Heide Skarda (Rottier) — Rhineland, Wisconsin

My husband and I had been together 4 years, we had our share of troubles but nothing I didn’t think we couldn’t get through. Last August he decided to go to treatment for a drug and alcohol addiction and that’s where he met this dirty Heide Skarda.

She was there to tell him how wonderful, handsome, what a great father he was and how if he was with her she would make him happier than I ever could. At the time Heide Skarda had 2 children she had taken from her by her mother because she was a dirty pillhead who couldn’t take care of them.

My husband and Heide Skarda started an affair during the 6 weeks he was in treatment and the whole while I was visiting him every weekend and taking our 2 kids to see him. Our son was 4 and our daughter was 6. I had no idea this was going on. After he got out of treatment she left also and moved in next door and it wasn’t until I checked our cell phone records…

Ally Powell — Racine, Wisconsin

Ally Powell knew me and my fiance were together because I told her myself well guess he told her different and they started seeing each other via Facebook and texts and sending pictures, this went on for a few months then she moved from Hawaii to Racine, Wisconsin to be with him all while he was living with me!!!!!!

But after a few months of them being together he started texting me and calling me and crying about how much he missed me and could he come back home. Then Ally Powell wrote me on Facebook telling me to leave her man alone!!! He had this w**** move into his moms house with him during this time and just so happens the day I gave in and told him to come home, he kicked her out lmao. I told her from the beginning he wouldn’t stay gone away from me because he loves me and my two kids…

Melissa Harmon Arkansaw, Wisconsin

My husband of 16 years has always been in a band. We’ve always had the mutual understanding that since both of our fathers cheated on our mothers, we would never do that to each other or our kids.

The last couple months he had become distant. I chalked It up to male ego, since he was demoted from his job and was miserable. We grew more and more distant, to the point where

Rissa Dunn Milwaukee, Wisconsin

My husband have always had somewhat of a rocky relationship, for us, it’s our normal. I would have never expected this to happen, it totally took me by surprise and I still can’t fully believe that it actually happened.

Kyra L. Matuszak Whitelaw, Wisconsin

My husband of over 13 years had an affair with a GIRL 23 yrs his junior.  He was 44 and screwing a 21 yr old! ( his DOB 2/1970, her DOB 1/1993 ) and… SHE GOT PREGNANT!  Yes, my husband has been verified as the father of her baby. Literally makes me wanna puke!! We have kids older than her!!

Tasha Marie Hawley Edgerton, Wisconsin

I had been with my fiance for 3 years and everything seemed so perfect. We were expecting our first child together and getting ready to buy a home. I had previously gotten out of a horrible relationship so he was a breath of fresh air honest and doting. Our relationship seem to be truly something that would

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