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Chavon De-Freitas Killeen/Harker Heights, Texas

My homewrecker is a shameless nasty little girl. She’s 22 or 23 but is desperate for attention like shes a 13 year old girl smh. She obviously has never been anything but the side piece because no man wants to take the the chick who’s already screwed everyone else seriously. She’s definitely the first slice of bread “everyone touches her but nobody wants her” lmao! I had heard about her and how much she liked my husband, who I’ve been with 9 years, before I found out she was actually sucking his dong. Since she’s so repulsive I wasn’t worried, she is just so damn sloppy and nasty! But apparently her relentless chasing of my husband paid off. She stooped so low as to lie and say her mother was dying with only days/weeks to live and that her sister was going to prison and needed my husbands advice. Her mother is just fine and Chavon even told me herself it was a lie and she doesn’t have siblings. She was all over him in front of all of their coworkers and anyone else who would watch… It’s what we call having no shame or morals.

I know that it takes 2 to tango, believe me I have most definitely let my husband suffer and I left state shortly after for about 4 months. Anyways, he went to their coworkers house after work (she was homeless and so she stayed with this coworker) and being the trashy tramp she is she gave him head in the parking lot by the dumpster… Funny thing is he had just slept with me before work both times she gave him head and he didn’t shower, so that’s obviously something she doesn’t mind. She actually text him after and told him she enjoyed it and the taste smh. One night my 1 yr old daughter and I were asleep in bed at 3 a.m. and my husbands phone rings. I answered when I saw the name Chavon and like the coward she is she didn’t talk, which made it even more suspicious. Apparently she was drunk and high off pills and she decided to call my hubby. So I started asking him and finally he admitted to it. She gave him head twice and they tried sleeping together but she couldn’t get his thing hard.  Since those times she sucked him off and tried sleeping with him she couldn’t get him hard she really spread a rumor he was gay and keyed his car with the word “fag”. She’s so mature and so classy smh.

My husband of course begged for forgiveness and told me how easy it was to get the head and how she pretty much begged him to be with her and constantly for months followed him around. Even other people that worked there said how desperate she is with ALL the guys there but she tried to get my husband for months and would try anything. What woman with self respect sucks off a man that calls her fat and sloppy? Well, I put a stop to the s*** and her excuse for ruining my family was she thought my husband was attractive… Little girl grow up! She has mental problems on top of being a compulsive liar. When I confronted her she admitted to sleeping with 6 other guys besides my husband. Her excuse was that she has worked there with them for 9 months, so there was a lot of time between according to her lol. She likes to play the victim and said she has no idea why I don’t like her, just another great example of how dumb she is. She even had her  mother come in their job when I was there speaking to my husband minding my own business! Her mom smelled and looked terrible. She came up to me threatening me and was surprised when I had finally had enough and stood up and told her to beat my ass! She then sat down. Chavon didn’t even stand up for her mom or help her. She stood in the back looking like a fat idiot and I said are you gonna just stand there you nasty b**** and she still didn’t come by her mom she just ran her mouth now that she had someone else there to deal with her crap. She loves the drama and making everyone else deal with the s*** she stirs up. She starts all these problems and is too scared to be a big girl and handle it herself. Her dad looked completely embarrassed lol. Then when the cops get there the officers both said that Chavon and her mother are trash and I shouldn’t waste my time or breath. He said they recognize them and so did the previous officer so that should tell you something lol. When the police get tired of your drama and say you have daddy issues maybe it’s time to stop spreading your legs Chavon! Quit being a w**** and find your own man! Maybe then you wouldn’t have problems with so many women like you told me.

Your parents must be proud that they’ve raised a tramp who will go down on a man by the dumpster in a parking lot first time they hang out. Obviously She is the epitome of trash and does pills and smokes weed while drinking. She lives with some fat white trash chick who let’s Chavon bring guys over to screw in her bed or her kids bed. She had the nerve to say I’m a plain “white girl” but this girl is sloppy, doesn’t look like she bathes and will sleep with any guy who gives her attention. I have a baby but still have a great body, her body and looks will never come close to me which is why her and her fat ass friend are so into me and jealous.. She tried to say my husband and I are miserable… Yet she tried speaking to him after all this and got her feelings hurt when he asked wtf she wanted.

