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Erinn Langley Overland, Missouri

She was friends with my husband, a shoulder to cry on, if you will. She took advantage of him and seduced him. I am not making excuses for him. Even after he called it off, she continued to pursue him. Calling him, sending texts, and emails. Since he deleted and blocked her from everything. She has taken to his teenage daughter, and befriended her, just so she can remain in his life. There is a reason she has never been married! Oh, and did I mention, she now sells for passion party. You welcome her into your home, and she steals your man!





14 Responses to “Erinn Langley Overland, Missouri”

  1. Amanda says:

    If he didn’t want to be seduced, he wouldn’t have. What was he doing crying on another woman’s shoulder anyway – he should be doing that with his wife. If he is going somewhere else to share his feelings, that should’ve been the first sign that you guys needed to work out some issues. Just saying. Yes, she’s a homewrecker, but he is just as bad and it sounds like he doesn’t want to be accountable for his bad decisions

  2. raven says:

    Amanda I dont think she ever said her husband was not at fault as well or more so. But this is She Is A Home Wrecker. Were you come to put the mistress on blast not the husband. That site is coming this summer.

  3. Spades says:

    Hmm this is a very short story. Im not convinced… Left a little skeptical. Even so, homewreckers are a wasteoflife andshould all be shot!

    We all know men its not that they go crying on a shoulder but wen they dont get what they want they tell a sob story to another woman (mainly woman) because men dont want to hear that shyt.

  4. First of all Kelly, i DONT know you…have never met you, and dont WANT to meet you. Thanks!
    Secondly, I NEVER have wrecked a home in my life and dont plan to start now because it was done to me before & i know how it feels!
    This “man” was my first love in high school. He has chased me down for over 20 YEARS! Me telling him NO every time… then via FACEBOOK (evidently HE was stalking ME) he finds out that i broke off my 11 yr relationship with my fiance (whom was stolen by a homewrecker) and her husband continued to call me numerous times a day, tell me how hes ALWAYS loved me and ive always been “the one”, blah blah blah… so, i tell him that i would never be with him because hes married and that i dont go around WRECKING HOMES! Then, one night he shows up at my house (KEEP IN MIND HE LIVES 5 HOURS FROM ME) telling me that his wife has left him and he wants to be with “the person he was always meant to be with”. HE LIED TO ME! However… ironically enough, they DONT live together! they actually live about 2 hours from each other themselves… so, I had no clue what was going on. At this point, he did nothing but lay a big fat kiss on my lips because he KNEW i was weary about the whole situation. In the weeks to follow, not only did he continue to call me begging me to let him come over and see me again… but he even showed up at my house the weekend of THEIR ANNIVERSARY and spent the entire weekend with ME! What kind of “happily married couple” spends their anniversary day apart without so much as a kiss and hug??? Throughout all this, he comes to my mothers house to see my family (whom he hadnt seen in 20 yrs or so) and spent Mothers Day with MY mom! He works out of town, and even paid for me to drive out to visit him in Oklahoma and put us up in a hotel for a week and paid for everything! Even gave me gas money to drive back home and talked to me on the phone ALL NIGHT while i was driving, just to make sure i got home safely. after the trip to Oklahoma, I started noticing little lies he was telling me and wanted to back off of the relationship and told him that i didnt want to see him again until he could show me that a divorce had been filed. He was very upset with me over this decision and started calling me even MORE frequently trying to change my mind and convince me that I was the only one he had EVER truly loved and that he would NEVER stop trying to convince me that we were meant for each other. And even SO… I STILL stuck to my guns and told him NO! Then his wife (the lovely snake who posted this) tried USING his daughter (her step daughter) to befreidn ME on FB to keep the drama going and to see what she could find out about me… NOT my fault that his daughter is smart enough to recognize a snake when she sees one and the whole thing BLEW up in his wife’s FACE because his daughter fell in love with me!
    ALSO, one other little detail i would like to add is: The woman who posted this failed to submit a post about one other homewrecker she knows… HERSELF! The only reason that she is married to him to this day is because she STOLE him from his first wife and HOMEWRECKED a happy family whom at the time had a small daughter! Oh, and lets not forget that SHE was also married at the time to another man! Talk about white trash Jerry Springer s***… this b**** needs a life!

