West Virginia

Julie Heller — Winchester, West Virginia

My boyfriend and I been together for 3 years and tonight I drive by his house because we been arguing over everything. Last week on feb 4 and 5th I stayed at his house. Of course the sex was amazing! Well on Friday the 6th I go by his house at 2 am because I was out drinking and told him I was coming by and I see a silver Mitsubishi Eclipse in the drive way I asked him about it and of course he lies and says it’s his friends. Well last night Feb 9th I saty at his house and I go in the restroom and there were tampons in the trash. I asked him WTF who was here?!? He insisted that they were from his ex she was there visiting and I told him I didn’t believe him. Then he finally told me that This WHOrE Julie was there. What r u kidding me? Well tonight Feb 10 I drive by and he was getting out of her car so I laid on the horn so both them knew I was there. I then parked behind her and knocked on the door. This n**ga had the nerve to tell me that she was there because he was helping her by weed and that their not sleeping together. She lives in Winchester Va explains why he was going there. I found out I was pregnant last year by him he asked me to abort it because he wasn’t sure it was his so because I love him I did. I find out I’m pregnant now and he won’t even talk to me. He told me that he was going to call the cops if I didn’t leave. Well needless to say I put her and him out there so ladies and gentlemen beware of them. I would never call a women a whore but what kinda women takes a pregnant women’s man and what kinda women sleeps with a man without a condom??? A whore!!! so ladies if your man is friends with her watch out

Katie Hayes — Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

I’ve been with my husband for almost 2 years (married) this nasty whore reunited my life. First of all I wanted to say that I take care of not only my child but my husband’s 3 kids. He does nothing, I do everything. Cleaning, feeding, bathes everything & there extreamy disrespectfull to me. Anyway, I went on a trip to nj to go visit my mother who I haven’t seen in 12 years (BC of problems between her & my father) I was gone two weeks. My husband made a promise to me he would stay faith full & he texted me every day & night 24-7 telling me how much he missed me & loved me. But at the same time he was texting this whore, asking her to take a shower with him & sending each other dirty pictures & from the moment she meet my husband she knew him & I were married!

Melody Dobbins — Mannington, West Virginia

This here is the whore that continues to try bust up my relationship. her name is Melody Dobbins. I’ve been with my man for 6 years now and we have 5 children all together. When I first found out about her I was about 5 months pregnant with our now 3 month old miracle baby. I had heard that she “didn’t know about me” but of course that is just an excuse, as it always is. Her and my ole man were talking about being together and loving one another and how they couldn’t wait till they could be together… Spreading rumors that me and my baby wasn’t going to make it through birth that we were going to die! (Baby n I alive and very well) after I gave birth I had heard that she broke it off wit him and the next thing I know she’s claiming to be pregnant and trying to be wit my man yet again. She supposedly has her own man but still won’t stay away from mine. I totally understand that it takes 2 to “tangible” but I also believe that it takes a real woman/man to say GO AWAY and leave me alone. I just want to spread her face and name around in case another woman has to deal with her. She’s all about attention, drugs, and money… she’s desperate!!

Shanna Barnett — Ravencliff, West Virginia

This little pill whore will lay with anything. Shanna Barnett’s known to have had a “relationship” with a man with the HIV virus. She is the town whore/ homewrecker. I thought my husband, John, knew about and thought of this woman as trash, as everyone did. A friend of mine called on new years day to tell me she had seen john talking to Shanna along side the road, that she walks waiting for someone to pick her up for a quick blow job for $5. I was stunned. When he got home, I questioned him. He said he had had some extra gloves because it was bitter cold with 15 inches of frozen snow and he felt bad. I accepted that story until later that night, I checked his phone for the first time ever. Sure enough, there was a text on his phone that he hadn’t seen yet. It hadn’t be open. The text said ” If you ever need my services, I’m available for you anytime, and I’ll even give u a discount. I want to get that dick in me next time. I cannot stop fantasizing about it” Winky face. I was livid. I woke him up, he insisted he just gave her a $1.00 pair of work gloves because of the fridged temperatures. Of course I am not stupid and knew he was lying. I kicked him out, filed for divorce on Thursday of that week. I told my laser the story and the text and told him I was afraid for him to have the kids because he may be putting their health in danger. The judge granted supervised visits for him until we finalize and go to family court to determine custody. As you can see she’s a strung out wannabe Kylie Jenner. Look how stupid she does her lips. Nasty. Makeup conceales all her sores on her face. And photo shop. But beware of the town whore.

Jessica Duncan-Rogers — Beckley, West Virginia

Well here is the little piece of homewrecking trash that I’ve debated on posting for months now. I figure once she posted the picture of MY husband and herself on FB, all was fair in love and war.

This “love affair” began apparently two years. I’ve only known for a year. Jessica Duncan-Rogers, who is 29 and has been married three times already latched on my husband of 27 years. Yes, 27 years. We’ve been together since I was 16 and he was 19. I gave him three beautiful daughters, our oldest is 26. So his new love is a scant 3 years older than our child. He is 47 this year…

Ashley Eakle “Butler” Clarksburg, West Virginia

My husband and I had been married for three years when I received an email from one of his female coworkers warning me that my husband and this girl named Ashley had been getting too friendly at work and that Ashley had a bad reputation for being a whore in town. I looked into it and I had been suspicious

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