I wouldn’t expect a tramp whose never been anything but the sideline understand a relationship or how men will screw anything, even her, when desperate. I think it’s obvious she’s the miserable one since she can’t get her own man and has to chase mine even though he told her she’s just a screw and that’s all she could ever be. She said she always ends up in that “situation”. STOP SLEEPING WITH MARRIED MEN CHAVON! Then maybe you won’t be in that situation so often. Close your damn legs and stop being so gross. Lay off the drugs too. This has made me stronger so thanks for making me realize MY importance. Close your legs and try acting like a lady. I’m a couples months away from my bachelors degree and he realizes what he’s done. I’ve realized that I’m beautiful and independent. I know that he’s changed and he has always been a great dad and great man, but I believe he deserves to pay for his actions in order for him to truly learn from them. As for you Chavon, you need help! Stop running your mouth about me. You can have him… Oh wait, he doesn’t want you lol. Ask your other coworkers… They all talk about how sloppy you are and how your mouth stinks with your big ass teeth lol. EVERYONE knows how you sleep around and you know that as well. I gave you many chances to be a woman and you choose to talk s*** and act like you’re in HS. Have a great life waiting tables! Cheers :)





41 Responses to “Chavon De-Freitas Killeen/Harker Heights, Texas”

  1. Miss says:

    First off, dump the bastard. Second of all, he hasn’t learned anything except the fact that you’ll take him back after letting this woman give him head (and who REALLY knows what actually happened? Nobody but them.) You can brag about almost having your bachelors degree but apparently you’re still with a dude that steps out on you. That just makes you a door mat. Girl, step up and walk away.

    • Notbitter says:

      Soooooo you know all men and know for a fact that she’s a doormat and the guy is going to be a shitbag still? Or you’re just making your own bitter assumptions? I thought this page was for women exposing he tramps who wronged them and other women/men giving helpful feedback… I guess being bitter saying she’s bragging about making her life better with a degree And moving forward makes her a doormat. She said she left and even went out of state and the hw can have him. Obviously she didn’t take him back. Lol

  2. U r dumb wifey, husband is dumb, and the hw is dumb

  3. Louniece says:

    You say she is MENTALLI ILL and your husband gets his cock knob buffed by a MENTALLY ILL 23/24 year old!?!??? Hmmm…….

  4. MG says:

    You should feel really low if she is as bad as you say she is and YOUR husband chose to cheat on YOU with her then what does that say about you? No one can make a man do anything he got his D sucked because he wanted to, if it wasnt her it would have been somebody else. Oh and you sound pretty insecure and childish if you have to put her down and try and make yourself look better. Remember you got played not her , she knew what she was getting into. I hope u left him

    • Candice says:

      How’s the wife insecure and childish? You sound like you know her or you’re a hw yourself. A man can have the best wife at home and still run to a w**** it’s not the wife it’s the man and the willing w**** to blame. The wife saying she is bettering her life since doesn’t make her insecure you sound dumb.

      • MG says:

        She sounds insecure because in one sentence she puts the “Homewrecker” down and in the next she says something good about herself as if to justify to herself that she is better than said “Homewrecker”. And if her husband loved her he wouldn’t of cheated, yes a person can be tempted but its up to them to follow through with the affair . It’s so funny when I read these stories and the women act as if the girl made them do it. They can make any excuse for their men but the fact is that they got played so be mad at the one who had a commitment to you. Yes the woman maybe a hoe but the man is the one who affected the relationship. As far as me knowing the girl not a chance, and me being a Homewrecker LOL I dnt need to do that. But you sound like a pretty scorned woman, did you get played too ? So you ma’am sound stupid :)

  5. been through that before says:

    It doesn’t make the wife dumb because she chose to stay. She stated that she moved away and that he came back to her. Making a marriage work after an indiscretion is hard work. Yes, early in our marriage my hubby cheated. At 23 years old, I had a standard. I just knew that I would leave ANY man that cheated on me; until I was a wife with three kids (one was newborn) and this was my reality. I did take the opportunity to go back to school and become a nurse so that if ANYTHING like that happened again, his ass would be out of the door. (He was the bread winner) Almost 17 years later, I am the air that my husband breathes. He is my life. We are a family and there is nothing that he won’t or doesn’t do for me. He takes nothing for granted. We have 5 children together and yes, we have our ups and downs like any couple, but we work it out. Forgiveness and the ability to change is the key. If hubby decided to do that s*** again, he would find all of his things outside of my house. I know this for sure because that experience took me to all types of places in my head and made me a stronger me. Our daughters know what type of man they want because when they look at their dad, they see the type of man that he is :) Stay strong wifey!

    • dave1234ca says:

      Good for you, Been Through That Before. I’ve seen couples while still angry and thinking there’s a pot of gold at the end of the divorce rainbow only to regret their decision later on.

      People tend to forget how long it took to find their partner and believe there’s a Prince or Princess around the next corner. And those with children who think they did all the work in the marriage soon realize just what work is when they have all the responsibility.

