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Charity Pruitt McDonough, Georgia

Charity showed her face for the first time at a local bar when me and my boyfriend were there having drinks. She was being very flirty with him, so I asked if he knew her. He said she was a server at the same restaurant he works at, just some waitress. Over the next few weeks, she began coming around a lot more, eventually to hang out with us at his house. She always ignored me, and was always flirty with him. She began buying him gifts, sleeping over on the couch (when I was there). She was completely aware that me and him were serious. We talked about marriage and a family in front of her, the whole nine yards. She acted as if she were my “friend.” I confronted her multiple times that she made me uncomfortable the way she acted around him. She would always say, “Oh I’m just a really nice person!”

Even after I moved in with him, she was always there, like a tumor. The gifts got more expensive. She called him all the time. I got more suspicious, but she and him both swore they were just “besties” and nothing would ever happen. I caught her on top of him on the ground at a party one time, but they blamed it on being drunk. He assured me it was nothing and convinced me I was crazy for thinking it. Not even a month after I had moved in with him, I was looking at his phone and saw all of their texts, including nude pictures. There was also a video on his phone of her giving him oral. Well, me and him were over, I moved out. I found out a little later that she was about 2 months pregnant with his baby… they aren’t together anymore.



7 Responses to “Charity Pruitt McDonough, Georgia”

  1. NoLoveafortheseHoes says:

    U should have stopped it from day one! Why let her be flirty in front of u? Why allow her to even come over? I’m sorry but u allowed her to weasle her way in! She did all of this in front of your face when you knew something was wrong and you still let her and did not put a stop to it. Should have simply said she needed to stay away she wasn’t welcome especially after you all moved in together it was partly your home too once again you allowed the homewrecker in the home

  2. me says:

    She sounds like a very nice person. She is nice enough to share her vagina with men in relationships and her mouth for b.j.s. What a kind woman to share the only two gifts she probably has.

    I think that some of the comments are a little harsh on you.You were too trusting as I was with my first boyfriend. I took him at his word and he cheated on me. It has made me a very untrusting person and my husband of 17 years has had to deal with it (I check his phone, know where he is at all times even though he has never done anything to me and he is as patient as he can be). My point is hopefully you have learned your lesson (trust no female unless related by blood to the guy). The only thing I would have done differently is told that b**** to stay away from my man the second I sensed any flirting. Like the saying goes, “hindsight is 20/20.”

    In the end, this stupid, skanky, backstabbing homewrecker is alone (hahahahahahaha) and your loser of an ex lost you. Hopefully, good things will come your way.

  3. Cait says:

    Omg, I love how she said she was just really “nice.” Yeah, b****, you are real f****** sweet.

    I bet she probably walks around going “I’m just so friendly! Here’s a b******* for you, and you, and especially you! You know what, blow jobs for everyone! Hurrah!”

  4. Linda says:

    Lol I know her! Her dad was the pastor of the church I grew up in… what a great testimony.

  5. Shocked Beyond Belief! says:

    Charity Pruett*

    Her name fits her well. Homewrecker. Want to give to the Charity? Hahahahaha.

    Also look her family up on Facebook! Shine Yawn (sister) and Janice Ledford (mother). Also, A few years back, her sister was married to a guy and Charity messed things up with them too! Beware of this slutbag lolol.

    P.S.- I went to church with her as well. I will never look at her nor her family the same again.

  6. Tybee Ted says:

    I would not f*** her. Therefore, I would not f*** you.

  7. brandon says:

    I smashed that several times 7 years ago.. she had a husband named josh.. she was our realtor agent..

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