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Davena Young Forth Worth, Texas

I was married to Kelly Ryan 7 years when I found out my husband had been having an affair with Davena Young. He lied about how long. We went to counseling he lied there about cutting it off with Davena. He said he wanted his family over her. THEN she of course shows up pregnant. Should have been due in June if that was the case. Instead she is due in July which means he was still carrying on with her even with us in counseling.

I am a teacher with a second job. I supported him through job loss and legal issues. All the while he was seeing this other woman. A part time server at Chilis. I was always alone or working or running the kids around alone so he could apparently be with this w****. But no one knew. None of his friends or family.

We have three children 10,7 and 4. I had enough and kicked him out. He moved into her apartment and he paid off his truck. Now because they have a baby due I’m not getting the child support or spousal support or insurance the court ordered. Did I mention my ex husband had borrowed money from my dad to buy Davena a car?!?? And because she’s a single pregnant woman in Texas she is receiving all kinds of of welfare even though he lives there. I can’t get any help because I teach for a living and have been ordered spousal support!

Honestly my life is going MUCH better despite the money. But I feel like the two of them should have consequences. If you don’t want to be in a marriage LEAVE. Don’t force the other person to be your prisoner. Don’t cause them this kind of pain and betrayal. Grow a set of balls. Be honest.

And ladies. Respect yourself. You deserve to be with a single man. Think of all the lies a married man is telling his wife. Don’t you know he’s lying to you too?!?? If he’s telling her what she wants and needs to hear. He’s doing the same to you.

PS Davena

He didn’t leave me. I changed the locks and kicked him out. He doesn’t want to be with you. He’d rather just be single. But he can’t afford child support to two women. So he “guesses that it’s cheaper to support (your) fat ass” he’s envious that I get to be free and single now and he just has MORE responsibility.

Funny huh?






35 Responses to “Davena Young Forth Worth, Texas”

  1. aednat10 says:

    Well, you got that right she has a big fat ass with lots of dimples in those big legs of hers. It is amazing how men throw away a family for these whores who are a dime a dozen and seem pull these weak men in. Good on you get everything for you and your children,never let the children with that fat piece of crap, he will have to have a third party with he when or if he has access to the children, make his life hell.

  2. Skye says:

    Well f*** my life this b**** is over here in my neck of the woods. I’m gonna have to keep my eyes out for this nasty trick.

  3. Jess says:

    It sounds like you’re mostly mad bout not receiving money than he messing around on you, its understandable you don’t want to be with that POS and he should be paying his responsibilities but idk your story just sounds diff. Anywho congrats on moving on with your life and glad to hear you and your kids are doing great.!!

    • wait for it says:

      Probably because she has to feed her three kids. Duh!

      • Jess says:

        Excuse me, but did you read my entire comment or just what you wanted to read??! Duh! I said its understandable which means I UNDERSTAND why. Don’t come in here trying to sound like your smart when I can tell you dont know how to comprehend a comment before replying to it. I wasn’t bashing on the OP you idiot.

        • Not amused says:

          I disagree, it does sound like you’re questioning the OP’s story with the comment “sounds a little diff.”
          Perhaps stop attacking people if you can’t handle someone pointing out the obvious.

          • Jess says:

            I could care less what you think honestly, I stated what I meant when I said it. If you or anyone else sees any different than yall are the one(s) with the problem not me. Here I’ll repeat myself.. I WAS NOT BASHING ON THE OP WHEN I SAID THAT.

  4. kimmie says:

    OP are so much better off without that lying dirtbag. I kicked my cheating ex a-whole out the FIRST time he cheated. I believe the 1st you cheat is the hardest and it just gets easier. Just wait…his karma train is coming for him! Karma doesn’t have a deadline.

  5. Rachel says:

    Hell yes woman! You tell get pregnant fat ass what’s up! Stupid b**** will be in your shoes in a few years. That’s what happens when the side b**** position opens up. Lol@ this dumb b****.

  6. Anna says:

    What a sad looking ass. Looks like a sack of spuds. Just imagine how she looks naked (barf).

  7. C. Morgan says:

    Wow she is one shameless skank

  8. realdeal says:

    You have found out 2 things, counseling an unfit has no effect.
    Those 2nd chances are deal breakers more often than not.
    Good luck.

  9. IceQueen says:

    Why in the hell did your father give him money to by the hoe a car?
    Turn her in for welfare fraud!

    • Wife says:

      He lied to my dad as to why he needed the money. He said he needed to pay off one of our credit cards.

      • IceQueen says:

        That takes a lot of nerve. He needs a beat down from your dad.

      • come on now says:

        Your father can sue him in small claims court if he can prove your husband lied about needing the money for a c.c. payment. Credit card statements showing there wasn’t a lump sum payment and a bank statement proving your father withdrew the money to loan would be a good start.

  10. steven says:

    I don’t get it. Every time I read a story the married woman always wishes the worst on the other couple.
    Just get over it, ever man wish to cheat and only the ones who gets tired of the marriage life does..
    ” thinking like a man”

    • IceQueen says:

      Ummm, could you repeat that in english please?