      They think they’ll always be reminded of the affair if they stay with their partner but soon realize they’re reminded of their missing partner far more often. Their anger over the affair switches to anger over the type of life they now have without a partner and it frequently becomes bitterness because they know they did that to themselves.

      While this site is a good outlet for the wife to vent the damage is in people fanning the wife’s anger. They’re all behind the wife but the wife will never see them when she’s picking up the pieces of her life. The same with “friends”. Especially couples. They won’t want a divorcée hanging around.

      If they think they’ll get rid of the husband and everything else will stay the same they are in for a surprise and not a pleasant one unless the entire marriage was no good.

      Again, congratulations to you!

      • been through that before says:

        Thank you <3. I found out about this site about a month ago. I've made a few comments, but in the end, if the spouse has a habit of cheating, especially those that hurt their children (psychologically , emotionally, etc.) and the children are being used as pawns in an awful game between two adults, the relationship is doomed. For this young couple, yes, the husband was a jerk and the wife was hurt. If there are postings going up to destroy lives, it should be one posted on he's a homewrecker. What's fair is fair. There have been cases in which the wife has put up stories and my heart hurt for them. There are others in which I have to shake my head and ask, "Why"? We only move closer toward a stronger foundation if we work together. If this site were up way back then, would I have done the same thing? I can say no, because shame on them would bring shame upon me and place me in a situation for the world to see me fall apart. But I will support the folks on here by giving them a thumbs up and posting words of encouragement. My words are meant to heal, not hurt. Thank you for your kind words. Your statement was as right as right could be.

        • dave1234ca says:

          Thank-you, Been Through That Before. You have 17 years of proof things can be worked out. The biggest obstacle is for people to realize their spouse didn’t do anything TO them. They didn’t intend to hurt their spouse. If an affair was an intention to hurt someone affairs would be broadcast but they’re always hidden.

          Also, I’m sure your husband wouldn’t have stayed with you if you had continually tried to punish him. You took the mature and logical approach and we can see it paid off handsomely.

          It’s sadistic to see people fan the flames of anger. If anything, gentle and reasoned responses are necessary. Furthermore, when children are involved and there’s shared custody/visitation rights they’ll always have the job of preparing the child for the visits. If they meet someone out of State or any distance away that will interfere with the visits of the other spouse they will need court permission.

          I’m sure some people never consider the ramifications. It’s not as simple as dumping a boyfriend and if their partner was an all-round good guy they will be constantly reminded when they have to deal with their new lover’s shortcomings.

          I feel like I’m preaching to the choir as I’m sure you’re aware of all that. HA!

          Congratulations, again!

          • Been through that before says:

            You are amazing! I am so happy that people understand that relationships are not all black and white. Things will happen and if two people are willing to work it out, it should be (unless there is violence, abuse of any kind, children being mentally/physically abused,etc). It is harder to stay and work on a relationship than it is to walk away, especially with children involved. We were extremely young when we got married. If the old me could go back and talk to the younger me, I would teach her a few things. I am glad that I had this experience, because it has taught me to never take anything for granted and the most important lesson was to gain a successful education so that if I had to go at it alone, I would be able to and do it successfully. Now that I am older, I understand and see things so much clearer than I did before. It sounds as if you are/have been a good friend to those that need you! Please continue to support those around you. They have a true friend in you <3

    • So your daughters don’t want a cheating pig like their dad???? Don’t think he never cheated since, you just didn’t catch him. But that it’s great you stayed!!!

      • Been through that before says:

        Markus, I see that you have some mental challenges, and I shan’t go back and forth with you as to my daughters and my husband. My 23 year old and I had the conversation and yes, she understands that every relationship isn’t perfect. She also understands that if something like this happens, it doesn’t mean that one must throw an entire relationship out of the window. You troll pretty much every, single entry and make disparaging remarks to get an emotional response; your life sir (or madame if you will), is sad. Yes, I stayed with my husband and I trust that he will not error like he did so many years ago. He does not stay out late, puts his family first (next to our religion), and does what a good man should; provide and care for his family. He takes pictures of me, buys ALL of my clothes (I detest shopping), and treats me as if I am the universe and everything in it. If you believe that my hubby has cheated since, you are entitled to your twisted sense of thinking. If you have a mental ailment that allows you to speak without thinking, seek professional help. I pray that you aren’t in a relationship or that you did in fact, not burden the world by procreating. I would take my husband cheating 150 times a day than lay next to someone like you. He may have been a pig, but you are a boar. Men do not go back and forth with women, especially if there is an emotionally charged, idiotic statement, such as the one that you have made. Please go and play blind man’s bluff on the freeway! ‘Nuff said, and I bid you good day ‘)

        • I am not the one on this site, you, your family, your life, you choose to put on public display and public comments. My mental health is secure, so it’s my wallet and love life. I get a charge out of charging the morons on this site and their comments and stories.

