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Christina Theresa Burns Altoona, Pennsylvania

This piece of s*** HEROINE w**** JUNKIE met my ex at the black and gold bar. She walked right up to him and said “If you can find a place for us tonight, I’m all yours” — Uhm, EW b****. Have some class. She did know about me and our two kids. Our daughter was only a month old when this happened & I had bad post-partum depression and was very self-conscious. She looked at pictures of me and MY family shortly before she approached him. He is 21. She is 28.

We were together for 8 1/2 years! I’ve only had eyes for him since 3rd grade! He’s still the love of my life and I honestly don’t want anyone but him. However, this is obviously not okay. He’s currently dating this b**** and taking care of her 3 year old kid. Meanwhile, doesn’t contact me regularly or see his own kids!!!!!! He doesn’t pay his child support. Never even showed up to the custody hearing.

This b**** had the nerve to call ME a homewrecker! She knows nothing about me! She KNEW ABOUT ME AND MY KIDS AND WENT FOR MY MAN OF 8+ YEARS ANYWAY! She acts like she won some big competition. He has currently stopped regular contact with his family (which is VERY unlike him). His family OBVIOUSLY doesn’t like her. He’s completely changed for the worst! This b**** needs EXPOSED for the NASTY, HORRIBLE, VINDICTIVE, MANIPULATIVE w**** that she CLEARLY is.

I need everyone to understand that… I was happy. I was ENGAGED to the LOVE OF MY LIFE. The man I thought I would spend my life with. My family was destroyed. My heart was shattered. My trust, completely broken. My self-esteem was at an all-time low. To this day, I am still SHOCKED AND CONFUSED about the whole thing.

—- Signed, a VERY broken and damaged woman.





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  1. haha yup says:

    What’s that say about you? I mean you honestly have been doin something wrong for that to happen

  2. chris says:

    There’s a lot more to this story than what is written!!!

  3. Haha yup is a troll says:

    @haha yup, people like you are what’s wrong with the world. You really have nothing better to do than troll a website and leave rude comments? What a spectacular life you lead.

  4. D says:

    I am sorry to hear of this, but I find it ironic that I rarely see anyone on here blaming the husband/boyfriend. He is the one that was supposed to be committed to you. The other woman (in most cases) knows nothing of you and may have feel victim to your husband! Alot of women want to believe their cheating husbands fell victim to these women preying on married men. It’s easier to believe that than the fact that he probably came on to her in the first place and fed her with lies, lies, lies so that she would think he is victim to his marriage and she is his savior. Until he can “finally divorce his crazy pyscho wife”. Open your eyes and realize your husband is the only one in charge of his penis and I’m sure he wasn’t drugged then raped by the other woman.

    • Did you read her story!!!. She did know of her and there 1 month old child together. To the skank it is a game!!. And believe it or not I know a few woman(Girls) who really do that and BRAG, about how they got the guy to leave his GF/Wife. Not all these “OTHER WOMAN” are victims there are s*** bags out there wake up and see 2013!!!. That is why there is this website for the s**** that think they can brag about winning the so called guy” Little boy” :)

  5. BL says:

    What an insensitive thing to say! U r a prick!

  6. dave1234ca says:

    I don’t mean to be cruel and I can only go by what you’ve written but I have to echo Haha Yup’s response.

    Not only did your husband have an affair but he is still with the lady. I realize some men can go gaa-gaa over a woman, have a fling, but they usually want to return to their spouse. It appears your marriage had major problems before the affair began.

    • chris says:

      There wasn’t even a marriage yet. She’d been drooling over him since the 3rd grade! Sounds like he had her wrapped around his finger most of his life and was playing the field!

    • healing now says:

      I am shock by this Dave! You always have such wisdom and comforting words. I find my self wishing you had commented on my HW story. But today, you changed your spots. How about telling her how to heal her heart and get her self esteem back? You used to be helpful, why the change?

      • TjsMomma7.1.12 says:

        It’s HIS opinion which I myself agree with. But jus because he didn’t say something you wanted to hear you didn’t like it and say he’s not helpful. Actually yes he is he’s saying “get your big girl panties on and move on!”

        • chris says:

          I’ll make an observation. Sometimes you can smother a man and drive him to another woman!

        • I'm Just Sayin' says:

          Agreed. Not EVERY HW story calls for the same opinion. Sometimes I would agree that the wife should give it a go and stick around and sometimes it is clear that she should move on for her own sanity. Sometimes it is ABUNDANTLY clear the HW truly is a HW and sometimes the story is a bit iffy and you wonder if the HW wasn’t filled full of lines of crap from a douchebag husband. Sometimes it is hard for me to imagine that some of the commenters have even READ the stories because all many of them do is jump right on calling names.

