shared with her husband while her son was in the room next door listening to it all.  She is still doing this and still telling everyone that she is single while still married. My husband says she acts as if she is a great cook, but her food is awful and is a nut case.

Kari Mashinski — Glen Allen, Virginia

I have been with my husband for 20 years and we have 2 children together. This home wrecker Kari Mashinski played in the same pool league with my husband. She knew he was married, she knew he had a family, and still started a relationship with my husband. Kari Mashinski believed all these lies he told her about me.

Apparently, he told her I had multiple affairs and was a cheater and liar. When I found out about this affair I told him he had to choose his family or his home wrecker. He chose his family and Kari Mashinski went crazy when he told her it was over. She texted and called me saying how awful of a wife I was and how he would come back to her in a couple of months or in a year. She honestly believed all the lies that my husband told her.

I mean come on, what man tells his mistress the truth about his wife. Why do all these women think they are something special? If he chooses to leave his family what have they gained, they have a gained a person who is willing to build a 20 year relationship and life and have children with someone and then throw it away for a 3 month fling. I had to block her from his phone so she would leave him alone and stop calling and texting, and then Kari Mashinski called his work phone. She is like a bad STD that you just can’t get rid of.

Demetrias Renaud – Gunn Virginia Beach, Virginia

Let me start from the beginning. I found out my husband was cheating in March of this year. At the time, I had just given up my Naval Career of 11 years (VERY GOOD ONE) for my husband. He wanted me to be a wife at home and to be honest I wanted it too. I wanted to run my business fully and have a family.

Julia Allard Virginia

Let’s just start by saying that this chick dated my ex’s best friend a few years prior! Wow!

Last year, around this time, my ex and I were having a lot of issues. We were together 8 years. We had talked about splitting, but it never happened. Then, I noticed him disappearing quite often, not answering his phone or responding to my texts. He always had a great excuse for being absent. I could tell by the way

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