          This is not a sympathy site or comments would be sensored.

          We do in fact live in the U.S.A.not China out Korea, and we have a constitutional right to free speech, if you know what the constitution is and can read. By your Grammer I am not sure, but God bless and hope it works out for the better.

          • been there before says:

            Too bad it took me almost 2 months to respond to this, but I shall. (I thought about it, but since you are such an idiot, I guess that I have to explain to you the whole “Freedom of Speech” stance that I take.) Look, you have the right to express whatever stupid ideas, comments, etc. that you wish. Also understand that freedom of speech doesn’t mean that you will be free of the consequence that comes from said freedom. So, you made a dumb statement, attempted to recover from said statement like an adolescent (ie how much money is in your wallet??) What grown man trolls sites like this and makes negative statements? Ok, you like to get a rise out of people, but damn, that makes you appear as a person that is desperate for attention that you aren’t getting outside of this site, or a teenager. No real adult male would sit and type the things that you do. You are an idiot and I refuse to debate with you. Good day, sir. And please take me up on that offer; go play blindfolded on the freeway!

  6. Dayum! says:

    The husband didn’t do anything he didn’t want to. Even if she does have a reputation that proceeds her, it obviously made him pull his pants down for her for sexual gratification. He is a PLAYER…trying to cover his ass.

    Men start this vicious cycle by disrespecting women, because they know that in general, women won’t put out unless they feel love/wanted first. So the man lies, sweet talks, manipulates, woos, etc…. I’m sure that the majority of little girls don’t aspire to grow up to be the town tramp. It’s their experiences with disrespectful men who contribute to it and someone’s peer group can have a lot to do with that. So in turn, when a woman behaves like a man, she is dubbed a “w****” and the man is just “being a man”. Hell will freeze over before the male sex stops behaving the way it does.

    • dave1234ca says:

      Dayum writes, “Men start this vicious cycle by disrespecting women, because they know that in general, women won’t put out unless they feel love/wanted first.”

      It’s not always a case of disrespecting women. Men seek gratuitous sex and so do some women. Nobody wants to be used and there are women who have sex and are not interested in having a relationship with the man. A FWB arrangement.

      I have to say this site is unbalanced in respect to what affairs are about. We hear about the HW wanting the guy full time and fighting with the wife. That’s not usually the case. Some women prefer to be the “other woman”. She is free to do as she wishes. No laundry. No obligations. Plenty of dinners out and other entertainment.

      Yes, some woman have been used and abused but by the time they’re 25 or 30 they know the score. The typical 20-something gal wants sex but she doesn’t want a controlling man in her life so let’s not place all the fault on what men did to her.

      Just saying.

  7. Jackie says:

    I mean you say she soo nasty but your husband picked her for a reason..I mean she’s that nasty so what does that say about him? Not much..or u don’t suck d*** very well. Good luckto you guys.

    • MG says:

      LOL my thoughts exactly !

        • Mechelle says:

          omg! This is the same s*** who fucked my man when he worked at chik-fil-a!!!!! lol. f***** hilarious, cus she sucked my mans d*** in the parking lot by the dumpster too after they got off their shift. You 2 bitches are wrong cus she uses sad stories she makes up to lure these guys to feel sorry for her and then sucks cock. she works at the restaurant next door to there now ha. she harassed me for months n 2 other girls I know which is prob why the wife called her psycho and crazy why are ya’ll attacking the wife when she is the victim? Pls answer that. I know exactly how she feels and exactly how chavon is. Ive been thru this same exact thing shes a w**** has been since middle school. The whole family is ghetto trash n I think this wife is really nice actually because chavon is worse then described lol. So wtf is the problem with you 2 females that u take up for a w**** n attack the wife for bettering herself, shes prob hurt n came here for help n the females like you do nothin but make her feel worse n put her down. U Must feel bad about yourselves if u have to attack someone U dont know. She is good at getting guys to feel sorry for her by lying. Shes obviously ugly nobody is perfect n judging by how u 2 are I bet u r single, r ur man left u for somebody else n didn’t come back. Or your also home wreckers. she text my man sayin she likes bein with taken guys cus its fun n likes the thrill. Dont u think thats the definition if home wrecker? i know there was more then 5 or 6 guys there who had sex or got head from her at chik-fil-a n they had to quit cus they had wives n she eventually got fired for it since that’s a religious place. She has been havin her mom come rescue her from day 1. She was known for f****** more then one guy at a time and they called her the TRAIN wreck cus she has had a lot of 3somes with 2 guys n even video taped sex with a guy n sent it to his wife n his mom. O I thought u both would like to know I stayed with my man n I married him, that was the 1st n last time he cheated n I do know for sure. I have 2 kids now and we are doin great! I must be a doormat too but id rather be me instead of 2 bitter hateful females who put someone whos obviously hurt down to make yourselves feel better. I wish I had exposed her 1st though lol.