    I am pretty aggravated at this posting and have decided to get an attorney to sue her for Defamation of Character as this is effecting my business… thanks for letting me vent MY side of this made up fabricated lie and if there is any way I can get this REMOVED…since it is NOT VALID, please contact me. Thanks and I’m sure my attorney will be contacting you!

  5. Kathy says:

    Are we sure this is all Erinn’s fault? Personally, I could go on and on listing home-wreckers then. ….sincerely, The First Wife

    • Sarge0801 says:

      Thanks Kathy!! Let’s put the blame where it’s deserved!! FYI Y’all.. Kathy is the woman he cheated on after ME… WITH her BTW… and we couldn’t be BETTER friends from it all… Take off your “rose colored/naive” glasses DARLIN’… He’s pathetic 😉

  6. Shannon says:

    This post is a trip! The homewrecker is TRYING to defend herself! That’s just AWESOME! In defending herself, she admitted to TRYING to wreck this marriage, but he REFUSED to leave his wife! A wanna be homewrecker is even MORE pathetic than one that has succeeded! BEFORE you start threatening to sue for damages, you need to check yourself.

  7. Kelly says:

    Sounds like Erinn is the white trash, she is defending herself because she is guilty. How much of that can we believe?

  8. Tonya Converse says:

    Sorry everyone, please leave Erinn alone. I had a long talk with my husband last night and she is telling the truth. I apologize for ever posting this stupid thing…

  9. Shannon says:

    Honey, don’t let her hollow threats scare you! She won’t get away from it. Most of us have been through the same thing as you. I can tell my her long drawn out statement that it is full of lies! No one feels the need to defend themselves unless they know that they have done wrong. SHE was the one who slept with YOUR husband,knowing that he was married! You have NOTHING to apologize for. You were RIGHT by posting this here so we could all be aware of her. From one of the other comments made, SHE seems to have a habit of flirting with taken men. If you are willing to STAY in your marriage and try to make it work, you should be praised for your effort, not put down. It is obvious from HER statement that she is upset because YOUR husband REFUSED to leave you and be with her!

  10. Kelly says:

    I am going to set the record straight. First, the above post from Tonya Converse, is a hack! She did NOT post that. Neither did she post the original. I did! I am a good friend of Tonya’s and I was tired of all the crap Erinn was trying to pull to get Rich back. There have been numerous email from Erinn begging him to leave his wife. Telling him that he is her one true love. When that failed, she started threatening him, telling him that she was going to do whatever it takes to turn his daughter against him. Now she is email death threats, telling him that she is going to kill his b**ch. Furthermore, the defensive post that Erinn posted was full of lies, I have seen copies of phone records, emails and text messages. The couple did NOT live apart until AFTER the affair was discovered. They are attempting to put their marriage back together, but every time things are going good, ERINN has to pull some stupid crap. This has been going on for over a year, SHE is the one who can’t move forward.

  11. Candance says:

    I know this girl, she frequents the Moose Lodge. She is always hitting on the guys there, even if she knows they are married. She tried to convince my man to go home with her instead of me. Telling him that he could do so much better than me, even though we have been married for 10 years, and she knows that. Given her history, never married, child out of wedlock, not sure she even knows who the father is, plus the constant hitting on men at the bar whether they are married or not. I would definitely watch my man when she is around.

  12. Erinn L. says:

    Candace, I’m not sure who you think you are…but your lying through your stinking teeth. I have never dated or tried to take home ANY men from the Moose Lodge!! Why don’t you post your REAL name so that I can talk to you and know what husband of YOURS i tried to “steal”?? …I would be quite interested in straightening this out :). Unless your chicken to give up your name… as MOST liars ARE in cases such as this.

  13. Shannon says:

    Kinda funny that EVERYONE is lying BUT the HOMEWRECKER! Makes me think that everything she has said is a lie! That’s how it usually is with women like her. She feels the need to defend herself out of guilt!

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