    • Wife says:

      Steven did I wish them the worst??? Nope. I simply know him well enough to know what’s in store.
      Like I said my own life has improved immensely. Everyone tells me how much happier I look

      I just know what she is saying to me trying to run in my face that she got him. Have him; because I know what he is saying to me about her and how he envies me getting to be single.

      AKA haha b**** you think he loves you and chose you. He went to you because he had no other choice. NOT because he WANTED to be there.

      • steven says:

        “despite the money. But I feel like the two of them should have consequences”
        Consequences, really? What do you think should happen to them?.
        Thrown in prison, stone to death?
        Not saying you, but why some woman hate the man who leaves them?

        • Wife says:

          Yes people should have consequences for their actions. You do good things you get good consequences. You do bad things you get bad consequences. It’s a part of life. Stoned to death no? But should people KNOW why I chose to kick my husband out? YES
          Should she wear a scarlet letter of shame? YES
          She was a single gal on looking for a married man she deserves to be shamed.
          And if he was bored in our marriage fine. Leave it or fix it. Be a grown up. Don’t lie and step outside it. I was f***king miserable but I was trying to do things to reconnect again. He was seeing her and telling me he was deeply in love and the only woman he wanted to spend his whole life with. He was LYING to my face to keep me and have her too.

          • steven says:

            Should she wear a scarlet letter of shame? YES
            Hitler? Let’s do the same thing to Jews..

        • Genloveslove says:

          Do you really not understand why a woman would hate/dislike the man that lied, betrayed, misused, abandoned, crushed someone’s heart, broke VOWS, in most cases destroyed childrens lives??? Come on…’re kidding right?!?!?!?!

        • Wife says:

          And in this case, he didn’t leave me. He didn’t want to leave. He begged to stay married. He just wanted to continue to have his time on the side as well. I’m too good for that nonsense. I changed the locks on the house, told him to go find somewhere else to live and filed for divorce.
          I don’t hate him for wanting to be somewhere else. I don’t like that he couldn’t be a man a say that to my face. Instead he lied to me. I’ve already told him I will never respect h because he is a lying cheating bastard. And I will never like him because he is the person that destroyed my children’s family.

        • Wife says:

          No Steven not like hitler and the Jews. To be Jew is a race. You can’t chose your race nor your ethnicity. You CAN however chose whether or not to be involved in an affair. It’s a conscience you make over and over again throughout the duration of the affair.
          Once again if you make bad choices not only should bad consequences happen but they DO happen.

      • Name* says:

        “AKA haha b**** you think he loves you and chose you. He went to you because he had no other choice. NOT because he WANTED to be there.”

        Shhh, sayin s*** like that makes you look jealous. Let her think he wanted to be back over there with her ugly pig ass. Maybe next time she takes a picture of herself, she’ll take the pic from behind so we can see his feet hanging out of her fat ass. Because thats exactly where she wants him to be.

        • Wife says:

          Oh I NEVER say any of that to her. Just think it in my head. I let her think she won and wait for it all to come crashing down on her.

          Best day of the year was when she had to ride with him to drop the kids off at the new house I just bought on my own!!! Twice the house. Two times better of a neighborhood and school. Priceless knowing that my life is already stepping up and he’s living in her ghetto one bedroom apartment.

    • Amack says:

      Steve, if he’s so f****** tired of the Marriage, why he don’t just tell the wife and take his ass on!!! My husband stepped out on me numerous times and feels as though he can keep stepping out until I got f****** tired and left him!!! He should have some balls!!!!!

      • Wife says:

        Looking back on it all. I was miserable the whole time he was having an affair.
        I’ve even asked him if he thought he was doing me some sort of a favor staying with me. If they wanted to be together then go be together. I didn’t need him. I didn’t need his lies.
        I’m a teeny tiny, well educated woman. It wasn’t hard to find someone who enjoys my company as much as I enjoy theirs. (He’s way better looking than the ex too). I bought a house I like in an area I like. My life is better because I grew a set and put my foot down. I did what he couldn’t do.

        In the end because I’m happier, my kids are happier. My oldest grades improved immensely. My middle child is happy laughs and jokes around all the time. My youngest has stopped throwing temper tantrums and smiles and talks more than ever.
        We aren’t living with the Incredible Hulk. So the old excuse of staying for the kids well that’s blown out of the water. He was making them miserable too

  11. Name* says:

    Do women not understand how f****** STUPID they look, poking their lips out like that? It’s not cute in any way shape or form. Little girls and tweens do that to be silly and cute. LOL A grown ass adult woman just looks retarded… and wtf is up with the camera phone bathroom pics? Stupid.f******.Idiots…. that pig up there in that picture is a disgrace to women everywhere.

  12. Rachel says:

    Thank you…that too is my opinion of the old has been selfies…bitches of your smoke line wrinkles show up when you make that stupid ‘duck’ face…you are too old to take that pic. God these ugly bitches and their egos. Get the f*** over yourself. Whoever lied to you and told you that you were hot needs meds.

  13. c tiner says:

    Pock faced cow. Yup OP glad you can see you can do bad all by yourself. I wish the best for you.

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