  8. Maria says:

    So he can get it up & get off to her sucking his cock but not to her p****. I call bullshit your husband just didnt want to confess. Seeing as you dont think head is “bad” or as serious. Good luck to you. This whole story was f****** stupid

    • Me says:

      Did you read it? It says he couldn’t get it up either time so she spread rumors he was gay. Apparently you don’t read English well or you just don’t read well in general.

  9. Alice Morgan says:

    Your husband is a scumbag. He will repeat this behavior many times over. Just another couple of whores from texas. Texas, florida, and Kentucky seem to have the most whores. Love Alice

  10. Howard M says:

    Not sure why no one else have notice this…but that is a different person in the middle picture. That person would happen to be my exwife Arzenia Armstrong who died in Jackson Mississippi about 7 yrs ago.. Not sure why I am posting this, (she is my ex for a reason), but it bothers me that her picture is there. For just that fact, I am calling bullshit on this whole story.

  11. All three pics look the same, do you own the same pic or recall it??

    • Howard M says:

      The eyes, cheek bones, and chin are different. Also her lips are thinner. I had to call my buddy up back home to see if it was just me, but he saw it also. If you don’t believe me, just Google arzenia Armstrong and click images. She will be in the 1st 5 pics

  12. NowYouKnow says:

    Stop being mad over The Wrong Choice YOU made. You chose to be with Him and had great Times and now Your acting like a sorry lonely Girl and trying to blame others for this situation. Sorry You couldn’t hold Your Husband down.

  13. Lmao says:

    Lmfao okay Chavon. You fucked 7 other guys there, prob more. 7 is just what you proudly admitted to… He got his everyday while I cooked, cleaned and took care of our young child. You literally licked me off of him! You have a bad rep for a reason. He’s a f****** idiot too and he knows it. I’m sad and lonely? Ha you’re the bitter b**** who keys cars and destroys property. I will post all those text where he said he would never want more from you, that it was just head… it’s not like that with you and him and you say how every guy does this to you and won’t be with you… Have self respect! I guess paying half the bills, working full time, cooking, cleaning, getting a degree and taking care of a child isn’t holding a man down. If you held him down why the f*** isn’t he with you? Why does he still beg me back to this day? He’s a f****** idiot just like you are. You shamelessly chased him for how long? Lmao what did you get out of it? Humiliation and disrespect. He let you suck his d*** for 2 min and you think you’re special?! He’s such a catch, he only cheated on his wife with the town w****. What a guy lol. Y’all are disgusting. I know you tried to get with him after I left him and moved out of state and he wouldn’t acknowledge you lol. Yeah, you held it down hunny 😉 I feel sorry for you that you’re so insecure you would fall for that lame s*** he fed you. Go for a man who respects you and treats you like a woman, not a cheap w****. You’re still young and have your whole life ahead of you. Make these men work for it and get off the drugs seriously. Didn’t you screw your sisters guy too? Classy!

    PS… I know I was a good wife, I just chose to love the wrong man, so you people talking s*** sound dumb. Everyone makes mistakes when they think with their hearts.

    • Meth Kills says:

      I thought someone said this was a fake story with fake pictures of his dead ex wife, hmmmm

      • HB says:

        Look up her FB. Also google the name of the supposed dead wife. It’s easy to discredit what he said. This hoe is very real unfortunately.

  14. dave1234ca says:

    His dead ex-wife? Are we talking necrophilia here?

    Man, this site is getting more kinky every day!

  15. Louniece says:

    You are a w**** that keeps on giving

  16. Devron says:

    Aye real s*** who ever made this, know you got people looking for you. You can show this comment to whoever the f*** you want, it’s not gonna make a difference. Female or not you run ya mouth like a b**** you gonna be ya ass beat. If you got a problem come see me, I don’t back down from ANYBODY. Punk ass b****. You running to the internet instead of bringing ya ass to the west side of killeen and handling business. You a b**** and keep hiding behind that phone or computer or whatever you hiding behind cuz trust me these ain’t the problems you want in ya life.

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