Debbie Cox — Glendale, Arizona

Debbie Cox — Glendale, Arizona

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This woman is a liar and a cheater, she will tell you that she will never lie to you or cheat on you but even that is a lie! She claims she is a free spirit, which means she will have sex with anyone she wants wherever she wants. She will hand out her phone number to anyone at clubs, bars, etc. Always willing to spread her legs for her victim. Men only use her for sex, but be forewarned; In talking with her I lost count as to how many sex partners she has had, that is why she has an STD, BEWARE of this woman she doesn’t like you to wear a condom so she is not even having safe sex, she doesn’t care if she spreads her disease around. Our relationship of 3 1/2 years ended because she was lying and cheating with an ex boyfriend. She is extremely passive-aggressive, a compulsive liar, and very pessimistic. In her 60’s and thinks she is 30. she over drinks, believe she may be an alcoholic and received a DUI to back it up. She loves to spend money, your money, so she seeks out guys with money. If there is no drama she will create drama, she thrives on it. Stay away from this woman she is big trouble.

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