      • Betty says:

        Some times he gets fed up, and speaks his mind. He’s our therapist so to speak

  7. I'm Just Sayin' says:

    I’m sorry but your story makes no sense and is conflicting. The FIRST time she met your husband was THAT night (that’s the way you make it sound) but she KNEW he was married. What? They were “just chatting” and he was sharing pictures of you and your kids? Doubtful? Is that what HE told you? I’m typically feeling the wives on this site and can see homewrecker written all over their stories but this sounds like your husband just picked up a trashy hooker at a bar and decided he found a good thing.

  8. LouLou406 says:

    It doesnt take much to figure out that dumbass above me is either the homewrecker or just fucked up in the head. She didn’t do anything wrong besides give him two kids and love him hes a loser plain and simple move on girl you’ll find someone else and when you do it will be so much better then it was with me…it’ll be hard you’ll ask yourself y but you will come out stronger in the end

  9. R&R says:

    Someone in the area find this a****** and kick his f****** ass! Sometimes boys just need their asses kicked and apparently he is ready for a good ass kicking! What’s this little p**** name? Is he on drugs?

  10. Drugs kill says:

    I work for the dia, I’ll start to investigate this female and her associates.

  11. getdafukonwitdatshit says:

    Are u motherfucking kidding me? So now its WRONG to fall in love with a childhood crush? Excuse me but to me that sounds like a girl that just may have some morals. Obviously in 3rd grade she didn’t know that he was the one but years later she did, she wasn’t out giving it away to every Tom, d*** and Henry. How dare you blame that piece of shits infidelity on her! If he was so f****** unhappy he should’ve just left….not drowned away his sorrows and his d*** in some two bit w****!

  12. Mona says:

    How many times does 21 go into 28…

  13. Kjk says:

    Damn her teeth are as yellow as her fake ass blonde hair! Ewww

  14. Carl Brutananadilewski says:

    I’d do her….

  15. chris says:

    Yes I might do this one too Carl, but not everyone of these girls like you!!!

  16. School of Hard Knocks Alumnist says:

    So he’s 21… you have 2 kids and have only been with him since you were 13 years (totaling 8 years) making you also 21.

    The fact is life is hard when you are young and have kids to take care of, (heck, its hard when you don’t have kids). it sucks that he left, but in truth, your both so very young.

    What did you expect the future to look like? Did you think out that far ahead? or how you would get there from here?
    Does anyone really think to the future anymore and make a real plan to stick too? We all just assume it will all work out … Disney told us so.
    Disney f***’in lied. Cinderella has Daddy issues, Snow White has Mommy Issues, Sleeping Beauty has a Valium addiction, Princess Jasmine smoked too much hooka with some “thug” who likes to steal things (started imagining she was flying around on a carpet talking to some spirit guy sounds a lot like Robin Wililiams), and Bell just figured out that the Beast suffers from PTSD and breaks s***.

    We see a result (his cheating with Queen Skanks-a-lot)
    but in truth; in life – he got overwhelmed… If you have the guts to admit it… your overwhelmed with life too, and the depression makes everything even worse, because you feel he left you to it.

    I tell people “don’t marry till your at least 25 with an idea of what you really want out of life… and a realistic view of how to make it happen”.

    Folks say that 50% of marriages end in divorce… but I ask what percentage of those occur when the couple is younger than 25 years old … 35-40-50%?

    So what started as fun, sexy, and two cute lovers playing house ends with two very real; very dependent children … and they are REAL!

    Real responsibility!
    So f*** him girl!
    You don’t have the luxury of self pity and the time to waste on it!
    GET UP OFF OF THAT THING and get in school!
    Focus on getting a job that allows you to support yourself.
    Focus on building your confidence in yourself.
    Focus on being the awesome-est mom you can be!
    Focus on throwing off that demon of depression and pray girl, pray that Jesus will open up that door for you and bring light into your life.
    Find the hope girl… find your hope and never let it out of your grasp.
    You work your ass off for that hope like your life depends on it
    … because it does.

    ….and when all the fear and uncertainty has passed and you see their little smiles or on some quiet evening as you watch them sleep safe and warm in their beds, well maybe you can find contentment in the little life you have built. Maybe you find that it doesn’t need him anymore… you may find you are glad hes off living his life (or getting hit by a bus)
    … away from you

  17. ron says:

    You have every right to say the things you’ve said and to feel the way you do about her. But the fact remains he was married and he had every opportunity to say no and walk away, which he didn’t. Remember, once a cheater always a cheater. You need to walk away and be happy for your kids! They are the only thing that matter now!

  18. School of Hard Knocks Alumnist says:

    Well Ron,

    “he had every opportunity to say no and walk away, which he didn’t”

    But I guess he did walk away… isn’t that the point?

    So the question is 1) does she sit around whining that he left as life rolls by
    or 2) does she use the experience to empower herself and hit the ground running for the whole new life she can have?

