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Faith Perryman Battle Creek, Michigan

Faith you tried to destroy my family and you even had your friends threaten my children and my life. Well you have destroyed both your marriages and Karma’s a b****, but the biggest Karma is still to come. When your oldest Daughter turns 18 and finds out my husband might be her father then your children will also know their mom is a liar and a Homewrecker. So as I sit here remembering what you two did to me, I am also waiting for Karma to destroy your world. Just like you and him did to my family and I hope all men see this and see you for the w**** you are and they don’t get tangled into your black widow web.





31 Responses to “Faith Perryman Battle Creek, Michigan”

  1. Robbie Nuccio says:

    Holy crap! Karma is gonna kick her ass!!

  2. Amber says:

    Yeah this story has no details or anything :/

  3. should've known better says:

    Yea if the daughter does fined out she’s only gonna know her mothers lies you should have told the story

    • Gods Angel says:

      Actually when or if the daughter finds all these lies and half truths out she will know that her mother tried her hardest to keep her away from childish, pity people. I really pity Kathy more than anything. I was around during this time period and was a close friend with Faith and even Kathy’s eldest daughter. But just remember there are 2 sides to every story. Kathy’s side is made out to be that she holds no guilt. And trust me, if anyone was guilty here it was not Faith. Faith was even kind enough to open her home to Kathy’s daughter and that was why she asked for money. Not for the the care of Faith’s daughter but for the care of Kathy’s. But regardless, it’s just sad how some people need the attention and drama enough to continue complaining about 11 year old events instead of finding beauty in their current lives.

  4. Kathy Corner says:

    I found out about the affair when my son had yo be rushed to the ER & had to be given blood. I call my husbands job & the lady who answered the phone told me that he was with this girl at the movies. So i conftonted him. He admit to everything. And he ended it with her right in front of me. Fast forward 7 yrs she contacts me on my space to tell me not that my husband has ever cared. But tell him that his daughter and i are doing fine. Which as soon as she said that . We demanded a DNA test. Which she said she would do as long as we got to know the child first. So we did & then she wanted us to give her $350 dollars for child support. I said not till we get a DNA test. Thats when she told my husband that he couldn’t see the little girl anymore & she started giving our phone number & address to her friends . And we started getting threats that people were gonna come to our house & tie my children & I up & torture us. So we changed our numbers & decided to leave the state. Just to be safe. Cause the police couldn’t do anything.Cause we had no physical proof on who sent all the messages.

    • Gods Angel says:

      I really hope that someday you’ll finally be able to stop the drama and let things go. I pray that you find inner peace because until you do you will continue to wrestle demons. I don’t understand why you continue these childish ways and after meeting you when Summer lived with Faith I don’t ever think peace is possible for you to find. I pray my sister will never know your dark and bitter soul until God can wash it clean. God bless and good luck.

      • karma says:

        Wow the home wreckers friends are bashing this woman. it really makes it hard not to believe the person who exposed the home wrecking w****. considering that the home wreckers had her friends post. I don’t understand why her ex-husband is sticking up for her either. the poster must be right they must be in some kind of cult and this s*** is their leader.

  5. take her to court in NYS they provide a dna test even if the man suspects and if he is the dad he pays for it and if he’s not that w**** pays !! i hope u and ur family have a nice life and screw that w****

    • Kathy says:

      We already took it to court. in michigan once there is already a father listed on the birth certificate. They will not even do a DNA test. The judge told us to get a lawyer. So we called sround & got a copy of her divorce papers. If we had a copy of the little girls Birth certificate. We could prove she wasn’t a product of her & her exhusbands marriage. Cause she got married a year after the little girl was born. But in their divorce papers it list the little girl as product of the marriage……

    • Kathy says:

      Thank-you Jamie. Since we moved. We are doing alot better & everyone is very happy.

  6. whipAbitchASS says:

    omg wish u where my sister i would have beat the ugly out of her how dare she threaten you and your kids what kinda mother does that cant u call cps and show them proof of what kind of mother she is threatening you kids?

  7. Kathy says:

    For one you have no idea what happened . Faith told my husbandif he didn’t destroy our family & leave us he would never see his daughter anymore. & as for my daughter she was over 18 & realized that living with this hw that was trying to destroy my family. Was a huge mistake. As for the person who commented on this i know who you are. You are not faiths kid. You are one of the people who was also involved in beating on people & making threats against my children & i . You have a child of your own. So keep your nose out of it. Karma is a b**** & i am at peace now & have a great life. My husband was contacted about me outing faith by her soon to be exhusband . Its called Karma for a reason & if she wouldn’t have been the way she was & being a s***. Then there would be no problem. She was a stripper, call girl. My daughter didn’t want to live by our rules. So she decided to live with the hw. & moved back to our house when she realized that was a mistake.

