West Virginia

Rachel Ziegler-Birgensmith — Martinsburg, West Virginia


My husband works with this tramp — Rachel Ziegler-Birgensmith. When her husband cheated on her, she started throwing herself at my husband like a drunk prom date. She would do things just to start fights between us.

All the sudden Rachel Ziegler-Birgensmith’s shirts got cut lower, the shorts got shorter, even in January, the make up got sluttier… You get the picture. Well, when she took it upon herself to go pick up our son from an accident and never even told him about the call, I flipped out and my husband and I got into a HUGE fight. He left.

Santana Marie Cline — Beckley, West Virginia


This miserable home wrecker ruined my life. Not only did she steal my husband she killed her own daughter then had a daughter with him. They met at the nursing home where we all worked at. I quit and started working somewhere else. He started acting funny and I knew he was cheating. I found out 3 days before Christmas. She knew about us and had had been communicating with him through her mother’s myspace account. After I found out about the affair we decided to try to make our marriage work but she kept pursuing him. I would check our call history constantly to make sure they weren’t still seeing each other and they were.

Caroline Nicole Talkington — Fairmont, West Virginia


Well I Een with this women for almost 6 years then one day while I was on facebook I seen messages where she was going and seeing a guy named jason Hayes and numerous other guys there names are von Jones. Greg munson. jason O’Neil and numerous others all she wants is to use and abuse everyone she has no respect for her self or our daughters she would leave them with a babysitter so she could go and have sex and party with these guys and all this happen right before our anniversary and on top of that she likes to call the cops and lie to have people arrested she has done it to me 8 diffrent times so plz be super careful when you talk to her

Angel Drummond — Huntington, West Virginia


So me and my husband of eight years had separated due to the fact that I had cancer and he couldn’t deal with it…but then we started to work things out and dealing with it…until this home wrecking whore found it upon her self to ruin my family…my husband is 26 married and with to children and this young slut decided it would be cute to ruin my kids life…their father will no longer see them or having anything to do with them…because of her because she had him thinking his life is so much better now without them…he use to love his family so much until…she moved in his life and ruined everything for my family…now my kids are having to grow up without a father and we are currently getting a divorce when everything was fine and working out before she came around…she is an aweful person and to take a child’s father away is the saddest thing a person could do!!!

Julie Heller — Winchester, West Virginia

My boyfriend and I been together for 3 years and tonight I drive by his house because we been arguing over everything. Last week on feb 4 and 5th I stayed at his house. Of course the sex was amazing! Well on Friday the 6th I go by his house at 2 am because I was out drinking and told him I was coming by and I see a silver Mitsubishi Eclipse in the drive way I asked him about it and of course he lies and says it’s his friends. Well last night Feb 9th I saty at his house and I go in the restroom and there were tampons in the trash. I asked him WTF who was here?!? He insisted that they were from his ex she was there visiting and I told him I didn’t believe him. Then he finally told me that This WHOrE Julie was there. What r u kidding me? Well tonight Feb 10 I drive by and he was getting out of her car so I laid on the horn so both them knew I was there. I then parked behind her and knocked on the door. This n**ga had the nerve to tell me that she was there because he was helping her by weed and that their not sleeping together. She lives in Winchester Va explains why he was going there. I found out I was pregnant last year by him he asked me to abort it because he wasn’t sure it was his so because I love him I did. I find out I’m pregnant now and he won’t even talk to me. He told me that he was going to call the cops if I didn’t leave. Well needless to say I put her and him out there so ladies and gentlemen beware of them. I would never call a women a whore but what kinda women takes a pregnant women’s man and what kinda women sleeps with a man without a condom??? A whore!!! so ladies if your man is friends with her watch out

Katie Hayes — Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

I’ve been with my husband for almost 2 years (married) this nasty whore reunited my life. First of all I wanted to say that I take care of not only my child but my husband’s 3 kids. He does nothing, I do everything. Cleaning, feeding, bathes everything & there extreamy disrespectfull to me. Anyway, I went on a trip to nj to go visit my mother who I haven’t seen in 12 years (BC of problems between her & my father) I was gone two weeks. My husband made a promise to me he would stay faith full & he texted me every day & night 24-7 telling me how much he missed me & loved me. But at the same time he was texting this whore, asking her to take a shower with him & sending each other dirty pictures & from the moment she meet my husband she knew him & I were married!

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