    “Once a cheater, always a cheater”.My point is that he wont be cheating on her anymore cuz’ she has the power to slam the door in his face… and the issue here is getting her to see that, not dwell on the obvious

  19. KLB says:

    MY post. MY story. @Chris- Whoever the f*** you are. Go f*** yourself. Do you know me? Or my situation in totallity? No. Goodbye.
    @haha yup

    • chris says:

      How do you know exactly what happened at the bar. Were you a fly on the wall?? How do you know she is a heroine junkie? Did you know Hot Christina before he first met her at the bar?

      • KLB says:

        I know what I need to know. You obviously know this s*** or Bobby. Get off the post if you don’t like it. It makes perfect sense. DUH.

        FYI to everyone: The statements made in this post are 100% accurate. I didn’t make anything up. Chrissy & Bobby are horrible, selfish, disgusting people who don’t care about hurting people.

        • chris says:

          I don’t know either one of them! Just your story had some holes in it that I was curious about!

          • KLB says:

            Excuse me for being testy about it. This b**** (& my ex) DESTROYED my family. Took the future that I dreamed of for my kids from them. I did nothing to “drive” him to cheat or leave. I gave him everything, including forgiveness. No, we weren’t married but in the state of PA a common law marriage happens after 10 years of being together. 8 1/2 is pretty close to that. & married or not, we were still supposed to be committed to each other. Point, blank, period.

          • chris says:

            KLB, If that is the case then I can tell you that he never really was in love with you. You were probably just easy and convenient for him. And it sounds like he found another easy and convenient one!!! I’m sure your going to find out he did others as well!!!

          • KLB says:

            Also, I know shes a junkie because shes very open about it. I, being the good mother that I am, researched her online and found out a lot of s***. She was involved in a DRUG RELATED MURDER. I wanted to know who my children would be around if it came down to that. Needless to say, by law, she is not permitted around them. If you want to defend her, that’s fine. But if that’s the case, you’re just as FUCKED up in the head as she is. & Good luck to you.

          • chris says:

            I’m glad you did your research on her for your childrens benefit. I’m not going to bash you or defend her.

  20. KLB says:

    Shut your mouth. Bye.

  21. KLB says:

    If you would read my facebook comment, I specified certain things. Not that I felt like I had to for your sake. (anyone who doubts me or my story) LOL. Whatever. I dont have to prove anything to any of you cause in reality, the only opinions that matter, are mine and my kids’. So have a wonderful day. I wish you the best and I hope you find meaning in life. Cause its quite apparent that you really do have some underlying issues you need to work on. Thats okay. I hope you find what you need in life. (;

    Chris, by the way. IF you have the balls to tell me who you are…. cause I’m getting the feeling I may know you personally…. THEN and ONLY THEN will take what you said in consideration. BYE.

  22. British Lad says:

    I love reading about how “whores” steal women’s men and they are not even married. You can’t commit to a marriage, sitting on the fence, and cimplain when he’s lured away. You also have children out of wedlock. Classy!

  23. lmfao says:

    Obviously he didnt love you. He must have felt trapped with you because of the kids. He is so young and never had a chance to be young, and experience life, and going out, so he resents you, and im sure at this point wants nothing to do with you. You should move on, & get over it. At this point youre making yourself look bad by worrying about the new chick, because hes obviously not worrying about you. And im positive theres much, much more to the story than this. Shame on you for being a child about this and posting on a website about the girl. Good luck hunni cause you

  24. KLB says:

    I said my peace… This is the whole story. He was a piece of s*** for doing what he did and by knowing about my kids and I she is a piece of s*** as well. I was put through more bullshit than you can probably even imagine and it’s clear you’ve never been through anything like this. Take your ignorance somewhere else. This website is to empower women who have been hurt by other “women” if she had not known about my kids and I, she would not have been put on here. But she did. & quite frankly, you’re the one who looks bad. Commenting on a post made last year saying move on… I have and this was part of my healing process. If you don’t like it… awesome. I don’t live to please you. (;

  25. Christina says:

    Kendra lea blazer,
    I absolutely am amazed at the immaturity and blatant lies that you have spread. You really have to be a child (which you are) to do such a ridiculous stunt out of pure jealousy. I refuse to sit here and discuss this situation any further; the truth speaks clearly for itself and your lies speak clearly for your character and integrity. Unfortunately for you, you didn’t just cross the line; you committed a crime in doing so. The absolute lies that you have made up and spread have crossed a legal boundary. I have contacted the police and an attorney. For your sake little girl, you had better take heed to what I am about to say: in the state of pa Defamation of one’s character and Slander are illegal and do carry legal consequences which you are sure to endure. You have 48 hours to completely delete this entire post from this website. If you choose not to, you will be held accountable. For a long time, I decided to do nothing because I didn’t want to waste energy on such a childish stunt. However, all of our actions and choices have consequences and you need to be held accountable for yours (and will be).
    May God bless you and your children greatly in life (and even Bobby to). I pray that you have some enlightenment and maturity coming into your life soon, and that you grow up to be a bigger woman than you have been thus far.

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