  8. lizzy bell says:

    summer was 18 at the time she was able to find a job. also as for what i know and seen faith has started in with kathy and her family and i think buy doing this she had a closure also telling a father that he isnt allowed to see a child that maybe his seems immature and as parent i am that seems like bulls***. also the girl named Cecilia threated their child a minor at the time she was gonna beat the s*** outta her when she wanted only to talk to her sister summer… well now most of the stories out there…..

  9. geronimo says:

    jerry jerry jerry jerry

  10. Mia Storm says:

    Geronimo to many people involved for Jerry. Lol

  11. I also was around when all this was going on. I am Kathy’s best friend . And Faith asked Chris and Kathy for yhe money so she didn’t go to jail for back child support. Cause faith doesn’t have custody of Kathy’s husbands maybe daughter or her other daughter. Her exhusband has custody of the girls. Kathy was at my house for a family get together and she kept getting threatening phone calls and there are plenty of witness’s cause kathy put her phone on speaker phone . Cause she was worried that people were gonna go thru with the threats against her & her children. Everything Kathy has said on this is the truth and yes kathy did tell Faith numerous of times if her ftiends and her kept up with the drama and bs. She was gonna make sure the little girl found out the truth. So Kathy does feel like she has closure finally and its all due to her outing Faith for who she truly is. A Home wrecker.

  12. Loving the laughs says:

    wouldn’t they have had to split up for faith to be a homewrecker?????? Thought they were still together. Sounds like faith isn’t a homewrecker but kathy is a childish vindictive b***ch.

    • MIa storm says:

      They did split up & got back together. Why don’t you all stop messing with this woman. You all are the ones being childish & wont leave her alone. As everyone can see you all are harrasing her. By the post u keep making. Wow faith you need to just stop commenting. We all know it is you replying.

  13. Kathy says:

    If a woman sleeps with a man that is in a relationship & she knows about the family & has been to their house. Then she is a home wrecker. & me deciding to work things out with my SO is my business. I decided to give are relationship another try. Which is going very well . You all need to leave us alone .

  14. krista says:

    High-five Kathy call her on the bs the world needs to be aware of this trash…homewrecker is way to nice a title….there are no words for the monster faith truly is…I’m so sorry you had to ever share air space with that…if ever there was a case for abortion its faith …I pray for her kids…thank god that sicko doesn’t have them…

  15. The King In The North says:

    You all do know that Faith, summer and jayce had sex together a couple times. And that while summer (Amanda ahler) was there she constantly dogged her own mother. I know cause I was with Summer awhile

  16. Queen b**** from the South says:

    For one king size of the north. You all need to leave this family alone. & you can tell all the lies you & Faith & any of her followers want. We all know the truth. & we all know you & everyone else that was living at that house. Love to threaten people & that everyone one of you have slept with Faith. Cause all of you were prostituting yourself to her. & She admitted to all of it but I would watch putting this lady’s kids names on here. Cause you can be charged legally..

    • The King In The North says:

      Alright Kathy Or c*** of the south. I really don’t give a s*** about your petty ass drama. The only prostitute we can think of is you. Go ahead and try to charge me it’ll never stick.

  17. Queen b**** from the South says:

    Nope not a Prostitute & shows how little you know. You have no idea who I am.

  18. Queen b**** from the South says:

    But tell faith to tell Harley Hren who her father really is.

  19. Queen b**** from the South says:

    So why don’t all do me a favor leave me the hell alone. Can’t wait till the Day Harley Hren turns 18 & she finds out she was lied to all her life.

  20. Time to get a Life says:

    Faith you need to stop your crap. You have been harassing my Mom & Dad & Stalking our whole family for years now. Why don’t you get a life? Leave my family alone once & for all.

    • krista schmitt says:

      queen b i totally agree with the truth being given but this post has nothing to do with that poor girl…putting her full name out there was too far…if she has any sense shes going to want to distance herself as far from the oven as she can …so far the only smart one from that family would be here uncle who ran far and fast as soon as he possibly could and hasnt been seen since…hell their all trash mom grandma and both grandpas…that little girl does not need this added stress that her name being so specific could bring

      • Queen B**** from the South says:

        Krista I agree with you. But when Someone Decides to put my Children’s Birth name out there . I will not hesitate to do the Same. My kids are my life.

  21. Lone Wolf 1990 says:

    Everyone grow up and shut up this is petty s***!

  22. Lone Wolf 1990 says:

    Seriously chill the hell out

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