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Cierra Hahlin Danville,Illinois

This homewrecker takes pride in sleeping with everyone else’s men.  Me and my husband got together June of 2012. She is an ex of his but he left her cause she keep sleeping with his friends.  She kept stalking him and me and coming to my house when I wasn’t there and calling him on a phone she secretly gave him. We got married in October and she was pissed about it and she now stalks him and drives by our home hoping to get his attention and wants to keep posting on Facebook s*** about me.

My problems started before my husband when I was with my children’s father.  She knew me and him were together and that I was pregnant by him but made it her personal business to f**k him and bragged about it! She has done this to several people I know. She goes after men who are in relationship and thinks it’s funny.  She is a buss down w****. Don’t be her friend if you got a man she will sleep with him!





16 Responses to “Cierra Hahlin Danville,Illinois”

  1. Mary says:

    Is there a male version to this page?

  2. smackaho says:

    God damn this b**** is f****** huge f****** nasty fatasss w****

  3. truthteller says:

    How exactly does she entice these men? Beyond gross! How do they find it? I might have nightmares tonight.

  4. Blondiebitch17 says:

    damn yall are all older than me an ion even do this s***. thats so immature . get a life who cares how big she is cause when it comes down to it im pretty sure all of yall would back down in a fight .

    • Heather says:

      WTF? Sure as s*** I would back down in a fight, I don’t want to be squashed flat as a pancake by a f****** hippo. But chicks like that can’t actually fight because they are too damn big with no endurance. All this b**** has got is her super-sized squashing ability and other than that would be worthless in a fight! Calling her huge might be immature (I don’t give a s*** so you can waste your time bitching about it….won’t bother me) but what do you call f’ing someone else’s man? Mature? BTW, learn proper grammar before you come back and post. I don’t want to have to whip out the dumbass to English translation book again!

    • rach neener says:

      The only thing that hungry hippo is gonna fight with is a food wrapper. Unless someone has pockets full of cheeseburgers, she ain’t s***. Even if she tried her hardest to waddle up to someone, all that person would have to do is throw a snickers bar at her. Ohh btw, coming here and signing up just so you can stomp your feet is ohh so mature… go play with your Barbies.

    • delicia says:

      I wouldn’t. The bigger they is the harder they fall.. and she will DEFINITELY fall harder after i hit her lmao!!!

    • Rose says:

      Big girls fall harder……….don’t under estimate a smaller person who actually knows how to fist fight…….

  5. Anon says:

    I am not going to rag on this girls size. I know some very attractive women who happen to be big. One girl I worked with was big and she knew how to dress right and play up her good points. She was popular and she had no problem finding men, SINGLE men.
    The woman this story is about is nasty because she is purposely going after taken men and bragging like it is a big friggin accomplishment. That is gross and shows she has no sense of self worth and obviously thinks so little of herself that she has to hurt other women to make herself feel better. Size doesn’t make a woman gross or nasty, the lack of morals and total disregard for what she does to other people does!

    • keira says:

      Exactly, thank you! I’m sorry but its really shameful reading all the comments that discuss nothing more than the physical appearance of these women, some may be “ugly” and some may be “pretty” but we should NEVER judge or base someones value off what they look like. The ugliest women could have the best heart, and the hottest can be a homewrecking w****. You never know. Judge people by the content of their character- let their actions speak for who they really are.

  6. homewreckerhater says:

    Shes a s*** and a big one too..

  7. I look forward to the male version of this website, b/c as much as I despise these women’s behavior, it takes two & sadly, in society women go after women instead of the disgusting men who fall for the ‘other woman’. I really wish this site would include the cheating men as well as the women who they cheated with. Also, yeah she’s big, but so am I & a lot of women, we’re not all this way.

  8. pappa pimp says:

    Thats one big hogg if your man slept with that your just as nasty as her! I wouldnt even let her blow me ! Face it theres not enough drugs and alcohol in this world that would make her look good !

  9. Jill says:

    What did she not have enough money to pay for the rest of the dress or whatever that dreadful thing is she calls clothes?

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